satkaryog veer jee
app jee dey charna wich dasss di dandout jee
you are really great  you will be dhan dhan onward
veer jee keep it continue simran and sewa towards other
dass app jee dey charna di dhoor
Pritam Anand


Delivering the message and words of Sant Baba Ji is the service of the Almighty, it is the service of the Truth, the Braham, the Divinity, the Param Atma, the Param Jyot, and that is what we all should commit ourselves to. All this divine wisdom has emanated from His Eternal Blessings and we all are very fortunate to be a part of His Gur Sangat. Brother Ji has been very kind on communicating Sant Baba Ji’s Divine Wisdom to all the Sangat.


Dassan Das





………The Suprememly Fortunate One gets to see the Brahmgiani …Sukhmani

… and this week I met many blessed souls – the walking ,  talking, breathing, living gurmukhs!!    They are all sants in the true sense.  Their hearts are pure and absorbed in Satnaam Simran.  They have no title of Sant, they do not wear any kind of uniform to identify them as sants.  Only if you are pure will you recognise the pure.  They are all humble family people who work honestly or are now retired, share their earnings and meditate on SatNaam.   Dassan Das Ji,  Uncle Ji, Aunty Ji,  Roma Ji, Brother Ji, Baba Ji  and Mata Ji.



Finally going to SANGAT , daughter was clinging on and crying for me not to leave her, but  didn’t feel moh and manged to let her go…first test over!  Did simran in plane , read sggs and read english while thinking “satnaam ji” .  Felt Guru Arjun Dev ji inside doing humble simran – not me.  Later did mool mantr fell asleep and woke up on plane feeling that if you really believe we will die and that this world is false then also really believe that God is true.  Then think how powerful God really is and that this sant marg is not a game, but the Ultimate Reality.


Was met at airport by  Dassan Das  Ji and Brother Ji  touched feet couldnt stop smiling –  dream come true dhan dhan hamaray bhag

…bhag hoiaa gur sant millaaiaa.

Almost right away talked about sat – hardly about worldy things.  Came home touched  Uncle Ji’s feet and Aunty Ji’s too.  Uncle Ji so much like Baba ji in southall who guided me 10 years ago : glowing face,  love in his voice.   Sitting on the sofas in the company of real brahmgianis  AMAZING  a papee like me blessed.   Kept smiling through,  even when listeneing could feel light on forehead.  Smiled at  Dassan Das  Ji, he smiled too  raised his hand gave blessings so did Aunty Ji – she can see unseen thing with eyes open – has STRONG VISION has  Dassan Das  Ji put it.

Dassan Das  Ji said he could hear anhad vajay even as we spoke.   Paa  Ji  said God comes to you in different ways eg  as loud anhad vajay, light and even smell like perfume.  Once he was sitting on the toilet at work thinking God can’t be here, then suddenly he was aware of a beautiful scent… “jan nanak musk jakoliaa sabh janam dhan dhanna.”

While sitting having dinner, kept ,smiling in awe of the wonderful sangat we had been blessed with.  Aunty Ji pointed her palm towards me from the other side of the dining table while we talked and I actually felt so much energy and light and warmth in my body and the glow on my forehead.  Even  Dassan Das  Ji said to her look at what’s happening on me.   Aunty Ji  said there was light all over the table above our heads and blessings!  WOW!


When we met these brahmgianis they touched our feet.  We are the one who should be touching their feet.    So I did and told them that I am not worthy of  of them touching mine … I have not even one good quality.  A brahmgiani is pure naam.  Satnaam is inside themhim ie God is residing on the throne of the heart.   SGGS is God’s and the BrahmGiani’s description and we bow humbly to the eternal Shabad.   When we also bow to a Brahmgiani we are not bowing to their perishable body but to God, to Satnaam residing in their heart – to the pooran prakash.


dhan dhan dhan jan aaiaaa

jis prasad sabh jagat taraaiaa


waho waho sachay ma teree tek

hau papee tho nirmal ek