Dhan SatNaam Dhan Sat ParBrahm ji Dhan Sat Sangat Dhan Sat Guru ji.  So much has happened in the last few day since the UK and USA sangat arrived – probably about 30 of us doing sangat, kirtan, simran and listening to Baba ji’s katha (discourses) all day long, morning sangat, afternoon sangat, in the garden sangat, at other people’s house evening sangat.   There is so much love and devotion, the spiritual energy levels are going so high.  Amazing things are happening to each person in the sangat. 


Baba ji is Sat ParBraham when doing Katha.  Amazing gyan (divine wisdom) and the sangat who is listening is getting intoxicated, closing their eyes, drifting into Samadhi and letting the Divine energy flow through their body.  Causing some of them to move their arms into various divine positions (Samadhi Asans).  There is so much to write about, but not much time to do so, as we start early and goto sleep late.  But here is a brief summary of what we remember so far:


1) Dhan Dhan Sangat arrived on Wednesday mid-morning.  We drove with Baba ji and Pritam Anand ji to the airport.  Picked up Dhan Dhan Dassan Dass ji first and then Namjeevan ji and family and another veer ji.  We went to an elderly devotees house, Uncle A ji, he is 73 years old, wears a turban, has a lovely long white beard and was slightly hunched forward (due to back problems and accidents over the years).  Around the dining table, he was so thankful to Dassan Dass ji for writing the Sukhmani explanation book.  He had the look of a thirsty man who had been dying in the desert all his life, but had now received a barrelful of cooling water.  But, still he had the look of sadness when he looked back at his life, he said, “I have been a really arrogant person.”


Dassan Dass ji blessed him so much and said, “Don’t worry about the past now.”  And stood up, leaned across the table as Uncle A ji also stood up, and proceeded to pat him with hard slaps on his head and back (opening up his chakras).


We were sitting next to Uncle A ji and felt a lot of empathy towards him, could relate to having felt we have lived so many years but not gotten anywhere spiritually.  We put our palm on the centre of his back and did our Simran, just feeling that his emotional pain was melting away.  Afterwards he got up to go and touch Dassan Dass ji’s feet, and then proceeded to Baba ji’s feet, missing a few people around the table.  But, Baba ji said to him, “don’t miss any of them, see me in them as well.”  And he was so mhumble he touched everyones feet in thanks.


The next day we were blessed enough to talk to Uncle A ji, he was already looking like a lot happier, but still weighed down by something. He mentioned hiis mind keeps going back into the past. We asked him, “what he meant?”  He opened up and said he had spent his whole life as an orthodox sikh involved in local Gurdwara and religious community.  And even though his sister has been a devotee of Baba ji for ten years, he didn’t actually approve.  So we asked him, “what made you change now?”  He replied, “well I am old now and realised that I have experinced nothing spiritual in my whole life of following the orthodox religion.  And so when I look at how my sister is glowing and in divine love, and also how her son went from manic depression to divine love as well through Baba ji’s blessings, I have to admit I am missing something.”


We then asked, “so what is the problem now?”  He replied, “I can’t get past my beliefs about having a living Guru, it goes against my upbringing.”


We then spent some time telling Uncle ji we were also like him, in the orthodox religion for 8 years, getting nowhere spiritually and then we prayed and were blessed with Sant Sangat and followed them like Bhai Lehna ji loved Baba Nanak and that was all whilst we were still going to Gurdwara and under banner of Guru Granth Sahib ji being the Guru.  Then everything changed for us within.  Uncle A ji was really inspired.  Then we said , “but we fell away, got fed up with relgion and politics and got caught up in desires and maya. So when we came back again after wasting 8 years, we prayed to meet our Guru, a living Guru, someone we could talk to one on one, rather than doing it the old hard way of orthodox Sikhism.  Then the very next day we got an email from Dassan Dass ji as we were on Sikh forums.  We recognised he was a true devotee because he wrote about spiritual things we had never read about before, but had experienced internally.  And we realised Dassan Dass ji was telling the same divine Truths that our previous Sant had told us as well.  Just on the outside they were not following formal religion.”


Uncle ji beamed a huge smile at us, his eyes lit up, and a huge wieght lifted off his shoulders.  Next few days, he was doing dandauth bandhna to sangat and Baba ji and glowing more and more.  Then we saw him speaking ot Baba ji and Namjeevan ji, he told us afterwards, “All of my old doubts came back, but they have cleared them again.”


Before we left Canada, Uncle A ji, told us that there would be changes in his house now.  His daughter-in-law and her parents etc were strict  Sikhs and would make him an outcaste once they knew he had come to this Sangat.  He said, “so be it, they are moving out, so we will invite Baba ji over and have sangat.”  He also said, his gurdwara community would also make him an outcaste, but he said, “I’ll face that as well.”     He had found what he had been looking for all of his life, nothing else mattered now.


Dhan Dhan Uncle A ji.




2) At many times during the past few days we have felt very emotional at seeing all the love and devotion in the sangat.  We felt like crying everytime someone expressed an act of loving kindness, or did dandauth.  There is so much love for everyone , from everyone, for Baba ji and for SatNaam.


3) The first evening sangat was here, Bibi I did kirtan and created an amazing atmosphere.  High energy and full of love.  There were tears rolling down the faces of the sangat.  Afterwards Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji ji gave her so, so , so many blessings, saying that God Himself was shining through her.  That all of her pains and sorrows have come to them, so now she can sing, sing, sing.  Baba ji said that she is now the KOIL (nightingale) of His Court now – she has aplace in Sach Khand now.  Baba ji said that wherever she would do Kirtan, astral bodies of Sants would fill the place and bless everyone there.  [you can download rest of sangat Kirtan here .]


4) Every sangat now everyone is eager to do Kirtan and Satnaam singing – so four sangat a day! With Baba ji and Dassan Dass ji giving so many blessings to all.


5) I penjee, whom we stayed with on the first night had told us that she couldn’t get past her doubts about Baba ji.  We told that to Baba ji and unknown to us, he unlocked her previous Bhagti (he said she was a Hindu female Sadh in past life), so she has united with SatNaam on the inside since the first evening sangat.  She slep in the room where the kirtan took place and overnight her chakras connected to the Divine Energy.  She is in a state of waking Samadhi, so she is seeing the astral world and the physical world at the same time.  She went home the next day and went to work, later she called Baba ji and said she had severe stomach cramps.  On the phone we watched Baba ji balance her energies.   Later, I penji told our sister what had happened.  Because her lower chakras opened, then she was experiencing constant bliss.  Which is apparantly a quite common spiritual experience, but because of the society we are in , no one really talks about it.  But, she was trying to supress the energy, rather than going with it as she was at work.  So that caused the stomach cramps.


Now, everytime she hears any musical sound – naad in the physical environment on this side of her bdy, it connects to the anhaad naad – spiritual side on the oinside of her body.  The result is that God himself starts flowing from the spiritual side, through her chakras, through every cell in her body and moves her body in Samadhi Asans (positions).  Which in the case of thers can just be simple arm movements,  but in her case Baba ji has given her the gift of elegant and graceful dance movements. Just like when Baba ji himself did his Bandagi.  When kirtan is playing, she is flowing, graceful and elegant as her arms and legs move around in a cosmic dance.  


SatNaam in her is so loving and kind and totally uninhibited.  Makes her body reach out to whoever is close, to touch their chakras, to open them, like the most loving and kind Mother of all Mothers soothing her most precious of precious child.  Whoever has felt her rgaceful touch, feels calmed and soothed instantly.  As she was healing adults in the sangat, we explained to her children and other childrenin the sangat, that SatNaam in her was overflowing, and blessing whoever was near. As we turned around I penjee started blessing the children.  They stood eager to receive.  She stroked their face with the lighest of touches, stroked their arms, gave them a hug, went down on her knees to be at their level. Then gracefully, so beautifully, bowed down at their feet, like a flower bending forward to the grass.  Then she moved on to the next child.  Her own daughters felt so loved and cherished (compared to the mum they remember who was stressed and sometimes told them off or gave them a slap!). 


Through I penji’s beautiful, graceful Samadhi dancing and healing touch, we really saw for ourself, how much SAT PARBRAHM inside each of our Hirdhas REALLY, TRULY loves each and every one.  And has no fear of expressing that love.  So even though I penjee’s first thoughts were, “How am I going to explain this to my family, to my work? How am I going to carry on in life?  How am I going to drive the car?”    Sat Parbraham in her had no care for that, only in expressing and showing love, love, love.


We realised a deeper meaning of Nirbhau SatNaam – Fearless SatNaam, we always think fearless means brave and strong like a warrior, like Guru Gobind Singh ji in battle.  But, we now saw Nirbhau SatNaam, is that SatNaam is fearless in expressing His divine love.  Without fear of what the logic mind thinks.  And that is why He is also Nirvair SatNaam – Hatefree.  Just pure loving kindness.


Baba ji said to I penjee, “See – do you believe God is real now?  Do you know who your real husband is now?”  And she nodded with a loving smile whilst her (actually God’s) arms moved around.  The first couple of days, she was really struggling to move her arms in such huge circles and over-extending to reach out to give others the healing touch.  Her face was grimacing in pain.  Baba ji just said to her to pray to God within her like this, “ ‘Sachay Patshah jorday ja torday teree marajee – O True King, fix my arm or dislocate it, its upto you.”   Baba ji could see that her ego was beng given the beating of its life.  Suddenly finding out that it was no longer in control of moving the body that it thought belonged to it.   Ego suddenly panicking about what other’s would now think of her in her respectable society (work, Gurdwara, family) where these things don’t happen and no one will understand and will make her the centre of attention.


Baba ji explained to her that, “God is just teaching your ego a lesson, of who is really in control of this body.  So as soon as you learn to speak to Him humbly, and as soon as you become the lowest of the low, the Samadhi Asans will ease. The more your ego resists and tries to force your arms not to move, or try to deny what is happening, the more God will come out to show your ego the Truth of who is the real Creator and Operator of this body.”


Baba ji explained to her that soul has now made the spiritual connection.  Now that the Creation and her body had connected spiritually (Brahmanday-Pinday).  That is why now every physical sound outside her, will trigger the spiritual sound inside her, and cause God to move around in her and express Himself through dance – Samadhi Asans.


We were blessed enough to sing our favourite shabad infront of Baba ji and the sangat.  “Meray satgura ma tujh bin avar na koee – O My satguru I have no one but You. I am an ignorant fool seeking your shelter, please unite me with God.”  (Full meaning is here).  (Recording is here).


We have been singing this shabad for the last four or five months, it really expresses how we feel.  We have a picture of Baba ji on the wall in our meditation room and always imagined Baba ji’s feet with our forehead on them while we sing.  Now, it was happening for real, Baba ji was really infront of us.  Still we closed our eyes and with His Eternal Blessings, we sang with all of our heart and mind focused on each word.  We felt our mind totally locked on Baba ji’s feet with love and yearning all the way through – no distractions.  Then sangat started singing with higher and higher energy, so we started playing the tune on the highest scale but there weren’t enough higher octave keys on the keyboard!!  It was a real blessings to be able to sing with the sangat.  Afterwards, I penjee , who is now seeing astral realm as well as physical realm, that physically she saw us playing the harmonium. But, spiritually she saw the 10 Gurus, Baba ji, Baba Nand singh , Sant Isher Singh ji all with raised palms giving blessings to the sangat.  We were amazed, and then she said that she also saw our astral body with our right palm raised with Divine Light pouring out of it, blessing the sangat too.



This was a real insight for us as we apart from occassionaly in dreams, we don’t normally see what is happening in the other realms.  And the night before, we were feeling a bit lonely and separate rfom the sangat.  Even though we know them as friends, we felt we weren’t really connecting with them because they were all having amzing experiences, talking about being intoxicated with the Amrit and going into Samadhi Asans.  We thought we are not feeling any of that like they describe, so felt left out (ego felt left out!).   But, last night when God made us realise who ego was giving us self-pity, we just did ardas, “Baba ji please make everyone else into a Sant, and just keep us as the doormat under their feet.  We don’t need anything else, except to be their servant, and for them to rub their shoes on our head to trample our ego into the dust.”


But, Baba ji is kind and we realise He spoke to us through I penjee, to reassure us that we too are blessed.  We had absolutely no idea how much Baba ji has blessed us.  We are nothing, we don’t know anything, we are ungrateful and we don’t know how kind Baba ji is and how much he is constantly pulling us from inside to SatNaam’s Divine Light. 


Later in the week, I penjee’s husband H paji, said he was also feeling left out and kept praying ot Baba ji to also make him crazy in love and to dance and laugh as well.  The next day he was laughing loudly and happily whilst lying at the feet of Mata ji in the garden as she smoothed his back and filled him with Amrit.  Then a few days later he said to Baba ji that he still wasn’t dancing like his wife.  And Baba ji explained to him, that she had a lot of bhagati from her last life as a hindu Sadhu, and also in this life her parents had done lot of bhagti too which has come to her.  So she got the fruits of her spiritual labourings.  And H Paji too would get everything but had to be patient and keep earning it.  To believe that the same things were happening within his astral body, just that he could not yet feel or see it in his physical body, because of the veil of his ego.  We also realised that we too have been thinking for months and years is anything actually happening to us, then going into self-pity and frustration.  When actually Baba ji was blessing us with each and every single SatNaam we did, just our veil of ego putting doubts into our mind in order to make us give up.  We also said to H paji, not to have desires for even spiritual expereinces, because that becomes a want, and when we don’t get it, it turns into jealousy of his wife.  Especially, as he was the committed one and she was one who was doubting and holding him back, but now she has gone so far ahead and become a divine soul.  We said to H paji, just to become dust of her feet.  Pritam Anand ji told us that when Mata ji become a Pargatio Jyot – divine soul before everyone else, he had no jealousy.  He just pressed his forehead on her feet for a whole hour, he only saw God in her after that.  Not seeing her as his wife or competitor in spirituality, but as God Himself as Divine Light in her.  And in time, by staying lowest of the low, Pritam Anand also became Pargatio Jyot – Divine soul, and has remained so as we have all seen this week.


6) At R ji’s house, Baba ji was still completely SAT PARBRAHAM, his every word charged, sangat feel buckets of Amrit rushing through their body as they sat and listened.   We looked around in the kitchen and B paji was in Samadhi Asan, his eyes were closed, he was turning around and around , whilst his arms were floating around.  And next to him, S paji, had his eyes wide open, but he was carrying invisible sowrds and doing Gatka martial arts patterns, with his feet , legs and body sooping around at a slow speed.  Afterwards, we asked them what happened.  They said Baba ji had taken a drink of water and given them the glass to drink from, then the next thing they knew they were in Samadhi Asan.  Baba ji said to S paji that he has body likea mountain. And both S and B paji are very interested and invloved in the martial side of Sikhism.  So it was a blessing for them to be taught from the inside by the Warrior of Warriors – Truth – SatNaam himself.


7) Normally, when we have sangat in the UK adults sit and enjoy, kids just run around and play.  But here, the kids started off by playing, but then sat down in the next room and started chanting SATNAAM along to the Kirtan happening in the main room.  All off their own intuition, no adult organising or telling them.  They were really feeling the Amrit and divine love as well.  One of the children was P, aged 11, from USA.   Here is his story.


He was so softly spoken, Baba ji said the first sangat he came and said to Baba ji , “I am incomplete.”  His father is A paji, brother-in-law to O paji.  A paji had a severe drinking problem.  We remember a while back O paji emailed Dassan Dass ji to please bless A paji.  Dassan Dass ji did so and A ji started doing Satnaam simran and gave up drinking as requested.  But, then six months later took a drink, became drunk and unbearable for his family.  Again O ji emailed Dassan Dass ji, who advised  O ji to hold a bottle of water whilst he does his amritvela Samadhi.  The water then becomes super-blessed as well (as Baba ji says when he blesses anything , “there’s one of me in there now!”  We asked Baba ji how does that help the one who drinks it?  Baba ji says, firstly the water carries the blessings to every cell of the person’s physical body.  Secondly, it tears off the grip of the five thieves from the mind, so the drinker gets some peace of mind.)

Dassan Dass ji then asked O ji to give this water to A ji to drink.  When A ji drank it, he couldn’t stop vomitting for a day or two. [It meant all of his negativity was coming out, being displaced by the Amrit.]  After that he was OK until about a week before coming to baba ji’s sangat with O ji.  O ji called him up a couple of weeks ago requesting him to come with them to Baba ji’s sangat.  A paji said that he was working and didn’t sound enthusiastic to go.  However, a few days later he took a drink, couldn’t stop (sign of an alcoholic), got drunk, turned up for work in that state and was sacked on the spot.  Now he had all the time in the world to go to sangat, and thankfully he was humble enough to come.


At the first sangat, we remember seeing Dassan Dass ji lovingly telling off A ji for drinking and seeing the consequences of disobeying the Guru.  A ji had his head hung low and accepted his mistakes, just nodding and looking down.  Then Dassan Dass ji blessed him saying, “don’t’ worry you’ll get another job.”  A couple of days later, he got a call from a Gas station near his home giving him a job – he hadn’t even applied!  Dhan Dhan are the SAT BACHANS – words of Truth, from the lips of the SAT GURU – Guru of Truth.


So, you can imagine what life must be like for P and his older sister and mother living with their Dad when he drinks.  Probably feeling scared and unloved.  But even at such a young age, DUKH is DARU – suffering is the cure.  P came to Baba ji and said, “I am incomplete.”

Then we were standing in the kitchen and G aunty ji, came upto us and said, “this little boy P is amazing, he just came upto me and hugged me and said, ‘I love you.’  He has never even met me before.  So I asked him who taught him to hug and say I love you?  And he replied his heart did.”


Then P ji,  explained that he had heard Baba ji say in the sangat, “close your ears and listen to your heart.”  So he did.  And he heard his heart say in Baba ji’s voice, “I love you, so love everyone because I am also in everyone.” 


After that there was another short kirtan sangat and we were sitting near Baba ji.  Then P ji got up and whispered to Baba ji, “I got a bit scared Baba ji, because this time I saw a huge sun shing brightly.”  And Baba ji gently replied to him, “Don’t be scared, that is what I look like on the other side.”


[We remember 6 or 7 years ago, we always used to wonder how to do Simran.  And we were blessed with a dream of a huge, infinite spiritual sun filling up the view infront of us. We could not see the edges of this sun.  But, it was also not unbearable, it was healing light, full of love.  And we could hear waves of Satnaam Satnaam coming from the Sun and washing over our Hirdha and rippling throughout our body.  We never forgot that dream, and is how we always meditated, and taught other to meditate.  To first relax, imagine a spiritual sun and feel waves of Satnaam washing into your heart.  Now we realised, that was SAT PARBRAHM all along, and that is the same SAT PARBRAHM fully loaded inside Baba ji’s body.]


Then there was some more kirtan and Katha, and P ji got up and whispered to Baba ji, “this time I saw all the creatures , but they all had your face Baba ji.”  And Baba ji explained, “that means I am in every living thing, so don’t harm any of them.”  Before P ji left with his parents and sister back to the USA, he said to Baba ji, "now I am complete."


Absolutely amazing how even children are blessed, blessed, blessed in Baba ji’s sangat all through their own intuition, without adults trying to organise them or force them to sit and listen like at the Gurdwara.  Without teaching them Punjabi or Japji sahib paat, without teaching them to do kirtan on vaja and tabla.  Just simply for them to go and sit in the true Sangat of the Sadh, close their eyes and talk to God in their own Hirdha.  What a lesson for us on what to practise with our kids – spend more time just doing simple simran to tune into their own hearts.  Although, there is nothing wrong with teaching the other stuff as well, but its not a big deal.  There’s a saying that people get obssessed with the Path and forget the Goal.  In religion, we get obsessed with teaching Sikhism, it history, its music, its language and culture, but forget the goal was just simply to connect with Satnaam in our Hirdha.  That is why Baba ji said about musical instruments to do Kirtan, “these are just toys!”  Even in gurbani, Guru Amar Das ji says to the musicians something like, “by the time you set up your instruments and tune them, I’ve already gone into Samadhi!”  Baba ji also said that wherever your kids are born let them enjoy that culture, no point trying to weigh them down with culture from your ancestors. Baba ji said, “when in Rome do as the Romans.”