Its important not to get bogged down with technical details of how to meditate. Just have love for Gurprasadi Naam and Naam knows its own way home and all these things will come naturally to you at the right time. In JapJi Sahib Guru Ji says that by hearing the Name all the secrets of the body are revelaed. Sunniaa jugat tan bhed.


Brother Ji showed us the following meditation to open up doorways for amrit to flow freely through the body. Practise everyday for 5 minutes before going to sleep – and you will sleep like a baby!

1.  do little ardas before doing simran

2.  sit with eyes closed, palms facing up on knees.  do satnaam simran inside with surat.  feel amrit (light or amrit energy)  entering in through right palm middle thru a door that opens into palm.  Feel amrit moving up arm across back of neck down left arm ,and out of left palm thru open door

then do reverse

3.  do same with legs imagine doors in souls of midde feet

4.  do same thing with doors over ears to hear anhad vajay.  Feel amrit coming in right ear going out of, left and reverse.

5.  Now lying down on your bed on your back open all doors outwards on palms and feet.  Imagine river of amrit flowing in through dasam duar at the top of the head and flowing down through your body.  Fill the whole body up and let the amrit flow out of the hands and feet doorways.  Carry on focusing on satnaam and listen to anhad vajay ….. sleep like a baby!  And it keeps your doorways open.



Brother Ji showed us the stage he is at. In his meditation he does the following to get the internal simran mala flowing. He said when he is in smadhi all these points are activated and amrit is flowing around them. The Lord has kept him sitting in smadhi for 16 hrs once in this state :

Siting comfortably do ardas to begin then repeat satnaam 5 times each on following 11 points. ( You actually have 7 chakras (circles of energy) in yoga or Suth Sarovars as they are called in gurbani ..7 lakes of amrit inside your body.) Focus on each sarovar in turn, but also do the back of each chakra (circle) on the spine and neck so that adds another 4 points.

1 third eye in the middle of the forehead (front of crown chakra)

2 throat (front of throat chakra)

3 heart (front of heart chakra)

4 belly button (front of belly chakra)

5 sexual organ

6 base of spine

7 spine opposite belly button (back of belly chakra)

8 spine opposite heart (back of heart chakra)

9 neck opposite thoat (back of throat chakra)

10 back of head opposite third eye ( back of crown chakra)

11 top of head dasam duar

Feel amrit coming in through dasam duar and flowing down all the front of the chakras and and then up through the points on the back of the chakras. Get the cycle mala of amrit going

Can also do with breaths. Say "Sat" as you breathe in. Say "naam" as you breathe out. As you feel the amrit flowing around the cycle.

Brother Ji was saying that in smadhi the amrit is flowing automatically around this internal mala.

12. Thank God and ask for permission to come out from the gift of amrit He is bestwoing upon us.

Practise opening the doors every day and keeping them open.

Dhan Dhan Dhan Jan aaia jis prasad sabh jagat taraaiaa

humble servant



“What can the whirlpool do to the boat, if the boatman remains alert?” SGGS 1382

Uncle Ji said always be alert in meditation  – if you are sleepy then have a rest and come back alert.  Don’t fall asleep in meditation as that just counts as sleep..  There are many tests in smadhi.  When you are faced with a situation in vision/dream or in smadhi always say “satnaam” to be sure.  We were watching Wrestling on TV and Aunty Ji said that she could not watch any violence.  As she got up and walked away Uncle Ji said, “We have to beat the 5 thieves like those wrestlers – slam them down , tear them to shreds and keep them under our feet!”

Uncle Ji said that the 5 thieves (doots) will follow you all the way to Sach khand , so always be alert.   And told the following story:

Once a very old Bhagat Kabir ji was told by a prostitue that her dog’s tail was purer  than his beard.  Kabir ji accepted he was old and his beard got dirty and said to her “that maybe true.”  Just before his death in the last hour he called her over and said, “Now my beard is purer  than your dog’s tail.”  Meaning he could finally say with confidence that his life had been successful and pure and the journey was true to the very end.  Even a sant can be pulled down from Sach khand.  The 5 thieves never quite are destroyed and will always wait for one weakness to take advantage.  So be alert…

savdaan ekagaar cheet….focus on the ONE with full ATTENTION. ( Sukhmani)


I asked Brother Ji’s 10 yr old daughter if she ever went to Baba Ji’s sangat.  She said that she did and it was good fun playing with the other kids and that Baba Ji was really nice.  I asked her if she ever sat down in the sangat.  She said “yeah” sometimes they had to sit down.  Then she said that she saw Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh ji and lots of other things too.  To which she innocently added, “I never knew you could see thing with your eyes closed!”

Brother Ji explained to me that her trikuti (third eye) was open.  He said that once he remembers sitting opposited her in meditation and guided her through.  He could see what she was seeing.  First she said she could see some curved swords and a round one in the middle, he saw it too and said that is the Khanda.   Then she said she saw a mountain and at the top a beautiful palace.  Then he asked “What do you see now?”  She said that she saw Aunty Ji (her grandmum).   Then Brother Ji went forward and did dandauth to  Aunty Ji – the place was Dargah – God’s Court.   And he says to his daughter  to do dandauth too and she does.