Diary Of Visit To Satguru Ji  Oct 2004


Preeto’s STORY:
ik oankar satnaam gurprasad||


SK , MK and myself were blessed to spend a week with the Gur Sangat in Canada and USA a few weeks ago.  I said to MK as I had said to SK last time we went,  "you will never forget this week for the rest of your life’.  I was very excited for MK bhenjee as she is a true bairagi – thirsty soul – and Gods grace has rained down upon her over the last three months since she was blessed with the priceless diamond Gurprasadi Naam.


When we got to Baba Ji’s house (although he says this is not the real house – that is inside your heart, this physical house is just a resting place and belongs to the sangat to come and go), Sant Amrik ji came running out and did dandauth bandanato us on the oustide lawn without a care for what anyone else would think.  We did the same.  "aaiaa mil gursikh aai mil, thoo meray guru keh pyaraa…come and meet, come and meet the Guru’s sikhs – they are my Guru’s beloved".


Baba ji met us at the doorway and also bowed down to us.  We were not worthy of that, we had come to get the sight of those true saints and to press our foreheads a their feet, and didnt expect it the othe way around.  They are truly humle souls , lowest of the low in this world- highest of the high in God’s court .."eeha kaa neecha dargah ka ooch."


The highilights of the week for me was :


a) on sunday was the weekly Gur-Sangat at baba ji’s house.  Baba Ji talked about God …ha keea katha kahanee gur meet sunaayaa …"my friend the Guru tells me about the Lord".    Then the sangat started going into smadhi and various positions (asans) as God’s loving prescence overtook them (amrit naam).  Baba Ji started whispering, saying "He (God) is here"  and that silence – pin drop silence was HIS sign.  And in that pin-drop silence as everyone was I smadhi, Baba ji said that this type of meditation is called "ZEN" (meaning being totally aware of God right her right now inside you ..ghat ghat vaasee sarab nivaasee, prabh neray theh neraa…HE is in each and every heart, He is All-Pervading, He is closer than close).  Baba Ji explained that God’s prescence – the absolute SILENCE – that the Gur Sangat experiencd was what people called "THE TAO".  And Baba Ji said that channeling that energy (the amrit) around the body , was a one-to-one experience with God.  And thats what TAI-CHEE was all about – experiencing God one-on-one.


..we have this filmed and it is on the DVD we will send to the sangat.


b)  Guddi Aunty ji had been to the hospital the night before with severe heart/chest pains.  Baba Ji told her in the Gur-Sangat that as soon as he knew she was in pain he allococated ‘sants’ (astral bodies of saints) to protect her.  He said that she should have felt calm and cool after that.  That is how the Satguru takes his Sikh’s pains.   Guddi Aunty ji pressed her palms together humbly and said that it was true, it did happen like that, and she felt like there is absolutely nothing wrong with her.   (Baba ji still stressed importance of healthy diet and doing excercise though!!)


c)  SK and MK ji also went into deep meditation.   And Badi Mata ji was hugging Gudi Aunty ji with joy. And they were girating in big circles.  As they did so MK ji said she could feel ‘energy’ swirling around the room.  Baba Ji also explained that that pulsing energy is God.   The natural rhythm of the lifeforce.


d) Finally I put the video camera down and thought I better do some meditation too!   And had a feeling to massage the Guru’s feet.  As I kneeled and touched baba ji’s feet, he humbly smiled and said ‘Hey God is inside you, you can massage your own feet – that is massaging God’s feet!’.  And I replied ‘that’s what I do in England!  Massage thse feet with the intention of massaging the Guru’s feet .tan man dhan sabh saup gur kao …sacrifice mind, body and soul to the Guru.’
They all laughed.  AS we massaged baba ji’s feet and did simran, I could feel amrit (like tinglingn warm electricity current)  going up my hans, forearms and upper arms.  It was amazing.  Baba ji was overflowing with amrit.  Now I could understand why gurbani stresses time and time again to massage the feet of the saints …God humbly sits under them!!   When I came away I said to SK bhenjee to do it too and she also was intoxicated.  We mentioned to nambir bhenjee too, but she wasnt ready as I guess these things are quite weird to watch and to understand.  but gurbani says it . so we do it.   Later in the week MK ji asked baba ji what the different asans meant.  He asked her to sit infront of him, and put one hand up like guru nanak asan and said’this means by the order of God’  and the other hand was above his lap palm up to the celinling, fingers pointing to MK. “I deliver”. And MK ji felt a river of amrit flowing into her – she said it was aloving feeling that she didn’t want to stop, and she put her head on baba ji’s lap when he stopped – like a child and father.


e) Sant AMrik ji also did dandauth to baba ji and pressed baba ji’s sole on to his third eye and I could see that same amrit must have been flowing into Amrik ji too.


f) other highlights in the week were when went to the cottage by the lake.  It was really peaceful and quiet, we walked along the beach listening to the waves.  Badi Mata ji showed SK how to absorb the amrit (Gods energy in nature) from the sea.  As they did so I could see them physically getting knocked backwards.  IT was really amazing.  Badi Mata ji said you culd take the amrit from the sea and it could make you ice cold.  So to protect yourself from the cold she showed SK how to make an invisible blanket/shield of energy around her to stay warm.       SK was sensitive enough to instantly expereince all this – Guru’s grace.   A simsilar thng happened at Niagra falls a few days later.   Baba ji said who would like some amrit.  So I ut my hand up,   and baba ji closed his eyes, his body physically toppled slightly back as he filled with amrit from Niagra, and with his hand directed towards us sent it over.  SK also toppled backwards.  SK said its really weird, she could feel amrit energy rising from her feet up her body and as it filled her top half it would push the body back.


g) inside the cottage we had pizza and a laugh.  This was my favourite moment of the whole week.  It was really great, in nature, in a wooden pine cottage, bright light coming in through the windows.  In the sangat of these great souls.    As we sat down and listened to baba ji his gaze suddenly focused upon MK bhenjee.  Like he was talking only to her.   As Baba ji spoke his words became like magnets hooking everyone into them, and baba ji suddenly gave an example of being attached to a blouse.  And MK replied .. I was just thinking of a blouse I really wanted before I came to Canada.   Everyone started laughing.  Baba ji exlplained that the longer he had carried on talking to her the more and more and more he would have been tuned into her mind , speaking only what she needed to know.    MK ji had a message to call home to the UK so when she got off the phone she was very upset.   Her family had been negative towrds her taking her turban off before going and she was disheartened by them.   Baba ji started speaking quite aggressively against people stuck in religion.  As he spoke, it would have seemed to an outsider this an angry man.    But as Baba ji spoke the sant sangat started going into smadhi, and asans.   MK ji went into her first deep smadhi – her firt union with God.  Badi Mata ji was holding her hand , like a big bucket of amrit overflowing into the little bucket next to it.   MK ji experinced asans all that week and when we came back to the uk and incredible- almost unbearable amount of amri- Gods prescnce inside her after that.   Dassan Dass ji said all MK ji’s doorways had been opened by God’s grace thru the sant’s kindness.   Baba Ji started whispereing again and said He is HERE – silence has come – see what happens when you speak pure unadulterated Truth, then the True One comes.   (What seemed like baba ji speaking harshly against religion, was pure Truth and pleased God.   Sukhmani sahib says that God sits on the tongue of a brahmginai..and we saw it for real here.)


h) one morning Shotie mata ji went into smadhi with arms outstretched as baba ji spoke Truth again.  As she went into smadhi we were all in abolute awe when she started singin the most beautiful love song to God ever heard by me.   IT was so captivating.  Baba ji always says tha Shotie mata ji is the nightingale.  And explained God inside her was yearning for God in the ssong.  Baba ji said that was how the bani came to the Gurus and the bhagats and were compiled in Guru Granth Sahib  Ji.    Shotie Mata ji explained that when she is in smadhi there is pure light of God inside her third eye, and her arms go into whatever psotion she gets the slightest feeling to put them into.  She said its important to listen to your feelings when m,editating and to do what the feelings are saysin ..maybe to put hads in certainfn positin, maybe to put hands o n person next to you.  That is listening to God inside you.  The more in tune you get with it, the happier God is with you that you are following the inner HUKAM.  when she used to resist it, she found she couldnt move.   Shotte Mata ji said she never knew that song she just sung in smadhi, she said the words kept pouring into her, and she kept singing them.  There were more and more words coming when she stopped.   (We have also recorded this on the DVD).


i) just before mata ji was singin, I was sitting at baba ji;s feet massaging them again doing simran focusing on the third eye, mata ji put her hand on my back, and I could feel alot of heat, amrit and light in my head.  SK whop was filming said she could see me glowing.


j) one day we spent an afternoon with roma ji and sant surinder ji in USA.   The room we were in became a heaven.  Roma ji and Shotie mata ji went into supreme bliss smadhi – sat hit anand.  Dassan Dass ji was smiling throughout, Ic oudl feel my whole body fillwing with waves of amrit as I sat opposite him . Dassan Dass ji said God is continously flowing a river of amrit thorugh him, and he can direct it to another person by focusin his third eyte on them.  SK and MK were totally intoxicated in Dassan Dass ji’s prescence.  SK could hardly walk- like a drunken man after sitting next to Dassan Dass ji.   At the end Dassan Dass ji blessed MK bhenjee so much, he put both his palms on top of her head, like a father to his child, and blessed her eternally.  MK ji said afterwards she felt waves of amrit rushing down her body.


These are just some of the magic moments of our visit to Gur Sangat.  Memories we will never forget.  We are forever indebted to Satnaam Sat Raam Das Sant Satguru and Sant Sangat foerver and always.


All the recordings made of the week are on MP3, and the DVDs will be ready soon.


Please take time to go thru all the knoweldge.


This Guru GRanth Sahib Ji in reality happening infront of your eyes, just as it was at the times of the Gurus and the Bhagats.


God is right here right now and not in the history books.


dust of your feet


A week with the satguru, the pure guru, the wonderous guru, dhan dhan pura guru, so blessed was this soul to meet the blessed sangat again.  This is just to share a few thoughts and experiences with the sad sangat about the blessed meeting with the true sangat.


I cannot believe how lucky we have been. God has been so graceful, there was so much amrit flowing from the true devotees, we learnt so much,so this will just touch on some of the things learnt from this week.


On one of the days we went to a cottage.  Badi mata ji did a standing meditation with us by the open water. She taught us how to absorb amrit from the water, let this body be bathed in it let it wash you.  It was so amazing waves of the sea causing waves of amrit through me, so much energy you have to stop yourself falling backwards. The realisation that Gods energy in the sea is the same energy running through this body.


On one of the final days we were blessed with the beloved darshan of Dassan Dass ji, Bibi Roma ji, Baba ji and Shoti Mata ji. This sangat is so great. The experiences felt have never been felt before. Pure amrit pure intoxication, drunk with the love of God and his beloved true bhagats. This is what it means to be intoxicated with naam. Surinder singh, Dassan Dass ji, pura satguru – amazing and joyful- what kirpa you have.!!!  how great is Dassan Dass ji he was a bubling pot of amrit, flowing ,overflowing, bursting, exploding, the room was full of love. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, just felt so much energy inside. Did not feel worthy of sitting in the presence of such special people. These souls are so great we are just so not worthy. We can only look at your feet as you are so blessed, you have so much kirpa. We have not done enough bhagthi to be sittin in your prsence.  We are not even worthy of looking at you you are all so great. I cant believe the grace God has given to us to be with you all in that motel room.   Something your humble servent will forever feel grateful for. The beat in this heart while it was holding on to your charan was bliss.  May we never leave your charan. Thank you so much for experiences beyond words. Thankyou for sad sangat.


Dassan Dass ji told me to wrote down anything that comes to me, let it flow on the paper.  So on the way home I wrote the following. It was just some thoughts that came and I just kept writng it down:::




You have given me so much peace,
Satnaam inside, love is alive,
I don’t know why God has blessed this paapi!
To get your sangat was all by guru’s grace,
So much grace showering – this mere soul doesn’t deserve,


I can’t thank akal enough for the experience he has shown,
The true sangat are ace – I love you all
May my head remain at your feet,
Your hands on this head,
Forever amrit flow.


May this body be blessed with your kirpa,
To be used as a tool for Gods work,
Take me where you want me to go,
Just like you brought this mere soul to sangat,
Take it and live it wherever it needs to be,


This body doesn’t need anything but your naam,
Whatever you give is brilliant,
And what you have given is amazing,
More than I could ever imagine,
Please don’t let this feeling die,
Live forever in this heart,


Do your own bhagti, through this body,
The way you want it to be done,
You are amazing,


The dust of your feet tastes so good,
May this soul be showered in your charan dhoor,
may this heart beating amrit never stop,
I have found my true love


Thank you, thank you, thank you


Since we have been back in England, the sangat that we do has been getting more and more powerful.  I can’t believe we have been so fortunate.  Baba Ji has taught us to unite with everyone around.  We went to a Sai Baba event which had a mixture of different faiths praising the one lord.  Before coming in to this sangat, I may not have even attended this event.  If I had attended I would not have appreciated the different chanting and hymns.  Baba ji has opened my eyes.  I always read and preached that there is only one God and we are the same.  This weekend I felt it.  I experienced so much amrit coming through hymns, buddhist chanting, and bhajans. All thanks to baba ji that I am now able to appreciate God in everything and everyone.  We are all so lucky to have the sangat in our lives.
dandaot to everyone.  May my head remain at your charan.


satnaam ji ka khalsa, satnaam ji ki fateh.

MK’s story
its done. my diary of canada.


satnaam ji. dandoth bandana.

24th October 2004

Today I met the Sat Sangat of Canada for the first time and it was great, I felt so good, I’m still in high spirits. The Sangat here is the embodiment of bliss, love and truth.
I was expecting yesterday to go into smadhi as soon as I sat in Baba Ji Sangat but I was disappointed that nothing happened, plus I was jet lagged.

But today with the whole Sangat present there was a whole new atmosphere,
amrit was pumping, I will never forget this.  Slowly everyone went into smadhi. Badi Mata ji placed her hands on my forehead, amrit pulsated from her hand for a very long time. I felt so much love and peace. I done dandoth to her and didn’t want to get up, though she held my shoulders and helped me up. She hugged me and it was full of sacha pyaar (true love).

Baba Ji sent so much amrit into the Sangat hirda. I felt all tingly when he
said to me ˜my heart is your heart’ I didn’t expect to care so much when
he said that seeing as I hadn’t even known him for more than 24 hours.

The Sangat here is overflowing with amrit, I can’t describe half the time
what’s going on, you just have to sit in the presence and be transported
somewhere else. Pritam Anand Jis face is always shining, and it’s amazing how he loves.  .

25th October 2004

Jin chakhia, tis janiya (3.51am). As soon as I woke up and this thukh came
to me, sleep ran away.

We did yoga and meditation, it was really good. Then we sat with Baba Ji at
breakfast. After eating Baba Ji was talking and slowly without realising our
eyes just closed. Then Baba Ji started whispering ˜he’s here, God is here,
silence has fallen’ then he explained that silence is the trademark of God,
where there is silence God is present. Shoti Mata ji started singing a
really sad Punjabi song one she didn’t even know. She was overcome with
emotions of bairaag, unfortunately she couldn’t finish the song because she
was so taken aback with bairaag, but as soon as she finished the Sangat
arrived we were gonna go to a cottage Baba Ji had bought.

Harjit paji told me after wards that Baba Ji caught a sooraj (spiritual sun) and sent it to
me hirda. I felt warmth there the entire day.

Near the cottage was a lake where I collected a few shells, amrik ji and
amarjit ji collected a whole load of shells!!

At the cottage we had real tasty pizza. I called mum from Baba Ji’s phone
and after coming off the phone I felt sad, from what mum had told me. Then
Baba Ji and Badi mata ji started giving me advice on when someone slanders
you to just bow to them or say sada sukhi raho (remain happy forever). Keep
calm and humble and fill yourself with daya (compassion). It’s their
expectation that gives them dukh.

I don’t know what happened next, but I felt like I couldn’t keep my eyes
open. Badi mata ji then took my hand and put me in an aasan, though I
didn’t know she did (Harjit paji told me afterwards). Whilst this was
happening I felt amrit energy oozing from everyone in every direction,
everything was pure and beautiful.

When we got home at about 6 we chilled out. SK, Shoti Mata ji and I done
kirtan, it was bliss. Wow when Shoti Mata ji done kirtan, it was beautiful,
she has a really nice voice not just that, there’s something about the way
she sings maybe it’s the bairaag you can feel from it.

The entire day everything Baba Ji said it felt like it was directed at me.
Last night I went to bed with many questions and doubts. I’m guessing he
got the low down from God and put me straight. All my thoughts and
questions were voiced and explained.

Canada is really picturesque during autumn the maple tree leaves turn into
this beautiful ruby red colour.

26th October 2004

Today we’re going to Niagara Falls (wohoo!!). Everyone warmed me yesterday
that when I return to England I will have to face a lot of dukh, criticism,
slandering and hatred. I hope by the end of the week I’m so dosed on amrit
I will be able to take on anything (pow).

Baba Ji’s words are brilliant. Their like a slap on the face and a pat on
the back all at the same time. When the Sangat is together I go into smadhi
almost instantly.

Wednesday 27th October 2004

We stayed last night at Badi mata ji’s house. It was good to get the chance
to listen to her gyaan, plus she gave us cheesecake (yummy in my tummy).

Today we went to Tarlochan aunty ji’s house. She’s such a jolly person,
with a really strong character.

Whilst sitting in Sangat today I could feel myself going into an aasan, but
not like before. This time I knew something was happening. It’s like you
can feel this external power pulling your arms up. Inside I felt so much
warmth and light. I then felt like bowing to the person next to me, but I
didn’t, I felt uncomfortable doing it. Baba Ji told us that whenever you
feel like doing something, that is actually the hukam given to you by Akaal
Purakh inside, so if you don’t do it you’re going against Satnaam ji’s
wishes (naughty). You should stop being conscious of people around you and
just please the God within. This was the same advice Dassan Dass ji gave me when I
wasn’t sure if I should take off my dastaar.

I’ll be sad leaving the Sangat here. Shoti mata ji said that this week is
like a lesson, a really intense lesson, but when I leave the exams will
begin and I will have to apply everything I’ve learnt from the lessons.

In the Sangat here Satnaam ji is ever present. You can directly experience
his presence and pulsating amrit. It feels like a dream being here because
it’s too good to be true. The entire Sangat is so honest, sharing,
understanding. They’re full of love; they don’t hide anything, nothing to
feel guilty about, with no hidden agenda. What you see is what you get.

I wanted to know what each aasan means, so Baba Ji was explaining this. He
went into one and then told me to come and sit in front of him. I hesitated
but then went and sat in front of him, not expecting to feel anything. It
was shocking! But his hand was facing towards my hirda and I could actually
feel amrit waves or something like that, coming out of him hand, for real!
I was shocked and told him I could sit there the entire day absorbing it
in. Is all real!

28th October 2004

Today we’re going to meet Dassan Dass ji and Roma ji,

Meeting Dassan Dass ji for the first time physically was like meeting a family
member for the first time, familiar yet you don’t know what to expect. Both
Dassan Dass ji and Roma ji knew what I looked like without ever seeing me before.
As soon as I sat down he placed his hand on my hand, as a father does to
give his daughter blessings. I felt rhythmic amrit waves travelling from
his palm into my head, down my body, to my toes.

Dassan Dass ji is dripping with amrit, that I think he can’t contain it because he
was oozing with it and he happily said we can take some from him whenever
we want because he has so much (I found that funny).

SK ji is very sensitive to amrit, meaning she feels it a lot and gets
intoxicated by it easily. Whilst sitting in Dassan Dass ji’s Sangat she
immediately got knocked out. We spent the whole day together listening to
gyaan and getting blissed out. Wow I never thought this could ever happen
to me. Expect the unexpected. Roma ji was crying a lot, she was sad about
stuff, then later on whilst listening to Baba Ji give her advice, blessings
and strength she got happy and stopped crying. Her and Shoti mata ji went
into smadhi, she started shouting SatNaam. Then she hugged Shoti mata ji
and they were in deep smadhi. Later on Roma ji started laughing in an
incontrollable way. It was so unusual in comparison to how she was crying
earlier. I felt sad saying good bye to her, I could tell the Sangat meant a
lot to her, she really needed it.

Earlier SK I was talking about earrings as girls do. I said I will buy
earring when I get to England as a joke. In the evening after coming back
from Michigan we went to Gudi aunty ji’s house, though we didn’t sit cos it
was late, we picked up food she made and gave us gifts. SK had been
looking for a particular candle holder for 6 months which she first saw in
gudi aunty ji’s house, she hadn’t told Gudi aunty ji that she like that
candle holder. Gudi aunty ji gave SK ji the candle holder she’d been
looking for. I got earrings. It was wow. Harjit paji explained that
everyone is connected in the Maansarovar and that’s how she knew. All I got
to say to that is WHOA and now I’m humming the x-file theme song.

Friday 29th October 2004-

At the airport now. I didn’t enjoy the saying good bye. I’ve never been
good at it. Plus I had been pushing the idea of it the entire week. Being
in their Sangat is the closest thing to knowing what its like to be in Sach

I’m glad I came here. All my doubts have dispelled. The Satnaam parivaar (Family) on this side of the world is dhan, dhan.

A bit of gyaan from Baba Ji:

With every positive action there is a negative reaction.

In Maya love is judgemental. In bhagti its dedication, selfless, faith, deepening all the time.

True Naam – Sat Naam – is the tool to bust the third eye.

Mind and soul are one.

When you say you’re doing bhagti it will be hard, but when you say
˜apni bhagti aap karo ji’ then it will be easy.

Desire is like your own will, when you exert it you get pain because
your going against God- “Meri math thori Raam..my wisdom is limited Lord.”
God is light, true word of the mind and love of the heart not symbols, books and places of worship.


12 Dec 04


Ik Oankar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad

Guru Key Pyareo Bhagto Ji:

Kottan Kot Dandaut Parvaan Karna Ji

This is the SAT KI AKATH KATHA (Discourse of the Undescribaly Truth- God), which can’t be understood without experiencing it and MK Ji was and is under the continuous eternal blessings of the Gur Parsaad, and with this Gur Parsaad all her
Bajjar Kappaats were opened after her arrival in Canada.  All of her doubts, delusions and illusions were dispelled as soon as she met the SAT in person, that is right the Puran SAT, this is the Puran SAT that is the Puran Guru and His Sangat is the SAT Sangat, the true eternal Sat Sangat.


The Ek Boond Amrit went right in to her Trikuti and she went in to Smadhi, Naam went in to her Surat as soon as her questions were answered without asking for. This is what happens when one meets with true devotion and love with the Puran Guru – Satguru.

There have been so many such stories over here but Maya tokk her toll on each one of them, they could not sustain the attack of Maya and lost the battle, but you are all Dhan Dhan and please always and we say always remain on the alert for the attacks of Maya, you never know when and in what form it is going to attack you too, SEVA(service)  and SAMBHALTA (preservation) – of the Amrit is very important, keep your trust, faith,  commitment and belief enhancing by the minute and we promise you all will get through the tough tests of Maya.

We are very thankful to the Gur and Guru for their unlimited eternal blessings on all of us and we should continue to be thankful and do so with every breath of ours for this Gur Parsaad of Naam Bandgi and Seva.

Dassan Dass