NAAM JAPNA – Meditate on the Name


It’s cold, it’s dark, everyone’s asleep, my eyes open and I sit up on the edge of the bed.  Somewhere in the back of my mind a voice says, “Go to sleep – why you getting up so early?”  But the years of discipline pull me through as this body reaps the reward of good habits.  A few long deep breaths to the depths of my soul graced with the mental sound of WaheGuru blow the dusty overnight cobwebs out of this body.


The glorious sun will rise in a couple of hours, the rays will break through the dark night and shine glory upon everyone’s house.  The sun has no prejudice and gives light to one and all, just like my beloved Waheguru.  Waheguru, the Ik Onkar – the One God whose love radiates in all directions in everything on everyone.   I want that loving feeling and quickly bathe while singing Mool Manter – the praises of the Infinite Being.  Sitting down in my favourite clean, white traditional Sikh  clothes. I chase sleepiness right out of the body with a short burst of Yoga.


The skin and clothes are clean, the breath and body are under control, now I bow at the feet of the great lover himself,  Guru Nanak Dev Ji, “Guru Nanak Ji, I am your ignorant and silly child, but you are my great Guru, may I meditate on the Supreme Being with your blessings.’


So I play the ‘Waheguru Waheguru’ tape and endless love pours out of the singers sweet mouth. I close my eyes and put my hands on my heart I feel the rays of love radiate from me in all directions , just like Guru Nanak ji loved everyone.  I never want to stop – always want to be a lover, in love with Waheguru.  But the sun has risen, the rest of my nitnem is completed, ardas and the reading  from Guru Granth Sahib Ji inspires me.


KIRT KARNA – Work Honestly


I step out into the world in my work clothes, Guru Nanak Dev Ji worked, he showed me to be a saint live in the world.  Never beg, never lose your honour, beg only from the ‘Protector of Honour’.   I get to work early, and work like I’m working for Guru Nanak.  I talk and walk like everyone else, but in my heart I feel love for them all.  Some of my friends get stressed with work politics, with wants and broken hopes, they talk with me and say they feel calm, they ask about Yoga and meditation.  I’m planning to go self-employed, to only have Waheguru as my Master and no other – but that’s long term. 


VAND SHAKNA – Share with Others


After work I head off to the Gurdwara and bow to Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji.  The Word of God is the divine teacher, my Guru.  The Shabad is my inner Guru and my soul is the disciple.  I dive deep into the ocean of kirtan and offer food and flour to my Guru’s beloved Sikhs.  The Gurdwara is the lab where I learn to serve others and forget myself – lose my ego, then I take what I’ve learnt from my experiments and share it with the whole world.  Serve the Creator through the Creation.


Coming home I sit and laugh with the family, we go to the gym, we do the evening Rahras Sahib meditation together.  In my heart I feel love for them.  The family that prays together – stays together.  I go to sleep early so I can once again be a secret lover in the early hours, then give the love all day long.