Went downstairs after writing in the diary this morning and found the Sangat was sitting outside in the garden with Baba ji.  Mata ji was sitting in the garden chair next to Baba ji, like the spiritual king and queen on their thrones.  Mata ji was in Samadhi Asans with her eyes closed, face flowing, chanting , “SAT SAT SAT SAT” rapidly.  Baba ji is intoxicated on “SAT KA NASHA – drug of Truth.”  Like a cuddly teddy bear, rolling  his head and laughing in love – Dhan Dhan SAT PARBRAHM had still overtaken him completely.   H paji was doing dandauth at Mata ji’s holy feet, with his face pressed into the grass, clasping her feet and also chanting, “SAT SAT SAT.”  As they kept chanting “SAT SAT SAT”, Baba ji lauhged aloud and looked at them saying in a fun way, “I’m here!  Why do you keep calling me when I’m right here and in your heart, right now?”


Then H paji went into uncontrollable laughter followed by uncontrollable wailing, like he was releasing all the “janam janam kee mayl- karmic sufferings from lifetime after lifetime.”  Then after about ten minutes he got up and staggered back like a drunken man about to fall backwards, and with arms outstretched and up to the sky, he started laughing uncontrollably again.  He fell back onto his bottom, then lay back in a X shape, arms and legs outstretched, completely relaxed, completely free from all mental and emotional issues, free from the burden on his soul.  His 11 year old daughter was watching him completely and utterly bemused!  Then her mum, I penjee was also dancing elagantly and gracefully in her Samadhi Asans , with a big loving smile on her face.


The rest of the handful of sangat were sitting in chairs in Samadhi as well.  We did Dandauth bandna and sat at baba ji’s holy feet.  He was amazing, we said, “Baba ji please make us crazy in love as well – KAMLA.”  Baba ji blessed us to become a dancer as well.  He said to lie at Mata ji’s feet as H paji had been.  We did dandauth and recited “SAT SAT SAT” as well.  Mata ji was still in Samadhi Asans chanting, and she leaned down and massaged our spine up and down, and around the centre of the  upper back (the hirdha from behind) for a few minutes.  It felt warm with Amrit.  After about 10 minutes we sat up and felt calm and still.  Then I penjee asked Baba ji, “why is he not laughing?”  Baba ji replied, “O he will, the seed is germinating now!”


Then something really, really, really special touching and emotional happened.  Sat Naam in Baba ji began healing people in the sangat.  The mood completely changed to that of Vairag (quiet and sensitive).  It was truly a privilege to watch so much love, light and compassion flowing from God to His precious child.  We think it started with R penj.  Baba ji, like the kindest of all Fathers, requested her to come forward and sit infront of Him.  He looked deeply into her eyes, right into the depths of her Hirdha where he saw all of her Dukhs.  He whispered to her gently healing words, words of comfort.  He was also the One sitting in her Hirdha looking out of her eyes.   He saw all the burdens on her young soul, all of the pain in her mind.  She fell in love with HIM.  She kept getting closer to Baba ji’s eyes and he gently put his Supreme Fatherly palms on the top of her head and closed His eyes and erased her pains.  Then she hugged him with so much love and devotion.  The whole sangat was standing in complete silence, feeling the deep, divine love from heart to heart.  Baba ji hugged her to his chest, closed his eyes as they rolled up again and He went very deeply into Himself and into her Hirdha and mind and soul.  R penji started crying as the lifetimes of pain and suffering that was bottled up released. Baba ji’s eyes filled with tears, the whole sangat, including us, became tearful as emotions welled up


O ji explained that our Hirdha is inside Baba ji’s Hirdha, so God feels our pain as His own pain.  And we also feel what God feels. 


“Santan dukh pai te dukhi,

sukh pai sadhan kee sukhi

…If the Sant is suffering, then so is God.

God is in peace when the Sant is in peace.”


Guru Gobind Singh ji.


It also reminded us of something Guru Nanak Dev ji wrote in Gurbani, something like, “I cry, the birds in the trees cry, the whole world cries with me.”


There was just so much love, love, love in the sangat, in R penji and in Baba ji.  We all became one in her healing, the sangat is the Hirdha of the Satguru.  Everyone Baba ji or his appointed ones give the blessings of Naam to, became a piece of Baba ji’s Hirdha.  We truly saw what that meant.  We remember Baba ji helped someone over the phone, and they thanked him, and Baba ji replied, “well why wouldn’t I help you, you’ve got the Naam, so its only my own heart I’m helping.”


So now we realise what it means when Baba ji or his appointed ones  gives us the Eternal blessings of Naam.  He is giving us a piece of his Hirdha.  Not just a word, not just a blessing, but a piece of God’s own heart.


For the next few hours, Baba ji then blessed each person in the sangat one by one to come and sit infront of him and then to heal them Hirdha to Hirdha – clearing the burden of their soul.  All morning the washing of Dukh went on.  When it was quiet we sat with Baba ji too  and he gently touched our jaw with his soft fingertips.  He looked into our Hirdha as well.  We felt we need to show this much love and attention to our wife and kids too.  Then Baba ji asked us to close our eyes and look inside.  We felt Amrit trickling from his fingertips on our jaw, down our cheeks, neck and into our Hirdha.  It was beautiful. 


The sangat was healed.  This carried on again the next day when new sangat came into the garden.   Baba ji told us later in the week, that so many people, and especially young people had come with such soft and innocent hearts from great distances.  But, they were carrying so much Dukh at such a young age.  So their Dukh had to be cleared otherwie they would not have been able to enjoy the intoxication of Amrit in the sangat.  


R penji told us afterwards she had fallen in love with God, with Baba ji – with God in Baba ji, with God in her own Hirdha.  She now knew there was nothing else as important as loving, serving and delivering Truth in her life.


P paji also fell completely in love with Baba ji.  He told us that before he came to meet Baba ji, he could never deeply understand why Namjeevan kept saying that she loved Baba ji ALL the time.  But, now he knew in his Hirdha what Baba ji is.


When some more of the sangat came, a mother, her teenage daughter and grandmum too, Baba ji welcomed them.  And asked the mother to come and sit infront of him.  She was shy, punjabi housewife, with a strained face – probably cried many times in private – “put up and shut up” mentality that oppresses punjabi houeswives in extened families.  Baba took her head gently in his palms as she kneeled infront of him and closed his eyes and healed her.  He then asked her to close her eyes and look around inside to see if there is anything in her mind that can still make her cry.  She was not expecting that, but she complied and went within for a minute or so, and she replied, “no, nothing left to make me cry.” And looked completely baffled at what Baba ji had done.  She went back and sat on her garden chair and as the reality of what Baba ji had done for sunk in, she started smiling, her face was relaxed.  Baba ji looked her and said, “go on try and make yourself cry by remembering some of your troubles.”  She couldn’t do it, she only smiled back at Baba ji.


Baba ji then blessed her teenage daughter, also who looked quite shy and timid.  Baba ji placed his hands on her head and said in the most sweetest voice to her, the voice of Sat ParBrahm himself,  “Just do Sat Naam then I am there in your Hirdha and your layers of darkness and desires dissolve.  I am pulling you to the Light everytime you just do Sat Naam.  Have no fear or worries.  Doing Sat Naam is so simple, it calls God into us.  And where God is then Law of Karma and Laws of Nature that we are bound by, are overruled, so their effect on us diminishes.  That is the power of simply doing SatNaam and calling God in.”


Nothing is impossible for Love.


When we first came to visit Baba ji 7 years ago, the overriding message we went back with was, “KARMA OVERULES EVERYTHING” and that helped us to accept our family troubles and accept and forgive those who had wronged us whilst growing up.


This time we have realised that “SATNAAM OVERULES KARMA AND NATURAL LAWS.”  SatNaam is the Creator of KARMA and NATURE after all!  


So in a practical way what this means to us is that we are all running around in our lives thinking we are making things happen.  But, really that is just an illusion we are living in because our ego thinks it is in control.  The reality is, we are all just reaping what we have sown in the past and that is the destiny we have written on our forehead.  And desires that pop into our head and that we then pursue is how our Karma gets played out.   We are all trapped in our dukh and sukh as per our karma.  But, all the while we are running in ego, from our logic mind, God in our Hirdha remains dormant.  Just watches and waits patiently until we get sick and tired of running around and decide to look within, because nothing on the otuside gave us inner peace or satisfaction we were looking for ouur whole life.


So then when we give up ego and then we just call his Name, SatNaam, then He starts coming out of our Hirdha.  Light starts getting brighter, our layers of dukh, desires and darkness diminish.  Whatever bad karma was written for us, starts reducing or gets removed by calling his Name.  He starts taking care of everything for us, His precious child, so we don’t have to worry about anything.


“Thir ghar baso har jun pyare.

Satgur tumare kaaj savaraay.”


Sit steadily in your home (i.e. dont worry in your mind),

dearly beloved of God,

for the Satguru is taking care of all your tasks."


Guru Arjun Dev ji


It is actually God in Baba ji we are seeing healing others.  And we have realised the same God is in our hirdha waiting for us to call Him into our life at each and every moment.  Sat Naam, Sat Naam, Sat  Naam, Sada Sada (always) Sat Naam.


Now, we understand when Baba ji said to us a few days ago that mind and body healers are just giving temporary relief, because the burden is actually on the soul.  And to heal that you need the Supreme Soul.  DHAN DHAN SAT PARBRAHM – WONDERFUL TRUTH – THE SUPREME GOD.