He alone passes this test of the Lord, who remains dead while yet alive. ||1||
Kabeer, such is the touchstone of the Lord; the false cannot even touch it.

SGGS 948  Kabir Ji.


Dassan Das Ji said that in smadhi there are many tests.   He said that once a negative energy disguised as a Sikh came to him offering to give him prakash.- the light of God.   Dassan Das  Ji was suspicious and asked, “Who are you and why do I want anything from you?”   The fake Sikh was persistant,  Dassan Das  Ji grabbed his turban and threw him to the ground where he held him under his foot.   Then he told the fake Sikh to repeat “Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam”  – when the fake Sikh finally did Dassan Das  Ji let him go.    No matter what happens in a dream or smadhi or in your daily life, always repeat SATNAAM  and the negative energy will disappear.    Once Vishnu appeared infront of  Dassan Das Ji while he sat in smadhi.  Vishnu danced around for about an hour, but  Dassan Das  Ji just watched whie repeating “SATNAAM” but he didn’t bow to him.  I asked “Why not?  You bow to other saints and massage their feets as a sign of humility.”   Baba ji answered ,  “because  Dassan Das  Ji’s Guru (Baba ji) is greater than Vishnu.”     Meaning that Vishnu wanted to make Dassan Das Ji into his own disciple, but Dassan Das ji resisted.




How does God, Brahma Shiva, Vishnu, Naam and the whole creation fit together?


Well, Brother Ji explained that God (Parbrahm Parmesar) is at the highest level. 


siq purKu siq AsQwnu ] (1236-12, swrMg, mÚ 5)

The Primal Being is “The Truth”, and His dwelling is “The Truth”.

aUc qy aUc inrml inrbwnu ] (1236-12, swrMg, mÚ 5)

He is the Highest of the high, Immaculate and Detached, in Nirvaanaa.


The next level is Naam and the name God gave himself is SATNAAM.  



AwpIn@Y Awpu swijE AwpIn@Y ricE nwau ] (463-4, Awsw, mÚ 1)

He Himself created Himself; He Himself assumed His Name.

duXI kudriq swjIAY kir Awsxu ifTo cwau ] (463-4, Awsw, mÚ 1)

Secondly, He fashioned the creation; seated within the creation, He beholds it with delight.


The next level is Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu  (Destroyer, Creator and Sustainer).  Lower than them is the rest of creation. Both the physical creation that we see all around and the unseen creation – the spiritual realms like hells, and heavens including the realms  of Shiva Puri,  Brahma Puri and Vishnu Puri.

 pvxu pwxI Agin iqin kIAw bRhmw ibsnu mhys Akwr ]

God created air, water and fire, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva – the whole creation.

SGGS 504  Guru Nanak Dev Ji


The only permanent things are the first two levels : Parbrahm Parmesar and SatNaam and the Gurmukh – the enlightened soul, the holy saint – who has merged with the Naam and Parbrahm Parmesar.  God, Naam and the Gurmukh are all part of the Creator.  


nwmu rihE swDU rihE rihE guru goibMdu ] (1429-9, slok, mÚ 9)

The Naam remains; the Holy Saints remain; the Guru, the Lord of the Universe, remains.

khu nwnk ieh jgq mY ikn jipE gur mMqu ]56] (1429-9, slok, mÚ 9)

Says Nanak, how rare are those who chant the Guru’s Mantra in this world. ||56||

Wereas Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu and their realms are at a lower level because they are all part of the Creation and hence temporary.


isv purI bRhm ieMdR purI inhclu ko Qwau nwih ] (214-9, gOVI mwlvw, mÚ 5)

The realm of Shiva, the realms of Brahma and Indra as well – no place anywhere is permanent.

ibnu hir syvw suKu nhI ho swkq Awvih jwih ]3] (214-9, gOVI mwlvw, mÚ 5)

Without serving the Lord, there is no peace at all. The faithless cynic comes and goes in reincarnation. ||3||

Even Shiva , Brahma, Vishnu and the millions of gods and goddesses want to be born again as a human being so they can do bhagati (spiritual labouring) and progress to Sach khand – to the same level as God – attain union with the Supreme – becoming Gurmukh.


pwie TgaulI sBu jgu joihAw ] (394-15, Awsw, mÚ 5)

Administering her poisons, she has overcome the whole world.

bRhmw ibsnu mhwdyau moihAw ] (394-16, Awsw, mÚ 5)

She has bewitched Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

gurmuiK nwim lgy sy soihAw ]2] (394-16, Awsw, mÚ 5)

Only those Gurmukhs who are attuned to the Naam are blessed. ||2||

Hinduism tells that Vishnu has taken form on Earth many times as an Avtar – living god. But,  the Gurmukh is higher than Shiva , Brahma and Vishnu because only the Gurmukh has won over Maya.

bRhmY byd bwxI prgwsI mwieAw moh pswrw ] (559-14, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

Through Brahma, the hymns of the Vedas were revealed, but the love of Maya spread.

mhwdyau igAwnI vrqY Gir AwpxY qwmsu bhuqu AhMkwrw ]2] (559-15, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

The wise one, Shiva, remains absorbed in himself, but he is engrossed in dark passions and excessive egotism. ||2||

iksnu sdw AvqwrI rUDw ikqu lig qrY sMswrw ] (559-15, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

Vishnu is always busy incarnating himself – who will save the world?

gurmuiK igAwin rqy jug AMqir cUkY moh gubwrw ]3] (559-16, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

The Gurmukhs are imbued with spiritual wisdom in this age; they are rid of the darkness of emotional attachment. ||3||


And how does an ordinary human soul, go from being part of the temporary Creation to being part of the Permanent Creator?  How does an ordinary human soul reach the highest level, higher than Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu?  The above verse continues that you need a SatGuru who blesses you with SatNaam :


sqgur syvw qy insqwrw gurmuiK qrY sMswrw ] (559-16, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

Serving the True Guru, one is emancipated; the Gurmukh crosses over the world-ocean.

swcY nwie rqy bYrwgI pwiein moK duAwrw ]4] (559-17, vfhMsu, mÚ 3)

The detached renunciates are imbued with the True Name; and attain the gate of salvation. ||4||




Uncle Ji said that God is limitless (BEANT), yet we limit HIM with our religious beliefs. When our time is right those limits have to be broken so we can join HIM.   HE  already exists inside us as BEANT, and outside us as BEANT , the ANT (limits) of religion has to be removed.

Don’t limit God to 10 Gurus,  there are Billions of great souls with God in Sach khand.  All from different planets and different religions.   Akal Purakh has created many places like Planet Earth and sent many great souls – brahmgianis – to those places and sends them gurbani.  Which they write down and God gives the Hukam to create a discipline according to their time and place and language.

Uncle Ji said that he had darshan of Sachkhand once after doing ardas for that.  He did his normal 3 hours satnaam simran in the amritvela and thanked Guru ji.   He lay down to sleep and left satnaam- waheguru tape playing in te background.   The tape player was facing his feet and he opened the feet doorways inwards and closing his eyes said “Baba ji kirpa karo”.   On this side of Sachkhand he heard long SATNAAMs continously chanting in the background.  He saw millions of sukhshum sareers (spiritual bodies) of  black, white, chinese looking and all kinds of beings  –  the brides of Akal purakh.  He realised there where millions of places like planet earth in the creation and these brahmgianis get sent as sants to any one of them and they establish a dicipline and write the bani of Akal Purakh for their own time and place.  Any remaining doubts he had about if Sikhs were they only chosen people disappeared in that instant.   He also realised that each Bramgiani who has been sent to establish a path  – a discipline according to their Hukam –  has made a way to Akal Purakh that we can follow.   The fact that different brahmgianis have established different disciplines is not relevant, as long as they were TRUE brahmgiani merged with Akal Purakh, their discipline will work for whoever follows it with mind, body and soul.   However as long as the brahmgiani is acting as your living guide it is easy to know what the discipline is.  But after they leave there earthly body the discipline gets changed and twisted aver time.  So without the living brahmgiani and his original discipline people are still wandering around in the false belief they are following the right way.

Religion is a ladder to God,  once you are on the roof you can don’t need the ladder (unless you want to regress into the 5 enemies)!    Uncle Ji said that if anyone asks him what religion he is , he replies “I belong to no religion, all religions belong to me.  And its true, Satnaam – God, is sitting in this heart, and Satnaam is the Creator of all religions.  And Satnaam belongs to no religion – all religions belong to him.  That is why Guru Arjun Dev ji wrote in sukhmani sahib ‘Brahmgiani ka sagal dharam’  – all relgions belong to the Brahmgiani.”

God can  make one person be intiated into Sikh Panth before allowing them to Sachkhand,  yet not allow another one who is already initated  –  its all His play – he looks at your humility.

Once, In meditation Baba ji asked Guru Gobind Singh ji why he did what he did i.e. created the Bana – the external rules and regulations that have now become blinding rituals for most of the Sikh Panth.  Guru Gobind Singh ji told him that it was the Hukam at that time and place, and that Baba ji should do what his own Hukam was for here and now.


Uncle Ji said that even in Sach khand there is long line of sants and brahmgianis who want to be sent to creation again to serve Akal purakh and to do even more bandagi and to go higher and higher levels within Sachkhand.   Akal Purakh picks the brahmgianis and sends them to countless earth like places throughout creation to serve naam.   The word of God (gurbani) comes to them and they write it in the language of the time and place and they create a discipine that is right for that time and place.  And anyone who follows the discipline under the guidance of the Brahmgiani will cross too.  Different Brahmgianis have different times and places and hence languages and disciplines, but with the grace of the bramgiani whoever follows it will go across.



No two sants are the same nor is the discipline they establish.   However, each discipline is still valid.  A  true sant is obeying 100% Hukam of Akal Purakh.   It is Akal Purakh that gives different sants different Hukams.    All the sant can do is to follow the hukam.   And as a disciple you need to  follow the hukam of the sant that you take gurprasadi naam from.  Follow it 100%  – no doubts – no questioning is it right or wrong or comparing it with other disciplines of other sants.   Even Uncle Ji had to do some very difficult things that Baba Ji asked him to.  But he did it gladly as Hukam is sweet – tera keea meeta lagay.


Forty years ago Uncle Ji had the sangat of Bhai Randheer Singh ji for the last two years of Bhai Randheer Singh Ji’s life.  He said that Bhai Randheer Singh ji was very strict in his discipline, especially about eating food only prepared by gursikhs who served it in iron utensils (sarab loh).   His close group also followed that discipline.  But Bhai Randheer Singh ji was also a Brahmgiani at a higher state than the ones around him,  and knew how deep someone’s love was or how spiritual they were from past lives.  Once a non-initiated Sikh lady made indian sweets (pineeaa) and had a desire for Bhai Randheer Singh ji to eat it. But then she though that he wouldn’t because she was not initiated.   At that very moment some distance away at the Gurdwara, Bhai Randheer Singh ji got up from then all night kirtan programme (rensbhaaee) and went directly to her house.   He said, “I would like to have some pineeaa.”

Uncle Ji had a trimmed beard the first time he met Bhai Randheer Singh ji.   Bhai Randheer Singh ji needed to get the sweet pudding ready (karah prashad) and need someone to get the water.  Normally someone in his close group would get it as they were observing the strict discipline of sarab loh.   However, Bhai Randheer Singh ji saw a young Uncle Ji and ordered him to get it.  Uncle Ji ignored him because he knew he was not following the strict discipline.  But Bhai Randhir Singh ji said it three times in a commanding voice until he finally got up.   However, the close group of Bhai Sahib pointed out to him that Uncle Ji had a trimmed beard and was not following the discipline.  They didn’t like the fact an outsider was being requested to do the service.    However, Bhai Randheer Singh ji could see Uncle Ji was a great soul from previous lives and just needed a little push to get him started again.   Exactly what the close ones around him could not see.

When God sends a Brahmgiani into the world, the Truth is revealed at the highest level.  And the Brahmgiani establishes whatever discipline the Lord wants him to.  The Brahmgiani also sees into someones heart their love and devotion and makes exceptions to the discipline.   However, when the Brahmgiani leaves this earth, the followers do not have the deep knowledge and love of God, so they get caught up in following the discipline to the smallest detail.   They start judging people by how well they are following the rules and regulations.  They get angry a people who break their rules.  They forget that God looks at someone’s love and humilit and that actually God is not the least bit interested in how well you follow rules, regulations and rituals.  After a few generations the organisation or religion becomes so bogged down in falsehood that when another brahmgiani is sent by God to reveal Truth at the highest level again, the ones covered in filth attack the Truth as it attempts to break them out of their rules, rituals and regulations that they are drowning in.

This is also how the established religion and its organisations have been attacking Baba Ji and his sangat of Brahmgianis recently.


Uncle Ji explained to me that God knows who an individual will meet, when and how they  will progress and God can change everything for them.   Eg In my case for the first 10-15 yrs he has made me initiated into the Sikh Panth and got seva done by me , and I have learnt the language of SGGS, done kirtan seva and read the history too, but not progressed as far spiritually.    So now my sat karams (truthful deeds done with pure heart and unselfishly) have outweighed my past misdeeds and now God has decided that I am  ready to receive Gurprasad – God’s Grace – the blessing of Gurrasaadi Naam so my spiritual progress can be upgraded.   That is why you have been put into contact with God inside an enlightened Being – the SatGuru – Baba Ji and the sant sangat to follow the the Satnaam path.       And you will find that people from your past are not happy with you at all.  They will see you as a traitor, call you an idiot, try to discredit you  and blame you for betraying them and the Sikh Panth.   But are you going to go back to the old path to please those people, or are you going to please God and go where God leads you?    If you are on this path to realise God,  then you will see that religion is just a ladder on the way.  Once you are at the top you do not need the ladder anymore.  It is pointless to get proud of your religious ladder.    


I mentioned about my Dad being against the path of living Satguru as he was proud of following Sikh Panth and Guru Granth.  Baba ji told me to say to Dad that we have all got our own bhagati.  And to ask him if his Guru has opened his inner eye?  Tell Dad that he has one month for his Guru to open his inner eye and if still not opened then he has to listen to me. 

Baba Ji also said that on this path I may have to sacrifice family for bhagati.   May have to leave home if Dad doesn’t like it.  He needs to realise that that my real parent is the same as his real parent – God.  Thank him for bringing me into the world,but our bhagati is our own.  Dad cannot dominate another person – he cannot force the kids to live as Sikhs with stories of traditions.  Baba ji asked me, “how many sants had there been in my ancestors?”  I replied, “none as far as I knew”.   Baba Ji said, “So there you go – traditional stories to keep you in you proud of your religion are bullshit.  Let the kids be free. Let them follow their hearts and love all and everyone.  Let them break caste, colour and religious boundaries.  See God in all and not the fakeness of religious boundaries.  Follow your heart and have no fear.  If you get intuition to do a good thing, then do it right away.  Give money to the poor and needy and so on. Do simran, but with good deeds and that will colour you in Gods colour.”

Brother Ji explained that “Where there is goodness that is God, where there is evil that is you.”


Baba Ji said that , “Gurdwara langar and degh is full of people’s wants.  Every penny donated and Ardases that are done are for worldy things.   The sickness of the people that is being prayed for is not absorbed by a living Guru hence goes into Infinity and gets spread out to to all who partake the langar and degh.  You are just eating other people’s sickness, lies and hypocrisy.  The Giani who has lost to the 5 thieves prays for people, but his prayers are not heard in the true court , Dargah, because he has not reached there.   People do not realise that a living Guru takes their sickness like bullets into his own body.”

Baba Ji continued, “If you want to get benefit from the Gurdwara then go and donate flour, butter and sugar.   Do dandaut to Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.   Humbly and sweetly wipe the shoes of the sangat with your open beard.  In open public take their shoes and do that seva with sweetness.  Wash their dirty dishes, mop the floor and eat a tiny bit of langar.   Have absolutely no wants, do not ask for anything at all and with your humility and devotion you will be given everyone else’s bandagi because they are not truthful and too stubborn to come onto the right line.”

Dassan Das  Ji said he has not been to many Gurdwara’s in his lifetime, but he went for a wedding at a Yogi Bhajan inspired American Sikh Gurdwara in Viginia.  He really was impressed by the fact that the sevadars would wash the feet of the sangat as they entered inside.  He also saw that some of them were quite spiritual and entered into  smadhis and were very pure.


Said to Baba Ji that Singh in the UK was involved in interfaith work and said he enjoyed that more than going to the Gurdwara.  That he found his prejudices were destroyed and that there were many spiritual people on other paths.

Baba ji said, “Interfaith is the real religion. Guru Nanak was interfaith.  SGGS was the common wealth of all humanity.    But now was eaten by the bana (external rituals, dress, forms and norms). Guru Nanak came at the dark time of KALYUG and showed the world again how great saints were by even bowing to clothes of a saint that were drying on a bush.  Yet now the ones in bana destroy the saints.  So the time now, 500 yrs after Guru Nanak – is the worst time – it is MAHA KAL (great darkness).  Guru Nanak had written that when he came religion had lost one of its four legs in each age and that in Kalyug it only had one leg to stand on.  But now all four legs of dharam have completetly broken. However, alot of great souls are being born onto Earth now.  A new age is going to begin soon.  Just look at last the last 10 years in Canada, society has enjoyed the most advanced liberal attitudes and  peace in the history of humans.  But people think just because they are techolgically advanced they are civilised.  If that was true why all the hate in the world and all the killing and so on that is still going on?  Actually you need a civilised heart to make a real civilisation free of hate and killing.”



Ik Oankaar Satgur Parsaad


Interfaith is the True Divine Religion, without our unconditional love for all the creations of the Almighty, our love for the Almighty is incomplete, the true love knows no boundaries, no depths, no dimensions, it is infinite, the true love is the Eternal Truth, the true love has no religion, cast and creed, it is beyond the man made boundaries, the true love is beyond time and space, the true love is beyond the three qualities of the Maya, the true love represents the presence of the Divinity, it is the Divinity, it is the Param Tatt, the True Essence, the Braham Tatt, the presence of Almighty. There is no place for any kind of hatred, discrimination and duality in the True Love, the True Love means loving the Eternal Truth, loving the entire universe, love the sorrows and happiness in the same way, love the rich and poor in the same way, be a single vision, there is no cast and creed in the Single Vision, a True Lover is a Nirvair – no animosity with anyone, all are equal for a Single Vision and Nirvair. For a true lover there remains no difference between sand and gold, sorrow and happiness. The True Love lies in the service of the humanity, mankind and the society, helping the needy and poor, serving the sick people, delivering the truth and serving the truth, seeing the truth and speaking the truth, hearing the truth and listening to the truth, doing the truth and thinking the truth. The True Love is the real religion, it is the name of Seva, Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar. True Love is in feeling the pain of others and working towards relieving the pain of others, the True Love is to give and not ask for, the True Love is the name of sacrifice for others, and the height of the True Love is to serve the truth, to serve the Almighty by helping people move on the path to the discovery of the Eternal Truth, the Eternal Love, meeting the Paar Braham Parmesar and be Jivan Mukt. The person who performs the True Love reaches the Almighty, that is why Gurbani says: Jin Prem Keeoo Tin Hee Prabh Paayeoo. True Love is the real Bandgi, True Love is the commitment, belief, faith and trust in the Gur and Guru. True Love is the name of the God Himself, it reveals and realizes the presence of Akal Purakh. True Love cleans us from inside and brings in the Atam Rus Amrit, the highest Amrit, the Divine Jyot.

Dassan Dass




Baba ji did all his bhagti in the prescence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  But the so called religious ones took Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by force from Baba Ji’s house last year (Jun 14 , 2003).   

Baba Ji was talking to Brother Ji and said that God said to him, “I am not in Siri Guru Granth Sahib – not in the book (pothi),  that is only knowledge about me.   I am in you – ‘Satnaam’ is in you.  Bow to yourself and you are bowing to me!”     And at that Baba Ji who was siting cross legged grabbed his right foot and pressed his forehead against it and laughed in delight at God’s play!

You can read SGGS ji and even try and do naam simran because that’s what is  instructed,  but it wont get you very far without following the instruction in the very beginning  “Gurprasad.”    You will obtain God’s grace Gur Prasadi Naam from human contact – from the Satguru.   And once you meditate on Gurprasadi Naam you will truly understand the deep spiritual meaning of SGGS and experience divine bliss enjoyed from the words.  The same joy that was experienced by the BrahmGiani’s when the shabads  came through them.  Infact Baba Ji said when you are one with the Supreme, then you can start writing your own bani for the time and place you exist in.

Uncle Ji said he asked himself this question when he was reassessing his beliefs, “Who is my  Satguru?”    He used to read Anand Sahib prayer every day from SGGS and it says that  “On meeting the Satguru your inner eye(dib drisht) opens.”   Then he asked himself , “How many thousands of times have I and  thousands of other people bowed to SGGS?” and  “Why hasn’t my or their inner eye not opened?”     

When he started thinking like and applying the definition in SGGS of what is a Satguru, he started realising that SGGS is the knowledge of God – the Gian Guru,  but only the enlightened human being is called Satguru.  The one in who’s heart Satnaam resides is called the Satguru.  And on meeting such a person , Baba ji,  his own inner eye did open.

Roma Ji said that her  (dib drisht) inner eye is open and receives so much light and sometimes she has to look away.   Even when we had langar at her house and  Dassan Das  Ji was taling about the light there was so much light appearing as he spoke, that Roma Ji stopped serving and just closed her eyes.