Baba ji is so compassionate and kind.  We love him more everyday.  The negative destructive side of our mind is quietening down as we keep on doing ardas all day long for forgiveness for bad thoughts and for Satguru ji to come and do His own Simran.


Without us even asking, Baba ji talked all about the destructive side of the mind (article is here). 


Baba ji drove around with us and Pritam Anand ji.  He had to show some new tenants one of his rental properties.  Baba ji is so kind, even though his own costs are rising, he gave the tenant the price they wanted as he could see they were struggling.


Baba ji then went across the road to his other tenant – the Pet Shop owner.  It was 9.56 am, he knocked on the door, she refused to open it until 10am which was what the sign said the opening time was.  Even though she was the one that requested Baba ji to come (drive for over an hour) and collect the rent for the last 12 months.  She forgot Baba ji was the one who helped her to get her business established by charging her very low rent in the beginning, letting her miss months and accepting late payments.  But on her side, she wasn’t even ready to give him four minutes of her time.  Baba ji said, “it just shows you what some people are like – stuck in selfishness.”


Baba ji took us to the picturesque lake – had sandy beaches and families were arriving.  Baba ji became Sat ParBraham – meaning Baba ji’s energy levels go even higher and God takes over completely.  Baba ji’s face becomes even more compassionate, his voice becomes louder and more passionate, his rolling laughter bellows out, he becomes playful and full of joy.  We just did Dandauth Bandhna at  His holy feet after seeing Pritam Anand ji do it, just amazed we are so fortunate to be in His presence.    Baba ji said to us the other day, that if somene is humble infront of us, that we better make sure we are even humbler than them right away.  Don’t let ego come back. 


In practical terms we take that to mean that if someone touches our feet, ego may want to think it has earned respect, so if they touch our feet, just do dandauth bandhna back.  If they do Dandauth Bandhna, do dandauth bandhna back and feel we are 21 foot under their feet [After O ji had his divine union later in the week and became a warrior in the spiritual realm – a defender of Truth, Baba ji reminded him to always be a Sant first full of compassion, to stay 21 feet under everyone’s feet.] If someone gives us praise, Gurbani says pass all the praise to our Satguru i.e. see it as not your own praise but as Baba ji’s praise, the one who made us praiseworthy.  And Baba ji taught us that if someone slanders us, then see them as our true friend because they are killing our ego, and just touch their feet in thanks.



Baba ji said to us to become nothing.  He said that He will make us into God as well, all we need to do is just to stay humble and simple and nothing   (The same divine priciples applies to all the devotees, Baba ji will make us all like him, if we stay low).   Pritam Anand ji told us before doing any activity, even writing emails, just say, “I am nothing, nothing, nothing.”  Baba ji said that He will make us into the same as Him just through our writing seva.  [We remember the first time we met Baba ji 7 years ago, we were still coming out of orthodox Sikhism, strict about external symbols and being vegetarian etc,  and Dassan Dass ji asked us to request Baba ji “make us like you.”  First, we hesitated for a moment, because we still only saw the outside i.e. Baba ji has cut hair and eats meat and doesn’t wear Sikh symbols etc.  We had no idea really what Baba ji was on the inside, but we trusted Dassan Dass ji and just humbly requested, “please make us like you Baba ji.”]


Baba ji said he will make us the same as Him just through our writing seva.  That writing, writing and writing we wont even notice when the transformation will take place and we become Ik-Mik (united) with Sat Naam, One with Sat – Truth.


Baba ji then looked at us deeply and said playfully that our worldy name given by our parents in Maya, was Harjit.  And it meant – “to win God”.  But now Baba ji was saying we are a winner and our name is “Har Ka Jeet” – winner of God.


We are not worthy, thankyou so much Baba ji.  We don’t know anything, only you know the state of our soul.  You do everything, you are the kindest, you have brought God out of your own Hirdha – something that no-one else in our wordly or religious society has done, even though they all tell the stories of the past Gurus and Bhagat who did it, but they themselves have no idea how to do it. 


We thanked Baba ji in our mind all day long, and eventually we actually said it as well. [We are not so good at saying ‘I love you’ or really expressing heartfelt emotions face to face.  It’s the reason why we prefer writing.  Although Baba ji did say once to Namjeevan ji when she called abouther dying mother-in-law, if you love someone, parents, kids , partner etc, tell them, because you never know when they wont be around any longer.  So always take the chance to tell them.  Ego doesn’t like us to express that part of ourself though!  Like offering our heart on a plate and taking the risk of getting rejected and hurt deeply.]


We also offered Baba ji some Daswandh this morning as we knew there’s a lot of Sangat coming and a lot of expenses to feed and transport everyone, so we would like to put something into their seva.  Baba ji declined it, said we had done more than enough through our seva and Daswandh already.  We said to Baba ji, “we don’t need anything now Baba ji, nor do we want anything.  Everything is yours Baba ji, mind, body, wealth, everything. That’s how we feel now.”


[Over the years we had a lot of tests because of Daswandh.  It’s the one thing, giving money, that always pricks people in our punjabi society.  In the beginning we had a dream that we were giving Baba ji Daswandh, so we took it as a sign from God that was the right thing to do.  Even though our Dad, even to this day, keeps on saying these Sants are only after your money.  And in the beginning we also were full of doubts, but took the chance of giving.  Then after a few years  of giving on and off, or perhaps never giving the full daswandh, we were heading towards financial difficulties. We had some loss making flats, which were using up all of our savings and about to send us into the red.  At the same time we wanted to do serious bhagti again and give Daswandh. The logic mind said, you need to save every penny, but the heart was saying just surrender to your Satguru.  Thankfully we gave daswandh, and were able to sell the flats with Baba ji’s blessings, to cut off any further losses.  Baba ji explained at that time, the reason we become short of money is because we haven’t sown any chairty in the past, so nothingis coming back to us.  So right now, when you are short of money, just start giving some of it as daswandh, to sow for your future, so something strts coming back to you.  After, a few more years of giving on and off, we were determined to give our full Daswandh.  So we started giving, without telling our wife who we know would not be happy.  We were blessed with a dream of Baba ji at that time where a sevadar handed Baba ji an envelope of our daswandh, and we stepped out and said, “actually Baba ji we give you everything.”   Then the following month, our wife so our bank statement and had a huge tantrum, she threatened to leave us and go back to India.  We stayed strong for about half an hour, then we actually started caving in and started believing she would really leave.  We were getting upset and rather than argue and fight infront of the kids, we went for a walk in the dark night to cool down.  We tried to call Baba ji but couldn’t get through and realised Baba ji wants us to figure this out for ourself, its our test.  We did our Satnaam simran and realised that, “Its ok if she want to leave, she has the right.”  We got back home and said to our wife who had also calmed down, that she is free to do whatever makes her happy.  She replied, “she is happy here.”  After that, we just separeted bank accounts and we said to her she can do anything she likes with her money and to give us same freedom with money we earn.  So Daswandh has defintely freed us from two thieves, greed and moh – family attachment.  Both of whom grip us around the hirdha (heart chakra) in a vice like grip.]




Baba ji said to us, “see the job of Daswandh is done.  The rule of Daswandh is their just to take the devotee out of the habit of collecting wealth and hence closing up their Hirdha (heart chakra) in the grip of the greed thief.  Free them from that by encouraging them to give, give and keep giving until their Hirdha becomes BEANT – infinite, unlimited – the divine quality of SatNaam Himself. And then giving becomes their natural state, to help those in need, to never turn a blind eye to others suffering, to look after the Sants.”


Baba ji continued, “giving Daswandh, like any interaction we have with anyone, is only repaying what we owe our Guru from the past anyway.  He has already given us that money in the past lives.  But, the SatGuru is so kind, he is going to multiply what we give and its destined to come back to us in future as well.   Some people think that giving Daswandh is the price of receiving GurParsaadi Naam from the Sat Guru.  No, the price of Naam is your giving your head – total surrender.  Just like the Gurus and Bhagats showed us, and told us in their writings.”


Jo to prem khelan ka chao.

Sir dar talee galee meree ao.

Ith marag pahr dareejay,

Sir deejay khaan na keeja.


If you want to play the Game of Love,

Then bring me your head on the palm of your hand.

Stepping onto this path,

Givve your head and don’t pay attention

to what others say (to hold you back).


Guru Nanak Dev ji.



Baba ji said, “just look at how Guru Nanak himself gave his head to the Hukam.  He left his wordly family and came back after 12 years, then again after another ten years and so on.” (Just think about it, he was the only son, had a wife and two young kids to support and elderly parents – but when he got the Hukam , he got up and walked wherever God took him. And trusted Sat Kartar (Truth is the Creator) will take care of the family.  How many of us can truly give our head like that?  Have that much trust in God?  But that much dedication is what is required.)


We asked Baba ji was Guru Nanak born as a perfect SatGuru as some people preach?  Baba ji replied, “Baba Nanak wasn’t a born SatGuru, because God doesn’t take birth.  Remember that he was also searching in the beginning because (Bhai Gurdas ji wirtes that) he ate poisonous leaves and sand.”


We asked Baba ji, “we had read that, but why did he do that?”


Baba ji replied, “to see if God would let him die and meet Him in that way.  Guru Nanak tried many means and ways to realise the Truth.  He served those hungry saints as he served any saints he could find in order to find out from them how to realise the Truth.  But, once he did realise the Truth, SatNaam, he went out in all four directions to help others realise it too.”


The rest of the sangat from UK arrive tomorrow (Thursday).  We have caught a cold – don’t want to pass it on to the rest of the sangat, please God!