This Gurmukh pyara is a simple family man, who I call Gurmukh (Uncle) Jee.   He has a white beard and a humble  face in which I see Guru Nanak Dev ji’s reflection.  A few years ago I was getting desparate to meet Waheguru ji.  I came back from Hazoor Sahib yatra  and considered going to India a joining a dera, perhaps Baba Sheesha Singh  at Langar Sahib.  I felt my sikhi was stuck and books and most of the people I met couldnt help me on my spiritual path.  I sang ‘Ko-ee aan milavaeh mera pritam pyare’ all the time.  One day at the Gurdwara, in the langar hall  saw the Gurmukh pyara looking like any other family man having langar.  Except he had a bright halo around his head, similar to the aura around  the moon.  I was rubbing my eyes in amazement, but thought I must be  imagining it so I cdidnt say anything and carried on having langar.          


A few months later I was desparate to meet Waheguru ji again and thought this time i’ll follow all the rehats 100%, prove to Guru ji I’m worthy of his blessings.  Reading Bhai Gurdas ji’s vars he said ‘the Gursikh serves others before eating’.  So I made effort to get up amritvela go Gurdwara, listen to asa dee var, do seva of pouring the langar.  Uncle Ji came to eat, it was quiet at that time, day by day he        

told me more things that would help me on the spiritual path.  It was a tough mental struggle to obey all the rehats he said as I want used to  any of them, but I remembered the next line of the shabad


‘hau bae aap vechai –  I would sell myself to the person who would unite me with God.”



And I was amazed that there was such a great ‘Sant’ walking around in this town and nobody even knew, except him.  Not even his ‘manmukh’ family realise his spiritual achievement.  Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji!


I no longer needed to run off to india or anywhere, someone who had actually walked the path had been sent back by Guru NAnak ji to help me…a stupid idiot.                                                      



Anyway its been tough following the way he pointed … alot of mental and physical strain to breaking point but then one is rebuilt a new person                                                                



Still a long way to go.