SatNaam Satguru Baba ji is so beautiful and compassionate.  He is Sat Naam – the One named TRUTH.  SAT PARBRAHM – TRUTH  the SUPREME GOD, is in Him completely.  He shines brighter than all of the suns and moons. Infact, its because of HIM that the suns and moons have any light at all. 


“je sau chand ugavay sooraj charaay hazaar.

Ethay chanan hoindayaa, gur bin ghor andhar.

If one hundred moons arose and one thousand suns,

Even wit so much light, without the Guru it is still pitch black.”


Guru Nanak Ji.


We all sit infront of our Satguru, close our eyes, sit up and let the SatNaam Sun shine into our heart, onto our face, onto our palms and legs.  We just pray, “Satguru ji just make us into your radiant golden flower, basking in the glory of Truth.”  We just meditate upon, “Dhan Dhan Sat Parbrahm.  Dhan Dhan Sat Naam.  Dhan Dhan Sat Guru.”   And we feel the loving power and radiant glory of the Spiritual Sun that is shining out of every pore of Baba ji’s body.


It’s so easy to mediate sitting with the Satguru infront of us.  Last night, around 1 am, we sat cross-legged infront of Baba ji in the living room as he talked to a few of the sangat who were still awake (he’s been talking since 7am – 18 hours!, completely living for others).   We quietly held onto his feet and just closed our eyes and kept praying, “Baba ji just keep us under Your holy feet, always and forever.”  We then felt our concentration going deeper, feeling humbler and felt Amrit in the top of our head building up.  This morning we just had eagerness to get up, close our eyes and bask in the glory again.


What a great change from yesterday when we realised we are avoiding sangat due to feeling left out of experiencing Amrit, and not feeling like singing joyfully and loudly as the others do in the kirtan sessions.  Rather be quiet and internal,a lone and solitary.


What made us change was what Baba ji said to us in the car yesterday, “on this path get rid of all Manmat (self-wisdom).  Even after having spiritual experiences, pride and ego has to be destroyed completely.  To remember that you are on the path to kill your ego.  So you need to do dandauth bandhna to every living being.  Don’t think about what they will say.  It doesn’t matter if they understand, or if they do it back to us or not, because you are on the path to kill your ego, not them.  So you need to do what YOU need to!”


Baba ji said, “this path is simple, do your SatNaam Simran as you live and work, stop doing bad deeds and just keep expanding the good deeds you are already doing.”


We realised we haven’t truly loved the sangat.  We have haven’t truly become the lowest of the low.  We haven’t seen Baba ji in each of them.  Baba ji has said so many times to people who just want to do Dandauth bandhna to Him, to bow to the Sangat as well, they are all Baba ji as well he tells them, so see Him in all.


Baba ji said there are two ways to God, 1) do long hours of Amritvela simran (even 7-8 hours a night (3 hrs sleep)), good deeds, be humble etc and bring in the divine virtues,  or 2) Do seva all day long with absolutely no desires at all.  Do so much seva like this until you become desireless and become what you have been serving i.e. your Satguru.  You will totally forget about yourself, your selfishness is destroyed and union occurrs.   [So far this has been our way and Baba ji told us, “well you asked for seva, so you got it!]


Baba ji said, “everytime you see a Sant or even a picture of a Sant or Guru or Prophet of any religion, take the dust of their feet in your mind and bow to them physically or with your mind.  This shows God inside your Hirdha that you are serious about seeing and serving Him in all as One.”



Outside in the garden sangat, O ji went into Samadhi as we all stood in a circle and did “EK ANG SAT SAT SAT” chanting with Baba ji and raised our arms.  When O ji, opened his eyes he told Baba ji, “Guru Gobind Singh ji came and blessed us with a horse and armour and weapons.”  [Later on Namjeevan said to O ji that he was now going to meet them in Dargah in Samadhi and his astral body would go with some others in the sangat to clean up the filth in hell realms – he was a spiritual warrior now.  Namjeevan told us that on the other side O ji looks like a Mauri warrior, with tatooes across his face and body – probably something he was in a past life. But, that God chooses what we look like, not us.]  


Later on,Baba ji said to O ji as well, “even though he is a SIPAHI (warrior) now, he needs to stay so humble, that he is 21 feet under the ground, under the feet of the sangat at all times.   Gurbani talks about HALIMEE RAJ – Rule of Compassion.  So first SANT then SIPAHEE.  SIPAHEE without compassion only becomes a super egotistical tyrant.” 


Baba ji is so humble that he said, “even a bird-shit dropping on my head is wonderful, even a pound of shit on my head is great, as I’m in that as well…Dassan Dass ji and Namjeevan ji our my spiritual father and mother. By seeing them as higher, I become the lowest again.”  


Baba ji  explained later in the week, that when we live in ego, we think we are some kind of King,  so God remains hidden in our Hirdha.  As Gurbani says that Naam and Ego cant both fill the same container at the same time.  But, then what happens is DUKH hits the egotist to make him humble.  Baba ji said when we praise Him and say, “You are the King of Kings, and see yourself as the lowest of the low, the beggar of all beggars, dog of dogs then Baba ji says I become Your servant (i.e. becomes lowest again.)  That’s all it is! That’s how God plays.  You say I am King of Kings, I say you are King of Kings and I become your dog of dogs of dogs of dogs of dogs of dogs of dogs …infinite dog!” 


So in Gurbani it says, “eeha ka neech ooha ka ooch – the one who regards themselves as the lowest in this world, is regarded as the highest in God’s Court.”  And God Himself (Satguru ji) then becomes their servant i.e. takes care of all their tasks.  “Satgur tumaray kaaj savaraay- Satguru takes care of all your tasks.”


We realised that we haven’t loved sangat enough and we really need to show Satguru in our Hirdha we are serious about killing our ego.  So we started making extra efforts to do Dandauth Bandhna and kiss the souls of their feet (as Dassan Dass showed us himself by kissing this unworthy dog’s feet before he left a few days ago, to show the sangat what humility really was.)  And we hugged the sangat all just like they are Baba ji Himself – rather than seeing them as X, Y or Z friend of ours – even wipe out that illusory relationship.


And if they hugged us or did Dandauth to us, we just felt it was Sat ParBrahm, the kindest, most compassionate one, showing us how much He also loves us back.



Our sister, S penji, also put her hand on our Hirdha after one sangat and we could feel Amrit within.  She said as well for us just to pray, “Sache Patshah, this is all your soul, mind and body.  Let us feel whatever you want us to feel.”


That really helped us to release our mind out of self-pity and slight frustration, because we just leave it up to God what He wants us to feel.  If we want it or try to get it, then only ego gets frustrated and into self-pity.


We did Dandauth Bandhna to Baba ji later on in the sangat and he placed his beautiful hand upon our hand and unlocked blockages by pressing his fingertips on parts of our scalp.  Sangat  were also kind enough to place their hands on various parts of our body as we lay there.  We just felt we were the lowest, like the Earth who supports absolutely everyone and everything, but is happy to take no credit.  Like the tree that gives shade and wood to everyone, without thinking of its own benefit and is happy to give everything.


We just kep on praying, “Satguru Baba ji, please make everyone else into a Sant hirdha and just keep us as the doormat they wipe their shoes on.”


Later on in the sangat, O ji went into Samadhi and repeated his sign language Samadhi Asans.  It was fascinating to watch Sat Parbrahm in him playing out.  And Baba ji explained each of the Asans even before they were happening – how did he know?  Because he said he went through the same thing when he was doing His bhagti in the the Gurdwara sangat, except he was also floating half an inch off the ground there was so much kirpa.  Baba ji said that Sants knew of all these Asans and Samadhi dancing as it happened to them too whilst they did their bhagti hidden in underground rooms (cool and dark and private).  But, they kept this knowledge from the ordinary sangat.  So that is why sangat cant accept it in the Gurdwaras now.


As O ji did his Asans, Baba ji asked him, “What is your Name?”  and he replied very firmly , “SAT NAAM – Name is TRUTH.”  And Baba ji asked, “will you recite Waheguru?”  and he  shook his head firmly and said, “NO WAY!”


Baba ji explained that Sat Naam had united with O ji now.  Then O ji started chanting, “SAT SAT SAT” and the whole sangat joined in. Then O ji smiled with approval and started waving his hands like a conductor leading an orchestra.  The whole sangat laughed in enjoyment.


Baba ji said, “the Sant who doesn’t give you Naam, is not a Sant.  The Sant who is still keeping his sangat in caste, nationalistic and religious pride is not a Sant.  The Sant who doesn’t become your friend is not a Sant.  The Sant who keeps you in the rituals, stories and dress of the past is not a Sant.”


We bowed to O ji several times, as we were in awe of Sat Naam inside him.  We had tears in our eys to know our beloved SatNaam was so close to us within O ji.  It was so beautiful to watch Sat Naam in O ji – love in action.


Baba ji said to O ji, “where is your Sat Guru?”  and O ji instantly shot out one arm towards Baba ji and pointed to Him with one finger.  And the other hand pointed to his own Hirdha (actualy we only noticed this second part when we looked at the photograph we took).  It means Sat Guru (SAT is the Guru) is sitting in our own Hirdha and Sat Guru is sitting in Baba ji’s body.


It was amazingly beautiful to watch, fascinating – thankyou Baba ji for showing us through O ji.


We also watched I penji do a beautiful Samadhi dance asan with her waving, graceful and elegant arms as she sat ccross-legged and kirtan played.  We realised to that Sat Naam is fearless in a gentle way, to express love and compassion to one and all.


Please make us like that Sat Naam, gentle fearlessness to be completely free of inhinitions.  To be able to express love without the burden of being rejected, or breaking social norms. 


Yesterday, we tried to express ourself more.  We realised that Baba ji is a fully self-expressed person.  No inhibitions, wether he is talking to one person or one million people, he uses full range of body movements, full range of voice tones, full range of emotions eg passion to compassion.  And Baba ji uses that fearlessness to say the Truth whatever it may be, wether sangat will like it or not.  Baba ji said to us once always deliver the Truth, but preferably on a plate of humility.


We realised that we have got lots of mental and emotional blockages due to fear of others.  Fear of what others think of us at work, home society, Gurdwara.  Fear of expressing love and kindness to our nearest and dearest – its just easier to be same old Harjit.  Fears of what othes think if we dance or sing in public.  So yesterday in sangat as Satnaam singing was getting faster, devotees started getting up to dance and clap and smile, so we joined in as well.  Felt, good once we got past the self-consciousness aspect and we just sang long and louds , “SATNAAAM SATNAAAM” and clapped and danced.  No putting pressure on our mind to close eyes, concentrate hard and then getting frutstrated and not being able to get paast the hard and rigid ego mind.  Which then leads to a hard and rigid body, muscular tension and neck pain and so on.


So, yes, dancing, clapping and singing SatNaam is definitely the easy way to relax and enjoy HIS Love.   We remember when we first got into the religious path about 20 years ago we used to love singing and dancing to western music, but just change the words to “Waheguru Waheguru” – seem to have got a lot more serious since then – probably due to when we went into the hardcore religious sangat who are anti everythnig including enjoying yourself.  But, to be fair we do play and dance and sing with the kids, but now in sangat its all good to release the mental and emotional blocks.


Funny thing is a few days before the sangat came, we asked Baba ji if it would be a good idea to start Sukhmani workshops, like day camps – we did run one a few months ago and it was really peaceful.  But, Baba ji totally surprised us by saying, “just do Satnaam Dance Group!”  And we thought, “we don’t even know how to dance!”  And look now – we are dancing!  Can see what Baba ji means, its all good and well just to sit and talk about God in workshops and do quiet meditation, but dancing releases the mind and brings in joy. 


Also good to dance together with the sangat, good shared experience, good for bonding – we became free together.  Also later in the sangat  outside sitting on the grass in front of Baba ji, we just felt like putting our arms up and out and welcome in the SAT PARBRAHM sunshine into our hirdha.  Still a bit self-conscious, but at least we are overcoming it.  Baba ji said on the first day, to have no ego and pride, absolutely none, when that happens then we can do Dandauth anywhere, go anywhere and be free.


Today we just want to do as much simran as we can.  Not to miss a breath.  To love and serve the sangat as much as we can.  To bask in the glory of SatNaam SatGuru.


Plese Satguru ji make the milk of SatNaam overflow from the rock of our hardened mind and heart.


SAT Naam we love you so much,  In Your SAT sangat You are so close to us.  Forever use us, this soul, mind and body as Your divine instrument.  Use these hands to write the Truth with love and compassion.  Please come and use this body to dance as You want.  Use this throat and tongue to sing Your praises as You want.  Just use us as you wish Sat Naam ji.  Sat Naam ji, please fill us up and overflow to others and make this LONG, LONG journey of our soul to you successful (tears in our eyes.)


It’s all by your grace Baba ji, 

                     All Your grace Baba ji,

                                       All your grace.