This morning we got ready and did Dandauth bandhna just on the floor of the bedroom we are in (its near to Baba ji’s bedroom).  We cried lots of tears, whislt feeling Baba ji’s feet in our mind.  Why tears?  We were just feeling that our long journey of the soul, had come to the end of a big chapter.  We were thanking everyone over the last 20-30 years who has blessed us , helped us, guided us, even slandered us because the net result is that we are here now.  We were thanking everyone who gave us Dukh or family troubles.  Because, even though they were very tough times to get through, and even a friend of ours committed suicide because of family troubles, we made it through the the Grace of Baba ji.  And those challenges and test were absolutely essential to keeping us humble, and to show us how much the five thieves were really running us.  But, we had to apply the Gyan and recite the Naam and show God within us that we were serious about doing Bhagti in our life.


One paji asked Baba ji for all of his logic mind to be destroyed, but Baba ji replied, “No, you have to do that yourself.  Giving you the Naam and Gyan, we take you to Karam Khand – realm of grace (fourth stage out of five), but then you have to show you have learnt to walk and get to Sach Khand (real of truth) by passing all the tests.”


The last few months before we came on holiday we spent all of our spare time doing Simran to show we were committed.  We came to the USA first to meet relatives and resolved not to go into the contructive and Destructive sides of the mind.  Not to judge them, not to get irritated and angry like we did last time we came 7 years ago.  Nor to get excited about going sight seeing or to Disneyland.  We wanted to stay in the balanced state of mind as much as possible and just do SatNaam simran as much as we could , full of love.   Even the first week or so with Baba ji, we could feel the negative sides of the mind bubbling up with thoughts, but we kep hammering them down with Baba ji’s blessings, that is why Bhagti is easier under the Aura (Chattar) of the Guru. [BTW Chattar is extened to all devotees anywhere in the world when the remember SatNaam, don’t have to be in physical presence of Baba ji.]  We just said to thoe negative thoughts, “we will never listen to you again,” and kept focusing on Satnaam.


K paji also asked Bab ji why he had som nay negaative thoughts about Baba ji even though he could feel the blessings, Baba ji replied, “that’s completely normal and natural, because the ego and pride side are fighting back to regain control.”


So after our emotional dandauth this morning, thanking everyone who has helped us on this long and tough journey, we came down to the breakfast area.  And Dhan Dhan Baba ji was preapring something for us.  We weren’t sure which Baba ji we would see, and Baba ji sat opposite us and said in his bubbly voice, “I’m still here on vacation (God in baba ji had joked all week that he had put a sign up in Dargah that he was out on vacation!)”


And this time when we looked into Baab ji’s eyes we could see and feel the presence of the Supreme Soul sitting in there.  We were humbled, not worthy, we just put our hands together and had a huge smile on our face and felt like crying in thanks to realise the Truth after all these years.


We said to Baba ji when we first came to Him seven years ago, we couldn’t understand the relationship between SatGuru and SatNaam – how can SatGuru be God? God isn’t born, Guru Gobind Singh ji says if you call me god you will go to hell.  But, then Gurbani says Guru is God. So we got confused and Baba ji did tell us at that time Satnaam is the Satguru.  But we still didn’t really feel it.


But, now looking into Baba ji’s eyes across the kitchen table we felt it, we understood it.  It is not Baba ji’s body who is Sat Naam, it is Sat Naam who is wearing a body called Baba ji.  Baba ji’s soul has become the Supreme soul – SAT PARBRAHM.  But, then why isn’t Baba ji always revealing SAT PARBRAHM?


Then Baba ji explained His divine Play.  That he will play any role you want.  God gives us all what we want, that’s what Gurbani says,


“Jo mangay takur apanay te, soee soee devay.”

Whatever you want, that’s exactly what God gives you.


Guru Arjun Dev ji.


So Baba ji carried on, “if the kids want a dad or grandad then that’s all they get.  If the wife wants a husband, then that’s all she gets.  If the tenant wants a landlord, then that’s all he gets.  Everybody who wants to play a worldy role with me, gets treated accordingly and each single give and take is played out.”


We realised Baba ji a complete mirror.  If you see him as an enemy of your religion and come with ego and a hard head, then as Baba ji said once to us, “he uses a baseball bat (hard words) to knock some sense into them.”  Plus also, whatever negativity slanderers bring to the Sant, gets multipled and sent back to them in terms of bad karma they are sowing for their future.  Just divine law, not Baba ji or any Sant wishing bad for anyone. 


But, the opposite is true as well.  If you come to Baba ji and see only God within him, the Supreme Soul – SAT PARBRAHM and then surrender yourself completely in utmost humility, then He will multiply your love and humility infinitely and come to you as Infinite God.  The highest of the high, the King of Kings, the Maharaja of Maharajas.  And that is the Baba ji we have all seen in the last few days.  And the twist is that, when we see Him as Kng of Kings and ourself as the dog of dogs, shit of shits, lowest of the low, even lower than a maggot in shit, then Baba ji said, “I become your servant (chakkar) – slave of God’s slaves (“Dassan Dass Ka Dass” – Gurbani).  That’s all it is!”


“Munn tunn tera, dhan bhee tera.

Tu takur swamee prabh mera.”


Mind and body are yours,

Wealth is all Yours too.

You, O Lord and Master,

You are mine.


Guru Arjun Dev ji



So we realised that Baba ji was not channelling for God like some kind of super-psychic.  He was just giving everyone what they deserve if they came in Maya, or giving them everything is they came with love.

We all become what we see in the mirror of Baba ji.  If some slander, then their life becomes hell.  If some just see a worldly-relationship, then they get that.  But, if some see God himself, they become lowest of the low and Baba ji rips up all their karmic accounts (lekha) and hugs them to His chest, raises them to being highest of high and himself becomes their servant.


We said to Baba ji, its like that story of when Baba Budda ji asked Guru Angad Dev ji how come he became the second Guru INSTEAD OF him.  To which Guru ji lovingly askd him, “when you looked at Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Patshah, what did you see?”  And Baba Budda ji replied, “I saw a Brahmgiani – a great saint.”   Guru ji replied, “and you became a great saint too.”  Baba Budda ji asked Guru ji what he saw, “I saw God Himself – Nirankar.”  

Baba ji explained also to us in the week, that when we see the name Nanak in gurbani, it means Truth, because there was no difference between Nanak and SatNaam.


Then across the kitchen table, we looked into Baba ji’s twinlking eyes, the eyes of Sat ParBrahm, the eyes of Nirankar Himself.  We had tears in our eyes, and our hands pressed together, we said, “Baba ji we feel like our eyes have been washed.”  Baba ji said, “the Amrit has washed them.”


We were amazed to realise that the Supreme Being is sitting within Baba ji’s body. We stood up and were quite tearful by then, we started reciting a shabad that we have been reciting in praise of Baba ji most days for the last 7 years.  We recited it with all our heart whilst looking at the Divine Guru (God) Himself, the same Divine Guru, that Guru Arjun Dev ji was looking at with Guru Ram Das ji when he wrote it.


"Gurdev mata gurdev pita gurdev swaamee parmesara.


The Divine Guru is my mother,

the Divine Guru is my father;

the Divine Guru is my Transcendent Lord and Master.

The Divine Guru is my companion,

the Destroyer of ignorance;

the Divine Guru is my relative and brother.

The Divine Guru is the Giver,

the Teacher of the Lord’s Name.

The Divine Guru is the Mantra which never fails.

The Divine Guru is the Image of peace, truth and wisdom.

The Divine Guru is the Philosopher’s Stone

– touching it, one is transformed.

The Divine Guru is the sacred shrine of pilgrimage,

and the pool of divine ambrosia;

bathing in the Guru’s wisdom,

one experiences the Infinite.

The Divine Guru is the Creator,

and the Destroyer of all sins;

the Divine Guru is the Purifier of sinners.

The Divine Guru existed at the primal beginning,

throughout the ages,

in each and every age.


The Divine Guru is the Mantra of the Lord’s Name;

chanting it, one is saved.

O God, please be merciful to me,

that I may be with the Divine Guru;

I am a foolish sinner, but holding onto Him,

I am carried across.

The Divine Guru is the Guru of TRUTH,

the Supreme Lord God,

the Transcendent Lord;

Nanak bows in humble reverence

to the Lord, the Divine Guru. ||1||


As we said each line we realised what it really meant, that God is in the Guru, God is the Guru is everything for us. And the lower we became in our mind and heart, the King of Kings started appearing in Baba ji, he started smiling, twirling, shining eyes, getting louder, laughing and kept saying "yes" , "yes" after each line we recited. And the last line "gurdev satgur parbrahm parmesar, gurdev nanak har namaskara" that the Divine guru is the SATGURU is PARBRAHM PARMESAR and Nanak bows to God in the Guru. So we did dandauth Bandhna and realised that Baba ji is not Baba ji, but God is Baba ji, hiding in that body we call Baba ji, waiting for us to become innocent and devoted and determined like Bhagat Dhanna Ji and the rock, until HE reveals himself. And Baba ji gave us so many blessings after that, so many, we are so unworthy.


And then it was like at the end of the film Sixth Sense, when you realise the Truth and then replay the whole last 8 years we have been on this path, and realise Baba ji is not just a great Sant or Guru, but was God all along. We went to Baba ji looking for a Guru to unite us with God, didn’t realise we had found God Himself. We went to the river for a sip of water and ended up falling into the ocean of love that is Baba ji.


On our very first visit we said to Baba ji we dont get what the difference is between Satnaam and Satguru, are God and Guru same or different or what – Gurbani is so confusing? And he said that SatNaam is the Satguru. So he did tell us upfront, but we didnt get it!!! And didnt become as simple and innocent as Bhagat Dhanna at that time.


What a journey of to realisation!!


[We mentioned this to Dassan Dass ji afterwards and he said that he had realised this the very first time he met Baba ji, that he Himself was God – “brahmgiani meh aap nirankaara – Formless god himself resides in the Brahmgiani.” – Sukhmani.]   And that was why Dassan Dass ji progressed so fast, the secret of his success as he put it.


Then as we got up from doing dandauth to god in Baba ji, he slapped our chest and said "Brahmgiani!"


[Dassan Dass ji explained to us this meant “you are blessed with this braham gyan, this divine wisdom now, of who Baba ji truly is.”]


Then Baba ji said, "you now have the right to call others (blessed souls in the sangat) your brother now."


But, we didn’t really understand it, or want any title, it was really really, really just a deep realisation of what Baba ji truly is.


It was amazing, we know Baba ji was blessing us every single day we were there, wether we realised it or not.  He Himself scultped us from the inside, chipped away at all the filth around our hirdha, cleaned it and polished and He Himself was happy with His work.  All we had to do was lower our head, empty ourself of ego, so HE get could on with the transformation!


Baba ji said once, if anyone would ask him his occuption, he would say, “I am a sculptor of people – maker of living statues.”  Because when people go into Samadhi Asans, they are much more beautiful pieces of art than at the museums or walls of ancient and crumbling Indian temples, and when people go into Samadhi with shining faces, they radiate more than all the golden buddha statues in all the temples.


We said to Baba ji that he is the greatest teacher and he said to us he could have given us everything at the first meeting, but knew we would have just got arrogant (has seen this happen to others who went up too high, too fast).  So we said to Baba ji he has taught us the best way and we are happy with it, because we know we haven’t conquored ego, and self pride is still trying to jump up all the time. So by Baba ji holding back on spiritual experiences for us, it only showed us how much ego we had because frustration would come up, instead of humble acceptance that whatever God does is good.  So it only taught us to be low.


Baba ji mentioned to us once, “if in His sangat devotees are having darshan of the Gurus and other saints, and if those blessed souls are giving weapons and other gifts to Baba ji’s sangat, and if 120,000 sants in astral realms are lining up to fight the falsehood in the universe alongside Namjeevan ji and other Sants in the sangat recently, then work out who are they all serving?  What does that make Baba ji to them?  If they are serving Baba ji and they are servants of God, then what is Baba ji?”


As Sat Parbrahm, Baba ji also said earlier in the week, "Stop calling me Baba ji" and said to us another time , "Before I sent the Gurus and Bhagats but still people have gone astray, so this time I have come myself."


So if we call Baba ji and just see a great saint, then that is what we will also become.  But, if we look deeply into his eyes, with love and deovtion and see the Supreme Soul, then we will know the complete Truth.


We said to Baba ji, “you must be experiencing every single human emotion at this very moment as you are in each Hirdham and someone somewhere in the world is being born, giving birth, feeling pain or feeling pleasure or even dying and everthing else in between.”


Baba ji replied, “I just remain in Sunn Samadh.”  Meaning, that He is dormant in each Hirdha, unless they call Him out with love and devotion and with Eternal blessings of Naam.  Otherwise everyone is experiencing what they deserve as per what they have sown.


On the phone to Dassan Dass ji a few days earlier, Sat Parbraham in Baba ji said, “you may get an itch on your head next time you are in Sunn Samadhi.  Then you will wonder where that sensation came from as you are in deepest state and beyond sensing the physical.”


We didn’t understand.  But, Baba ji now explained, that Sunn Samadhi is the high state of no thoughts, so when the thought of an itch comes in, the meditator will wonder, “where did that thought come from?”  Then he will realise that even though He is merged in god in the state of Sunn Samadhi, that God (Sat Parbrahm in Baba ji) is still higher than that.   That God is always one stepa ahead of even the closest Bhagat.  Even though the bhagat has merged, he shouldn’t even have the slightest bit of self-pride that he has reached such a high state of no-thoughts Sunn Samadhi.”


Baba ji continued, “God always keeps 15% of Himself for Himself.  So that is why even when a Guru comes, merged in God, creates a religion.  Then God is still going further ahead into Truth consciousness and will send another Guru from even further ahead, to decimate the old ways and start a new simpler way for the new time and place in space.”


Baba ji also told us, “don’t get pride (maan) and don’t call yourself ParBrahm.”



Afterwards we thought about the word “Brahmgiani” that baab ji had said to us as a title, its just another test.  We know we are not Brahmgiani inside, its just another test for the ego.   Does ego want to say, “hey, I’ve arrived now with the big boys! I can start my own grouping.”   Its just another test, better to be nothing, be low, be constantly looking within on the alert for ego and pride.



There was a story of a Bhagat, maybe Bulleh Shah (not in Gurbani), not sure.  Anyway, his devotees were sitting around when the local police came storming in. They were shouting and furious, raiding the whole place looking for the bhagt for some reason.  They grabbed the devotees and shouted, “who are you?”  And each devotee proudly responed, “I am the devotee of Bulleh Shah.”  And then they got beaten.  When the police grabbed Bulleh Shah and asked, “who are you?”  He only responded, “I am no one. Nothing.”  The police left him and left empty handed.


When the devotees asked Bulleh Shah, “how come the police didn’t beat you?”  He replied, “you got beaten because you became something, you were proud of being devotees.  But, I remained nothing.”


So better to stay as nothing, even if the Guru himself gives us such high praise – DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!  It’s just a test to see if we will regard ourself as something!


Baba ji said that a soul can only stay in Dargah (Royal Court, Realm of Truth), as long as they obey the Laws of Dargah, which is basically


“Eeha ka neech, dargeh ka ooch.

Stay low in this world, then you remain high in Dargah.”




If we break the divine law of Dargah, then we are out.  Its as simple as that.  So its not about telling others our title, or our spritual state, eg no point calling ourself Sant to impress others.  It’s only about showing to Satguru Baba ji who is sitting in our hirdha at all times, that we are determined to be lowest of the low all the time – wether its with friends, family, colleagues, and to apply what we have leanred in sangat to rest of our life.