Roma Ji’s family including her husband and in-laws are not in favour of her spiritual path, especially as she can go into smadhi at anytime and people don’t understand her asans so start laughing at her.  On the plus side her husband doesn’t stop her either.    When I was there Dassan Das  Ji said to him “You have a pooran sant in your house – make the most of it!  If you dont believe us then go to any sant and ask them and they will see pooran jyot in her heart – Satnaam – and bow to the Lord inside here.   Go to Delhi to Sant Virsa Singh Ji and take Roma Ji  there.  Sant ji will do dandauth to the pooran prakash (light) of the Lord within her…. what more proof do you need?  Infact Baba Ji’s mother and sister went to Sant Virsa Singh Ji  for something and he told them ‘why are you coming here? Go and serve the sant in your own house!’”    But Roma Ji’s husband stayed quite.  Uncle Ji said he was still unbelieving, still not ready to give up drink and the social pressure of what his peers and family would say.     Gurbani says that the way of the world and the way of the sants is in opposite directions.


From Dassan Das Ji and Brother Ji I learnt that even people who experienced the internal Anand and continuous smadhi for 40 days, experienced amrit and love and pooran prakash (supreme light) and had a place in Sach Khand have fallen from grace.   They even saw incredible spritual experiences enjoyed by others in the sangat and practically experienced what they had always read in SGGS, yet they still turned away from the Guru’s sangat.

Why?  How can someone fall from Sach Khand – fall from grace?

Uncle explained that a crack appears between the Guru and the disciple.   When a third person raises doubts and fills the disciple’s mind with doubts, the Guru  disciple relationship starts to crumble.  The rope of trust that the Guru is using to pull them up to Sach Khand, is being cut by the third person swimming in the terrible world ocean.

Uncle was watching wrestling and joked to Aunty Ji its important to watch them because that’s how we have to defeat the five thieves!  

If you watch a wrestler carefully, you notice what they do sometimes is pick one part of your body that is alreaady weak.  For example if you have a damaged knee, they will keep attacking that knee until you submit.   Even though the rest of the body is fine, that one weak knee brought defeat.   In a similar way your faith in God and Guru will be tested.  You may be experiencing great spiritual gifts, but any weakness you have will be pounced on by the five thieves.  For example, if there is any doubt whatsoever in your mind about God and Guru, then the time will come when those doubts will be tested by people around you.   This happened to me last year when my faith in Baba ji was sorely tested.  I had a few doubts which I buried in the back of my mind, but parents and family and friends where so loud about their negative opinions that it made me double minded.  Not only that I went to the extreme of believing them over my inner feelings and sending slanderous emails.  Inside I was crying and realised two months later when things had calmed down that I had slandered and that was wrong.   Gurbani says the one who hates the holy person who has no hate, is punished by God.

Uncle Ji said “Up until your last breath the five thieves wait to catch you off guard.  Always be alert especially in meditation and even in sleep.”  As you progress you will get better at spotting the influence of the five thieves plus desire, jealousy and slander.   With Uncle Ji if he even did a small wrong action or had a wrong thought he would instantly hear a voice inside saying ‘What are you doing get back on right track!’   So experience makes it easier. 

The most simple rule of all is to keep your connection with the Guru intact.  Dassan Das Ji said, “No matter what , once you have placed you head at the Guru’s feet KEEP IT THERE – don’t look up again and start listening to the world.”  And Uncle Ji said, “Aways thank Guru ji, say everything is Guru ji’s.   Your family and friends are now SATNAAM- you have no other connections or obligations to anyone or anything in the world.”



The Sikhs say that SGGS is their Guru.  But actually the Gurus of majority of world are the five thieves  plus 3 more vices.

Dont get into arguments with anyone.  Dont keep the company of negative people.   As well as avoiding the five thieves plus jealousy, slander and desires in yourself – also avoid it in other people.  

The positive ones are the ones imbued in Satnaam.  Have their sangat.   The ones who have their faces towards Truth – towards the Satguru – are called Sanmukh.   Avoid Manmukhs – the ones who do not believe.    Brother Ji said that negative thoughts and actions are like one drop of black paint falling into a white bucket of paint.   Even that one black drop is hard to remove.  The five vices fill us with black drops.  The five vices are the five thieves (dhoots) of anger (kaam), pride (hankar) , lust (kaam) , greed (lob) and attachment (moh).  Baba Ji also stresses the importance of avoiding three more : slander (nindya) , jealousy (eerka)  and desires (trishna).    Together these are the 8 vices we need to be alert for at every moment.   They all come under the banner of Maya.


Dassan Das Ji wrote:
Sant Baba Ji has always been very kind on us and we are indebted to Him for His unlimited eternal blessings and we will remain so for all ages to come whatever may happen. This trust in Guru and Akal Purakh has been the backbone of our Bandgi and will continue to be so in all ages to come. The biggest Daat is Naam, Bandgi and Seva and that is what we have received from Him, everything else is unimportant to us. Bandgi is to walk on Khandey Ki Dhaar.

Maya is Nagni, it is always on our back to divert us from the true path, it is very hard to beat Maya, the one who does becomes Dhan Dhan.

We are in Chad Di Kala as ever with Gur Kirpa. We hope and pray that nothing will distract you from walking on Khandy Ki Dhaar. We also hope that everyone is doing great, and we have always prayed for every one and will pray again for all of you.
Please stay calm and concentrate more on Naam Simran.
Thanks to the Gur and Guru for their unlimited eternal blessings on all of us.

 Dassan Dass



Atam Khaojee said that no matter who slanders you be happy, don’t  let anger become a black drop in your pure white heart.   Laugh and say, “Thankyou, tell me more – whatever you say you will become, so please carry on…!”   And they will stop.

No matter who slanders you or even attacks you physically, return love for other people’s anger and hate.  Baba Ji said he has never ever told anyone to slander or hurt anyone.  He has always said keep even your slanderers happy!  At the present moment Brother Ji has treated his  wife and daughter to a new car and holiday even though they are dead against his belief in Baba Ji!

Dassan Das Ji said no matter how much slander and abuse he has faced over the internet and in the media and from friends and family, he has never ever slandered anyone.  Uncle Ji said that when someone is negative towards him he feels sorry for them, because they are being pulled under by  the five thieves, slander, jealousy and desires.   Uncle Ji also said that he has established his own home in SAT, with his face towards the True One.  Wereas they have built their homes on the false ground of this world and have to continue in the cycle of 8.4 Million reincarnations.

The ultimate form of forgiveness is to touch the feet of even your slanderer.   Uncle Ji said that Pritam Anand  ji did dandauth to the panj piaray and their mob that came to protest with them to Baba Ji’s house.  They came in anger to destroy the sangat , takeaway SGGS Ji and ultimately kill Baba ji.   Baba Ji had always said to them they were welcome to come and take SGGS Ji at anytime if they felt offended.  Yet they chose to stir up hatred in the community and to come in anger.

Uncle Ji said that when the Panj Piaray arrived Pritam Anand Ji did dandauth to them.  He completely surrendered at their feet.  Even Guru Gobind Singh ji had rules of war that if the enemy put up their arms they should not be hurt.   Yet the Punj who thought they were repesenting Guru Gobind Singh Ji swore at him and demanded to know “Where is he?”    All Pritam Anand Ji replied was “You are Dhan Dhan (great great) Sada Sukhee Raho (May you be blessed with permanent peace).”     And they beat him with their chimtas (long metal instruments) and with their hands and feet.    At each and every strike and wound on his body Pritam Anand ji would just say,  “Dhan Dhan Sukhi Raho – You are great may you be blessed with peace.’”   He had 500 marks and wounds on his body at the end of the beating.

(Editors note :  I am writing this with tears in my eyes,  “Heh sacha patshah – O True Lord we are sinners we cannot even recognise the true saints.  We torture them and hurt them – we are fools.  May I forever be the dust of the feet of the saints.  May I for ever serve Truth with love and total forgiveness and not even hold any grudges or wait to be asked to forgive.  If someone does something wrong to me, may I forgive them by not even seeing what they did  – may I forget it ever hapnened.”)

Brother Ji explained that when we take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, we are not allowing past actions to be cleared.   By returning love for hate we are stopping the cosmic wheels of past actions from turning anymore.   By reacting we are still pushing them around.  Until those cosmic karma wheels we have set in motion are stopped by us then we have to keep coming back in more lives to have another chance to stop them.   So its very important to forgive and return love for hate.  And whatever you believe in,  has to be practised in your actions too.   Baba Ji’s whole philosophy is that we have to put SGGS Ji into our practice…that is what Guru Nanak meant when he said that “Truth is high, but Truthful living is higher.”  

Uncle Ji said it is better to read one shabad in a week and put it into practice – reviewing it everyday to see how close you are to following it.   It is better to bring one shabad into  your actions than to read the whole of  SGGS Ji and to ignore the teachings.  Reading the scriptures without understanding and practical application is known as ritual reading.  Guru Nanak Ji was opposed to the religious ones of his time doing rituals and Baba Ji is 100% opposed to performing rituals now as they do not please God one bit.



Uncle Ji said that we should always say  “God you did it all not me.”  Always be lowest of , low, wipe shoes of the sangat with your long hair hair or beard – and don’t be to proud of doing it infront of the sangat.  Infact take the shoes from the sangat as they remove them, smile and speak sweetly and take their shoes, wipe them with your long hair or beard.     Dassan Das Ji said wash the dirty dishes and do dandauth to SGGS Ji.  Sit in sangat and as people bow to SGGS Ji you bow to them in your mind : 1000 people  may bow, you  bow to them humble 1000 times.  

Veer Jee said that if you see a drunk see God in him too.  God is everywhere, experience Amrit in everything,  in the rustling leaves, in a mother swearing at her kid, in a wall – God and Amrit is in everything at all times at all places.  Its our illusion that it is not God, because we do not see everything with Ek Drisht – one vision.

Get rid of pride.  Hardest is pride within your own family.   Need to wipe shoes of wife and of kids!! Even start by wiping your own shoes – recognise God inside yourself.   Then you will progress.  See your kids as your parents, your wife as better than you.  See yourself as a servant of all in your family.   Wash dishes at home,  do shoe seva at Gurdwara do dandaut for fast progress.  But beware : dont get pride of doing  that seva.   Baba Ji said, “It is better to be comedian that makes people happy than strict ritualistic religious person who is unhappy inside and making others unhappy too.  Be a lover of God with compassionate heart for one and all.  Serve others make their lives better, make their lives happy and you will become happy too.”


Uncle Ji said that attachment will also be biggest problem for me.  We are born again mostly cause of  attachments.    Attachments have to be replaced by love for God in your heart.  Attachment is selfish, love is for everyone.   Eg see old neighbours as your own parents,  see other’s kids as your own kids. Touch feet of family,  massage wife’s feet, massage parent’s legs at night before sleeping. Do humble service of God inside their heart.    If you see them as wife, kids, parents  you will feel uncomfortable to touch their feet or to speak sweetly to them or to massage them as you think you are someone.   If you love God in your own heart, you will love God in their heart and have no problem being their humble servant.   That is how you replace attachment with love.

If parents and wife not understand why I am following this path of Truth, then explain to them that this is all being done by Supreme Transendental God – parbrahm parmesar.   That God  made me the 5K Sikh Panth way for as long as needed and now this next step – to do bandagi with one focus now.

You will find that your love of family and friends will actually increase but moh will go.   Forget all other service now.   Ask for a break from Gurdwara seva , community seva etc as that stage has been passed and enough sat karams have been generated .  So you have received gurprasadi naam and met the satguru.  You will have to come back to doing seva when your pilgrimage is complete, but for the next stage focus on bandagi with one mind and full effort.  Dont get involved in friends and family, commitments and community for the next stage.  Uncle Ji said after he met Baba Ji, he stopped all gurdwara and society committments for six months just so he could concentrate on doing naam simran from 1am to 4 am every morning without fail.  And anyone who does this will realise their hearts desires within a few months.


I asked Brother Ji about when Baba Ji was talking about sexual energy what he meant?  He explained that many religions and religious people see sex as dirty.  But actually the base of the sexual organs contains the creative energy of Akal Purakh.  Creation happens through sex.   So do not look at sex as dirty , it is natural and pure, creation happens through  it.  So do not feel guilty about sex in marriage, it is part of married life.  Do not crave sex, nor do you need to resist your spouse’s desires either.  Just see it as God within your partner.  The thing that is dangerous is lust.  The desire for sex and looking lustfully or dreaming about people other than your partner is lust – kaam (one of the five thieves).  Sex with your marriage partner does not hinder you on the spiritual path.  We do not believe like some celibate yogis or budhist monks that sex uses up your spiritual energy making it harder for you to unite with the Lord.   

In Gurbani the sexual organ and tongue are likened to each other.  Both chase the tastes that please them, both get cravings and desires.     You can control the desires of the tongue for tastes by not following the minds cravings for certain foods.  Instead just accept whatever food you receive as the food God wanted you to eat.  Brother Ji said that you may get home after work and your wife has cooked saag paneer and you had been craving fish and chips.  Instead of complaining thank God for what he has provided – that was what God wanted you to eat.   In a similar way you have to overcome the mind’s craving for sex by not acting on the minds impulses.   But if it happens with your marriage partner then accept it as what God wanted you to do at that time.   Before sex don’t crave it,  after sex don’t feel guilty about it – when it happens with your spouse just accept it as what God wanted you to do at that moment and carry on doing your simran inside.  Even see God as the ‘ENJOYER’. 



Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad

Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar

Dhan Dhan Gur-Guru-Satguru

Dhan Dhan Gur Sangat

Dandaut Parvaan Karna Ji:

Thanks for bringing this topic out, it will benefit everyone. Thanks for presenting it in a very concise and absolutely truthful manner, capturing all the elements in a very effective way. Just a few thoughts to share with the Sangat:

This indeed a very difficult and sensitive issue to talk about, but yet it is one of the most important ones to understand in light of the divine wisdom and in terms of its relationship to the eternal truth, spirituality, divinity and Bandgi. Its importance is enhanced due to the fact that its negative side becomes a lust from its positive side as eternal power of creation and love for the creation and the creator with in no time and becomes one of the Panj Doots inside our mind, soul and body, that takes us away from the eternity and leads our way in to the net of Maya. This issue is also very important because a lot of the Sangat, weather young or old suffers from this mental disease when it takes the shape of lust. The important thing is to understand when it changes its face from the creativity to lust: when we go outside our own spouse and think or perform a sexual conduct then it becomes a lust or Kaam from the eternal power of creation, it becomes a sinful conduct when we indulge ourselves in a shameful sexual conduct outside our own spouse. So what is the remedy for reforming this conduct: to regard and respect every women as sister, mother or daughter (except your own spouse) and to regard and respect every men as father, brother or son (except your own spouse), just see them as Sangat only; whenever we get a sinful thought inside us we should pray for forgiveness; should make such repeated prayers during the day, accepting the sins is the only way to wash them off your Chiter Gupt – Destiny Document; when we sit for Naam Simran make concerted prayers for getting relieved of the Panj Doots, desires and the Net of Maya; concentrate on longer duration Naam Simran sessions; Naam Simran is the only way to get a control over Panj Doots and Maya and hence your mind. While continuing and concentrating on Bandgi eventually a stage will come when your mind will not get distracted by any sinful thoughts, conduct or actions.

Dassan Dass


ek oankar satgurprasad||
When followers get disillusioned with their leaders (holy men or politicians) they normally point out two things : that there leader is a womaniser and making money.  In the case of most leaders the accusations may well be true.  But in the case of the true saint, the accusations are false.  We have explained lust in the last article and now will try to explain Greed.   The sixth and tenth Guru ji’s were also accused like that, bhai nand lal ji says :
The saints appear to be materialistic,
but in reality, they are aloof of the worldly attachments.
They are envisioning the purest divine light of the Lord
for each and every moment. (333)


In the eyes of common people, they appear absorbed in the worldly deeds.
In reality, they are absorbed in the Lord all the time. (334)


A common person views them as very involved in the family (sons-daughters),
but in fact their true relationship is with the Almighty Himself. (335)


They appear to be lost in the greed, but truly,
they have become pure by remembering Him (or reciting his `Naam’) all the time. (336)


In the eyes of common folks, they appear as trapped in the materialistic dealings,
Yet, in reality, they are far above the materialistic attachments. (337)


They appear to be busy in accumulating the wealth (gold-silver),
but truly they are intensly absorbed with the Creator of water-earth-wealth. (338)


With the time, their real life becomes apparent,
and they bless the environment with the aroma of their holy presence. (339)


Their spiritual state goes totally transparent with the Almighty,
and one can envision the total truth in the saints.
The both worlds (Lok-Parlok) work under the total will of the saints. (340)



The cure for Greed is to give, give, give.  The system established by the SatGurus was to give daswand meaning a tenth of your time and money.

Gving a tenth is probably the hardest thing to do.  But don’t worry about daswand give it ,everything is God’s anyway!  According to SGGS we should give 100% of our mind, body and soul to God and Guru.   By giving ALL our money and belongings to God we lose our attachment and sense of possesivness.  It is the “ME”  and “MINE” that keeps us from God.  Guru Nanak said “YOURS! YOURS! YOURS! – TERA TERA TERA”  and Guru Gobind Singh ji said “YOU ! YOU ! YOU!  – TUHEE TUHEE TUHEE”.

Many of the the holy men in India used to walk around naked with no belongings begging for food, but still didn’t attain the Supreme.  Why?  Because just by giving it all up externally doesn’t mean you have let go of it internally.   The Sant Marag – Way of The Pure Heart – is to unclench the grip of  the five thieves and especially ‘greed’ and ‘attachment’.  Then you can live in the world surrounded by wealth and family, but be free internally.  The best way to release your heart from the grip of  greed and attachment is to keep giving and giving.  Become compassionate and generous.  Baba Ji says that when a good thought towards other people comes into your mind – JUST DO IT!

At Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s time, the Guru’s House was almost bankrupt due to the mischevious efforts the Guru’s brother Prithi Chand.   Bhai Gurdas Ji suggested the idea of daswand – giving a tenth of your earnings to the Guru.   And the SatGuru is so great that if you give the Satguru 10% he puts in the other 90% for you and removes your greed and attachments.   The Guru’s House flourished so much and Guru Arjun Dev Ji kept using the money for community projects – building of  Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) and many other Gurdwaras.    There was a lot of money coming in and when Satguru Arjun Dev Ji was about to be martyred, he was offered freedom if he paid a massive fine to the Moghuls.  SatGuru Arjun Dev Ji said that the money was not his but belonged to the sangat.  The Satguru does not need money nor is he attached to it, nor will he use it to buy his way out of trouble. 

In  the past Brahmgiani’s of any religion either worked during the day and taught for free in their spare time.  Or they went out to request people when they needed food ,clothes or shelter.  Or their beloved devotees would provide them with daswand, so that they could use all their time for the benefit of enlightening humanity.  Whatever the Hukam is to them they have to do.  God looks after the one’s who have Satnaam in their heart.

Uncle Ji said that good souls give you the message about God, but only the Satguru joins you to God.   His light ignites your light.   What will you give to the Satguru in return?  Mind, body and soul?  Can you purchase the light from anywhere in the world ?  For any amount of money?  That is why in SGGS it is written again and again that I am a sarifice , I am a sacrifice I am a sacrifice to God and Guru.    So give your daswand it is the giving that will free you from the bonds of greed.   You will not go hungry,  God will always give the devotees food.  The one who has Satnaam in his heart can never go hungry or be in poverty.

A holy man (sadhu) used to beg for food as he had no wordly possessions.  He used to sit and go into samadhi and on opening his eyes he would see that people have left money in his pot.  He would use the money to buy just enough food for his next meal and throw the left over money into drain.  One rich Singh gave him 5 rupees  and after eating saw the sadhu throw it away.   Feeling offended he asked, “Why didn’t you keep it for morning?”   To which the sadhu replied, “God gave me money now,  dont you think he will give it to me in themorning too?”

Baba Ji said that he tells people to give money to wherever there are the poor and needy.  Once a young lady came to him and he gave her $100 telling her take this money and give to all the poor and needy you see on the journey home.    Other times people come with their daswand and Baba Ji gives it back to them because he can see they have so much love, but they really can’t afford to give it.  And other times he will receives the money to liberate the givers from greed and attachment.  It all depends on your spiritual needs as to how Baba Ji reacts to your offering of daswand.

Uncle Ji also told me that there are holy people out their who know how much money you have in your pocket.    I had never heard of that before.   But since coming back to the UK my relatives told me the following stories.

A relative was saying that he stopped at roadside café in Punjab.  And a group of sadhus in orange robes and matted dreadlocks approached him.  The leader asked him for some seva towards their langar.  He thought that was fine as even Guru Nanak fed the hungry sadhus.   He took out 200 Rupees and thought they would be able to have a hearty meal with that.  Then the leader looked at him and pointed to his inside jacket pocket and said empty that pocket out as well.  Now, my relative didn’t normally put money in that pocket but that morning he had placed 500 Rupees in there.  So now my relative’s mind started thinking that will be too much money to give them and they are just getting greedy.   So he wrestled with his mind and kept saying ‘Even Guru Nanak used his money to feed the hungry sadhus’.  So he took out the note and handed it over.  

The Sadhu then looked him in the eyes and said, ‘If it is pricking you like a thorn, then take the money back.’   My relative was tempted to take it back, but said ‘No, No you keep it for langar.  That’s fine.”  The sadhu asked him another two times if he wanted it back.  But he resisted.  As he went back to his table and told the family, they said to him this turned out to be an expensive stop.  And as they drove off the doubts kept bothering him for a couple of miles until he persuaded his mind that he could have lost that money , been pick pocketed and so on, so that money was not destined to stay with him anyway.   Then he was fine about it.

I said to my relative that was God testing if you loved Him in his devotee more than you loved the money in your pocket.  Now your spirituality will go up.  And it has , he has spent two weeks with us in Uk and learnt what Gurprasadi Naam really is and how to do meditate.  Prior to that he thought simran was when you go to a sant with a want and are given a shabad to recite to fulfill the want.  He had no idea of what Naam was.  He only prayed for good health and trouble free life for him and the family.  Now he prays to be blessed with Gurprasadi Naam and has faith God will take care of all other wants.

On the other hand what could have happened if he hadn’t given generously?  My uncle was telling me that a Sant and two disciples came into his shop in the UK.  The Sant started telling him things that only my Uncle knew were true.  He sat the Sant down for ten minutes and the sant told him many other  things that struck him in the heart.    At the end the sant said that they were collecting money for a hospital in India.   My uncle had no problem in getting out £21 pounds and handing it over.   The Sant tried to explain to him it was a big project and they needed as much help as possible.  He looked uncle straight in they eyes and said, “Empty out your pockets – don’t think about it , just do it.”  Now Uncle was taken aback as he had £4000 pounds in his pockets!  And he definitely was not going to hand that over.  He resisted made excuses and sent the Sant away.   The next day the two followers came back to se if he had reconsidered.  He sent them away.   That evening after he had locked up the shop, he went to the pub.  When he came out his van had been broken into.  His jacket had been stolen – it had all his house keys, shop keys , wallet, credit cards and £8000!   Uncle then regretted not giving and thought the Sant had cursed him.  

I explained the Sant never curses anyone, God in him came to free you from greed and attachment.  Even though Uncle is is a millionaire and has many properties and businesses he couldn’t release himself from the grip of greed and attachment.    Bhai Gurdas Ji writes that without a SatGuru not one mystery of God can be understood.   Out of ignorance of God’s ways, Uncle failed the test.

I said to Uncle that Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote in his autobiography that if you don’t take your daswand out , then that money will not stay with you either – it will be claimed by robbers and bandits.


"Slandering others is putting the filth of others into your own mouth." (SGGS 15)

"Those who slander the Guru shall burn in their own fire." (SGGS 21)

Uncle Ji talked about slander saying that I will get slandered because I have associated with Baba Ji’s sangat.

Read the history of anyone who spoke the Ultimate Truth and you will see people of their own religions and their time denounced them – slandered them and even martyred them for their beliefs.  It is God’s play that the way of Truth is totally distinct from the way of the world.  Hence the world will slander you.   Accept it happily, smile and sweetly say, “Thankyou, give me more.”   Even touch the feet of the slanderer.

You can’t complete your spiritual journey in one lifetime, so when slander is done of you, you get that persons spiritual efforts transferred to you – so says SGGS.      That is why when someone slanders you, you should say “Thank you!   Give me more (of your spirituality).”

When you have given everything to Akal Purakh – mind body and soul, and someone slanders you, it goes straight to Akal purakh.   That person’s spirituality goes down while yours goes up.   Touch the feet of the slander – as their ego increases you should become more humble.   A truck driver who follows Baba Ji’s teachings had this experience.  One of his fellow drivers started insulting him due to his belief in Baba Ji.   The truck driver kept smiling and sweetly saying, “Thankyou, give me more.”  As he did so he kept stepping towards the slanderer and touched his feet.  The slanderer felt a spiritual current going through his body.  Totally amazed , the slanderer touched the truck driver’s feet in return and apologised.

Baba Ji said we need to serve the slanderers even in our own family.  He has never told anyone to be hurtful towards anyone who slanders him or the sangat.  All he has ever advised is keeping close ones happy even if they slander Baba ji.  Baba ji says spend money on them so they can enjoy.  And  love them in return for hate.  Throw flowers in return for stones.  The Gurmukh is the one who breaks the cycle of hate and slander.

"Very fortunate and blessed is that Gurmukh who chants the Naam;

it shall bring all slanderers and wicked enemies to fall at his feet." (SGGS 89)


Uncle Ji said when people around you progress in their spirituality do not get jealous because they are ahead of you.   Always pray for their success that God blesses them even more.  Always pray to be the dust of their feet, to be a servant of God’s servant.   Baba Ji said that when someone in your sangat attains God’s blessings everyone else around them benefits too.


Baba ji talked about open your heart and letting the heart be free.  He said that people in the West are following their heart and in a strange way, that is leading them to God.   Because that is more honest than following religion but inside desiring things and lying and cheating in the name of religion.   

It is better to be honest in what we do than to be a fake religious person.  Better to be a drunk or a prostitue who doesn’t claim otherwise than a fake religious person getting paid to do prayers for people to God that he knows wont reach God because he has not reached God himself.   

He said that we should speak truth , tell the truth and truth may penetrate even the most stone hearted. Baba Ji said that he had always been outspoken since a young age when it came to telling the truth.  His father died when he was 15 and he followed his heart’s desires and came to Canada.  His Grandfather never liked him being so truthful, but when he was gone , his grandfather missed the truth that the young baba Ji used to tell him and wanted him to return to India.  However Baba ji was too busy following his desires in Canada which ultimately resulted in him learning that we chase after pleasure but only find pain.  And that is the remedy.   Then he read it in Gurbani (dukh daru sukh rog bhaaiaa).  First he experienced it, then he read it in Gurbani and realised Gurbani was the Truth. 


guxvMqI scu pwieAw iqRsnw qij ivkwr ] (36-19, isrIrwgu, mÚ 3)
gur sbdI mnu rMigAw rsnw pRym ipAwir ] (36-19, isrIrwgu, mÚ 3)


“The virtuous obtain Truth; they give up their desires for evil and corruption.

Their minds are imbued with the Word of the Guru’s Shabad;

the Love of their Beloved is on their tongues.”   SGGS Ji 36

The result of his experiences was that all of his desires had been exhausted before his bhagati started.  That is why Baba ji says you cannot do bhagati while full of desires.  If you are not ready to believe in the Truths of Life from Gurbani, then it is better to “follow your heart” like people in the West.  Chase your desires and find out the life Truths for yourself that there is only PAIN and SUFFERING at the end of pleasure.  Then when the mind truly believes that following desires DOES NOT lead to happiness, then start your bhagati and DON’T LOOK BACK.

Parents try to protect their kids, but a lot of Asian parents take it to the extent of  putting unbearable pressure on their children.   Baba Ji said never tell kids what to do, meaning dont dominate them.   Let them follow their desires and find out for themselves that what they think is pleasure is ultimately pain.  In the meantime as parents just trust in God and if your simran and seva is right then the kids will grow up just fine.  Dont force your tradtitions and religious pride on them.  Let them learn for themselves through life’s experiences and your guidance.