When grandmum was growing up in the Punjabi village (1930s)  she read all the stories of the Sikh wariors brave and bold.  There was no TV to ditract her and no other entertainment, the minute hand ticked away into the early hours as she flicked the pages through book after book.  The real story of Bibi Gurbaksh Kaur saved grandmum in her hour of need.  Bibi GurBaksh Kaur was a Sikh wife with a baby and a husband, they were on a pilgrimage and needed a horse and cart for the long journey.  The rulers were terrorising the Sikhs in those times so when a stranger offered a lift they hesitated.  He reassured them and said ‘Trust me, nothing will happen, infact take a vow infront of your Guru that if I do anything to you I will be punished, but your honour will be saved." 


Bibi GurBaksh Kaur did ardas from the heart and said "Guru jee, I am only stepping on this horse and cart because you will save our honour if anything happens."   The driver followed a deserted track and in the middle of the jungle he attacked an killed the husband, having tied up Bibi Gurbaksh Kaur he took the baby.  Bibi Gurbaksh Kaur’s spirit reached Guru jee’s feet,  "Guru jee save me, save me, I only stepped on the cart because of my faith in you, now save me Guru jee save me!"   Just then a blinding flash of light was seen and the vision of Guru Gobind Singh jee and 5 Khalsa rode through the jungle like a raging pride of lions, they sliced the driver in two with one strike of the sword and Guru jee sprinkled a few drops of water blessed by his hands onto the husband’s face to revive him.   Untying Bibi Gurbaksh Kaur, the vision disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared.


Grandmum was at a family party in Canada in the 1980s.  It was late and no-one would take her home, finally the best offer she got was from a half drunken man who insisted on driving grandmum home.  She really didnt want to go with him, who knows what could happen in the long, dark and deserted Canadian roads.  She had little choice though and did ardas, "Guru jee, I’m only going with this man as you protect my honour."   They drove for a few hours when the car broke down.  they were in the middle of nowhere, in total darkness, what could she do?  They waved at the odd passing car but no-one dared stop at that fearful hour.   Grandmum’s spirit reached Guru jees feet, ‘Guru jee save my honour like you saved Bibi Gurbaksh Kaur jee’s honour, I have no one else but you Guru Father, no-one else but you."  Just then a car stopped, the man was a hippy type, he got out and offered them a lift.  Neither of them felt any fear, infact Grandmum thought it was Akal Purakh himself answering their ardas. He took her home, he went to the petrol station with the drunken-man who had rapidly sobered up, he took him back to the broken down car, got it all fixed and then went.


Have faith Jee, Guru jee is not far away when we do our Naam Simran.


Gur meray sang sada ha nalay.
Simar simar tis Sada Samalay.

The Guru is always with me.

Remember, remember Him, always cherish Him.


Gur Arjun Dev Ji.