I’m such a fool really, I think I talk/write too much when I’ve just touched the surface, while there are so many GurMukhs who have dived much deeper and know much more.                         


We would like to share the following about our mum, she is our first Guru, the one who inspired us iwith stories of the Guru’s and through her own life of spiritual devotion.


Mum says she’s from Guru Nanak’s time dad’s from Guru Gobind Singh jee’s time she’s on the line of bhagatee.  Dad’s more into shaktee.  Shes more peeree (spiritual).  He’s more meree (physical power).  And even though he annoys the hell out of her sometimes, flowers can’t survive in the world without thorns for protection.  So I guess that means they need each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been quite lucky, blessed by Guru ji, as my mother is one of the lucky blissful brides who Guru ji keeps close to His side.  Before we went Hemkunt Sahib (in the 1990s)  she was inspired to do 5 Jaap Sahibs a day for at least 40 days beforehand.  All the way up the mountain she was doing Bentee Chaupee Sahib, all for gaining vision of beloved Guru ji. 


At the peak, we had ishnan, there was quite a lot of sangat and we did  kirtan together and a very powerful ardas.  After which my mum said she had seen Guru Gobind singh ji Sitting were Guru Granth SAhib jee was and he answered hear ardas.                         


A couple of years ago me and my dad went to Sri Hazoor   Sahib.  My mum had wanted to go for over 20 years but  still hadnt made it.  While we were away she was having  visions of the scenes we were seeing!  And on returning we told her about the tour and she said ‘what about the white horses’!!! she had seen them but we’d forgotten to mention it.  She was quite spiritually charged at that time and sitting upstairs in prescence of Guru Granth Sahib jee she just broke out into a shabad ‘Hale Yara Hale Yara…Hello my Friend Hello My friend.’


Afterwards I asked her and she said Guru Gobind Singh ji is standing their looking so beautiful.  It’s like me and my dad went to hazoor sahib and the shakti(power) of the place rubbed off on us and we blindly brought it back for Mum to see.                                        


The year afterwards Guru ji blessed us again and this time my mum went to Hazoor Sahib too.  We stayed at Langar Sahib Gurdwara, they do alot of “SatNaam Waheguru” chanting –  2 hrs in the morning and 2 hours at night.  Sant Sheesha Singh was there and said us to stay that night for the chanting.  It was powerful, afterwards my mum said she had had darshan of Guru Nanak Dev ji, Bhagat Kabeer ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji too. KaljugNegativity (Maya)  also came as a black cat to disrupt the chanting but Guru ji fired a gold tip arrow to keep her away!!!!!                      


I guess to an outsider it might sound like my mum is mad.  But I know her and her dreams and visions  normally mean something.  Also because we were  short of time and my parents had stayed for the chanting, they missed out on the weapons display at Hazoor Sahib.  But Guru Sahib is great, in the taxi on the way to Nanak Jheera, in the middle of the night, my mum said she could see all kind of shastr’s(weapons) appearing before her, she described them and I said yes  hats exactly what they display at Hazoor SAhib!!!                            



Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                             



PS During the simran she also said she saw thousands and thousands of Nihang Singhs riding out from an underground cave/place  [They clean up the environement from negativity – the Army of Akal.]