More healing all morning. UK Sangat was going to be leaving this afternoon.  J paji and his wife from Calgary are so great.  His wife hadn’t slept properly for over two weeks, but since coming to sangat she has slept like a baby.  They were so humble and thankful.  She sat next to Baba ji in the garden and now had a childlike smile and new eyes to see the world with.  She kept saying in punjabi, “Baba ji, the flowers are so beautiful, their colours are so bright.”  Baba ji said that the flowers in Sach Khand were more radiant than here because there is no ego to put dirt on your vision.  So she was now seeing without ego, with Sach Khand eyes, from her own Truth Consciousness part.  She aslo asked Baba ji for the blessing to go into dancing Samadhi Asan like I penji.  And Baba ji blessed her without any delay.


Sat Naam was again 100% speaking through Baba ji.  We were amazed and fascinated yet again.  Baba ji kept laughing and joking, being playful and baby like.  Jumping up unexpectedly and becoming strong and releasing a deep sound from the navel.  Or then suddenly make sounds of raag music.  Or then point at someone and send them Amrit.  God kept speaking through Baba ji’s body, “I sent so many Guru’s and Bhagats before, but people still didn’t listen.  So this time I have come myself.”


We kept thinking this Baba ji is completely different from the one we have met on earlier visits and even earlier this week before the sangat came.  Although we did have glimpses of this Baba ji sometimes when Baba ji was doing katha, then he would start laughing and go crazy as he put it.


We then thought Baba ji must be channelling for God, like mediums channel for spirits. But, didn’t really understand how there can be a difference between normal Baba ji and this Baba ji?  Baba ji has merged with God, that’s what makes him a Baba ji. So why the difference in personality?  [Baba ji explained it the next day.]


Anyway, in the garden the healing of the burden on the soul by the Supreme Soul continued.  And Baba ji was in a compassionate mood, granting everyone’s requests.  Someone said, “please bless our family,” or “please take away so and so’s pain,” or “please bless us with more Naam, Seva and Bandagi,” or “please bless us with more Amritvela and detachment from sleep.”


We just requested Baba ji to do what we never could have ever imagined doing even a few years ago, and that was to please forgive the Uncle who exposed himself to us as a kid, with whom we held a lot of hatred towards whilst growing up, and even hated when we first visited Baba ji 7 years ago. 


Baba ji was playful and happy and answered all requests, rewriting the destiny written on people’s foreheads.  Regarding sleep, he said a Sant only needs 3 hours sleep if he does it right.  That we still need some sleep as the body and brain has to physically heal whislt the soul slips away to Mansarovar (leaving a fine connection so it can get back).  Otherwise, the mind becomes rigid, inflexible and stuck.  [Like our brother in law who drive double shifts in his truck and hardly sleeps for 4 days, and said by that time, your mind is completely frozen, dull and unresponsive – worse than a drunk driver.]


We also requested Baba ji to bless the whole world, because we have a very big family – sarbatt da bhalla!  Baba ji did so with a smile and replied to all of us, “keep praying for others, keep living for serving others.  Only ask for Dukh for yourself and Sukh for everyone else. 


Baba ji said, “for the last 30 years (even before he began his bhagti)  he only strived to see ZERO suffering in the world.  So he has been praying for all DUKH in the world to come to Him and all SUKH for ABSOLUTELY everyone else.”


That is Baba ji’s dream, that is his vision for the Earth.



Baba ji said, “Dukh increases because of our bad and selfish deeds – we basically get what we deserve.  Also when we desire things like worldy Sukh (comforts of Maya), we are asking for the gift instead of the Giver, asking for the creation rather than the Creator.  So with every Sukh we want, we get one Dukh attached, because that is the balance in the world.  Like two sides of the coin.  Asking for Sukh, you get Dukh as well.  So when we are praying for desires, wishes and wants, then we are making the lesser gods stronger within us.  These lesser gods (330 million Devi-devtas) represent all the desires, hopes, wishes and wants a human mind can possibly have.  And we get stuck at their level, at that level of consciousness, and forget the One Sat Naam above them, the Source, he Creator.  Even in bhagti you still get wordly sukh and dukh, but you start seeing them as the same, you have no desire for Sukh, you have no fear of Dukh.  Infact, we love to drink Dukh of others when we become Sant.”


Before, going to the airport, the whole sangat stopped over at R paji’s house for one last sangat.  Baba ji said this is where the “EK ANG SAT” kirtan happened a few days before and wher he has appointed 500 astral body Sants.  Baba ji has permantly rooted the highest power of EK ANG SAT here, so it is pouring from ParBrahm Khand to Earth realm.


Bibi I and S penjee got up and started singing a quiet and emotional shabad without instruments, they had arms aorund each other’s shoulders and swayed side to side as they sung,


“munn kyo bairag karega, satguru mera poora

O my mind why are you sad, for my SAT GURU is complete.”


Guru Arjun Dev ji.


Then the whole sangat joined in while lovingly looking at Baba ji, our Sat Guru Poora, and then sangat started sitting, “Sat Naam, Sat Naam” for a while, then “SAT SAT SAT”  and finished off with “EK ANG SAT” singing.  Baba ji explained to us later that is the order to sing it in.  Each is greater than the previous one.  


Baba ji loves us so much. Mata ji told our sister S penjee, “Harjit thinks he is so far behind everyone else, but he’s not.  Baba ji only shows him what he needs to know so that his ego and pride dies.”


So that is why the other day when sangat was asking Baba ji what they were in past lives, and we remembered that one of the sangat used to be a devoted Sikh of Guru Hargobind ji and another used to be a soldier in Guru Gobind Singh ji’s army, we wondered what our connection with any of the Guru’s was.  And Baba ji replied, “you were a donkey that took the rations for the langar!”  We couldn’t stop laughing – no wonder we feel sorry for donkeys being whipped in India whenever we go!  Also explains our stubborness!  But, it was definitely humbling, that was for sure!


Baba ji is the BEST TEACHER EVER, well He is our inner knower, so knows what is best for us.  We did kirtan a few days ago and got ego after getting praised, so imagine what would happen to us if we were dancing intoxicated and seeing atral realms, or able to sing like Bibi I – she really is Dhan dhan to stay so humble with such a talent?  Our head wouldn’t fit through the door.  And we know that we have ego and pride, because that is our constant battle to fight them back.  So better to feel a failure in spiritual experiences because it has made us wish only for others to become Sant and for us to become the doormat they wipe their feet on.


After singing with everyone, Baba ji was full of SAT PARBRAHM, he loves us so much.  He kept addressing this fool and sending us more and more blessings without us even asking for anything.  He blessed us with a Saree (indian wedding dress), red in colour (wedding colour). He told us he dressed us in it.  Then he gave us a gold tiara, diamond studded under garment, ankle bracelets and for fun – yellow underwear – to which everyone burst out laughing!  And then Baba ji blessed us with unlimited gems (represent divine virtues eg humblness) in our Hirdha.  Baba ji was getting our soul ready for its wedding with God, the Husband – KHASAM.  Then God within Baba ji said, a bite crudely, but we got the message, “that He will screw us soon!!!”  Everyone laughed.  But, Baba ji said, “that’s how ParBrahm is!”   We know it means divine union on the bed of the Hirdha, between the soul bride and God, the Husband – Khasam. 


We were a bit embarrased, but also so thankful inside, our face was flushed red due to blessings and blushing probably!


Baba ji then looked deeply and lovingly at us and gave us a new spiritual name as well, “PREETO.”  [Dassan Dass ji explained it means the one who is saturated in Amrit, intoxicated in divine love (Preet).]


Mata ji said to us that Baba ji had only given a spiritual name to Pritam Anand ji previously and Dassan Dass ji had got his name directly from God,  so SAT PARBRAHM inside Baba ji loves us so, so, so much.

We are not worthy, ungrateful, useless, not so many months ago  complaining in our mind that we’ve been doing seva and still not experiencing anything like the others talk about.  Realised that we were expecting spiritual experiences to be the marker of our spiritual progress.  But, we couldn’t  see that would have caused ego and impeded any further internal progress.  But, Baba ji had now explained it all, the WAY of His PLAY may not be anything like what we expect it to be! So just trust the Satguru is doing whatever is right for us, all we need to do is to earn His divine words and keep doing SatNaam simran and virtuous deeds.


UK sangat left, there were hugs and tears and Dandauths at the airport – again Baba ji is the driver in this world and the next.