Experiences of Sangat over the last few days continued:





8) O ji’s trikuti (third eye and dassum duar) was busted in one amazing sangat.  He became complete, he became a Sada Suhagan – wife of God.  It was incredible to watch.  We had Baba ji sitting on our left.  Pritam Anand ji in front of us and O ji to our right.   Amrit energy was getting higher and higher as the singing of “Satnaam Satnaam” then “SAT SAT SAT” then “EK ANG SAT SAT SAT” went faster and faster, higher and higher. Tabla pounding like a battle drum, cymbol-shakers (Shaanay) rattling and rolling.  Whole sangat completely focused and singing from the heart.  Plus on the other side, Baba ji blessing everyone.  He said afterwards one night just to us and our sister, that he brought down a one thousand petalled flower into each sangat.  As he explained that, he did it again, and our sister felt her crown chakra filling with amrit and showering down throughout her body.  Mata ji often said that flowers are raining down, (fulla da barka).  And others mentioned that the Gurus and Sants are all present blessing the sangat too.


Pritam Anand ji put one hand on Baba ji’s feet, the other on O ji’s head.  And he told us afterwwards he just prayed, “Baba ji, this is your body, please bless O ji.”  O ji told us afterwards, he felt high, intense  energy coming up inside him to the top of his head and a breakthrough happened.  From where we were sitting we saw O Ji’s hand shoot up, pointing one finger up like a sign of victory.  Baba ji explained these signs later on (we filmed it).  This was a sign language that SATNAAM inside O ji was using to express Himself (so these were how the Samadhi Asans looked for O ji).  The one finger pointing up meant the One God is here.  Then his fist smashed on his own forehead, meaning the trikuti is busted.  Then his fingers pointed into his mouth, meaning he is full of Amrit.  Then many other Asans too highlighting his crown chakra was now a thousand petalled lotus.  Then he dived forward over Pritam Anand ji to do dandauth at Baba ji’s feet.  All the while his eyes were closed tightly and Baba ji said he can see us all without using his physical eyes.  


O ji told us afterwards that he felt like Baba ji’s hand was on his head, then the kirtan wasat a high energy point and he felt overwhelmed with Amrit (Baba ji said, “this is HOT AMRIT – Bhagti happens very quickly with it!!!”)


Even though O ji was blessed over five years ago just by visiting the website he started going into Samadhis, without even formally emailing Dassan Dass ji to be blessed with the Naam.  That’s how pure and thirsty he was, he got ignited from the opening page of the blessed website.  Then over the years he was dedicated, determined and diligent and started giving full daswndh, he expereinced chakras opening, Kundalini rising and so on.  But, now Mata ji explained to us that his Trikuti had just a little bit of ego left and that was busted.  And when that happened, the one finger went up, he dived forward in dandauth and started kissing Baba ji’s feet and wiping his forehead on baba ji’s holy feet rapidly from side to side.  All whilst still in Samadhi.  He could only see SAT PARBRAHM from within.


9) Namjeevan ji did Dandath to Baba ji, got up gave him a huge hug, kissed his hands and said with love in her eyes, “You are the King of Kings, the King of Kings (i.e. SAT PARBRAHM).”  To which Baba ji replied, “You are the King of Kings! And we are your servant.”


10) R penji, said, “Its so easy to meditate here, so much amrit you just fall into Samadhi.


11) After another sangat, a few of us were just sitting near the vaja whilst others had a break.  We sang another shabad, but our mind was now in ego, thinking “people will praise me!!” and it was flying around in other thoughts, showing off by saying things like, “well I practise at home and just do Ardas and Baba ji’s gives us these tunes intuitively.” 


When we started singing, we strained our throat to sing, and unknown to us Baba ji was sitting in the kitchen listening and just said, “sing with your hirdha!” – that soon humbled us and focused our mind!!  Afterwards, others praised us. But, Baba ji said, “sing without fear, sing from the navel, let the sounds roll out.”  We did Benti to Baba ji to bless us so that our throat chakra opens up, and he did so with a wave of His hand, and added, “just sacrifice ALL of your Chakras to Him.”   After that, SAT PARBRAHM in Baba ji did a Masterclass in making sounds from the navel, and how the physical sound made by the throat, connected to the spiritual side, made God flow as Amrit and moved His body into an Asan.  We filmed it all as it was amazing to watch.    There was so much Amrit overflowing in each sound that sangat went into Samadhis.  Then Baba ji chanted, “EK ANG SAT SAT SAT” long and slow, letting the sangat fully absorb all of the Amrit with it.   Then Baba ji would lean forward and look at someone who still had their eyes open and throw an invisible dart into their hirdha, and the person would just knock-out into samadhi, literally falling to the side like thay have gone to sleep.


The next morning came and Mata ji told us how she felt.  She was so excited. She said that Baba ji had said that Truth Consciousness had gone even higher (even God is discovering more of Himself, that is why every Bhagat or Guru he sends, raises consciousness to higher levels than the ones who came before.  Or in simple words: The more you love God, the more there is to love.  And someone like Baba ji is pushing those boundaries higher and higher.  Which means within us we can rise to new heights of Truth Consciousness bliss – Sat Chit Anand, because he makes them avaialble to us through the Mantra he has blessed.) 


Baba ji told Mata ji that Sundar Nagari had doubled in size and had gone so high that now the heavenly realms below Sach Khand (which Sundar Nagari is a part of), looks like tiny ants.    That Baba ji had established a new Mantra that connects to this even higher level of Truth consciousness – “EK ANG SAT SAT SAT”.   Baba ji explained that EK means the One who is All-Pervading.  ANG means the one who resides within our Hirdha as the Divine Light (Jyot/soul) (ANG=body).  And SAT means TRUTH.  So EK ANG SAT means the All Pervading One who resides within our Heart is the TRUTH.   Baba ji explained to us once, that we say SAT SAT SAT three times, to get out of the three parts of Maya (Rajo – desires, Sato-goodness, Tamo-ignorance.) 


Mata ji also explained that the new Mantra for the even higher Truth consciousness is EK ANG SAT SAT SAT.  That we can still do SATNAAM SATNAAM, but then move up to just SAT SAT SAT, then move upto EK ANG SAT SAT SAT, as it’s a step into PARBRAHM KHAND.


Baba ji also said that at the sangat the previous night at R ji’s house he had established a permanent connection between Sundar Nagar at its new height and Earth.  That he had dug an arrow into Earth realm from Sach Khand.  We imagine like a spiritual beam of Light pouring into the world to uplift humanity, to make this realm lighter and brighter.  Baba ji told us that he had established 500 Sants in Astral body to permanently be there to keep bringing down the blessings as well.   This is all way beyond our limited mind’s understanding, but we are sure the Sants know and understand it. 


“Meree mat thoree Ram, tu samrath vadaa, meree math thoree ram…I have little wisdom God, you are great and wise, but I have little wisdom.- gurbani.”


We also asked Baba ji what is the difference between Sach Khand and ParBrahm Khand?  Baba ji said, “if you imagine Sach Khand is a Gurdwara, then ParBrahm Khand is the dome (i.e. the pinnacle of Truth).”  So we take it that Sundar Nagari is in ParBrahm Khand – the pinnacle of Truth.


Mata ji carried on speaking to us in the bedroom we were sharing with P ji.  We were also shring with Dassan Dass ji for acouple of nights, but he had now left to go back to USA.  As she spoke all this divine wisdom about ParBrahm, she herself started getting overwhelmed with Amrit as well (when the lover of God calls his name, He comes right away!).  She also knew we had been feeling like we are not experiencing all this Amrit and Samadhis everyone else is and getting into self-pity.  She told us that everyone’s bhagti is different.  That the other day, when Baba ji and the other three people carriers were ready to leave the house, Baba ji asked where we were, and we came out walking slowly carrying all the media equipment, not a care in the world.  And Baba ji just said to Mata ji, “See ParBrahm is making him do Bhagti in Shaant (peace) mode.”  So Mata ji added, “even if you can’t feel it, it is still happening and God will give you reassurances from other people you help through their words.”


By now she had drifted off into Samadhi realms, so was seeing astral body of Sants who had come to bless us. She said, “Dassan Dass has come to bless you both and he loves us very much.”  Both of us did dandauth bandhna to Mata ji.  She is Dhan Dhan.  Mata ji said that SAT PARBRAHM has completely over taken Baba ji and the last time he was like this to her memory was about 10 years ago when the sangat used to gather at people’s houses.  She said, do dandauth to Baba ji whenever you can, because it is going directly to God Himself.


She then explained that she also had Samadhi Asans like I penjee and the only way to overcome them is become super humble.  We remember the other day I penji was in the kitchen intoxicated again after dancing in the sangat and Mata ji just pointed her towards  washing up the dishes of the sangat.  When she started doing that, she returned to normal posture, rather than that of a drunk trying to remain standing!


Mata ji explained to us that quite often during the day SAT PARBRAHAM comes to her through her own hands and caresses her face, her arms, ears, feels her earings and is so, so , so loving, through His Loving touch.  It was the same loving touch we saw when I penjee lovingly touched the children on their face and arms and hugged them and bowed to them.  The kids lapped it up, enjoyed the loving kindness and felt the peace of Amrit in their mind and body.


Our sister just stood next to I penji once and said, “there is just so much Amrit overflowing from you.”




Dear Satguru ji, we are so full of bad thoughts, self-pity, judgement, stuck in illusions, full of fears and blocks in our psyche.  We are full of shit, not one good,  We sing in ego, wanting praise even though we cant sing, there is nothing good about us.  We have no humbleness and think we have done the Seva, even though you do it all yourself.


Please forgive us Satguru ji, please keep us under your feet.  Nothing for us, just heal the burning world.




That is Baba ji’s main aim , to bring the age of Truth – SAT YUG – into the world.  Imagine everyone had SAT PARBRAHM running through their body – the whole world would be full of love and kindness to each other.




Dhan Dhan (wonderful) Satnaam.

Dhan Dhan Satguru.

Dhan Dhan ParBrahm Parmesar, always and forever keep us as the lowest of the low, in service, as you wish, not as I WANT.


Please keep showing us all of your faces and all of your wonders and ways.  Please keep teaching us and showing us the way.


May we love Baba ji and the Sangat more and more each and everyday.


SatNaam SatNaam SatNaam SatNaam.










The God I know

Doesn’t live in the books

Of religion and history.

The God I know

Lives in my heart.


The God I know

Doesn’t remain silent

And let me do sins

In His name

For the sake of religious honour and pride.


The God I know

Flows as love

Through this body, mind and soul.


The God I know

Is overflowing kindness,

Love and compassion.

The loving touch

Most gentle mother.

The most caring,

Caressing lover.

The One to whom

We are the most precious,

The One to whom

We are worthy of bowing to

And in utmost humility and grace,

He bows to Himself.


Always and forever be a sacrifice

To our Love, our Heart and our Soul: