Brother Ji said the the soul  is like a pure lake,  the mind is like the algae floating on the surface.  How much algae depends on your karams from this life and past lives.   Naam simran cleans the algae from the lake and the pure soul light starts shining through – until your heart is a pure crystal clear lake – like Roma Ji’s.   She was so pure from the start that for a long time she was yearning for God.  She used to read SGGS at home everyday completing a reading annually.  But still the thirst in her was not quenched.   She started going to Gurdwara and learning kirtan and even started getting up in the early hours to do her nitnem, but yet their was still something missing.    Everything changed for her when she came to  Uncle Ji’s house for a kirtan programme.   Baba ji was also their and sangat was gathered around him.  Roma Ji went into the kitchen first and caught a glimpse of Baba Ji.   His one look of amrit filled her up instantly.  There was no ‘algae’ of past karams in the way.   She went into instant vairag – tears of separation from God flowed down her face,  she went into smadhi.    If you are a pure soul then one look from a Brahmgiani is enough for you.  The Brahmgiani does not even have to formally give you Gurprasadi Naam.  Just from their look of amrit you are blessed.  Gurprasadi naam went straight into her pure heart, she felt “Satnaam Satnaam” repeating inside her.  She completely skipped the first few stages of receiving the naam by voice.  The repeating it with the tongue for months or years ,  then chanting it in rhythm to her   breaths, the focusing on the naam at the third eye point internally.  Gurprasadi Naam went directly into her heart and that is where the direct connection with God is made and where your bhagati account is opened in God’s court.  The first three stages are just to find your balance but don’t count for much in God’s court.  So she is DHAN DHAN!   Be pure like that.   She told me that wereas before she used to read SGGS and not feel satisfied nor did she understand the true meanings. Now that Gurprasadi Naam is in her heart and she easily goes into smadhi, the true Gian comes inside her and she easily understand the deeper meaning of SGGS.  Roma Ji wrote the following :

“Ik onkaar satnaam,Dhan Dhan parbrahm parmeshwar. Dhan dhan Gur Parmeshwar
Aap sabh de charna vich meri dandoat parvan karoo jee.
All I want to say that it is neither the bana nor the bani that will give one jivan mukti.  Jivan mukti is obtained by his Naam . NAAM KE DHAREY SAGLE JANT (All creatures are supported by the Naam)  and Naam is not Sikh, Christian or Buddhist.  Naam resides in a "shudh Hirda" (pure heart).  Naam is realised by the grace of True Guru. Baba ji once told me, “It does not matter if you cant understand every thing in SGGS . Learn the art of smadhi and the gyan will start pouring in.”   It is true.
The path to jivan mukti is difficult and slippery.  You will be tested by five doots (thieves) since they are sukhsham (bodyless) they will attack you when ever you are not alert.  So whenever you start your simran start by saying   ‘SACHE PATSHAH ASI KAMI KRODHI LOBHI MOHI AHANKARI HAAN TU SANU BAKSH DE –  O True Lord we are lustful, angry, greedy, attached to the world and proud – please forgive us.’




Bhai Ji
Dhan Dhan Aap Ji ,Dhan dhan aap ji di seva
Anik baar ish neech di aap ji de charna wich dandot


Thankyou for all the nice things you said about me. But I really dont
deserve the praise. All the credit goes to dhan dhan Baba ji who made a filthy soul like mine pure and clean. I am very fortunate to have him as my Guru


Sant ka Sung Vadbhagi paiye
I am nothing and nobody without him.


Mere satgura mein tuj bin avar na koii


satnaam ,satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,sada sada satnaam
Roma Ji




Dhan Dhan Satgur Sachey Patshah Ji
Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar
Ik Oankaar Satnaam Gur Parsaad


Dandaut parvaan karna ji; Gur Fateh parvaan karna ji Satnaam Ji Ki Fateh Parvaan karna Ji


Bhai Ji has very kindly put these divine words together, we are very thankful to the Almighty and Sant Baba Ji for their Eternal Blessings which has given us the Sangat of the souls like Bhai Ji, may God bless him to the highest levels of spirituality and divinity. With everybody’s kind permission and Gur Kirpa there are a few additions to the Gyan Key Moti beautifully presented by Bhai Ji; please accept this seva of this kookar of the Gur and Guru:


Gurbani says that inside this house is another house.  This house is the physical body, the other house is the sukhshum sareer.  This body is part of the creation  (sargun), that other body is part of (nirgun) the Creator.   This body has jeeb, akka,  kan,  heart,   that body has rasna, netr, sravanoh, hirda.   This body lives on food and water, that body lives on Amrit.   This body has veins and arteries  for flow of blood, that body has chanells through arms ,legs  and mala of chakras for flow of amrit.  This body has nine doors for connecting to outer world, that body has four doors in palms and soles ,  four doors around head  (kapaats) and dasam duar (at the top of the head) for connecting with nirgun Akalpurakh Supreme light and amrit. 

This body meditates and goes into smadhi focusing on ‘Satnaam’ at third eye, that body also can sit cross legged and go into another smadhi .   Roma Ji experienced that in her samadhi Baba ji came and put his hand on her forehead and sent her sukhshum sareer into another smadhi.   Dassan Das  Ji said that his physical body cannot sit cross legged due to lower back problem, but in his smadhi his inner body is siting perfectly in cross legged position. 

This body has physical ailments, that body is perfectly healthy.   This body can be sleeping, that body can be getting up.  This body can stop physically repeating naam when it is asleep, that body’s hirda is doing ajapaa jap continuous 24 hr simran.  

This is the Suksham Dehi that is called a Harimander in the Gurbani: Harimander Har Jeeoo Sajjyeaa; Harimander Eho Sareer Hai; this is the real Harimander, the real Gurdwara inside us, it is the temple of God inside us, it is the soul part of the Braham, the part of the Param Tatt, the part of the SAT, the SAT Sarovar – Seven Seas of Amrit are also a part of this body, which when activated with the other divine doors as explained earlier by Bhai Ji become an internal source of spiritual energy, which combines with the cosmic energy of the divinity and becomes one with the Nirgun Saroop.

Uncle Ji said in his hirda he asked baba ji to do kirpa and to put naam in there.   Palpitations – a pulsing – started in his breast bone area deep within.  That is simran being done by inner body by the sukshum sareer.    This physcial body sings praises or recites naam but that is not called simran but bhajan and jaap. 

These pulsating impulse sensation in the entire body is the Rom Rom Simran, it is the physical moment of Amrit inside the body; it is felt and experienced physically inside our body, sometimes it is also visually seen happening in parts of our body, it is like every moment 330 millions times reciting the Satnaam inside our body (there are 330 million cells in our body and each cell is doing Naam Simran when we reach at that level). This sound of the pulsations is more prominent than the heart beat yet can’t be observed with a Doctor’s Stethoscope (based on practical experience). Only divine senses can observe these pulsations.

Uncle Ji said if a Doctor cut you open he would not be able to see the pulsing in the hirda, nor could he see the tenth door or the third eye.  This inner body, the Sukhshum sareer is the body created by our thoughts…the house of the self.   That is why your physical body may have a leg missing or be decayed with cancer, but your inner body – the one created by your thoughts is perfectly healthy and fully intact.  When people are blessed with the sacred vision of the Guru’s it is normally a vision of the Guru as they were on this planet – the Guru’s sukhshum sareer.  There have also been stories of sants in smadhi who have been in two places at once.  For example, Baba Harnaam Singh ji was approached by a lady who was worried about her son in England losing his faith.   A few weeks later she received another letter from her son in which he said that he was so happy that he had met Baba Harnaam Singh ji at the park and talked to him.  The mother asked Baba Harnaam Singh ji how he went to England?  He didn’t explain but just told her to rip the letter up and not to mention it again.   

Baba Virsa Singh ji was asked to help a desparate child in a lifesaving operation.  The father was waiting outside the operating room and saw Baba Virsa Singh come into the hospital go into the operating theatre , place his hands on the child’s head at the most critical time of the operation and when it was fine he smiled at the father and left.  Afterwards the father asked the surgeon if he saw anyone there he said “No” and neither did any of the other relatives see Baba Ji.  But the surgeon said that at one point the child was about to die but miraculously came back.  And the time was exactly when the father saw Baba Virsa Singh ji laying on his hands.

That is the sukhshum sareer – our spiritual body that is able to experience things  independently of the physical body.


Dust of your feet


Thanks to Bhai Ji for their observations and for putting this Gyan in to writing for the benefit of others, thanks for his wonderful Seva.
Thanks to Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar and Dhan Dhan Baba Ji for their Eternal Blessings to all of us. Let us keep on praying for their unlimited kindness and blessings on all of us for all ages to come.


Dassan Dass


Uncle Ji said that nowadays we hear the word Amrit and think of the Sikh initiation ceremony.   Actually that is called Pahul by Bhai Gurdas Ji the second…in the shabad Peevoh Pahul Khanday Dhar – he is saying drink the “Pahul” of the Khanda.     The word Amrit in gurbani refers to amrit naam and amrit bani.  Guru Nanak says that Amrit is the food of the sukhshum sareer, but the five thieves are stealing it.

“In the house of the self is the Ambrosial Nectar, which is being stolen by the thieves. No one can say no to them.  He Himself protects us, and blesses us with greatness. SGGS 221”

Amrit is acutally God Himself in the form of Immortal Cosmic Energy, the Universal Life Force Energy, the Reiki or the Chee or the Prana.  Its not just cosmic energy – it is intelligient – it is God Himself. And expreincing Amrit withn ourselves we are having a one on one expereince with God in the temple of our energy body – the real HarMandir – Gods Temple.

There are seven centres in the sukhshum sareer.  These are full of amrit and in Gurbani are called the Suth Sarovaras – seven lakes of amrit.   ( In Yoga they are called the chakras (circles of energy)).   As your naam simran progresses into each of these lakes,  great amrit energy is released and bliss enjoyed.)

Once a lady came into the sangat and was near Uncle Ji  –  she was overwhelmed with the Amrit energy that filled her sukhshum sareer up at once.    Uncle Ji  then put his hand out and withdrew the amrit from her to a level she could handle.   Another lady who was standing nearby and witnessed it all, eagerly asked Uncle Ji to give her all the amrit from the other lady.  Uncle Ji humbly said, “A river of  Amrit could be flowing next to you, but you will not get a drop of it if you are not ready to receive it.    You have to do inner cleansing of maya and her gang (5 thieves + desires, jealousies, slander) from within first.   And to do that you need Gurprasadi Naam.”

Amrit is the food for the sukhsham sareer – the inner sprit.  To experience that amrit is hard enough, but once you have you will find it is blissful and enjoyable and you can experience more and more and more.

Have no doubts or dubidha about God or Guru.  As long as there are doubts – there are two minds dubidha –  and amrit cannot flowinside you.

When amrit starts flowing inside you start feeling tremendous energy in different parts of your body,  that is amrit and Aunty Ji ji sees it as huge drops dripping down from tenth door and like rain in the room infront of her.  Dassan Das Ji said he saw it drenching him inside and overflowing  out of the doors in his palms.  Then that  hand goes into Guru Nanak asan and amrit pours out.   People see that as beam of light or drops of amrit..both forms of the Lord.   

One day when I was there I noticed that Roma Ji found it difficult to keep her eyes open when Dassan Das Ji’s palm was sending her amrit as the light was so bright from his hand.  Even with her physical eyes open, her third eye is also open and picking up things at the spiritual level.

When Dassan Das  Ji would put his palm on my palm I focused on third eye and did “satnaam”  and could feel energy pouring up my arm up towards my head,  he said a one inch thick diameter of amrit was going into my arm upto shoulder up neck into third eye, as it continued I could feel it going across chest and back into left arm, so much heat then down into both thighs and top of calfs.  That was in the car on way home from meeting Baba ji after he had opened my chanels.  Then the next day at Roma Ji’s house after langar he put his palm on mine and I could feel stronger energy entering and he said to Roma Ji that a lot more amrit was flowng in me than on first day I came.  After that I was blessed with pure light of God bathing me from head to toe.


Dhan Dhan Message from Kiram Jant Ji :

Dhan Dhan PaarBraham Parmesar
Dhan Dhan SatGuru Parmesar
Khand Brahmand Nu Dandout
Sat Sangat Daa Charan Thoor Humara Ishnaan

We are not worthy of writing on this forum as we are sinful and  lazy…with GurKirpa and GurPrasaad we are blessed with the sangat of souls who are literally God on earth. Everyday we realise the grace of SatGuru and SatSangat more and more…so much is being done for us that we do not  know about. Hum Paapi LoonHarami who knows nothing of the mistakes I make,  just an ignorant fool…

By HIS Nadar we have had good ‘bhaag’ (VadBhaagi) and are being blessed
with Bhagti and Simran…

Yesterday, during Rehraas time, while we were sitting in Simran we felt
what felt like a pin-prick in the centre of the palm of the left hand. This
lasted for quite a while and we can even faintly feel as we type this
email. There have been times when we have felt in the sole of our foot too –
what is this feeling, it is not painful but it feels quite hot?

We also had a dream that the SatSangat were visiting, we remember
Dassan Das, Uncle Ji and Paa Jee. They visited a number of people which
made many people nihaal, we hadn’t had the chance to see them and they were
about to leave. So we ran to meet them, with kirpa we saw them and did
dandout to them, as we did dandout to Dassan Das jee they put their hands on our

…our head began to resonate/vibrate and we felt anand to the point
where we were becoming overwhelmed, Dassan Das jee asked if we wanted more
or should they stop….

…we just about managed to say ‘more please’. Then we woke up from
the dream. Ever since we have been feeling great surges of Amrit in the
sareer at different times throughout the day. Bhaag Howa Gur Sant Milaaya.
Even the vision in a dream makes one become Nihaal!!

We have also realised that we would like to do shukrana of Dhan Dhan
Baba Jee everyday when we wake up and when we go to sleep as they do so so
much for us that we do not even know about. We have been missing Baba Jee,
but we know He is with us always. He told us to to remember 3 things –
Compassion, Love and Truth always and to become these things to all  beings
everywhere, friend or foe alike.

Thanks to the Sat Sangat for sending the messages of Sift Salaah to
constantly remind of……SAT SAT SAT SATNaam Sada SAT SAT SAT SATNAAM.

Kiram Jant



“The Name of the Lord, from the Mouth of the Guru,

is the Raft to cross over the unfathomable world-ocean …..

They are blessed with the Inner Vision (dib drisht) to see God,

the Cause of causes, and all their doubts are dispelled.”  

 (SGGS 1401 – Swayay in praise of Guru Ram Das Ji)”


People ask, “Have you seen God?”   And that “Seeing is believing”.  So as people have not seen God they do not believe.   It is true that God is beyond these physical eyes and beyond our five senses – AGOCHAR.   However it is possible to see God.  How?  The Brahmgianis have been blessed with the ability to see the unseen.   This ability is called DIB DRISHT.  This seeing of the unseen is through the divine eye of knowledge – the gian nettr – also known as the third eye.

I told Baba Ji that I was explaining Mool Mantr onstage at the Gurdwara every week.  That was my seva.   But,  Baba Ji said to me that without being able to perceive the divine knowledge from within , how can I explain the Truth to anyone else?  Baba Ji also said that Baba Budda Ji was DHAN DHAN  and all salutations to him.  For he was the first Granthi and he was a BrahmGiani.  And that if the Sikhs had carried on that tradition of only allowing BrahmGianis to be Granthis then the Sikhs would have stayed true to the SatGuru’s path.

Baba Ji kindly adivised me to get to the stage where the gian nettr are open and the ability to see the inner vision – DIB DRISHT.  Otherwise I will never be able to perceive the Truth – the real gian – and carry on wandering around in darkness.  

When you have been blessed by the Satguru to perceive the inner reality (dib drisht) then the journey to the dasam duar (God through the tenth Gate) can be completed.  

“Says Nanak, these eyes were blind;

but meeting the SatGuru,

they are blessed with the Inner Vision (dib drisht). ||36||”

 (SGGS 922 – Anand Sahib – Guru Amar Das Ji)

Aunty Ji has been blessed with her third eye being open all the time, and even with her physical eyes being open she can clearly perceive all that is happening in the spritual realms.   She has been blessed with strong spiritual vision.

So ask any of the Brahmgiani’s who have been blessed by Baba Ji, if they have seen God – and the answer is a resounding “YES” – Baba Ji has blessed them all with the Inner Vision (dib drisht).  But this path is opposite to the world.  The world says ‘seeing is believing’  but the devotees know that actually ‘believing leads to seeing’ God.    Like Bhagat Dhanna Ji who believed his Guru’s words and then God manifested from the Rock.







AAp sabh de charna vich dandot parvan karni ji


Pritam Anand ji is right ,belief is the key to gurparsadi khed. and we have seen results in babaji’s sangat




POORA GURU is the one who himself is jeevan mukt  and can give others jeevan mukti through him . who is above maya . in company of such a saint you see God .


bhul chuk maaf karni ji
Roma Ji



SatGuru Nanak is portrayed in some famous pictures with his right hand raised palm facing the viewer.  That pose is known as an asan – meditation position.   More recently, pictures of  Sant Ishar  Singh Rarawale and Sant Darshan Singh ji also show them with their hand in that asan.  The food for the sukhshum sareer is amrit.   When Akal Purakh pours so much amrit into the sukhsham sareer, the amrit overlflows into the physical body.    This amrit flows out from the centre of either palm or the souls of the feet.  The spiritual openings are likened to doors and can let amrit in or out.   People who have their third eye open see a beam of light flowing from the person’s palm,  or they feel a lot of energy in their own body around their heart and chest area.   If someones does asan then move youself into the light eminating from their palm as Akal Purakh is sending his amrit to feed your sukhshum sareer.    Unfortunately,  most people do not understand asans.  And start laughing when they see some blessed soul adopt one of these asans.  

Dassan Das Ji said that he went to India and his nephew was keen to receive Guprasadi Naam, but wouldn’t commit to giving up alcohol, next day  Dassan Das  Ji was just sitting and his whole day is just a walking samadhi as simran is continuously going on in him, so asans can happen whenever the Lord desires.   And  Dassan Das Ji noticed his hand went into asan directed by the Lord  towards his nephew.   The nephew had good previous bhagati and said, “Uncle ji, what is coming from your hand?  I can see it glowing with a beam of light coming out.”    However, even seeing it with his own eyes he could not commit to give up alcohol and was unable to receive Gurprasadi Naam at this time.

When Roma Ji goes into samadhi often goes into many different asans, and her face and hands are glowing with light.   Which are directed by Akal Purakh to whoever He wants to bless.     When I first saw this a few months ago when she visited UK, I was taken aback, but then recognised many of the asans from the Kundalini Yoga  lessons I used to attend.  Then I remembered reading that Bhai Gurdas Ji in his vars has called Patanjali a Gurmukh.    I used to wonder how Patanjali could be a Gurmukh as he practised yoga and SGGS rejects physical yoga as a way to God – only Guprasadi Naam.   Then when I read the history of Patanjali ji it turns out he used to experience the true Yoga – the Union of his soul and the Supreme Soul.  And as this true spiritual yoga happened inside him,  the Lord used to fill his body with His prescence (perceived as Amrit and Supreme Light).  The Lord would then direct his body into different meditation positions asans.   Over time Gurmukh Patanjali ji wrote these asans down as well as his philosophy.  And all physical yoga classes that are very popular in the west today as well as in India, have their roots in Patanjali’s original descriptions.    However, in this day and age, the very rare ones experience the true inner yoga and asans as an expression of that.   Most of the world is doing it the other way around, going to yoga classes and wondering why they are not experiencing divine union.  Without Gurprasadi naam, everything else is just empty.  That is the essnce of Guru Nanak’s teachings and what he explained to the Yogis and Siddhs of his day who had mastered supernatural powers through their asans, but not attained the Lord.

Baba Ji used to experience these asans in the early days of his bhagati when he used to go amritvela at the Gurdwara.  The sangat did not understand and often woke him out his samadhi.   In Baba Ji’s sangat now, many of the sangat have experienced divine union (yoga) and asans.    Dassan Das Ji said that in the early days he used start dancing and clapping in spiritual bliss. As the years have passed the Amrit inside has stabilised and now only one or two asans remain with him.  One of which is both arms upstretched , palms pressing together above his head.  That is automatic and his salutation to the AkalPurakh.   I saw this occur when he sat in the prescence of Baba Ji.  Also saw him clapping his palms together like an excited child when the divine Akal Purakh ji came to him.

Also I saw that Aunty Ji would lovingly smile and have the peaceful Guru Nanak hand asan while we sat at the dinner table or in the lounge.  While everyone else talked, her hand was shining in my direction and I could actually feel warm energy (amrit) hit my heart and spreading into chest and back.  This happened a few times on the first few days.    Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan  Uncle Ji who explained the secrets of the Lord  to me and Dhan Dhan Dhan Dhan Aunty Ji ji who quietly sat there while Akal Purakh give ji gave a practical blessing to me through her body.   Aunty Ji said it is not her who is capable of doing anything, but Akal Purakh who is doing everything through her.

Roma Ji said that she used to do and still does a full reading of SGGS in a year,  but she never understood the deeper spiritual meanings and she never achieved the peace of mind her inner soul was looking for.   Then the first time Baba ji came to Uncle Ji’s house to do sadh sangat  she was in the kitchen and caught a glimpse of Baba ji.  That was enought to send her into vairag…tears of separation poured and poured she tried to avoid their gaze.   Baba ji called her in  and she filled with amrit.  Brother Ji said, “Roma Ji’s heart is a crystal clear lake … so pure.  Its hard enough for a husband to follow this path if the wife and parents and inlaws and relatives criticise it, but for a young mother who is not working and dependent on husband and expected to follow in laws it is even more difficult.  Roma Ji said that when God blesses her with an Asan, some people start laughing at her and it used to bother her in the beginning, but not now.

Paa  Ji was saying that when an Asan occurs just go with the flow of wherever the Lord takes your hands.   Dont  resist because it is Akal Purakh who is pouring Amrit into you and as your sukhshum sareer fills the overflow goes out of palms towards someone else who the Lord want to bless  – to feed their withering suhsham sareer.     If you resist and try to stop the arm raising or going up etc  then it will be painful.  So if it happens at work or in public and you dont want it,  dont think like that , it is a blessing from the Lord so thank the lord and the Lord knows your dilema and will ease the Asan  quicker.  As Paa  Ji was telling me this, his right palm went into asan of Guru Nanak and his left palm by his left hip facing up.   He laughed in delight!  “I was just talking about it and the Lord made it happen.”    When Brother Ji drove me to  the Ford Museum, his left hand was in the Guru Nanak Asan.   He said, “I can never fall asleep when driving with this Asan.  It occurs by itself with His grace.”

Roma Ji was asking about certain parts of her body shaking (eg lower leg) when in smadhi and  Dassan Das  Ji said that it had happened to him alot in the beginning stages.  He said, “You get overwhelmed with spiritual energy and it overflows into the physical body.  But over time the energy in your body will stablise and these things will stop just as they have for him.”

Brother Ji also said that the first time he had an out of body experience,  he was shaking alot in smadhi and was scared.  He said that his dasam duar popped open like cracking a coconut and his  sukhshum sareer went up and out.  Then he observed his physical body from elsewhere in the room. He said that this shaking also happened to a woman blessed by Baba Ji with Gurprasadi Naam.  She was doing naam simran in her spare bedroom and she too got really scared and stopped doing naam simran altogether.

These are stages to progress through, so don’t give up and be frightened off the path to Akal Purakh.

I am not worthy Parbrahm Parmesar ji, you are Dhan Dhan Dhan.

You are Dhan Dhan  Baba Ji, as is your sant sangat.



Ik Oankaar Satgur Parsaad

Thanks to Brother Ji for putting these words on Smadhi Assans with the Gur Kirpa of Agam Agochar Paar Braham Parmesar and Baba Ji. These Smadhi Assans are blessed when the soul gets blessed with Ek Boond Amrit and when a person goes in to Smadhi and Sunn Smadhi, at this point the Gur Parsaad Satnaam goes in to the Surat – mind, this happens when the soul gets in to the Karam Khand, the meaning of Karam being the Mehramat, Eternal Blessings, Gur Parsaad, this is the stage when the real Bandgi starts, the Bandgi account is opened in the Dargah of Akal Purakh, the Bajjar Kapaats open, the Dassam Duaar opens, the Anhad Shabad music starts to hear, a direct connection is made with the Almighty. Everyone’s Smadhi is unique, means everyone’s Smadhi Assans are unique, some people get only a very silent Smadhi, they don’t dance at all, others dance a lot, some dance somewhat, but ultimately when the Bandgi gets to the Sach Khand these Smadhi Assans get silent, and by then actually the Naam Simran goes in to Rom Rom and continues on all the time without any break, and so is the Smadhi, it becomes a continuous Smadhi. The Amrit keeps on flowing all the time through the Suksham Sareer, it is heard and felt all over the body.

Dassan Das


http://www.elcollie.com/st/dance.html  – article about a westerner who experienced these asans.



srgun inrgun inrMkwr suMn smwDI Awip ] (290-16, gauVI suKmnI, mÚ 5)

He possesses all qualities; He transcends all qualities; He is the Formless Lord. He Himself is in Primal Samaadhi.

 Awpn kIAw nwnkw Awpy hI iPir jwip ]1] (290-16, gauVI suKmnI, mÚ 5)

Through His Creation, O Nanak, He meditates on Himself. ||1||


What is smadhi?

First learn to concentrate, this leads to meditation, this leads to the state of joy – smadhi. 

Smadhi  is the final result all the spiritual efforts, but is given by God’s Grace when God decides we a ready.  It is not in our control, that if we do some.  The meanings of the term Smadhi are union, totality; absorption in, complete concentration of mind; conjunction, stasis (A state of static balance or equilibrium).

Intensity of Smadhi. During the beginning states, we might enter a form of Samadhi where we get the taste of Bliss and Beingness but are still tight to our erroneous identification with the body as well as to our numerous worldly attractions. Entering Samadhi in the beginning takes effort and holding on to Samadhi takes even more effort. Beginning stages of Samadhi are only temporary.
Upon entering deeper Samadhi the differences we saw before have faded and only one and the same Substance is seen with which we then gladly identify. In this condition nothing but pure Awareness remains and nothing is missing to take away from Wholeness and Perfection.
Samadhi is the only stable Reality, everything else is changing and does not bring everlasting peace or happiness. Staying in deeper Samadhi is effortless but even from this condition one must eventually return to ego-consciousness.

However, it is entirely possible to stay in deeper Samadhi and still be fully functional in this world. This condition is known as Sehaj Samadhi.

Elsewhere Samadhi is called the "Holy Union", "Holy Communion", "Satori", "Enlightenment", “Nirvana”, "Dhawq", "Tao", "Mystical Union", "Gnosis", "Sat-Chit-Ananda", "Beingness-Awareness, Bliss", etc.

By the time of the Buddha’s passing away, approximately 200 people, mostly monks, but also nuns, lay men and lay women were recorded as having reached Nirvana. Among them were 16 great disciples pointed to as exemplifying 16 different areas of expertise, showing that right from the beginning there was wide diversity in the Sangha.

ijnI Awpxw kMqu pCwixAw hau iqn pUCau sMqw jwey ] (582-19, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

Those who have realized their Husband Lord – I go and ask those Saints about Him.

 Awpu Coif syvw krI ipru scVw imlY shij suBwey ] (583-1, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

Renouncing ego, I serve them; thus I meet my True Husband Lord, with intuitive ease.

 ipru scw imlY Awey swcu kmwey swic sbid Dn rwqI ] (583-1, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

The True Husband Lord comes to meet the soul-bride who practices Truth, and is imbued with the True Word of the Shabad.

 kdy n rWf sdw sohwgix AMqir shj smwDI ] (583-2, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

She shall never become a widow; she shall always be a happy bride. Deep within herself, she dwells in the celestial bliss of Sehaj Samaadhi.

 ipru rihAw BrpUry vyKu hdUry rMgu mwxy shij suBwey ] (583-2, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

Her Husband Lord is fully pervading everywhere; beholding Him ever-present, she enjoys His Love, with intuitive ease.

 ijnI Awpxw kMqu pCwixAw hau iqn pUCau sMqw jwey ]3] (583-3, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

Those who have realized their Husband Lord – I go and ask those Saints about Him. ||3||


Shalok, Fourth Mehl:

 siqguru syvin sy vfBwgI ] (1246-7, swrMg, mÚ 4)

Those who serve the True Guru are very fortunate.

 scY sbid ijn@w eyk ilv lwgI ] (1246-7, swrMg, mÚ 4)

They are lovingly attuned to the True Shabad, the Word of the One God.

 igrh kutMb mih shij smwDI ] (1246-7, swrMg, mÚ 4)

In their own household and family, they are in natural Samaadhi.

 nwnk nwim rqy sy scy bYrwgI ]1] (1246-8, swrMg, mÚ 4)

O Nanak, those who are attuned to the Naam are truly detached from the world. ||1||


sBy suK Bey pRB quTy ] (106-15, mwJ, mÚ 5)

All happiness comes, when God is pleased.

 gur pUry ky crx min vuTy ] (106-15, mwJ, mÚ 5)

The Feet of the Perfect Guru dwell in my mind.

 shj smwiD lgI ilv AMqir so rsu soeI jwxY jIau ]1] (106-15, mwJ, mÚ 5)

I am intuitively absorbed in the state of Samaadhi deep within. God alone knows this sweet pleasure. ||1||


gieAw n AwvY Awie n jwie ] (932-8, rwmklI dKxI, mÚ 1)

He does not go to come, or come to go.

 gur prswid rhY ilv lwie ] (932-8, rwmklI dKxI, mÚ 1)

By Guru’s Grace, he remains lovingly focused on the Lord.

 ggnu AgMmu AnwQu AjonI ] (932-8, rwmklI dKxI, mÚ 1)

The Lord of the mind-sky is inaccessible, independent and beyond birth.

 AsiQru cIqu smwiD sgonI ] (932-9, rwmklI dKxI, mÚ 1)

The most worthy Samaadhi is to keep the consciousness stable, focused on Him.


IK Onkaar Satnaam,Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmeshwar Dhan Dhan Gur Parmeshwar AAP SABH DE CHARNA VICH DANDOT PARVAN KARNA JI

when you are in nothing you are one with him. you are actually in nothing when you are in samadhi and sun samadhi. going into samadhi with your eyes closed is much much easier than going into samadhi with your eyes open. when you go into samadhi wih your eyes open then you become IK DRISHT. Ik DRISHT is when you see no difference between joy and sorrow and other emotions,when you see no difference between your children and other people children,when you see god in everything around you, when you treat everybody as sangat ,when you are not attached to anything. this is the stage when amrit flows inside you contoniously 24 hrs a day even when you are sleeping.and this all happens by the grace and blessings of true guru. TARAS PAIYA MEHRAMAT HOII SATGURU SAJJAN MILAYA NANAK NAAM MILE TA JEEVAN TAN MUNN THIVEY HARIYA lets pray that we can all be good for nothing with eyes open and closed lowest of the lowest

Roma Ji



Atam rus is the top stage above internal amrit.  When atma and parmatma meet , the love – the energy & the heat  – the undescribable enjoyment is known as Atam Rus. Uncle Ji was talking about brahmgian and said once Baba ji said write about Atam Rus, and  Uncle Ji said, “I only know one or two things about it.”  Baba ji replied, “You will receive divine wisdom – super wisdom.”

Uncle Ji said now the door of Brahmgian opens while he is  brushing his teeth or having a bath first thing after getting up.   The brahmgian – super wisdom – comes inside and he laughs and laughs at the bliss it brings.  Then he just writes it down as he has understood it.   That is how he wrote the punjabi article on Atam Rus.  

As Uncle Ji was speaking to me he paused and said  “’Aw aagiaa” (He has come) and a few tears came into his eyes, his voice faltered.  Later on he explained that God comes and resides in heart and it is Him who is talking.    That is what “gur meray sang sada ha nalay” really means.



One God Who’s Name is “Truth”  – Great Great Supreme God Supremely Transcendant.

Supreme God  Supremely Transcendant and the one who He resides within – the Brahmgiani,  enjoy a special continuous divine union.  This bliss is known as ATAM RUS.   The complete Satguru’s truly pure heart enjoys the Immortal Being’s presence 24 hrs a day. 




The one in whom the Lord resides 24 hrs a day.

Nanak:  that one is Completely Perfect.”

                                                                (Sukhmani Sahib)


This union gives rise to the greatest joy – MAHA ANAND.    In the heart of  God’s bride, the perfect divine light of her soul is united with the Supreme Soul.   This give rise to blossoming love and divine intoxication.  The one who enjoys this ATAM RUS is the Khalsa.   Guru Gobind Singh Ji :


Infact only the Bramgiani (Knower of God) – the Sada Suhagan (Eternal Bride) – the complete Satguru (Pooran Satguru) –  the KHALSA has experience of ATAM RUS.   This state is higher than AMRIT.  There are three types of Amrit that people think of :

1)       Khanday bhattay da amrit – Sikh initiation ceremony

2)       Naam and Bani Amrit.

3)       Ek Boond Amrit.

(There is another article that describes these).

The only ones who can enjoy this highest level of divine joy – ATAM RUS – are those upon whom the Eternal Being has bestowed his mercy.  The ones who have taken support of the Perfect Lord.   The ones who have meditated upon the perfect Satguru and followed his instructions.  Not being separate from the Perfect Lord, they have become one and the same.  The Perfect Lord has come to reside in their heart.  And they are totally engrossed in always singing and praising God.





“Take the support of the Perfect Lord, who’s Name is also Perfect. 

Nanak:  merging into the Perfect One, sing the praises of the Perfect One.”

                                                                (Sukhmani Sahib)


In the eighth verse of Sukhmani Sahib, Guru Arjun Dev ji describes the qualities of a Brahmgiani.   Guru ji says that in the mind and heart of a Brahmgiani radiates the perfect Supreme Light of God, just like the rays of the sun shine in the sky.    Only the Bramhgiani knows this state.





The brahmgiani’s mind is full of God’s Supreme Light, just as the sky is above the earth.

The Brahmgiani is the dust of everyone and the Brahmgiani enjoys ATAM RUS.”

                                                                (Sukhmani Sahib)


Guru Gobind Singh Ji writes that the only one worthy to be called a Khalsa, is the one whose heart lotus is filled with the Supreme Light of the Supreme Lord.   And the Khalsa is only that one who enjoys ATAM RUS.   Guru Gobind Singh Ji emphasises that the one within whom there is God’s Perfect Light (POORAN JOT) and God’s enjoyable union (ATAM RUS) – then there is no difference between that one and God.  No difference between that one and Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself!



The one within whose heart  the Perfect Light is lit is Khalsa, all others are not Khalsa.”






The one who enjoys ATAM RUS is the Khalsa.

There is no difference between them and God or them and me.”


The Tenth Father, Guru Gobind Singh Ji has said the Khalsa is his body and breath, the very life of his life, friend and companion, perfect Satguru and brave friend.  Guru ji gives the Khalsa endless praise and glory and greatness.  Guru ji even says that his method of meditation is to sit and focus on the Khalsa!


Nowadays, most people do not know the real meaning of the words “ATAM RUS”.   In Punjab, great gatherings of people at Kirtan programmes are organised for an even greater amount of money by a handful of  religious singing groups (Ragi Juthas).    The title of these events tends to contain the words  : “ATAM RUS”.     However, it is the extremely rare one who really has searched for and been blessed with  the real ATAM RUS.    These events are actually not bestowing you with ATAM  RUS, but with KANEE RUS meaning pleasure for the ears with sweet music.  And these events are organised for making money – which they do very well.


ATAM RUS is above MAYA (mammon : things that distract you from God).    ATAM RUS is only experienced by those great spiritual warriors with truthful hearts who have defeated the five thieves (anger, greed, lust, attachment and pride).  The ATAM RUS enjoyment is higher than  anything in the world including all the sacred languages, words and letters that try to describe it.    ATAM RUS is beyond description, beyond singing about it, and beyond the majority of those who are describing and singing about it.   Ultimately ATAM RUS can only be known by experiencing it in your own heart. 


                “EH AKHAAR KHIR JAAIGEH

                                OH AKHAAR IN MEH NAHI”

                These letters will not last forever,

                                God is beyond these letters.”


                                                                (Bhagat Kabir Ji in SGGS)



Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad

Thanks to Akal Purakh and the Guru for providing us this bright and shining Sangat; dandaut parvaan karna ji; Ik Oankaar Satnaam Ji Ki Fateh parvaan karna ji: Seva parvaan karna ji, Brother Ji has beeen very kind to all of us in putting these words in praise of the Akal Purakh’s Akath Katha; Atam Rus is the Akath Katha, it can only be experienced and felt physically it is beyond description.

Atam Rus is the Param Jyot Puran Parkash, it is beyond the three qualities of Maya: Rajo, Tamo and Sato. Atam Rus is available to Pargatyeo Jyot Puran Braham Gyani, a Puran Khalsa, a Puran Sant Satguru, a Param Padvi, and when a soul reaches that level of spirituality, the Atam Rus starts to flow in our Suksham Sareer on a continuous basis, it is felt physically flowing inside our body, some people whose visuals are very strong and are so blessed can see it also with open eyes in the form of a bright and unique light emanating from various parts of the body as explained by Brother Ji in his descriptions, to others it is visible in Smadhi and Sunn Smadhi, to some it is visible in closed eyes. It is this part of the Braham which is Atum Rus that is beyond description, it never stops, it is continuous, it is Akhand, is the real Akhand Kirtan, it is the real Eternal Akhand Paath, it is the real Atam Rus Kirtan, in fact this is the Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh – the pure divine light. At this stage the Naam Simran goes in to Rom Rom and Atam Rus is felt in each and every part of the body, the Suksham Sareer fills up with the Atam Rus and then over filled with Atam Rus and at this stage the Atam Rus starts to flow out of the Suksham Sareer, and is felt and experienced by the physical body all the times.

Gur and Guru bless you all with the Atam Rus.

Dassan Dass




“Brahmginai kee drisht amrit barsee.

Nectar rains down from the glance of the God-conscious being.”

           SGGS 273   Sukhmani Sahib

Dassan Das  Ji gave us a big hug and blessing and rubbed my back and forehead to open up those chakras.   He talked about a brahmgiani’s look makes something into amrit,  then held my glass of water and closed his eyes – he blessed it and I drank it.

Baba Ji said that when he goes shopping or is out and about people often feel something form his look.  One cashier looked in his eyes and felt amrit – she didn’t know what was happening inside her.  She asked Baba Ji,  “Who are you?  WHAT are you?”

Many people have come into Baba Ji’s sangat and just one glance from him has sent them into smadhi – they fill instantly with amrit due to the purity of their heart and spiritual labouring from previous lives and it knocks them out, or literally sends them spinning.

Once a young western couple came to Baba Ji’s sangat, they were open minded Christians.  After a while Baba Ji looked across at the man and asked him if he wanted to have the sacred vision of Jesus.  He couldn’t believe it and said “Yes, of course”.  Baba Ji said “Jesus please come.”    The man saw Jesus in front of him, his mind went into spiritual bliss.  He started spinning around while sitting cross-legged.   Then Baba ji said to him would you like to have the sacred vision of Jesus’s Guru – Moses!  And Moses appeared to the Christian – he was in utter bliss – ANAND GUR TE JANIAA.


Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad


Dandaut parvaan karna ji; Gur Fateh parvaan karna ji:

Thanks to the Gur and Guru for blessing us with your Gursangat Ji;

There are several Suhagans in India who have never seen Baba Ji physically, but they see him in their Smadhi very often, these people has taken Naam only over the phone, and they are doing their Bandgi in Karam Khand, there is a Sada Suhagan also in India who has never met Baba Ji, he has been blessed to give Naam Daan to the Sangat too. During our last visit to India, which was last year in December, when we went to see these people in Punjab with Gur Kirpa, there were some young kids and some older people who got blessed instantaneously with Smadhi. This has been a very commonly observed phenomenon in Baba Ji’s Sangat.

Infect this Christian’s wife had been coming to the Sangat for some time, she was also blessed the first day she came to the Sangat by Baba Ji, all her doors where opened there and then, she instantly went in to Smadhi, could not open her eyes, and went in to deep meditation right away, she could hardly understand the Katha in Punjabi, but she felt the Amrit right away and went in to deep meditation right away. Then one day her husband came to the Sangat with a lot of questions in his mind, he was sitting cross legged when Baba Ji came in and just lightly touched his forehead, and this person went in to Smadhi right away, he was spinning all over in the room. He never asked any questions though, all his questions were answered by the Eternal Blessings. He had Jesus Christ Darshan very often, one day he saw Jesus Christ on the Cross with the crown of barbed wire on His head, at this he wanted to take the nails out and the Crown of the barbed wire out because he felt that Christ was in pain, at this point Christ told him not to do so and that it was will of God I had to do this.

Lowest of the Lowest

Dassan Das



Brother Ji said that even insects and bugs, cats and dogs can see spiritual forms (sukhshum sareer)of us and are drawn to us to get the amrit when we do simran.   Brother Ji said you can read stories of all sants  eg like Baba Nand  ji and while he did bhagati in the jungles lions and snakes would come to him, calm down and sit peacefully in his presence. Uncle Ji said that even animals get peace by coming near someone who is absorbed in naam.  No lion will attack you, no snake will bite you,  “Satnaam” sitting in your heart is their Creator – 

The God-conscious being (Brahm Giani) is the Creator of all the world.”

SGGS 273  Sukhmani Sahib


Even Brother Ji said that he was on the excercise bike  with simran going on inside him.  A huge bug crawled across the floor and just sat under one pedal as he exercised.  It stayed their until he finished and then crawled away – almost as if it was soaking up the amrit emanating from the doorway in his foot.

You can be reborn as plants which is verified by Guru Nanak Dev Ji too.  


“I took the form of so many plants and trees, and so many animals.

Many times I entered the families of snakes and flying birds. ||2||”

SGGS 256


“The mobile and immobile creatures, insects and moths

– in numerous lifetimes, I have passed through those many forms. ||1||”

SGGS 325   Bhagat Kabir Ji


You can talk to plants and they will respond, may even sway depending on how strong the amrit inside you is.  They respond to Naam.    Naam supports everything


“The Naam is the Support of all creatures.

The Naam is the Support of the earth and solar systems.”

SGGS 284  Sukhmani Sahib


Dassan Das  Ji said that once in smadhi he talked to a tree in English and  talked to a dolphin in punjabi!   He asked the tree “can you speak any other languages?”  And got the reply, “No only English!”   (That’s so funny!)



I said to  Dassan Das Ji that my Dad thinks Baba Ji and his sangat have just got supernatural powers (ridheea sidheea).   Dassan Das  Ji said that  those powers came to him along time ago and that Baba ji also rejected them all early on in his bhagati saying to Akal Purakh that he would stop doing bhagati if it was for possessing if supernatuarl powers were the result.  Even  Dassan Das  Ji said that in smadhee he saw 18 icons representing all the suprenatural powers sitting on the palm of his hand.   Dassan Das Ji advised that on this path you dont go after them.   They are the servants of Satnaam and are invoked automatically within God’s Hukam ( as in the miracles that happened to the Bhagats and Gurus).  To use them intentionally is to go out of the Hukam and to slide back down the spiritual ladder.  He said that this is also not hypnosis nor mind control.  How can you hynotise someone thousands of miles away over the phone?   Many people in India have received Gurprasadi Naam over the phone from Baba Ji and have never met Baba ji in person yet are enjoying the highest states of anand.

Dassan Das  Ji said that God has bestowed him with one hundred thousand warriors in sukhsham sareer to be with him at all times.   Uncle Ji said that he has been blesed with a chariot pulled by 24 horses.  I asked, “What was the advantage of that?”  Uncle Ji explained that they are all around you and wherever you go they make that place suitable for you.  They remove all negativity and problems.  Also if someone tries to do evil towards you eg slanders you,  they will go the slanderers to sort them out.   The advantage of  the chariot is that it is agift from God so in smadhi you can travel around in it!




Dassan Das  Ji talked about his spiritual experiences.  He said when you go to the Gurdwara the most important thing to do is to go with an attitude of being the servant of God’s servants.   The most important service is to clean the shoes of the sangat and to clean the dirty dishes.    Even Uncle Ji added wipe the shoes with your beard preferably in front of the sangat – not secretly and self-consciously.  Infact he said that the best way of totally eradicating your ego is to take the shoes kindly from the person taking their shoes off, say “Thankyou ji, you are dhan dhan, sukhee raho.”  And then wipe their shoes with your beard with a sweet smile on your face.


sy crx suhwvy jo hir mwrig cly hau bil iqn sMig pCwxw jIau ]2]

Those feet which walk in the Lord’s Way are beautiful.

I am a sacrifice to that Congregation in which the Lord is recognized. ||2||

SGGS 103



Have no sense of self.  Guru Arjun Dev Ji says treat honour and dishonour as the same. 


mwnu AiBmwnu doaU smwny msqku fwir gur pwigE ]

Honor and dishonor are the same to me;

I have placed my forehead upon the Guru’s Feet.

SGGS 215


Then I added, “Afterwards we should go into the Gurdwara and do dandauth to Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and sit and listen to kirtan.”  Dassan Das Ji said doing the shoe and dishes seva is more important than going in and listening to kirtan.  Actions are more important than just listening to the words.  Dassan Das ji added that when you are sitting in the sangat practise humility.  Just internally bow to everyone who is bowing to SGGS – be the lowest of the low. 


qij AiBmwnu jnm mrxu invwrhu ]
hir ky dws ky crx nmskwrhu ]2]


Renounce your arrogant pride, and end the cycle of birth and death.

Bow in humility to the feet of the Lord’s slave. ||2||

SGGS 191




 I also remembered that Baba ji said to make the best us of the Gurdwara, go their without any wants.   Take food offerings for the sangat, do seva and eat only a handful of langar.  Give much more than you take and have no worldy desires whatsoever.  From those points I learnt that we can do simran and kirtan at home.  But the best use of the Gurdwara was for eradicating ego by doing seva and practising humility in the sangat.

Dassan Das ji then said tht in his smadhi once a very wise and old sant in white was before him so he started massaging his feet.  The sant started asking him how he was and so on, but Dassan Das Ji just said that before he talked he had some seva to do.  Then he spent sometime finding other great souls and massaging their feet as well. 


qIrQ vrq lK sMjmw pweIAY swDU DUir ]

The merits of pilgrimages, fasts and hundreds of thousands of techniques

of austere self-discipline are found in the dust of the feet of the Holy.




As he told me this  I started massaging his feet – smadhi’s are along way for me so least I can do is do  it in front of me! 


ijnI sKˆØIˆ kMqu pCwixAw hau iqn kY lwgau pwie ]
iqn hI jYsI QI rhw sqsMgiq myil imlwie ]1]


I touch the feet of my sister soul-brides who have known their Husband Lord.

If only I could be like them! Joining the Sat Sangat I am united in His Union. ||1||



I noticed the quality of being the dust of everyone’s feet is totally ingrained into Dassan Das Ji.  He said, “Once you have put your forehead at the feet of the Guru then never look up again” – meaning stay humble and obey the Guru’s hukam without doubts.


gur ky crx aUpir myry mwQy ]
qw qy duK myry sgly lwQy ]1]

I place my forehead on the Guru’s Feet on,

and all my pains are gone. ||1||

SGGS 147





gurmuiK swcy kw Bau pwvY ]
gurmuiK bwxI AGVu GVwvY ]
gurmuiK inrml hir gux gwvY ]
gurmuiK roim roim hir iDAwvY ]
gurmuiK pivqRü prm pdu pwvY ]
nwnk gurmuiK swic smwvY ]27]


The Gurmukh lives in the Fear of God, the True Lord.

Through the Word of the Guru’s Bani, the Gurmukh refines the unrefined.

The Gurmukh sings the immaculate, Glorious Praises of the Lord.

The Gurmukh attains the supreme, sanctified status.

The Gurmukh meditates on the Lord with every hair of his body.

O Nanak, the Gurmukh merges in Truth. ||27||

SGGS 941

Dasan Das Ji said that simran is continuously carrying on in his body – in every hair , even beyond that in every cell at every moment.  He said he could focus on any part of his body and could feel the simran going on there.  Uncle Ji agreed saying it was absolutely true for him as well.   Then Dassan Das Ji showed us something amazing.  He  pressed his index fingertips together and told me to look closely at them.   I did and could see the colour changing – from reddish to yellowish like a pulse.  He looked at me and said ask any doctor if there is a pulse in your fingertips – there isn’t.   I tried it on my fingertips just looked yellowish – no pulsing.  He explained that that was the  physical expression of  something spiritual (nirgun ajapa jap).   Akal Purakh has filled his sukhshum sareer up with so much amrit and light and sound (nirgun) that it is overflowing into his physical body (sargun) and when asan’s happen it overflows to whomever God wants to bless.    He said that in every part of his body he could feel ajapa jap.   It is happening in every cell – millions of times in every fraction of a second. I read that there is a maximum of about 10 trillion cells and  4 million hairs on the human body, so just imagine that simran is going on in each one of those at every moment in a bramgiani!


Dassan Das response :


Gur Fateh Parvaan Karna Ji;

Thanks to Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Ji and Dhan Dhan Akal Purakh Ji for their unlimited Eternal Blessings and utmost kindness on all of us to provide us with the Gur Parsaad, Bandgi and Naam Ki Seva. All the praise goes to them, we are worthy of nothing, there is only one Doer – Karta Purakh, and with His unlimited kindness we have been blessed with the Gur Sangat of Sant Baba Ji, who has led us to this situation, our head will remain at the Charans of Sant Baba Ji forever, for all ages to come. We always pray to the Almighty and thank him zillion times every moment for blessing us all with the Sangat of Sant Baba Ji.

The Rom Rom simran is the real Akhand Kirtan, it is the real kirtan, it is the real Akhand Paath, it is the real Amrit, the highest Amrit, the Atam Rus Amrit, the Puran Jyot Puran Parkash Amrit, the Nirgun Saroop Amrit, when every cell of your body becomes Satnaam, when every cell becomes Amrit, when the Param Jyot flows through every cell of your body, and that is what happens physically and is experienced, that is what Bhai Harjeet Ji has tried to explain to you all.

We will pray to Sant Baba Ji and Akal Purakh for all of you to move on this path to the Rom Rom Simran – Sach Khand and Braham Khand with full and complete trust, belief, dedication and commitment and realize the fruits of your efforts in a shorter span of time and then be able to deliver this Eternal Truth to the others.

Dassan Dass