Brother Ji said that you will notice sometimes that you think of something and the person next to you says it.  Like after having evening meal he has just thought  ‘I could do with a cup of tea.’ and his wife has said ‘O would you like a cup of tea?’ to which he has replied ‘OK if that’s wha you want.’   He explained all of humanity’s minds are connected,  like fishing rods into a big lake called Man-sarovar (Mind-Lake).  The more spiritual you are, the freer access you have to the Mind-Lake and to the minds that are connected to it.  Like when Baba Ji thought of my mum and after a pause knew that she was upset with my Dad as well.  He had access to her mind through Mansarovar.   Or in reverse if you are doing simran and need something, then your need is passed onto the person nearest you via their fishing road in Mansarovar. 

Infact he said that Baba Ji and his close sangat are very much connected.   Even though they may not meet each other for weeks, they all tend to have same brahmgian topics in their minds on the same days.   For example when we went to see Baba Ji he talked about the same things that Uncle Ji had talked to me earlier in the day.    Or many times in the week Uncle Ji would say things that Dassan Das Ji would independently repeat in the evening.  

Dassan Das Ji also said that everytime they go to see Baba Ji whatever they talk about in the car on the way to the sangat ends up being the topic that Baba Ji talks about when they meet him.

As Brother Ji drove me to the airport he said that I would find Baba Ji talking to me in many different ways.  Eg a total stranger may say things that strike me as Truth and that would be Baba ji talking to me via the mansarovar and another mind.   He said that once at work he aggressively pushed a proposal through telling others not to be so soft.  And that if they believed in something then to do it with full force.   Then one of the guys just said to him “Pride hath a fall.”  That struck Brother Ji in the heart and he realised his mistake. 

So sitting on the plane guess who sat next to me?  A large, jolly lady called Grace.  And at the airport shop guess who served me?  Another lady called Grace!    So I explained to her that this whole week was full of God’s Grace.  I made no efforts but was blessed beyond belief.   It was all Gurprasad – nothing was done by ME everything done by  GUR and SANT prasad. So now we leave SANGAT sangat of BrahmGianis and Baba Ji and Shotee Mata ji with the gift of Gurprasad – with the gift of Guru’s Grace beside us.  And as we drove back into my home town in the Uk, there was a big sign with the word “GRACE” on it – I think I got the message Baba Ji!!!!


Today we did dandauth to Uncle Ji and Aunty Ji ji when saying the Gur fateh.  We did dandauth to Dassan Das Ji and Roma Ji the night before.   The following line that I had been reciting for many months from SGGS had really come true for me … “santeh charan hamaro matha nain daras tan dhoor paroh –  my forehead is pressed on the feet of the saints, my eyes behold them and my body is covered with their dust.”   I thanked them all so much and said that I would really miss them all.    It is so difficult to even find one Brahmgiani in the world and here there are so many!   Brahmgiani ka daras vadbhagee paaiaa.


When I said bye to Aunty Ji I thanked her for all her kirpa (graceful kindness).  But she was so humble that she thanked me instead saying that she had experienced so much peace and happiness (sukh) this week due to my coming.  Brother Ji also said they hardly see Dassan Das  Ji and this week we had all been blessed to have had sangat together.   Alone simran is hard, in sangat everyone benefits.


May I forever be a sacrifice again and again at their feet.   May I serve them all with mind, body and soul – they are my Guru’s beloved.   I thanked them so much for all their kindness and kirpa – grace.

I remember years ago when I read Kirtan sohila at night time, one line used to strike me – ‘tario brahmgiani’  meaning that only the BrahmGiani will cross over this terrible ocean.  And I used to think how hard it is to be a brahmgiani – almost impossible !  So what chance have I got.   Now Akal Purakh has given us the chance by giving us the blessings and darshan of the Brahmgianis.

dhan dhan dhan jan aaiaaa
jis prasad sabh jagat taraiaa
 aad ant prabh sada sahaaeee
dhan hamaraa meet||
may we forever be serving te sangat with mind body and soul, nothing is mine everything is the sangats, the sants, the brahmgianis, satguru ji’s and parbrahkm parmesar ji.
May you all be inspired by this seva.
Forgive for countless mistakes and misinterpretations.




dhan dhan  baba ji

dhan dhan dhan jan aaia jis prasad sabh jagat taraaiaa

dhan dhan parmbrahm parmesar 

sabh teree vadaaiaa 

tera hukam dee vadaaiaaee

teree naam dee vadaaiaaeee



10 Nov 03    (Returning from USA)
ek oankar satnaam…there is One God whose Name is "The Truth"
This is how i felt in sant sangat last week – it is all true..   If you have not already met the sants please make all efforts to gather their charandhoor and apply to your face.   What we have been reading in SGGS for years is all REAL in their hearts.  They are walking talking living SGGS.  


The following takes the marriage imagery from Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for the union of a soul and Supreme Soul: atma with paramatma


A Marriage Made In Sach Khand


I was a lonely soul girl, living at in my Maya home with my worldy parents.  My father Fear was quite dominating and I never wandered out alone to find True Love.  My friends : Anger, Pride, Lust , Greed and Attachment  and hobbies : Desire, Jealousy and Slander helped me to pass the time, but as I got older I could no longer ignore the feelings in my heart.   I met an older girl in ainternet chatroom and she told me her story and how she found True Love and was happily married.    So I stayed out late one night to go and meet her.  She was so happy and told me her Husband was sitting on her bed, and when she looked in the bed of my heart she said "Yes, I can see you’re still lying their alone, still looking for True Love."    She also told me that her husband had a great harem with millions of happy wives and I could join the harem too.    It sounded to good to be true and when I got home  my father Fear   gave me a scolding.  He made me feel so small and worthless and I just crawled back into my box.  


But a few more years went by and my friends had betrayed me many times so i didn’t trust them anymore.  And my hobbies were just not interesting anymore.     I told my Father I was no longer scared of him and he should arrange my marriage or I would find True Love myself.        He frightened me with his words of what could happen if I went out alone and that I belonged to him and had to live under his control.    But dying was better than living with this unbearable ache as I lay alone on the bed of my heart.       I ran away and slammed the door shut on my wordly parents , friends and hobbies.  I ran through the streets with screaming and shouting,  I saw my reflection I was a short, ugly girl, my hair was a mess, my clothes were dirty – who was ever going to marry me?   So as I sat their sobbing, the older wife from the chatroom came and picked me up.   I told her I had no where else to go and that I had left behind all my friends, hobbies and parents.  She hugged me and took me to her house.  


It was amazing, there were so many beautiful gurmukh  brides there.  Each decorated perfectly , smiling and blissful.   They sat me down and fussed over me.  They told me how to become a forever bride a SADA SUHAGAN as they called it.    I touched their feet, no that wasn’t enough to show my appreciation for taking me in, I pressed my forehead on their feet and lay flat like a stick at their feet.  As I got up I applied some makeup – the dust of their feet – on my face.  They took the jewels of their Husband’s Word and strung them together around my neck and said keep these jewles close to your heart, the Husband will be pleased with you.    The touched my forehead and blessed me saying look through this every morning in the early hours and watch eagerly for your husband to come home.   


Then they sat me in the carriage and ast all around, talking about how their own marriages  were performed and all the wonderful experiences they had had since.  They said it all started with doing true deeds and rejecting the five bad friends and wordly family and nasty hobbies as I had.  Then they met the vichola – the middle man, they called him the SatGuru.  He had arranged thousands of marriages to the Husband and now they took me to see him.   I was so excited , surrounded on all sides by the Gurmukh brides, they told me what to say and how to behave.  To be humble and loving, to bow my head in respect and touch the Satguru’s feet and to totally surrender to his word.     


The gurmukh brides went in first and met the SatGuru, they fell at his feet and lay flat like a stick, how could they ever repay Him for what he had done for them?  Again and again they were a sacrifice to the Satguru.     So I copied them and felt very humble too.  They introduced me and he was pleased with my devotion and committment.   I told him I too wished to be a SADA SUHAGAN but was just a lonely girl, DU-HAGAN. He took pity on me and said he would put in a good word for my with the Husband.   I had heard whatever the SatGuru says becomes true, whatever marriage he says will be performed happens, so I was very pleased and couldn’t stop smiling inside.         Then he said on my part I had to start replacing the ache in my heart with love the Husbands name.  And the name the Husband had chosen for himself at the very beginning was TRUTH or SAT,  infact I should just remember the One Husband whose Naam is “Sat” (Ek Oankar Sat Naam) with love with my inner voice and look through the window in the middle of my forehead.   He gave me the Sat Guru’s blessing, GUR PRASADI NAAM and said REMEMBER TRUTH , do TRUE DEEDS and you will become TRUTHFUL.  That pleases the Husband more than anything else.


I was so happy,  my engagement ceremony had happened.  My Satguru had arranged the marriage, the Husband was happy to go through with it and all I had to do was to keep calling out his name inside me and to keep looking through the window and waiting contentedly for as many days and months as it would take.


All the gurmukh brides and I went home singing the praises and talking of the wonder and amazement of it all.  They told me before it rains there are many signs, change in the wind, colder air, chirping birds, rustling leaves.    And I too would know when the Husband would be arriving on the bed of my heart to perform the divine union and fill me with True Love.  There would be an invisible band playing the five sounds like wind, percussion and strings.  There would be divine light and sweet drops of amrit, there would be LOVE sweet LOVE.  So now I sing the praises and await the day, and stand here with the wedding dress of spiritual humility and love for the NAAM.  Infact I remember seeing the Husband once, but I was an ignornant bride then and turned him away while I played with my 5 friends and wasted time on my hobbies and was content with living under the roof of Father Fear.  But I wouldn’t be making the same mistake twice.