I imagine Guru Nanak Dev Jee loved everyone and I can hear the way he spoke to one and all full of love and humility, melting your heart filling you with wonder and people fell deeply in love with Guru Jee and even though some women probably mistakenly wanted to be with him all the time Guru Jee loved them and blessed them and was always kept it like father and child.  Wherever he went the path was strewn with petals and scent of amrit.  I imagine Guru Jee looked out across the infinite creation, Guru jee dived into peoples hearts and a huge warm and wonderful wave of love emanated out from him and completely drenched everything around.


Serving the sangat is the laboratory where I practise love and humility with each and everyone of them, then I take the feeling into Waheguru Waheguru simran and try to love God.  I imagine each one is Guru Nanak Dev Jee and bow my head humbly and speak sweetly, that is the love I have for them.  They are my Guru I am their servant.  If their love turns into attraction then I put my foot down.