True love – sachee preet – is the way to God.  That is why this path is called Prema Bhagati ..Loving Devotion.  Ask God for beant prema bhagati –endless loving devotion, and then you to will become beant – without limits.

Love God and forget what the world will say.

“Asee Preet karo man meray.  Ut Pahar Janoh prabh neray.

O my mind have such alove for God, that throughtout the 8 parts of the ays you realise the Lord is near.”

Have so much love for God.  Uncle Ji said that Baba ji used to make this request,  “If you burn my body Lord and destroy my family, even then may my love for satnaam never diminish.”  God doesn’t burn your body or destroy your family, but God does see how much love you have. 

You need (vishwaas) faith and (sharda) love and devotion.  You need humilty and forgiveness.  Ask for naam  and gareebee (attitude of spiritual poverty a beggar at God’s door inside your heart..don’t be arrogrant and proud). 


reply from Roma Ji:


satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam

That is very true. we have to ask for naam and gareebe. we have to
completely surrender ourselves and let him take care of everything baba ji always
says "you have to do JODRI in front of him .and you say "I am Moorakh i dont
know how to do baghti. you got me so far hold my hand and take me there".
dont use your mind because as long as we are using our mind we will always be in
some conflict. we will never accept things around us. but when we surrender
we stop using our minds and experience bliss.


Bhul chuk maaf ji
neecha di neech

Reply from pritam anand ji :


Dhan dhan sant sangat jio
app jee sabh dhan dhan ho

I was reading this article and it is realy great until we don’t have  true love from our heart we can not reach upto where we want to go I was  reading this line "MERA MUJH MAIN KUCH NAHIN JO KICH HAI SO TERA"

This line is really great in bani but we have to adopt this line 100%  in daily routine because we have to make this line part of our line.  Some time we are reading bani and saying "meri matt thori ram"
we are saying again and again but in daily routine if we watch this thing with very alertness and we can see what we say and what we are doing until this line is not coming part of life in every moment we are
missing something some where and we have to become more alert.

Without true love we can not reach upto one in one stage and we are not listening bani’s message properly

thanks to every one who is putting effort on sant path


pritam anand


reply from Roma Ji


Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmeshwar ji
Dhan Dhan Gur Parmeshwar Ji
Dhan Dhan Sadh sangat ji


aap sabh deh charna vich is neech di dandot parvaan karo ji
To be alert we have to  eliminate our ego which is related to mind. That
is why many times what we say is different from what we do. coz at that
time we are in control of our mind and as long we are under the influence of
our owm MATT.  We are not one with him .to be one with him you have to have no
mind.    This sounds funny but it is true. when we are in no -mind state we
experience oneness with the supreme being. the biggest war is the war inside our
minds. Our minds are full of filth
by doing Naam simran every day, gurparsadi naam, we will be able to get
rid of this filth and become clean and then we begin to analyze everything we
do. It  does not mean we will not do anything wrong or think wrong but we will
be more aware of what we are doing and what we are saying. when we become aware
that is the beginning of change.
Bhul chuk maaf karna ji

neecha di neech


Uncle Ji said forget all doubts and double-mindedness about this path (dubida) and questions and do simran. Ask God to gives us bhagti  as we cant do it by ourself, and your questions will be answered as your bhagati increases.    After you experience it for yourself, then try and understand what happened. Then explain it, if you can, to help others.   When all your questions and doubts are answered you can seriously start moving on this path. Otherwise they are just chains holding you back.


Uncle Ji said that Baba Ji is the right path at the right time for my soul.   Having fear of this path is the worst thing that can happen to a devotee.   When he fears the world and does not carry out the Hukam then he will go back down the ladder.   This mind, body and soul are all Akal Purakh ji’s.   Akal Purakh gives us His divine vision through Amrit and Light, but to to talk to him for majority of people is through a body – The Satguru.


Real meaning of shabad is that it is not just a word written in ink on paper in SGGS.   The real shabad is actually God Himself  – because the word came from God.  The real kirtan is praising God by doing naam simran.  The real Hukam, command of God,  is Naam.  And the real seva is doing naam simran alongside true deeds.


The pulsing inside the hirda (spiritual equivalent of the heart) and connection to dasam duar is going on all the time in  Uncle Ji without any words.  That is the simran without words being done by the Sukhsum sareer (spiritual body).   You can attach any name of God to it  Allah-huk, Ram, Har, Waheguru  so many names and you will experience amrit.  The Name God chose for Himself in the primal origins was SAT.

Once a Muslim gentleman came to Baba ji and was blessed with Gurprasadi Naam but said, “I am only going to do ‘Allah Allah’”.  Baba ji said “Fine do it”.  He went into smadhi and came out saying “Satnaam Satnaam” and asked “Why?”   Baba ji said “It’s all the same ONE – you can start at any name it will utlimately lead through the khands and at sachkhand there it becomes SAT, SATNAAM.”

In the time you do satnam with physical breath,  you could have done it with thought several times, infact your whole body every pore is doing it every instant  330 million times SATNAM  that is why it is so powerful.

When starting simran do short ardas saying to God that HE is doing the simran Himself  – not me.  Very important not to get into thinking “I am doing this”  and “I will reach God with MY efforts”.  No , God does everything, we cant do anything – remain humble.

Focus on each of the chakras and say satnaam 5 times on each

Place hands above head and cleanse all negative energy out down throught the body out through two doors in souls of feet

Focus on inside of mid forehead just do simran inside relaxed way.


Brother Ji said he used to do simran away from the kids for peace and quiet.   But then he tried sitting out of their way in their bedroom while they happily played or watched TV.  He went into smadi very quickly.  He realised that because the kids were happy, God in their heart is happy too and when people around you are happy you can mediate much more easily.

Once he was doing Ardas and his little kid was making too much noise.  Brother Ji snapped at his son in the  middle of ardas and the next thing he knew was that God had struck Paa  Ji to the ground!  It was a quick way to learn what’s wrong or right.


Uncle Ji said that you can do ardas to your Satguru ji for naam , seva and bandagi.    Before doing simran always ask for prema bhagati – unlimited loving devotion, to always be praising the glory of God, the Glory of Naam and the Glory of the Hukam – to be always and forever, eternally at God’s feet.    

But don’t start doing simran in order to achieve worldly targets.  Baba ji alwas says “Do simran without any wants.”    Don’t even think you are doing naam simran for yourself…even that is selfish.  It is actually God who is doing naam simran for the Glory of God  inside you.  Lose all sense of self and self doing.     

At certain times in your bhagati you may feel it is time to do ardas for certain things.    eg  Uncle Ji did ardas to Baba ji for the naam to go into his heart.  And Baba ji is so kind he said ‘It is done”  and naam started inside Uncle Ji’s heart instantly.   

It is a very tricky path,  beware of having even spiritual targets like ‘I’ve been doing simran for so long now that my third eye should be open, or my tenth door should be open , or I should be hearing anhad vajay and so on.”   Even those targets will lead to frustration as it is not in your hands for when and where and how they will happen.  

So forget targets and techniques concentrate on loving devotion and the glory of the Naam.    Everything else will happen naturally at the right time, you will know the right ardas to do.   Let Akal Purakh do everything and giving you what you need at the right time.  Naam is like a flowing river inside you, it knows its own way down the mountain to the sea.  You just have to keep the river flowing by doing naam simran.

Uncle Ji said always make this humble request to God, “I just want your bandagi –  your loving devotion – bless me with unlimited loving devotion (beant bandagi krao), nothing else.”  That is the top ardas,  do simran without any wants.  Next can focus your simran on sick part of the body for 5 min,  then on next ill part for another 5 min and so on, then just focus on simran.


See Truth.  Hear Truth.  Become Truth.    Then serve Truth….that’s the hardest seva.  

When I told Paa  ji about all personal incredible experiences of light and amrit.  He said that many, many people in Baba Ji’s sangat in Toronto also experienced these things, infact many experienced a lot more and went straight into Sach Khand – a place with Nirankar Himself.    However, when the worldwide slander of Baba Ji and his sangat happened.  The majority of those people left Baba Ji’s sangat and not only that also ended up joining in with the crowd and slandering him too.  They all fell back down to where they started.   So Paa  Ji said, “Better than all those spiritual experiences is to be Truthful.”    See Truth.  Hear Truth.  Become Truth.    Then serve Truth – it is not easy to stand by Truth when the world is calling you and your SatGuru an idiot.  If you stay Truthful  (sachyara) you will progress and be blessed with more amrit.

Kiv sachiaraa hoiaa kiv kuray tutay paal.

Hukam rajaai chalnaa nanak likiaa naal.


How do you become Truthful, how is the veil of falsehood torn away?

O Nanak, obey the (spiritually) written Hukam of His Command,

and walk in the Way of His Will. ||1||


Asked Aunty Ji and  Dassan Das  Ji to slap me into shape.  They said that I must stay in humilty and as the dust of all.  So much gian !

I am total sinner – not worthy – full of vices.  Cant believe Akal Purakh Akal Roop Baba ji has done so much kindness upon us to bring us here.  Please may we be humble do as much seva as possible of sant sangat.  Please fill our heart with sachee preet Baba ji.