Diary Of Visit To Satguru Ji  Mar 2004

You are the True Support of me, the poor mortal, O my Perfect True Guru.
Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, my mind is encouraged.
SGGS 398


Sun 21 March 2004


Arrived at the airport and were met by Dassan Das Ji.  Touched his feet and hugged him.  Then right away he placed his palm on bhenjee’s forehead and she was intoxicated with waves of amrit.

“When the Holy Saint placed His Hand upon my forehead, then I was liberated.”  SGGS 214

He talked about true love (sachee preet) and trust.  That the path of devotional worship (bhagati) is all about that.  The more innocent and soft-hearted you are the quicker you will progress.  The more clever you try to be, the harder it is.

We were overjoyed to meet Baba ji and Mata Ji at Macdonalds, went smiling to meet them and touched their holy feet.   Talked about alot of things.  Baba Ji said “If you say dhan dhan, then mean it from heart.  Then you will also become what you say to others.”   And also “The only way to beat pride is service of others.  As soon as a good thought comes in you towards others do it.  And you will start receiving benefits right away too.  If you see a beggar and get attracted to squat down,  talk to them and give them some money then just do it.  That is spontaneous seva.  That is God acting through you.  That is love in action.  When something is spontaneous that is God, your inner Guru.  If you ignore the feeling then you are not obeying the inner Guru.  At other times you may see a beggar and have no feeling toward them.  That is fine too.  Just walk past.  There was nothing written for them from you.  You don’t owe them anything from past lives.   God is love.  Anything that increases love is the true religion.   God separated from himself  and created the souls and is loving himself as God and Bhagat.”

Baba Ji talked about love.  “When two people spontaneously fall in love that is God falling in love with God inside both people.  That is why everyone remembers their first love, because it was from Truth.  If God in you is in love with someone else and parents are unhappy, then you should marry them and be happy for the moment at least, rather than follow your parents and be unhappy for the rest of your life.  If parents control and force and stop it, then your unhappiness will go onto them.  At the end of their life their dying words will be ‘I did so many wrong things’  but it is too late by then.  So become a Sant and push them through the right door to God’s court at that time.”

Baba Ji talked about the afterlife :  “Whatever you are now is what you will get in the next world.  If you are living in hell now, then you will get hell in the afterlife.  If you are jiwan mukt (liberated) now, you will get a place with God.”

Baba Ji talked about the search for happiness : “People search for happiness.  They buy jewellery, gold,  food,  luxuries, but only get temporary happiness and go back to their unhappiness.  They don’t realise that a hungry soul loves Truth the best.  And once it gets fed Truth, SATNAAM, then it has no other hunger after that.”

Baba Ji talked about your attitude towards work :  “At work treat your boss as your Satguru.  Even if they are shouting at you don’t shout back.   Keep washing their feet with your attention (surat).  You will become mellow,and when you are mellow God pours good thoughts into you.   Think of work as your real world Gurdwara.  It is here that you practise doing service (seva) to others.  Always take the worst thing for yourself, give the better thing to someone else.  Eg given a choice of two rotis, take the colder one and give the hot fresh one to someone else.  Make this  into a habit. It will become part of your mind and come out as actions.  Do true selfless deeds alongside repeating Satnaam.  Its not enough to just keep repeating Satnaam, need to do true selfless deeds as well.”

Baba Ji also said : “Dont try and control people or kids.  God is the Creator who is doing everything.  So practise letting God take care of things.  You still have to teach kids what is right and wrong and sometimes give them a slap to develop good habits as they are growing up.   Once they know the difference between good and bad, then whatever happens to them is their destiny.  Which you cant change (unless you’re a bhagat).  So trust in God’s Will.  If you are true to God then God will take care of everything and everyone around you without you having to be clever, manipulative and forceful to make your kids grow up and marry where you want.”

Baba Ji gives a very simple structure for doing bhagati  :

1)       Only do ardas for naam.

2)       Have absolutely no desires and totally believe that all will be automatically taken care of by God who knows your heart, your problems and your situation. 

3)       Always take the worst thing for yourself, and offer better thing to others.

Also Baba Ji said, the three hardest things to break out of are :

1)       Greed.  This is overcome by giving Dasawnd (tenth of your earnings in charity)

2)       Selfish love / Attachment to family.  This is overcome by seeing all children as your own children.  Seeing all old people as your own parents. Seeing all people as Gur-sangat, as your Satguru and becoming a servant of everyone and everything.    Serve others and your ego will break,  but most people serve themselves only.  

3)       Status / reputation.   Self respect in society and what other peole think of you hold people back in doing bhagati because they are alwasys worrying what other people will think of them.  This is overcome when people start slandering you, but you carry on doing bhagati with love for them.

The earlier you beat them the better for bhagati.  And beating these three is easy compared to what you will  have to beat in the samadhi world!

When reciting a shabad make it personal to yourself.  Eg instead of saying ‘har naam padaaraath <NANAK> mangay’  say ‘har naam padarath <YOUR NAME> mangay’.    Most people find it uncomfortable to replace Nanak’s name with their own.  But Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Ji has done his ardas when he was alive and has become one with Nirankar – the Formless Lord.  So why are we still doing ardas for him?  Put in your own name, because now it is your turn to follow in Baba Nanak’s footsteps and become like Baba Nanak.  Aim to become a Guru.  Gurbani says that utlimately there is no difference between the Guru and the Sikh, they are one and the same.  Make that our target also. And let God inside you ferry across the world.

Understand the mind.   Its three forms are creator, destroyer and balancer (third eye).  Get out of “I am creating” and “I am destroying” thought processess, become balanced at the third eye.  Then you are in tune with God, and those thoughts are the ones that move you forward in the world. Those are the thoughts that innovaters, artists and musicians create new things in the world from.  God is your seventh sense.    Also the mind has two sides.   One side is Truth  but will trick you and make you think one truth is a lie.  And the other side is untruths, but will make you think a false thought is true.    You have to learn to stop believing the mind.  To believe the Satguru whenever in doubt.

Baba Ji said that the best religion in the world would be the meditation from Zen combined with the compassionate service of the Christians.  But ultimately all religions had become old and stale, and if he had the hukam he would rip them apart millimeter by millimeter.   Baba Ji said if God gave him a miracle to perform he would destroy all religions in the world as they have gone so far away from God.  He would replace it with one book with one page with one word ‘SATNAAM’.  And drop that book on every single person’s bed.   That one word is the only thing that pierces right through the heart of the Universe to take you to God.  And that person is a SANT. The true religion is not an organisation but a Sant Hirda.  And he unites ALL people as he has no religion.

Dassan Das Ji said “If your parents don’t want Gurprasadi Naam or to listen to Divine Wisdom, then just use your hands to massage them.  Through your blessed hands they willl get the blessing too.”  Then he massaged my hands to bless them.

Baba ji said that he is always luminous, always enjoying supreme joy and light and amrit and anhad vajay inside.  That his head is so full of amrit, the moment he goes silent he goes into divine bliss and joy, and he has no problem going to sleep – no matter who slandered him or what happened in the day.  He does not let thoughts dwell in his mind.  For seven years he got up at midnight and did seva in the Gurdwara and listened to his slander from the sangat as he danced infront of them intoxicated with the love of the Divine.  For seven years he practised catching each negative thought as it dropped into his mind and burning it in the fire.   Now his stage of praying to God is over.  Now he is no longer ‘MA’  (ME) praying to THOO (YOU GOD).  Now there is no more ME, it is all YOU YOU YOU. 

When Baba Ji speaks and says “I” or “Me”, it is Satnaam who is speaking.  Whereas when other people speak “I” or “Me” it is their ego speaking.   So now every moment is amritvela.   Now it doesn’t matter when he gets up or goes to sleep, whether he sits down to do simran or not.  Every moment has become the amritvela.  He says on the outside he lives a normal life,  normal clothes, gets up 7.30 does normal things like household chores etc.   He said in the beginning the two times for praying were amritvela, which kept you going until evening, and sunset which kept you going through the night.   Now those two have merged for him and all 24 hours he is merged with Satnaam.   We should also start with those two times to pray.   Get fully rested and get up when ok.  No need to feel guilty about getting up late.  But it is very immportant not to miss a day of simran.  It is whn you miss a day when the 5 thieves will burn away all your previous bhagati.

Baba Ji said when you fall asleep, the soul leaves the body for the first 3 or 4 hours.  It has fine connection to the body through the dasam duar or the belly.  During that time the body is healed and repaired.  The soul forgets the identity the body has given it.  It merges into the ocean of light – God – Mansarovar.  It is here new ideas and thoughts are given to it by God.  When it comes back into the body your body may jolt, and if you wake up after that you have temporary amnesia.  “Where am I ?  Who am I?”   Then the mind puts back the layer of identity.   This is the best time to get up.  You have rested, you have no desires, the world is still, the mind can concentrate very easily.  When Baba Ji was doing his bhagati, after his eyes opened he would be out of bed within 5 seconds.  Somedays it felt like Guru was carrying him.


Mon 22 March


Got up at 3am eyes shot open not tired, got ready, did simran, yoga and kirtan with bhenjee.  Felt humbler at the end.  Went downstairs and did dandauth to all.  Baba ji was talking and we started massaging his feet.  Thinking “Gur ke charan dhoi dhoi peevay (wash the Guru’s feet and drink the water)”.  Finished off.     Just then Pritam Anand Ji came downstairs with a large bowl of water and a towel.  He said that he was in the bathroom and in his mind he heard the verse “gur ke charan dhoi dhoi peevay”  and thought he better act on it right away.  That was obeying the inner Guru – the hukam.   So we all washed each others feet, kissed them and did dandauth to each other.  Baba ji was happy saying this is all love.  Serving each other makes us humble. Brings peace and a smile on our face.  It brings us all to the same level.  He said Pritam Anand ji is not washing your feet.   Pritam Anad ji is seeing God’s light in all and is serving God in all.   Bhenjee was drinking the  Charan Amrit and Baba ji said you  are enjoying the amrit.  Then she could actually taste the sweet amrit.  Baba ji said all this was written for us.   God sent the hukam.   It become a thought in Pritam Anand Ji’s mind.   He planted good seed without any thought of reward by acting on the thought and washing our feet. And then he reaped the reward right away as we all washed his feet too.  The spiritual fruits of this seed are reaped in the heart.   The heart becomes more and more like the diamond of naam and when complete will be jiwan mukat (liberated).

Pritam Anand ji said that he always does ardas to to be slightly less than atul avastha (unshakable spritual state).  So that he can always be the servant of Guru ji,  and to get rid of even the desire of mukti, just be a servant and let God make you into whatever He wants.   He said his work at the car factory is his Gurdwara.  His gives the same respect to his boss as to his Satguru Baba Ji.  When  they call him after shift to see if he can do some extra urgent work he does it.   Baba ji said always remember that it is God on the other end of the phone and do seva.  Don’t say NO to the Hukam.

So Pritam Anand ji had had only one hour sleep after his shift, got the call, went to work again and swept the floors for 3 hrs just repeating SATNAAM SATNAAM.  Also said his kids and family are not his.  God is inside him and now God inside knows what is good for Pritam Anand Ji.  So God gave him a job, calls him to work all kinds of shifts and takes care of the kids.  And Pritam Anand Ji is just a sevadar of one and all.  He just aks for naam and seva.  He repeats Satnaam with evey screw he fits, with every sweep of the broom.  He makes every moment SAT.  Take care of the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves.  Make ecery moment SAT and your whole lifetime will become SAT.

Baba Ji advised “Everyday say

‘tera keea sabh kich ha    (Everything is YOUR doing)
mera keea kuch nahee’     (Nothing is done by ME)

about 20 times a day and ego will go.”

I just want ego and dubidha to finally be killed this week.  To love Baba ji and the Sant Sangat with a free and true and thankful heart.  Baba Ji said a thankful heart and a loving heart is needed for God to come and dwell there.

Love, compassion, tolerance, kindness, serenity are all good qualities.  Baba ji did dandauth for 7 yrs at Gurdwara.  He would always think of others first.  Eg If he bought one soap for home he would buy 2 soaps  for the Gurdwara Gianis.  He shined the floors with the broom, even with his beard.  He inspired the whole sangat to do langar the seva, and to clean the utensils accurately.  If they left a stain it represented a stain they left on their soul.  He inspired everyone to do seva and simran with PURE 100% SIMPLE LOVE.  If someone did chaur sahib seva (fly whisk) and someone else wanted to do it they should recognise God in that person and pass it over.  The ones who did not hand it over, who hogged it, were hogs inside.  Always grabbing everything, and that was what they needed to lose by doing seva.  

He said even before he knew what Naam Simran was he knew what love was.  When he got the Hukam, the command of God , he heard God’s voice saying ‘Do Naam Siman’.  That voice was sweeter than honey, more compassionate than a mothers voice.  It was the mother of all mothers.  It melted him 100%.  He become 100% compassion after that experience and totally detested all his former qualities.  That love drove him on to drive out all the selfish qualities.  The first 2 years were spent in just removing the sense of ME and MINE by serving everyone else, putting everyone else ahead of himself.  Even at the Fast Food Bar he ran he would give needy people free food.  He stopped running the business for profit and run just ran it as a service.  Everything was God’s.  He would put gold chains into the money box at the Gurdwara.  Everything was God’s and in return he knew God would give him everything.

Baba ji said now is his time to be quiet, to live a normal life.  He has given the duty of distributing gurprasadi naam Dassan Das ji (who can even give it over email now).  To sangat in India and Uk and it is carrying on now without him.  Baba Ji said there is no difference between him and Dassan Das ji – the Guru is the chela (disciple) and the chela is the Guru.  He has put Dassan Das Ji directly under Akal Purakh Ji’s hukam now.  He is no longer under the Satguru.  The Guru’s job is done.  Baba Ji has united him with Satnaam.  Now it is for him to become Satguru as well and unite others with Akal Purakh too.

Also Baba ji says God used to wake him at 12 am.  Now  God doesn’t.  God is saying to Baba Ji  you can enjoy life now as the service part is over.  Baba ji said now he can sit quitely and is just like a mirror.   Come and sit opposite him, and whatever you have come for in your heart you will get many times over without even one word being exchanged.   In the days of sangat, so much amrit used to flow, light , anhad vajay ,darshan etc.  Every word he spoke used to knock people back with a flood of amrit behind it (amrit bachan).   Baba ji can still do that but doesnt sit in meditation to make that happen now.   Ultimate is silence.  The greatest prayer is silence.  Mansarovar is silence, there is nothing but God in silence.  

Baba Ji talked about Lucid Dreaming.  Being fully awake in the dream world.   Lucid dreaming is when in a dream you realise you are in a dream.  Then you start controlling your actions in the dream world.  This happens to my cousin.  He used to have fear of sleeping in the dark.  In his dream he would be chased by something , he would realise that he was just in a dream.  Then he would stop running and ask for a sword to appear.  Or to become Superman and take control of the dream world.  Baba Ji said that dreamworld, is the same place you get to when you are in samadhi.   In samadhi you also try and stay awake in that world.  You can use your naam amrit to drive out all sicknesses from your body.  Baba Ji suggested for my cousin to say “Nanak” and he will find that Guru Nanak will appear,  say “ik oankar satnaam satnaam satnaam parbrahm sarnaee” and he can realise God there too.  He can ask to meet his dead brother’s spirit in that place.  He can ask to see anything from his own childhood  in that place.  HE can also can upon God by reciting “Agam agochar parbrahm soee jo jo kahay so muktay hoee,” and see what happems.

Baba ji is Supremely Compassionate (Param Dyaloo).  Underneath the reputation and the image cerated by the media and religious fanatics, Babaj ji is extremely compassionate.  He has true love for Akal Purakh – His Husband (Khasam).  He has experienced and sacrificed everything for that love.  At the Gurdwara for 7 yrs God woke him up at midnight and he went and woke the Gianis up to let him in.  He washed the dishes and cleaned the floors even with his beard sometimes. He made the best milk and almond hot drink for the gianis.  Served them all with love.  He dontated so much for the Gurdwara and Gianis and the sangat all out of love for God.  He gave the Gianis everything out of his pocket when they did kirtan.   Then God made him dance, intoxicated in the love of the Divine.  In that state he would continue for hours long after the sangat had gone.  In that state if there were 1000 people in the sangat he physically bowed 1000 times to each heart , to each Temple of God that had come.  That was his supreme love for Akal Purakh, Guru and Gur-sangat.  Many times the amritvela sangat would have gone, and he would still be dancing intoxicated on Naam.  Then a wedding would take place and no one would say anything to him (probably thinking he was guest from the other side and they wouldn’t want to offend a guest!).  So he joked that his pictures are in about 20 wedding albums!

Baba Ji explained that when the kirtan plays that is what happens.  God inside you, the child-like God inside you dances, enjoys, plays and loves all.  It is God inside the saints that is expressing Himself,  enjoying Himself.  God Himself is the musician, the music and the listener.  Experiencing Himself.   And what did the gianis and sangat do when they saw him intoxicated?  They laughed at him.  Every single day they accepted his seva and money and then laughed and slandered him.  But every morning Baba ji would go again with wide open arms, a broad smile, a loving heart and embrace them again as the beloved of his Guru.  He held no grudges.  He said he hugged everyone, he would have even hugged the women too but for cultural backwardness.  Baba Ji said greet people with open arms, hug them to the chest, make the hearts meet full of Satnaam love.

Nearing the end of the seven years everyone could see Baba Ji was truly blessed, super charged with pure Param Shakti (Supreme Power).  People used to gather around him in the langar asking and listening to Truth.  They even stopped eating langar just to listen to him.  In 21 days,  21 people where instantly enlightened (got the jyot inside).  People came especially to see Baba Ji.  Baba ji was so pure there was that much blessings and Amrit pouring out of his words (Amrit bachan).   No one would stay in the religious hall for the normal programme.  They bowed and ran to the langar where Baba Ji was doing seva and got them to do seva to.  The Gurdwara become spotless, the windows, dishes, floors, tables, carpets where all cleaned by love that Baba Ji had released in the sangat.   Baba Ji says that since the Committee told him to leave the Gurdwara it is covered with dirt and hardly anyone is doing seva.  And if they do it is without true love in their heart.

Once Baba ji brought 6 dozen beautiful bunches of flowers for the Guru.  He was so in love with Guru and sangat.  What did gianis do?  They threw his flowers away saying we only keep plastic flowers here.  Fake flowers for fake religious people.  And when people started listneing to him they threw him out of the Gurdwara.  People used to wonder if he was a Hindu or a Muslim – he had short hair and beard and covered it with a black bandana.  People also used to wonder about Baba Nanak ji too.  That is a true lover of God – one who breaks out of the religion.

When Baba ji talks about the sangat at his house, his face is so compassionate. About the sick, the weak, the possessed,, the depressed, all kinds of people that came to him and in each and every heart he saw God.  And being compassionate he healed them with the greatest gift to humanity : Gurprasadi Naam.   The ones who had dried up their chakras (sat sarovers), who had had shattered minds, who had only few months to live, who had cancer , who had nowhere else to go, who were old and weak and oppressed by their own family and society,  Baba ji blessed them all and just like guru Gobind singh Ji SatNaam made sparrows into hawks once again.  As they came more to the sangat they healed and healed and experienced God for themselves.  The same love that Baba ji had spread around to all the others.  The sangat was amazing – a flood of amrit gushed through and everyone used to become intoxicated.  Singing and dancing, smiling with true inner joy of Satnaam.

Baba Ji moved the sangat to a bigger farmhouse.  There was kirtan and katha every night, seven days a week.  People came and brought more people with them.  At the rate they were growing they would have emptied the Gurdwaras now that people had actually tasted the true essence of Satnaam and not the dead religion in the Gurdwara.  The religious and political people felt threated and stirred up hatred. A mob of 300 to 500 people came led by the panj piaray demanding the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji from Baba ji’s house.   When the mob came and attacked they grabbed the throats of the 80 yr old women who sat on a sofa.  The same old woman they wouldn’t let in the gurdwara because wheelchairs are not allowed.  They threatened the kids, the same ones they tell to be quiet at the Gurdwaras because they cant see God in them.  They stole the Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the name of the punj piaray.  The house of nanak attacked the very sants that Baba Nanak kissed the feet of 500 years ago.  And in God’s court – dargah – the original panj piara had there faces blackened and beards cut in half.    The handful of sangat that were there new the religious ones were coming and had prepared tea and biscuits for them, they even did dandauth to the panj piaray when they arrived.  They had no idea of the violence that would follow. 

When Baba ji talks of the broken hearted and the poor, his face is full of compassion and love.  It will be the closest I will get to seeing the face of God on this Earth.  When he talks of the Gurdwaras who do nothing for the poor and weak other than laugh and throw them out, he becomes passionate and loud in his condemnation of them.   But it would be wrong to think he is angry or bitter.  It is nothing less than Baba Nanak’s heart who spoke out against the same thing in Hinduism and Islam at his time.  And Jesus who overturned the moneylenders tables in the Synagogue.    Baba Ji said God sends the bhagats to clean up their own religion first, before moving onto the rest of the world.

All the actions of the bhagat come from knowing true love for of God one on one.  Knowing God resides in the heart of the poor, the sick, the weak and not in the Temples, Mosques and Gurdwaras.    His whole mission was of compassion and love and that is what the Sikh mob attacked and put an end to.   They did it in the name of Guru Gobind Singh and at that moment God’s light was withdrawn from the 11 most importantl Sikh religous places.  And without God’s light blessings, those places will now destroy themselves in this Dark Age.   Baba ji said people say that God resides in the Gurdwara  sangat.  But that sangat has lost to the 5 thieves, and God is not in a book or in the music, so where do you find God in a Gurdwara?    Only in the sant.  But now they throw the sants out, so where else could God be? Have you noticed when Kirtan starts the children start dancing, playing, enjoying and smiling? That is God.  And what do the elders do?  Tell them off – how blind they are.

I told Baba Ji my cousin as a teenager came home happy and smiling and showed his mum his fantastic grades.  The first thing she said was “Go upstair and mutha tek to Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.”   He remembers how disappointed he felt.  He had only wanted a hug.

Baba Ji said that she hadn’t been able to see God standing infront of her in the child.  She had been taught incorrectly that God was in the Holy Scriptures.  God’s temple is the human heart.  That is where God dwells.

Baba ji shared alot of gian with us.  Sometimes speaking slowly, sometimes paassionately, sometimes in the car,  sometimes over dinner or even going for walk.  And every time the divine knowledge is dhan dhan dhan.  Baba ji said, “So what if the sangat has gone now? The religious ones and those poiticians think they have won, but don’t understand that my sangat is in the 14 worlds!”

He drives all day to wherever God takes him.  To cemetaries where he releases hundreds of souls just by walking past.  And now they’re not sucking the positivity any more, that town will become prosperous again – green again.   He drives around forests and nature and the trees give him Amrit.  He can draw Amrit from everywhere, especially nature.  Amrit natuarally collects at the tops of pyramid shapes.  That is why a lot of temples are on top of mountains in nature.

Wed 24 Mar


Cried and cried in vairag while istening to shabad 

 ‘ma gareeb sach tek too mera satguru poora’. 

You are the True Support of me, the poor mortal, O my Perfect True Guru.
Gazing upon the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, my mind is encouraged.
SGGS 398

Baba ji was so compassionate, giving to others always and forever. What a fool the world is and I am to have judged. Baba ji said the real vairag is not just crying on hearing a shabad, but when you are so in love with God and nature, that you run with outreached hand to stop a raindrop shattering on the ground. That is real vairag.

Pritam Anand ji said he also gets tear in his eye when he talks of   Baba Ji, same reason.

Pritam Anand ji got a new job with kirpa on the assembly line.  People at work love him, gets their early and leaves 3 hrs late if needed.  He never says no to any requests.  Treats all as God calling him.

“Har rasna meh bolay ram”

Always smiling.  He told one lady just enjoy every moment , its as easy as that.  Another guy coughing due to smoking. Pritam Anand ji told him doesnt he read the pack warning.  He said “no”. Pritam Anand ji said people have the same problem with the holy books.  Everyone reads no-one listens.  Same with smoking.  You read warning,  ignore it.  Get sick and die.  Now the guy is down to 1 pack a day from 4.

Baba ji said if you work overtime then dont say “I did it”.  Don’t get proud of it like you did the company a favour and the owe you.  Just say “ did nothing,  I am nothing.  God did it.  God is everything.”

Pritam Anand ji is dhan dhan. 


Rest of Week


Went for a walk with Baba ji.  Talked about the whole of creation being run on sexual energy.  In the sense that evolution is the major driving factor for every species.  To reproduce, to keep their genes going and improving.  That is God in nature.  He joked that in the eyes of a brahmgiani it is all one Supreme orgy!!  Everything reproducing at every instant – creating new life.  It is how evoluton is done.  It is the Creator in actrion.    Tantric Yoga was done by Sikhs before.  Now being revived by Yogi Bhajan, even though orthodox Sikhs and Punjabi culture treat sex as a taboo subject and drive it underground.  Wereas on the spiritual path you have to conquor the mind including attitudes towards sex and sexuality.  When you are absorbed in naam then sexual energy is heightened.  Your body and mind are so in tune with nature,  with music and with divinity in all things at all times in all places.  You stop seeing sex as dirty and see God ineverything.  And realise that it is God in a man and God in a woman and it is God experiencing Himslef in the creation and in the act of pro-creation.  It is all union with the divine.   Even masturbation is just God playing with himself.  Finding out what the body can do – nothing wrong with it.  It creates a lot of guilt in young people, and it is actually the guilt that causes duality – stops you seeing God in everything with Ek Drisht.  The duality keeps you away from God. 

Celibate Yogis and Monks say they are preserving energy from going down the spine in sex are wrong.  It is true there energy may more concentrated.  But ultimately God’s will is the only thing that will give you union with Him.  Simple love overrules any acts of celibacy.  God makes the energy go up when he wants it to.  Plus energy is always going up and down the spine, so its pointless thinking you have any control over it – God is beyond our control.  We are His puppets.  His grace will save us, not our efforts.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Guru HarGobind ji had 3 wives one of whom was a Muslim. Guru Har Rai Ji had two wives.  Most of the other Gurus had one wife and Guru HarKrishan wasn’t married.  So just in the house of Nanak we have so many different combinations.  There’s no point comparing two Brahmgianis.  God makes everything different.  God is always experimenting.  Testing new ways and combinations.    A Muslim can have four wives.  But in Africa woman can have four husbands.  And even in one tribe, a woman get married and chooses a lover at the same time.  God is doing it all.  The reason no one had Baba ji’s hukam to be with shotee Mata ji is that God is doing something new yet again.  Its all under Hukam.   It is not for women or money or control. Women and money may have brought down many politicians and holy people, but it definitely is not Baba Ji’s weakness.  His mind has been 100% conquored.  Everything he has done is just to obey the Hukam.

I asked Baba Ji some topical questions, saying this is the kind of things that students want to know. 

Baba ji said using contraception is OK.  God made it for people to use – its all under hukam

Middle-East crisis and other wars may seem like very complicated affairs between many countries.  But it all boils down to just individuals playing out their karams.  One soul returning/taking what they owe another soul from past lives.  And creating new karams to be equalled out in future lives.

Homesexuality is another way of God constantly experimenting with something different.  There is homsexuality in nature as well.   It is all God’s play , nothing is good or bad, it is all God.  “kis noo kahee nanaka sabh kich apaa aap … what can Nanak say to anyone?  It is all God doing everything Himself.”  Once again it just boils down to two souls playing out their karma. In the last life they may have been husband and wife and in this life they are same sex couple.  But they have to finish off their karma with each other.  Regardless of married couple, unmarried couple or same sex couple, the only true relationship is of the heart.  God resides in the heart.  God is love.  And the thing that overrules our planning, morality and ethics is DESTINY.   Destiny overrules everything – the dues we owe to other souls overrules everything.  That is important.

Euthanasia is OK if that person is unable to do Naam Simran and it releases someone out of exteme pain.  That is a merciful act, a parupkar.  Parupkar – thinking of others before thinking of yourself is important.

Suicide gets a soul trapped in between worlds.  That person’s soul is troubled in this body, and on killing the body the soul is still troubled.   Suicide attempts will fail if God does not allow your early death.  But if you want to commit suicide and God accepts your request  He will let you succeed.  But then your soul has to face the spritual  consequences.

Is all sex an act of lust?  Baba Ji said remember spontaneous acts are God.  Pre-planned acts are a result of desire.   Sex for desire, for craving sex is lust.  And sex on demand eg sex every Friday is also lust. If sex just happens without you desiring it or planning it then that is God’s Hukam. 

In nature there is no marriage ceremony.  In nature the act of male entering female is the marriage.  That is as simple as God is.  Creating a new life is done in the sexual union.  That is the temple of God.    Man has built rituals and ceremonies around the sexual union for his own benefits.  Mainly to ensure that the parents make a commitment to bring up the children.  So this commitment is re-inforced by the law and by the religion.  It is a way of controlling people.  Nowadays many people chose not to marry as they do not want to be controlled by the state or by the religion.   The hymns sung at the Sikh wedding ceremony are actually all about the marriage of the bhagat (female) to God (male). It is a spiritual marriage.  For most Sikh couples their marriage ceremony is just to get them to commit to each other under the pressure of society , law and religion.   They hear the hymns but there spiritual marriage is not performed and they never strive to achieve the TRUE MARRIAGE with God.  Their marriage is false.

If God gave Baba ji a wish, he said he would destrroy all religions. Destroy all symbols and ceremonies. The true religion is Satnaam and compassion to others.  Everything else in the name of religion is false.  Once a couple came to Baba ji.  One was a Budhist and the other a Christian. They loved each other, but had problems due to their differing beliefs.  Baba ji gave them both Gurprasadi Naam and told them “I dont want either one of you to convert.  You now have Satnaam.  I will guide you to Jesus and God.  You just carry on doing seva.  And remember that rituals ansd ceremonies are no big deal.  All religions are the same.  It is only Satnaam that is important and to give daswand.”

Then they understood that it didn’t matter about their external rules and regulations, symbols and ceremonies.  Only Naam Simran mattered and acts of compaassion.  The Christian wanted to give his Daswand to Baba ji.  But Baba Ji told him to carry on giving it were he was already giving it i.e. a children’s orphanage in Sri Lanka.

This is why Baba Ji is so passionate about destroying all symbols and ceremonies.  They just divide people. Wereas Naam unites people.  Naam is on the inside.  We are all the same on the inside.  Its just external ceremonies and beliefs that cause religious pride, arrogance, spearation, war and violence.

Only have fear of having any fear.  Just by having the word fear in your mind creates fear in you!

Dont talk of any country, land or division with pride. Forget all about past traditions, past lands, ancestors and so on. You may get born again there for your attachment to it.  The whole Earth is one. Where you are standing right now is your temple…dharti dharmsal.  Do good deeds right here. Make that place better, that is where God put you to serve.

Only ask sants for naam. If they dont give it then they are not a sant.  Naam is all a sant has to give.  “Sant Japavaay Naam.”


Three things to do :

1.        heart in love

2.        body in service

3.        mind in peace with no desires.

People are looking for peace of mind, but can never find it because they dont give up their desires.  They follow their desires thinking it will give peace.  But gurbani says “Sukh Rog” – asking for Pleasures gets you Diseases.    And a sant asks for Dukh, he asks to drink the sorrows of everyone around him. “Dukh Daru” – Pain is the remedy.   Dassan Das Ji said that he goes to the Gurdwara and everyone’s Dukh’s start comin to him.  Like  a electomagnet attracting everything.  Then his Satnaam simran goes into overdrive and burns away all the negativity. And he takes the dukh on his own body as a skin blemish.

Baba ji spent the first 2 yrs of bhagati just erasing “me and mine.”  He called it “Nothingness living”, meaning he had  no desires.  Not even the desire for God.  Just one simple request “Parbrahm sarnaeee” – the Shelter of the Supreme Lord.

When Baba ji had the hukam to start doing Naam Simran he totally detested himself compared to the sweetest voice of God he had heard.  He changed each of his own characteristics in samadhi.  He used to be an aggressive person, now he is total compassion.   These qualities can only be changed when you go into samadhi – in the dream world.   And God’s bride is called the bride with 32 qualities.  32 pearls strung on her necklace eg forgiveness, kindness, humility.  So count how many virtues you have collected on your necklace.  Thats how to measure your progress

Baba Ji said that external uniform eg 5Ks is only a trap.  You take Sikh initiation in ego, get the 5Ks and come out with super-inflated ego that you are now something.  Instead of wrapping your body up in turbans, waistbands,  kacchera knots and long gowns,  wrap up your ego.  Baba Ji said the bana should only be given to someone when they have completely killed their ego – when they are Brahmgiani.  And then the bana would have some worth, because it would identify a true brahmgiani.


forgive our mistakes.

baba ji gave so much gian all week, the above is just a small snippet.

dust of the gursangats feet