Tue 10 Aug, 2010

Am so thankful to Baba ji, Pritam Anand Ji and Mata Ji for all of their kindness.  Pritam Anand ji brought a baby rabbit that just about sat in his hand from the garden and asked Baba ji to bless it.  He was so excited, just like a child.  So innocent and kind towards the baby rabbit, the qualities of God Himself.  He treated that baby rabbit like it was the most precious and beautiful thing in God’s creation.  He was just thinking of good for the rabbit, for it to be blessed by Baba ji and nothing about possessing it for himself. 



L ji, his wife, suggested keeping it as a pet.  But he said, “no ji, it has the right to freedom and also it has attachment to its mother who is waiting for it outside.  Its not right for us to possess it for ourself.”


Pritam Anand ji mentioned that when L ji had arrived from Vietnam, she, like all good housewives, wanted a clean house, so was busy splatting flies with the fly swatter. When Pritam Anand saw what she was doing, he stopped her right away saying with a loving smile, “No L ji, how would you like to be zapped?  Zap! Zap! Zap! Just open a window and release it, and just keep food covered if that’s what you are worried about.  Don’t kill unneccesarily, always think about your deeds.”


But, then we may wonder why do the sangat eat meat after showing so much compassion to creatures?  Pritam Anand answered by saying, “remember that when a Sant kills or eats meat, he is also liberating those souls.  Again blessing them and valuing their life, rather than for selfish desire and unnecessary killing without any thought for the soul within.”


Recently, we were cleaning the garage and their were many cobwebs and spiders we had to clear.  We also do not like to kill unneccesarily, so just asked Baba ji to bless them as we cleared them all out and killed them with our broom.  Same with when we eat food, first ask Baba ji in our heart to bless all the souls involved.  However, in the case of the spiders, the next day, we mentioned to Dassan Dass ji we were feeling guilty about killing all of those spiders.  Dassan Dass ji paused for a second as he blessed their souls and said to us, “Don’t worry, all those souls are coming back as humans in the next life.”  So what a blessing.  The following day, we saw two spiders had managed to avoid our deadly broom. And we laughed saying to those spiders, “– you shouldn’t have hid in the corners as you missed your chance to come back as a human!”


We went for a walk with Baba ji and Pritam Anand Ji.  As he was giving us divine wisdom that we recorded, his divine energy got higher, he got louder, had a twinkling in his eye and started laughing (Baab ji said later in the week that, that this laugh resonates in all realms of the Creation, the laughter we heard in our dream, the laugh of God Himself.)  We realised it wasn’t Baba ji now it was Pure Sat ParBrahm – God Himself talking to us (Baba ji said , gurbani says ParBrahm, but he has now added SAT infront, to 100% take away any illusion that anyone other than SAT is PARBRAHM.)   We did Dandauth Bandhna right away at his most holy of feet, as did Pritam Anand Ji.  As we walked we both kept doing Dandauth several times.  Amazing that God himself came to bless us and explain the divine wisdom to us.


Yesterday, as we sat with Baba ji absorbing his every word from 7.30 am to midnight we felt heat on our forehead – the Amrit.  We cant really do our simran inside as we are concentrating on what Baba ji is saying, but have realised that is Simran as well.  Today, as well we  listened to Baba ji’s divinely charged words all day, we felt pressure on the top of our head and in the evening as we sat in the living room, Mata ji said there is a huge Chattar (Baba ji’s Divine Aura) above all of us.  Baba ji said his body (of light) is as big as the house, and he can and does expand it to the neighbouring ten streets and heal everyone wherever he goes, and those neighbours suddenly wonder why they feel better.  Baba ji said that he can and does take Amrit from anywhere (eg nature) and send it anywhere (even to a devotee sitting in the South American mountains) all whilst physically sitting in his living room, looking to others like he is just watching TV.  [Baba ji said that most programmes on TV were Manmukh (i.e. lower consciousness) so not worth watching.  But Baba ji liked watching ‘Indian Idol’ singing competition, because the contestants would quite often transcend their own limits and Baba ji said that he would then recognise God singing in them – that it was not them anymore.  And if they said afterwards that God blessed them they were Dhan Dhan, but if they said “that is MY best performace ever,” then their ego had denied God.]


Baba ji said that when he used to serve at the Gurdwara, he would quite often just walk past a person in the sangat and that person’s chakras would just open up (we imagined like a huge ship surging through the sea, and the little boats all getting caught in the waves it send out behind it.)  Then they would sit in meditation and say to Baba ji, “we see a diamond (their soul), a beautiful diamond in our inner vision.”  And that is happened without them even trying (that is why its called GurParsaad – Eternal Blessings of the Guru).  But, they would then say, when they got home, no matter how hard they tried it wouldn’t happen again. But, then when they came to Baba ji’s sangat it happened again, all Chakras were open and they had the inner vision  again.   Baba ji said, in this way they started realising the power of Sadh Sangat – having the company of the Sant.


We asked Baba ji for forgiveness for all of our mistakes and bad thoughts.  We were aware whilst Baba ji was talking all day, every day, even though we were doing simran or listening with focus, we would still get negative thoughts, critical thoughts towards Baba ji.  Which we would stamp on right away, because they are from the Shiva (destructive) side of the mind, so we imagined stamping on Shiva’s head, because we want to keep the the Brahmgyani highest inside us [“Brahmgyani kojeh mahesur – even Shiva seeks out the Brahmgyani” – Sukhmani.  Later in the week, when Sat ParBrahm was speaking through Baba ji, He said to Mata Ji’s soul, “we gave birth to Shiva (and Braham and Vishnu).” – meaning God created them. ‘Eka maee jugath viaee thin chela parvaan – One Mother conceived and gave birth to Shiva, Brahma and vishnu. – JapJi] 


We said to Baba ji, “Sorry for our bad thoughts, please come and do Simran inside us.” [K paji later on in the week also said to Baba ji, “why is it I have so many negative thoughts towards you, even though I can feel all the divine blessings and know what you really are now?”  And Baba ji replied to him, “O that’s perfectly natural, its your ego and pride trying to fight back.  Just never believe or act upon what it says.”  We also explained to K paji, that when those disturbing thoughts come up, then the natural thing to do is to feel guilty for being such a bad person for thinking bad things of Baba ji or sangat , who have shown us nothing but love and kindness.  So all we need to do is to recognise the thoughts have come up from ego and pride, to name them as negative thoughts, to place them in a bubble and blow them out of our mind into the Universe, and come back to our balanced mind and restart our Simran.  In this way we neither feel guilt emotion, nor do we believe them and do any kind of negative action e.g. slander.] 


Just looking back at how we have progressed in just three days of Baba ji’s sangat, we remember arriving on Sunday and now realise that we have been quite locked up from expressing our inner feelings to our family due to past emotional rejections and afraid of taking any risks in life due to past financial losses.  And Baba ji has been speaking to us about having no internal blockages.  But, still we were not feeling deep down love for God, other than a few glimpses.  On Monday, Pritam Anand ji showed us to do Dandauth Bandhna right away, showed us humility without delay.  Showed us the true love for Baba ji and Mata ji, he said about them, “they are my true mum and dad, and the rest of my true family are the ones who do SatNaam simran, that’s why Baba ji calls us all “SatNaam Parivaar – SatNaam Family. (‘Brahmgiani ka naam parivaar – the Brahmgiani’s family is Naam.’ – Sukhmani.)”


Pritam Anand ji continued, “The wordly, biological family, is the same as the rest of the world for us.  We love God inside them, but we have no special attachment for them.”  That inspired us to carry on doing “KartaPurakh SatNaam” simran as Dassan Dass ji had asked us to do a few months ago and we have been doing everyday. Then when we look at others we only see God in them, the Creator, and we feel love for God in them.  We felt the heat of Amrit inside us after that.


Today, Tuesday, we kept praying for forgiveness for all of our bad thoughts, negative thoughts, the destructive Shiva power within us trying to keep us from Naam in the balanced mind (vishnu state).  Then we just pray to Baba ji on th inside to come and do His own simran, to remember himself within us, as we cant do it.  Then we felt “SatNaam SatNaam” in our hirdha, full of love for Baba ji and Pritam Anand ji as they talked, like a mother loves her child.  We felt KartaPurakh within us loving others as His own children – afterall they are his own creation.  We realised we cant do simran, but God in us can.  If we think we are doing it, then we cant get out of our negative (ego) mind.


Baba ji also said on the first day, “don’t slander anything or anyone in the Guru’s house.  Remember that 21 generations of a Sant are also blessed.  So you need to respect them all.  So even the living bloodline of Guru Nanak in the world should still be respected by Sikhs (rather than the criticising of his sons Baba Sri Chand and Laxmi Dass ji that is still going on in orthodox Sikhism.]”  Baba ji also said to us once to respect all Sants and Gurus, “even if you see a picture of a Sant or Guru, just take the dust of their feet and apply it to your forehead.”  The day before we were at T aunty ji’s house and her daughter has Sai Baba as her Guru, and we bowed to His picture when we walked past it (but not to the staues or picture of Ganesh or devi-devtas).


After that we started seeing everything in Baba ji’s physical house as Dhan Dhan – wonderful.  Even the dirt in the shower and on the toilet that we cleaned was Dhan Dhan.  Even when the toilet got blocked because we had done such a big poo, we had to reach down and unblock it with out bare hand and we looked around for anytinhg we could use to avoid touching it with our bare hands, but to no avail, so realised god’s play and laughed because even that was Dhan Dhan (just imagine how painful it is for the person who cant go toilet – even that is part of God’s beautiful creation.  Pritam anand Ji told us once in India he had to wade though raw sewage and clear it away with bare hands at his uncle’s farm – but he has never had this sense of anything is disgusting, just sees God in it all.]  Even the mosquito or flies or insects that bit us in the garden (and bit a lot of the sangat – should see their calves and faces!!) as we walked bare foot were Dhan Dhan.  Even the plants and vegetables growing outside were Dhan Dhan. And especially the family members and the children were Dhan Dhan. 


Pritam Anand ji loves gardening and has a beautiful and abundant vegetable patch, he talks to the plants, cares for them and treats each one as the most special of God’s creation.  We have learned so much from his humble and loving kindness actions.  He came in and said with total surprise like a kid to Baba ji, “the corn plants each have four cobs growing on them!”  We have grown them as well and said, “Don’t they normally have just one cob?” And Pritam Anand replied, “yes, one or two cobs only.”  And Baba ji replied, “Well, what did you expect after we put Satnaam simran into them.  They are doing Satnaam simran all the time, of course they are going to be abundant!”  Baba ji always says by doing Satnaam simran our physical DNA changes, that’s why we start feeling the spiritual changes in our body, why we get healed and why we age slower, look younger and have shiny faces –  mukh ujalay.


“Jinee naam dhiaayaa gae maskat ghaal.

Nanak te mukh ujalay, keti chutee naal.


Those who have meditated upon the Naam,

toiled in the right direction.

Nanak says: they have shining faces

and many are ferried along with them.” – Jap Ji.



We told Baba ji what it was like growing up as a teenager and all the struggles we had with identity crisis (Good indian boy at home, but english boy at school), feeling supressed by parents and religion and even considering suicide as an option.  Baba ji said to us to write a book about this time, we have all our old diaries, and he said it would help many others who right now have no voice and are being supressed, repressed etc by their parents and religion.  We said to Baba ji we always served youth at the Gurdwaras because we vowed we would never forget how much of a struggle it was to get through our teenage years, and we would help others.  We can only do the seva by your Grace Baba ji.


Mata ji said that our seva on the website is ferrying us across, even if we don’t do Simran and Samadhi like the others, just our seva under Baba ji’s Charan Saran (Shelter of His Lotus Feet) is saving us.  Thankyou ji.  We always feel we are not experiencing great samadhis like the other blessed souls, or going into other realms, so she obviously picked that up and reassured us.  We don’t want anything, just to serve.  To stay under Baba ji’s lotus feet in peace, in service of the ones who are suffering, and to glorify Truth only and never ourself as someone ji has done. 


Baba ji said we (all writers on the websites) have delivered more Truth than all of the 330 million devi-devtas and religious practioners etc, so we are ahead of all of them.   We just said to Baba ji that we remember him saying in one of his talks, that even if we come to sangat and only remember one piece of divine Truth, then to go and share that one pearl of wisdom with another.  That becomes our good deed.  So it was always our thirst to share Baba ji’s divine wisdom with everyone, so it will help others as it has helped us.  Give hope to others that there is Light at the end of the tunnel of Maya.  That we never wanted our own interference in the divine wisdom, so we have always tried to record what He says, or write it as he said it, so the reader will feel direct connection with Baba ji, and we become invisible.


Baba ji asked us what we say to our (biological) Dad now when he asks us about our spirituality.  We said Dad asked us respectfully a few months ago about what we have got?  And we said to him, “Peace of Mind. After all our searching for 20 years, we have got peace of mind. We are not drowning in sorrow or feeling broken-hearted.  We are not feeling confused by religion or angry with family, nor feeeling guilt and fear caused by religion.  We understand our mind and where thoughts and emotions are coming from.  We are at peace with ourself.  We are mostly not a slave to five thieves any more.”   And Baba ji added, “Also tell him, that you live to help the ones who are suffering (website seva). That their Dukh is Amrit for you.  Otherwise who is helping them?  Name even one of our relatives who is helping anyone else outside of their family?”


Also we said to Baba ji that we have no problem touching our parent’s feet and doing dandauth bandhna to them.  But we resist now because our Dad doesn’t like it.  So Baba ji said, “tell him that you are not touching his feet as son to father (like they show respect in India to elders), no, we are out of that relationship of attachment (moh) now.  No we see Satguru ji in you as in all beings and are honouring Him.”


We said to Baba ji, “that is the very transformation happening in our mind these last few days, of seeing and loving you in all.


“Antar gur aradhna jiva jap gur nao.

Netri satgur pekhna, sravanee sunano gur nao.

Satgur sethee rathia dargah paaeea thao.

Kahu nanak kirpa karay, jis no eh vath deh.

Jug meh utam kadeeaa, virlay kaee kay.


Deep within yourself, worship the Guru in adoration,

and with your tongue, chant the Guru’s Name.
Let your eyes behold the Truth Guru,

and let your ears hear the Guru’s Name.
Attuned to the Truth Guru,

you shall receive a place of honor in the Court of the Lord.
Says Nanak, this treasure is bestowed on those

who are blessed with His Mercy.
In the midst of the world,

they are known as the most pious

– they are rare indeed. ||1||”


Guru Arjun Dev ji SGGS 517



Baba ji said, “I have made the path so simple – one word – SatNaam.  But, people still complain that nothing is happening to them spiritually.  If nothing is happening, then ask have you done TOTAL SURRENDER?  That is required as well.”


We said to Baba ji, “about 18 months ago, when we blessed to do the Sukhmani explanation editing and printing seva, we really gave 100% for the first time since meeting you.  We resolved to give full Daswand of net income every month without fail (without telling our wife), we resolved to do 2.5 hours at Amritvela without fail.  And all day at work we edited the Sukhmani articles (we did not have much work to do, so didn’t take long to finish the work and do then start the seva).  Then at home in the evenings, we pulled up the laptop and carried on editing for another 4 or 5 hours.  We normally avoid doing anything related to sangat at home as our wife starts complaining.  But, we just said to her, we are going to be busy for a few months in the evenings and weekends, so just to accept we wont be spending much time with the family.  Then through the Christmas holiday we just kept editing day and night, work and at home, we knew it was a huge task and needed a lot of effort. We had a one track mind, and started goin into Samadhis right away.  Also got out of our TV addiction habits.  Actually, when Dassan Dass ji has asked us to make the Sukhmani articles into a book, our first thought was of losing our Maya comforts, “O no! We wont be able to stay up and watch 3-4 hrs TV every night.” 

But, we resolved before coming onto this path, that if we are to make a Guru, then we can never say no to them, otherwise what is the point of having a Guru.  And Dassan Dass ji also said in his talks, that “once you have given your head at the Guru’s feet, NEVER look up in ego again.”  So just to earn that one pearl of divine wisdom has brought us to so much peace of mind and a big heart to help others.”


Baba ji said, “on this path you need a one track mind, focused on the ONE (IK Onkar SatNaam) all the time.  But, in the world, if you talk about one thing all the time, worldy people will not want to know you, think you are crazy, like a stuck record.”


With your grace Baba ji, may we give 100% again, right here, starting right now.  Baba ji, mind is yours, body is yours, wealth is yours, everything is yours.  Just keep us under your Charan Saran (shelter of your lotus feet).


“Munn tunn tera, dhann bhee tera.

Tu Takur Swamee Prabh Mera ..


Mind and body are Yours,

Wealth is all yours too.

You are the Lord and Master,

You are mine.”


Guru Arjun Dev ji.