“My forehead has been branded with His brand; I owe such a great debt to the Guru.

He has been so generous and kind to me; He has carried me across the treacherous and terrifying world-ocean.”  ( SGGS Ji 171 )


Dassan Das  Ji gave blessings and shared his amrit naam with us ,  as did  Uncle Ji.  On separate occassions we did naam simran together – internally.  I sat next to them on the floor just focusing on satnaam with surat (internally) on the third eye point.     They placed their palm on the top of my head.  After a few minutes I could feel heat mainly all over my chest and back.  At the beginning of the week there was just a little heat.  By the end of the week it was in my arms and legs too.    Uncle Ji said that as the amrit goes into you, there is chemical reaction and that is where the heat is from.      Because I did not feel it in my head, they said I need to do more practise of simran.  (Which is true as I am not consistentent in getting up at amritvela and doing 3 hrs every day).  But the blessings have been bestowed so now I have to get on with it.


“The more clever tricks I tried, the more bonds I was saddled with.

When the Holy Saint placed His Hand upon my forehead, then I was liberated.” (SGGS Ji 214)


Also during the week , many times around the kitchen table after breakfast,  Uncle Ji would be feeding the food of God’s Knowledge (Brahm giani ka bhojan Gian).  And Aunty Ji would quietly be sitting opposite me with her  her palm facing towards me.  I  could feel the amrit energy (in the chest area around the heart and as the week porgressed in my back too and down my legs) .

Dassan Das  Ji said after our meeting on Monday night , he went home and the unstruck intenal melody that plays inside him all the time (anhad vajay) were extremely loud and the Supreme Light which is fully manifest inside him was even brighter than usual – Akal Purakh had brought him even closer.    He was so kind to me that   he said he did Ardas to Parbrahm Parmesar to give me all his bhagati,so I could go higher and further.  Even Baba ji said to me to go higher and further than Baba Ji himself.   They are too humble.    I touched  Dassan Das  Ji’s feet and did dandaut later for I am not worthy at all.  They have done hard bhagati and I am just struggling along with their encouragement and blessings.  But they are pulling my arm up.    Dassan Das  ji then said after his ardas was over, he spent the night in smadhi as normal and said that my sukhshum sareer spent all night with him in those realms.


“Humbly bow to the Saints, over and over again; through them,

the Feet of the Lord of the Universe shall come to abide within you.”  ( SGGS Ji 1298 )



Eie purK pRwxI DMin jn hih aupdysu krih praupkwirAw ] (311-16, gauVI, mÚ 4)


Blessed is that mortal being,

who shares the Teachings for the good of others.  ( SGGS Ji 311)

Uncle Ji in his early twenties spent two years with Bhai Randheer Singh Ji.  He said that Bhai Randheer Singh ji did not disclose too much of his brahmgian – his knowledge of God.  He had the belief common to most sants that you lose your spirituality if you share the innermost secrets of God.  But that is so wrong.  Look at SGGS : all  the contributors shared their experiences : the 6 Gurus, 15 bhagats , 4 sikhs and 11 bhaat-poets  have shared their Brahm Gian – knowledge of God.  And Bhai Randheer Singh ji and other sants have all learned from it and applied it to their lives.  But in return they hardly shared any of their spiritual experiences.    

Baba Ji encourages everyone to share their experiences for the benefit of others.  So if you are blessed with Brahm Gian and spiritual experiences by God then share that.   But dont do it out of ego – for the expectation that people will now praise you as being a brahm giani. No, share it and say at the end “we are the charandhoor – the dust of your feet.  We are just a dog of Akal Purakh doing your seva so that this knowledge may encourage you too.”

Uncle added that even if you are not the stage of receiving Brahm Gian direct yourself, you still have received it in the form of these articles.  So do not keep the knowledge just to yourself, but also share with family and friends and true seekers on the path.   


“Servant Nanak speaks the Ambrosial Bani of the Word. It is dear and pleasing to the minds of the GurSikhs. The Guru, the Perfect True Guru, shares the Teachings. The Guru, the True Guru, is Generous to all. “                  ( SGGS Ji 96 )

jnu nwnku bolY AMimRq bwxI ] (96-11, mwJ, mÚ 4)
gurisKW kY min ipAwrI BwxI ] (96-11, mwJ, mÚ 4)
aupdysu kry guru siqguru pUrw guru siqguru praupkwrIAw jIau ]4]7] (96-12, mwJ, mÚ 4)



“O Lord, Har, Har, show mercy to me, that I may meet my Guru.

Meeting the Guru, servant Nanak blossoms forth. ( SGGS Ji 94 )


Will go to meet Sant Satguru Baba Ji today (Wed 5 Nov 03) – it will be amazing – dhan dhan hamara bhaag (Blessed Blessed is my pre-ordained destiny).  Had arranged to meet them three times before, but always fell through.  But now what was written in my pre-ordained destiny will happen for sure.

SGGS Ji has come true for me, what we have been reading in SGGS Ji is reality here.   We read about lovers of naam and gathering the dust of their feet – it is all here in this sangat of Brahmgianis.   We read about the Satguru who does everything for us and Baba ji is here.    This is a historic once in hundreds of lifetime opportunity to complete the journey of lifetimes – the true pligrimage to the heart – to be forever true and to be wearing the red wedding dress of the spiritual lalgee (the crimson colour of love that tinges the faces of the beloved ones)

Please Akal Purakh ji keep us humble –  always the dust of your feet and your lover’s feet.

We went to see Baba ji in at a  motel – halfway for both of us.  As we drove I realised I was sitting in the car surrounded on all sides by Brahmgianis: infront Paa  Ji  and Uncle Ji, on the left Aunty Ji on right  Dassan Das  Ji and behind was Brother Ji.   Totally  protected by the happy wives who were taking  taking this lonely girl to the Satguru vichola (middleman) –  dhan dhan hamary bhaag – wow what great destiny God has written for me.    I have had so much Sikh sangat before but never like this.  Meditated on “Satnaam” and felt peace – felt I was just the dust of the feet of the sant sangat in the car.  They are all DHAN DHAN (blessed blessed) for making so much sacrifice for us to meet us with Satguru ji and DHAN DHAN Satguru ji and Shotee Mata ji for travelling 2 hrs to meet us too.  Uncle Ji said that it is all naam-ka-vapaar i.e.we are traders in naam and this is our business  – trading in naam in love.

We met Baba ji and Shotee Mata ji who opened the door.  Shotee Mata ji had the perfect face, full of love like the warm sun taking the darkness away.  There was no tension – no past – no worries, just pure light and love – forever young forever true.   Her face was the living reality of Guru Nanak’s words that the whole Sikh world read every day in Jap Ji Sahib but only the rare one experiences : “Nanak te mukh ujalay ketee shutee naal …. Nanak: their faces shine bright and many are saved along with them.”

We fell to her blessed feet and did dandaut.   Baba ji was sitting on the bed.  I couldn’t stop smiling and wanted to do dandaut but it wasn’t practical in the small space.  So we hugged him pressed this head on his  feet while repeating “Firat Firat prabh aaiaa pariaa tao sarnaai. Nanak kee prabh bentee apanee bhagatee lai……After wandering and wandering we have found the sanctuary of  the Lord.  Nanak’s request is that you attach us to your loving devotion.’ 


“Just as the earth looks beautiful when the rain falls,

so does the Sikh blossom forth meeting the Guru.”   (SGGS Ji 758)

What a journey to get here – what a high and icy cold ego mountain I was sitting on.  And now I tumbled down to reach humble Mother Earth again – the Truth inside the body – the Satguru – Akal Purakh Himself had hugged me to his chest. 


“Wandering, wandering, I grew so tired; meeting the Guru, I fell at His Feet.

Says Nanak, I have found total peace; this life-night of mine passes in peace.” (SGGS Ji 1209)


Couldn’t stop smiling.  Baba ji was Dhan Dhan and gave so many blessings.  He said, “May you always carry on smiling like that.  Wear your heart on your face.”   Baba ji’s face was happy and blissful full of love.  He sat me beside him – not worthy really, I should have been sitting in the dirt with his shoes.  Meditated on “Satnaam” with love and focused on his  feet . 

Dassan Das  Ji was so happy,  he was talking about me to Baba Ji and expressing his salutations to me and all of a sudden both of his arms went circularly up with both palms slapping together above his head.  He said that he was just verbally expressing his salutations to me and Akal Purakh physically expressed it!

Dassan Das  Ji requested Baba ji to tell us how our souls were connected.  Baba ji paused for a minute and said that I had had 187 human lives.  That I was Baba Ji’s own brother once,  was  Dassan Das  Ji’s sister twice and son of Brother Ji as well.     Dassan Das ji then requested that Baba Ji open all my spiritual channels and that I be blessed to experience everything.   Baba ji said that it would  be so and that I should strive to go further than Baba ji in my bhagati.   Dassan Das  Ji then asked Baba Ji to bless my mum so she can come onto the Gurprasadi Play,  that she gets depressed but is a sant.    Baba ji said, “OK” and after a pause also said, “she is not happy with my Dad either!”    Which was totally true as that is normally my mum’s biggest complaint – Dad!

Baba Ji said ,  “Complete your pilgrimage and my whole family will be saved.”  While he was talking to everyone, Baba Ji put his hand on my back at the different chakras (sarovars) : neck, middle and lower back.   I could feel energy entering when doing simran.  Gave Baba ji a big hug with so much love and brought a loving smile to everyone’s face.  

Dhan Dhan hamaray bhaag.

As Baba Ji spoke for half an hour or so, Shotee Mata ji said she could see Baba ji in another spritual form overlapping his physical form –  wearing blue clothes and a tall blue round turban  while he was talking to us.  Then Baba Ji became very mystical.   Baba ji said that he has no name.  He has no religion, he comes as goes from Age to Age as it pleases.   He has no wife – no kids – no attachments and that he has sacrificed everything for Truth:  his name, family, reputation, status, caste, colour and religion for the Truth to be told.

At times like that Baba ji was unexplainable, unbounded and unrestrained.   Like a wind that enters an empty  house through a door and swirls around  unseen.  You know there is something in the house but cant explain it, and the wind comes and goes as it pleases, attached to no one – The Primal Being – The Unknowable One.

While Baba Ji spoke everyone took turns to humbly sit near Baba Ji and at their own inclination massaged his feet or gently massaged his lower legs.   Brother Ji explained that when we massage the legs and feet of the Satguru, we are not pampering him – we are directing our seva in serving the jyot (God’s light) that is inside.

After having Pizza with chicken topping, Baba Ji said, “This (meat) is another thing that people are so confused about!”  Brother Ji apologised for not having any plates, so Baba Ji picked up his shoe with the dirty sole side up and said this will do!  (Showing that it is only the mind that things are digusting when actually gurbani teaches us to treat dirt and gold the same – to see God in everything).

At the end I humbly said to Baba Ji that I really dont know what to ask.  He said, “You dont need to ask for anything – you have got satnaam so get on with it.”  Then I remembered asking Uncle Ji what to say and was advised to request that I never falter on the path again.   So I asked Baba Ji, “May I never falter again and that I always have love for the Guru’s lotus feet.”  Baba Ji was so kind and said that I would never falter again.  Then I said to Baba ji, “I am  surrounded by sada suhagans yet am a  duhagan.  That I apply their dust to my face as makeup and their words as jewels.”  Baba Ji was too kind and replied, “You already have so much gian – you will be sada suhagan and that I would see him in the light of my samdhi and that I would know it was the SatGuru.  Then I should ask my dad if he sees his Guru?”

I told Baba Ji that I am not a brave person and have been close to many groups in my search.  But in the end I saw a lot of things which were more to do with pride than God, so I backed away from the majority as I never had the confidence to speak out against the falsehood.   But I  started receivng Dassan Das Ji’s emails and read the same things I had felt being said openly, it gave me so much hope.  Baba Ji said, “You must speak the truth and speak out against what is wrong – that was what Guru Gobind Singh ji inititated the Sikhs for.”


“Quieting your fears, become fearless, and you shall cross over the impassible world ocean. Meeting the Guru, your affairs shall be resolved.”  (SGGS JI 1113 )

Baba ji said,  “Keep love in your heart, attain peace of mind and work honestly with the body.  Only the ones who love will be coloured with naam.”   Baba ji said, “I have tried many ways and have lit many jyots in people.   But the best way is slow and steady sehaja-sehaja with love for God – for naam – for everyone and everything.  Absolute loves gets you to absolute Truth.”

I couldn’t stop smiling when I met Baba ji,  he said “That is the way : be smiling and make the whole word smile too.  Keep going on this path, become truthful in meditation and deeds,  then that will teach the parents (ones who try to be obstacles).  Sometimes the child has to teach the parents.”

Baba Ji you are dhan! dhan!

Sada sukhee raho sada sukhe raho

All love and blessings to you your family and friends, love and blessings to the whole world.

As Baba Ji stood up and got ready to leave the room, we were fortunate enough to bow at his feet, and then sweetly kiss the shoes.


“The mortal man loves to accumulate wealth and property.

The GurSikh loves to meet and embrace the Guru.

Servant Nanak loves to kiss the feet of the Holy.” ( SGGs Ji 164 )

Outside the motel everyone kept hugging Baba Ji and touching his feet.   He put on his hat and coat, he was joyous and benevolent and kept smiling and blessing everyone.  He even invited me to come and stay with him, but unfortunately it wasn’t practical.  Next time we pray that we will stay with Baba Ji when our bhagati has progressed.

On the way home on the car everyone was blissed out.  Dassan Das ji placed his palm on my left palm and I just focused on satnaam simran.   He had asked for all my spiritual channels to be opened and now I could actually feel an inch think stream of amrit energy flowing up my arm.  Dassan Das Ji said that he too could feel the energy flowing up my arm into my third eye.   Then I felt the energy fill all my chest and back and my left arm.  It also spread down into the top of my legs near to my knees.  Dassan Das Ji said that the amrit was flowing a lot better in me now.

I asked Dassan Das Ji on the way home in the car, “What did Baba ji mean that his third form is always with me now?” Dassan Das Ji answered, “Baba ji’s light (jyot) is with everyone who has had Gurprasadi Naam from him or from the Sants tht he has blessed.  You just have to say ‘SATNAAM’ with loving devotion and Baba Ji is instantly with you.”   Dassan Das  Ji then asked Aunty Ji to have a spiritual look.   She closed her eyes and crumpled her face focusing  into her  inner eye.  Then with her hand moving around the space infront of here she said “Baba ji’s face is here, and here and here and here and here.”    She say Baba Ji’s face with each one of us.  She also smiled and said “Mata ji is also here” and pointed to the space infront of her head.

The next day Paa  Ji  asked me how I felt at meeting Baba ji.  I replied that “I was smiling and happy and he put his hand on my back at top of chakras for a few minutes at a time and pointed his hand towards my third eye and hugged me and blessed me so much.”   Paa  Ji said that Baba ji could have put his hand on my head and put full Amrit inside me, but he must have decided it would have been too much too quickly.   He said that alot of people in Baba Ji’s sangat  had all these experiences very quickly but were not mature enough to handle it.  Their doots (5 thieves) were still highly active so it didn’t take much to pull them back down.    Paa  Ji said that it’s better to go on this path slow and steady ..sehaja sehaja.  I added like if all the electricity in the world was sent through a lightbulb it couldn’t handle it.


“Servant Nanak sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord, night and day,

meeting the Guru, the True Guru, the Divine Intermediary.”  ( SGGS Ji 169)



Sukhmani Sahib Ji says that the Brahmgiani’s have God on their tongue.  Whatever they say God makes come true.  Serve them and get their blessings.   Whatever they say to you erases you negative actions and re-writes your accounts with those positive things they bless you with – right away.  As they say it your accounts (lekhay) is getting re-written in dargah.  What they say will happen.

Gurbani talks about getting rid of your evil nature and becoming a very humble, leading a simple life and being an honest, straightforward person.    Brother Ji said that Dassan Das  Ji was a very, very, innocent person.   Even before he met Baba Ji even though he did not follow a religious life he  never slandered anyone and never talked bad of anyone.   Once Baba ji said that Dassan Das Ji has no negative channel in his brain.  H has no capacity to doubt or be double minded (dubida).   Dassan Das  Ji didn’t even have Naam verbally from Baba ji.   One week before he met Baba ji,  Uncle Ji returned from Tornoto and told him about Baba ji and about getting up early.   Dassan Das Ji started following that discipline that very night.   He got up at 1am did Sukhmani and “waheguru waheguru” as that’s all he knew.  He was solid in doing this every night   Over the next few weeks he went to Baba ji’s sangat and just sat there.   Baba Ji didn’t give him naam verbally.  But just by being so innocent and committed, and from having Baba ji’s vision (darshan)  and  company he started going into smadhi very soon and his soul has completed its journey to God.

Dassan Das  Ji said “even saying Sat…naam is difficult now.”  As he said this he stuttered after saying “Sat…” and looking at me said, “Even I find it hard to Sat..NAAM”.  He explained that now his simran is just “Sat – Sat – Sat.”   That is going on inside him continuosly, effortlessly.   “Sat” is “Truth” is God’s Name.  And even the NAAM part of SATNAAM is just praise of God and not really part of the Name. 

Dassan Das  Ji is absolutely amazing.  I noticed that he is so humble but wherever he went and whatever he said came true within a few minutes.   Gurbani says that God resides on the tongue of the saints and that God is always with me.   It is true for these Brahmgianis.  At Roma Ji’s house, Dassan Das ji started explaining about Mansarovar.  Within a few minutes Aunty Ji who has strong psychic vision said that the whole lounge was filled with a lake of pure light – ManSarovar.    Dassan Das Ji talked about that in his smadhi he noticed the walls were drenched with amrit.  Within a few minutes Aunty Ji said the whole room was dripping with huge drops of amrit.  

After langar Dassan Das ji was sitting next to me at the dinner table and he placed his palm on mine.   I knew to focus on ‘Satnaam’ at the third eye.    I could feel amrit flowing up my arm and chest.  Dassan Das Ji looked at Roma Ji and said the amrit is flowing much better now than at the beginning of the week.  Then as Roma Ji was clearing away the dishes he asked her how much light (prakash) there was on me now?    I couldn’t feel any light on me and Roma Ji looked at me and didn’t reply – so I knew she couldn’t see any, then she added that there was a lot of light on me when we did simran together in the Uk a few months earlier.     I went to wash my hands at the sink and when I turned around Roma Ji and Bee Jee were going into Smadhi while standing up.  Dassan Das ji was standing behind them, he was smiling like a happy kid and clapping his palms in excitement.  Roma Ji had her eyes closed and her face was glowing. Then Roma Ji had both arms outstretched infront of her with her palms facing up – she was basking in the glory of Satnaam’s light.    Aunty Ji’s palm rose and faced Roma Ji and more love and light and amrit flowed to Roma Ji.     Roma Ji’s palm took the asan of Dhan Dhan SatGuru Nanak Ji and sent light and amrit towards me.   Then Aunty Ji also had her eyes closed and  her palm was facing me too – Akal Purakh Ji was blessing me with an incredible amount of amrit and light.    I stood with palms pressed together and head tilted humbly forward, closed my eyes and focused on ‘Satnaam’.   I could feel the energy pouring into my body.    From head to toe I could feel the full light of Akal Purakh bathing me – it was like standing in the light of two spiritual suns.    Dassan Das Ji spoke and said “Akal Purakh is right here above their heads pouring amrit into them and they are channel according to Akal Purakh’s desire.”     Aunty Ji ji is so extremely blessed and even more humble than that.  She bowed to Roma Ji’s feet  and I and Roma Ji both bowed and touched Aunty Ji’s fee.  I was just saying to them that  I was not worthy at all.   Aunty Ji replied that God does it all.

At the end Roma Ji looked at me and in answer to Dassan Das Ji’s orginal question said there is so much light (prakhash) over me now.  And I could feel it too – light from top of head down to toes.   So  Dassan Das  Ji said it and within a few minutes it God who was sitting on the Brahmgiani’s tongue made it happen.

Earlier in the week I noticed a similar thing when Uncle Ji was sitting relaxed in his armchair and humbly explaining the Unexplainable Lord (Akath Katha).  He said “It is HE who talks from within the Brahmgiani.  It is Satnaam sitting in the heart doing the talking.”   And  soon after  he said that he would say “Aw aagia – HE is here.”  With tears in eyes, his voice would falter and he would take a few minutes to regain his composure.  SO MUCH INCREDIBLE LOVE that SATNAAM has for HIS lover – the brahmgiani.  

One day around the breakfast table Uncle Ji said “Satnaam loves his devotees (bhagats) so much that  when they say Satnaam with love even once He will be there instantly.  Infact if the lover (bhagat)  close his eyes and playfully says  ‘Thoo hanee – You do not exist’  then He will come instantly saying ‘Yes I do exist – I am here for you – I am – I am!’ ”

We all started laughing and Uncle Ji moved on to the next topic.   Within a few minutes Aunty Ji ji sitting opposite me started laughing and smiling and pleasantly surprised said “Aw aagia – He has come” and looking at us she explained to Uncle Ji “You just playfully said   ‘Thoo hanee – You do not exist and that He has to come – so He has come to answer his lover’s call!”

reply from Dassan Das Ji:


Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad

Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmesar

Dhan Dhan Gur-Guru-Satguru

Dhan Dhan Gur Sangat

Aap Sabh Dey Charna Vich Es Neechan Key Att Neech Dee Kot Kot Dandaut, Kot Kot Namaskaar Kot Kot Shukrana Parvaan Karna Ji


We are nothing, we are nobody, if we are something then we are just a worthless kiram jant, a worthless creature on the face of this earth, all the praise is for Guru and Akal Purakh and the Gur Sangat, it is all His Mahima, it is all His Gur Kirpa, it is the Gur Kirpa of the Guru and the Gur Sangat, and nothing else, it is Him that is Agam Agochar Aprampar anant Beant who has been very kind on us all to shower His Eternal Blessings day and night on us, there is no difference between the Guru and Guru, the Gur speaks to us through the Guru, so please all the praise goes to the Guru, Gur, Gurbani and Gursangat, they are all Nirankaar and Nirankaar Roop. We will always stay and stay and stay and stay and stay at the Charans of the Guru, Gur, Gurbani, Gursangat and the Kot Brahamand, we will always pray to Him to keep at the Charans of Kot Brahamand, at the Charans of all His creations, you are all above us, we are nothing, we are just a slave of you all. This Guru Ka Pyara is Dhan Dhan we bow to his love for the Guru, Gur, Gurbani and Gursangat, we are a sacrifice to his love for all these Eternal Entities, we always pray to be a sacrifice at the Charans of all those who do Naam Japna, who do Akal Purakh’s Seva. We are just a gunehgaar loonharami, kood kapti, kalyugi jiv swaas swaas gunehgaar, maha paapi maha pakhandi maha kami maha krodhi maha lobhi maha mohi maha ahankaari full of all kinds of sins and we don’t deserve any praise at all. Please God and the Guru forgive us for all our sins that we commit with every breath we take, keep us iat your Charans, Bandgi and Seva.

Dassan Dass

Bishta Key Kirey Kaa Bhi Dass




Message from Roma Ji:


Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmeshwar

Dhan Dhan Gur Parmeshwar


Aap sabh de charna vich dandot parvan karo ji




recently i was in india and met many nice people including family who wanted to

be one with akal purakh and dont know how? they have been reading SGGS for

years including my dad but they have felt no spiritual attainment or naam

residing in them.and now they are tired of doing it. i asked them all to do

Naam simran and told them that is the only way to unite with him . they all

said the same thing that how can they do Naam simran when they have so many

worldly worries and emotional pains. i know the whole world is DUKHI everybody

has some pain.


but the only way to overcome your pain is naam and naam is always and will be

gurparsadi unless you have POORBALY JANAM KE ANKUR. when you have gurparsadi

naam then only will you be able to concentrate and go into samadhi. feel naam

inside you. the pain and worries might still be there but they will have no

effect on you. the other way is to ask for more pain. trust me when you do

that with true heart he takes away all your pains.


Dukh Daroo sukh Rog Bhaiya





lowest if the lowest


Roma Ji


When  Uncle Ji & Aunty Ji met Baba ji for the first time at the Gurdwara, Baba ji talked about Uncle Ji’s inner desires without him even asking.   Uncle Ji had had a lifelong yearning  in him to hear anhad vajay – the unstruck melody – and to have his soul leave through his dasam duar –tenth gate – at his time of death.  Baba ji said to him, “You have these hopes dont you?  Don’t worry   it will happen.”  Also Aunty Ji was physically doing WAHE-GURU repitions with her breathing in and out  (AKJ style).  So much so that over the 40 years since she had learnt the technique from AKJ Bhai Randheer Singh ji himself.  Bhai Randheer Singh ji had passed away and without the guidance of another Brahmgiani it had become mechanical and her body used to shake to the extent people used to wonder if she was OK.   People also used to ask why no sant or anyone else they see does simran like that.  When Baba Ji noticed her simran had gone into the wrong place, he held his palm a few inches over her heart and she stopped the physical movements right there and then.   In addition her simran then went into her pure spiritual heart – shudh hirda.

At the same time their daughter and son in law were very, very sick.   The son-in-law couldn’t get out to work due to his arm pains and  leg pains.   Their daughter couldn’t even lift a pen without total strain in her arm and was told to stay in bed for 3 months by doctors.  Baba ji gave them both guidance as he knew the spiritual cause behind the problem.  He knew the karma of their last life had to be cleared.  First, he told them to go the  Gurdwara and to do cleaning shoe seva.  Then he told them to wash the dirty  dishes of the sangat.  They said that they wouldn’t be able to due to their physical condition.  Baba ji just requested them to try and do it anyway.  They did try and  with Baba Ji’s blessings, for four or five hours whilst doing seva their was no pain.   However, when they got home again their pain started again.  After three or four months of obeying Baba ji’s hukam, Baba ji said to them that their seva was complete.  After that  they started receiving holy visions of all ten satgurus.  Their daughter also had holy visions of all of the Hindu gods and goddesses.  She often found her body adopted meditation positions (asans) associated with those gods and godesses too.


In general, if you get an illness or pain it is in Hukam.   Anything that happens to you down to the slighest fever is given by God.    Pain and suffering is erasing your past misdeeds.  It is also for you to accept that pain and pleasure are the same.  God is in pain and God is in pleasure.  One is not good, the other is not bad.    To use your supernatural powers ( meaning you think YOU have power to heal instead of  requesting God)  to clear the pain is just postponing them for a later date.  To use your powers to heal someone else is also just bringing the pain onto you. 

So does that mean if we or our close ones are ill we should just accept it as Hukam and do nothing about it ?    Should we say no to taking medicine?  Should we do no prayers for being cured?

No.   Most of us do not want pain and run after pleasures…but often end up in pain as a result.  Dhan Dhan SatGuru Nanak Ji says that pain is the remedy if you start to remember the Lord.  When there was pleasure the Lord was forgotten.    So accept pain as a gift from God.  Guru Nanak says that countless many continuously suffer, but even that is God’s gift.      When Guru Arjun Dev Ji was tortured for 5 days and nights, he uttered “Your Will is sweet Lord.  Nanak asks only for the gift of Naam.”

So don’t forget God in pleasure.  And even in pain accept it as a gift from God.  No matter what happens to your body or to your family accept it as God’s will and understand that the real pain is if we forget God’s naam.  Baba Ji used to request God , “Give me your Naam – my body may rot away , may family may be destroyed but may I never forget your Naam.”    Now God is not going to rot your body or destroy your family.  God is such seeing how much love you have for Him.   So accept the pain as a gift.  Keep your faith intact.  Ask God for the Naam.  When you do naam simran without complaints of your condition you will find that God heals you by sending the right doctor with the right medicine , or even healing you directly, or making you meet some holy person who will pray for you.

However,  we are so used to running to the doctor every time we get ill that God does not come into our mind.  When the Doctor cannot heal us even then we refuse to turn to God, believing that God can not do anything.  We don’t realise that some pains are due to previous karams.. past misdeeds and no doctor is going to be able to them, because their root cause is not physical but spiritual.  That is when we need the help of the ones who are close to the Lord.

When Roma Ji’s husband was very ill she requested  Uncle Ji to help.   Her husband’s back and stomach were in pain , he was off work and the Doctors couldn’t do much.   Uncle Ji said he just did a small ardas – made a tiny plea to the Almighty, ‘O Parbrahm Parmesar Roma Ji is your sant and her family’s difficulty is hard to bear.  As it pleases you and if it is in your hukam may you  grant him with your blessings.”

For the next three days  Uncle Ji had slight stomach and back pains when it got better he called Roma Ji.  She said that her husband was completely OK.  Akal Purakh had cured her husband , but also given  Uncle Ji a taster of his pain.

We met someone whos was ill.  Dassan Das Ji said that he has also been blessed with guprasadi  naam but has lost his faith in Baba ji, even though his own wife is pooran sant.

Dassan Das  Ji said to him “You believe in SGGS?”  He said “Of course I do.”   And Dassan Das Ji added, “So believe your Guru  ‘sarab rog ka aukhad naam … the cure of all ills is NAAM’.  Have 100% trust and do naam simran.   All your physical and mental diseases will go.”

Uncle Ji said that using naam simran to cure your own pain and disease is just like cleaning a Gurdwara of dust and muck .. it is not going against Hukam.  Infact the reason the body and mind get diseases is because of the lack of Naam simran.  Guru Nanak Ji  in Jap Ji Sahib  ‘bhareeaa mat papaa ka sang o dhopay naavay kay rang …when the mind is full of sinful associations, wash it with the love of the Naam.”

Brother Ji told us the following general way to help someone else with their illness :

1) get the persons consent and request them to do ardas for themselves.  Also say that you will do ardas for them too.  If you don’t then sometimes you can send too much amrit energy to them and cause more damage.

2) in ardas put the request to Akal Purakh to help, put 100% on God to help.  Do not think that it is you who is curing them with your advanced bhagati.  If it is you then you will have to take the pain.  We have to stay within the hukam, so you can always request AkalPurakh to cure the illness if it is in within his hukam. 

3) request the person to have 100% belief and trust in the power of Naam and to do naam simran .. . much more powerful if they have received gurprasadi naam.   They can focus on the ill part of their body and do naam simran there for 5 minutes.   Then focus on the next ill part for another 5 minutes and so on.   Also visualise those ill parts as being healthy.

1)       After simran is complete thank God and ask permission to stop doing simran.


satnaam waheguru satnaam waheguru satnaam waheguru satnaam waheguru


On the way back from the Gurdwara I asked my Mum, "What’s the point of the giani doing ardas for those people’s deceased mother?"    Mum looked at me in disagreement.  I continued, "If she never got blessed with Gurprasadi Naam or made any spiritual efforts in serving her Satguru while she was alive, then how can she just be saved with one ardas of a giani after her death?"    Mum carried on listening,  as I continued, "I mean it was the anniversary of her death, surely her soul has got reborn somewhere by now – so how can that ardas be of any use at all?"


Mum replied, "There is benefit in praying for the deceased.   Gurbani says by remembering the Lord all your pains are removed and your ancestors are saved too…jis simrath sabh kilvick naasaay, pithree hoi udhaar."


It made me consider the possiblility that there is a point in praying for the dead.   When I asked about this, Baba Ji explained that there’s no point the giani doing the ardas.  He has lost to the five enemies within and his ardas does not reach God’s

True Court

.  If he hasn’t saved his own soul how can he save any other souls?    Baba Ji also explained that when someone dies with the strong emotions of worldy attachment (MOH) or hatred then they tie their soul to the house where they loved / hated ones reside.  So years may pass and they have not been reincarnated – still sitting in spirit form causing problems for the living ones they are attached too.


I asked Uncle Ji would it be OK to request Baba Ji to help the souls of my cousin and his mum as I felt (due to my dreams and mum’s dreams over the years) that they were stuck in spirit form.  Uncle Ji replied that if i was doing it as selfless service – as parupkar- towards their souls it would be exactly what a holy person does – to pray for someone’s soul.  However, if I was doing it as MOH – selfish love for them, then it was not good as it was driven by one of the 5 enemies within.  Uncle Ji said that once when he was in India, his friend’s dog was very friendly.  Infact the dog even did dandauth to Uncle Ji.   When the dog died some time later, Uncle Ji humbly requested Baba Ji if the dog’s soul could be liberated.  Baba Ji is so kind, so supremely caring about all and everyone that he did it and told Uncle Ji ‘The soul is in dargah  now.’   Even Uncle Ji said that Baba Ji is saving countless souls like this everyday.  


It reminded me of the story of Raja Janak, when in deep meditation he had the vision of hell.  And being so supremely selfless and kind towards the tormented souls, his one repetition of God’s Naam outweighed all the sins of the souls in hell.  He emptied hell of all souls!


Last week we humbly requested Baba Ji to do something for my cousin and aunt’s souls.  I mentioned that my cousin had committed suicide and that my aunt used to have darshan of the Guru’s.   Baba Ji said that committing suicide was the wrong type of death.  The real death to achieve is death of the ego.  He also said that when you die still consumed by MOH or hatred you get stuck. Baba Ji then told me that my cousin’s spirit  was presently sitting on the sofa of his house.   Baba Ji then told me to ‘Naam Jap’  as Baba Ji was going to be quite for a little bit.  When Baba Ji spoke he said that my cousin’s soul was free and that the "heat"  in the house would start going down now.     Baba Ji is DHAN DHAN DHAN.  I am forever a sacrifice to Baba Ji.   Baba Ji was right , my cousin’s suicide was out of hatred – he had massive argument with his wife beforehand – yet was totally in MOH with his two daughters – so his soul would still be there  – it made sense.    In a dream a month ago,  I saw my cousin touching my feet humbly.  It was the least I could do to pray for his soul.  


Then Baba Ji said that my Aunt was reborn in Scotland as Christian called Mary.  She had a black birthmark on her forehead the size of a dime.   Dhan Dhan Dhan Baba Ji who put my mind at rest.   That also made sense.  My aunt was very devoted to Gurbani , but when she got cancer she held on for two years until she was barely a walking skeleton.   Then everyone stopped praying for her to survive and just prayed to be able to accept God’s Will.   The week before she died she had darshan of Guru Gobind Singh ji and the Punj Piaray.  May Dad told her they had come to get her soul.  She didn’t like the fact she was finally going to have to die.     I dont know why she decided not to  with the Guru but chose instead to hang around in spirit form.  For many years after that she would appear to my mum in visions and dreams. Mostly when she was upset by what her family were doing  ( Uncle got remarried, kids got depressed).   After my cousin’s death last year, she appeared in my dream looking very upset and also in my mum’s vision.  My mum finally told her not to appear again as there was no longer anything my mum could do for her family.  And since that time she has not appeared.  So maybe her sons death finally made her break her MOH and set her soul free to be reborn as Mary.


Dhan Dhan Dhan Jan aaiaa, jis prasad sabhjagat taraaiaa.
Baba Ji is AMAZING, WONDERFUL, SUPREMELY KIND and with Him on this planet we will be ferried across and our familes and our ancestors…..and the whole world…..Nanak Naam Chardhi Kala Teray Bhana SARBATT-DA-BHALLA.


I am nothing, was nothing and will be nothing – everything is GOD.

Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad

…jis simrath sabh kilvick naasaay, pithree hoi udhaar."

When we do a Puran Bandgi, which means that when we reach the salvation stage ourselves in the current life, then we not only ourselves achieve the salvation but we do achieve the salvation of the entire family, not only that we do get blessed with the salvation of the coming 21 generations. It is a huge dividend that we receive as a reward from the Almighty amounting to the liberation of the entire family from the cycle of the death and birth as well as for the coming 21 generations. The above Shalok doesn’t mean that by doing Bandgi we will be able to liberate those people’s souls which are dead, but once we become a Jivan Mukt then we can get those souls liberated, like Sant Baba Ji has done for your cousin and aunt. In addition to this a Sant has all kinds of spiritual powers and can liberate anybody from the cycle of life and death including their own departed family members from the previous lives, which are destined to show up in His Sangat in the current life, like all of us had some kind of relationship with Sant Baba Ji and or also among the other members of the Sangat. The liberation of the souls from the cycle of life and death and giving salvation is the highest level of service to anybody one can do, this is called Mahaparupkaar, and such Sants are sent in to this world to accomplish this task. Such is the job of a Philanthropist – a Sant.

Dassan Dass