We left from Baba ji a few days ago and spent last couple of days with family in USA again.  Now in the plane returning to the UK.  We went to see Baba ji like a thirsty man going to take a sip of water from the river and are coming back having fallen into the Ocean of Love that is Baba ji and GurSangat.


We went thinking that Baba ji is a great Sant, a great Guru, in whose presence we can get closer to God.  But, we came back with our eyes washed of this illusion, realising that SAT PARBRAHM, Kings of Kings was sitting in the body we call Baba ji.  But, actually the One inside has no name or religion, Baba ji said in the past, “I have no name. I am beyond religion”


Namastang Nriname.

Namastang Nridhame.


I bow to God who has no name.

I bow to God who has no religion.


Jaap Sahib – Guru Gobind Singh.


Sat ParBrahm in Baba ji said, “I am MAHA APARAS.”  APARAS is the philospher’s stone, that is reputedly supposed to turn iron into gold.  But, the Brahmgiani is such an APARAS that he transforms ordinary souls into Brahmgianis as well.  Like the philosopher’s stone that makes another philosopher’s stone.    And God in Baba ji said, “I am MAHA APARAS,”  which means he is the original philospher’s stone, the one who made the first Brahmgiani.


Balhari gur apanay, deeoharee sad var.

Jin manas te devtay , keea karant na lagee var.


I am sacrifice to my God, hundreds of times every day.

For he transforms men into God, without any delay.


Baba Nanak.


We realised that the One sitting inside the body called Baba ji is the same One sitting iside our Hirdha.  That one is called SAT Guru.  SAT Guru is sitting in our Hirdha watching us, just waiting for us to call His Name from the depths of our heart full of love and comapssiona nd yearning.  And His name is Truth, His NAAM is SAT – Sat Naam.


We realised from our previous visits with Baba ji that the overriding message we left with from meeting Baba ji was that




Because, at that time we were going through a lot of family and work tensions – all due to our Karma playing out.  After getting sick and tired of arguments, we learned to accept it all and find the humble way through.  And through Baba ji’s grace all those people causing us problems have been moved away from us, leaving us with the peace required in order to do Simran and Seva, without having to constantly fight family battles.


But, leaving this time we have realised with Baba ji’s blessings, that




So even though our lives are running as per our destiny written on our forehead according to what we have sown in the past, when we love SATNAAM at each and every moment, then SATGURU sitting in our Hirdha is overuling our destiny.  He is the One afterall who can rewrite the rules. 


So whilst we are living out our daily life in family and work and society, which is playing out our Karma, if we keep bringing God into it, by doing our SatNaam simran with love, then He takes care of everything and we don’t have to worry.  Pritam Anand ji said to us once, “Once you have Baba ji’s blessings (GurParsaad of Naam) then you don’t have to worry about anything.  Just keep doing SatNaam and truthful deeds.”


Thir ghar basoh harjan pyare.

Satgur tumaray kaaj savaray.


Sit steadily in your home (i.e. don’t worry about anything),

As the Satguru is taking care of everything.


Guru Arjun Dev ji.



The other day after arriving back to family in USA, we felt like just staying quiet and just to treat everyone as the most precious.  To give big kind hugs.  To speak caringly and not to criticise and judge others.  To touch the children’s faces lovingly.  To hold their hands gently.  To be a gentle soul.  To keep on doing Satnaam in our hirdha and hence to keep calling upon our SatGuru Baba ji who is sitting in there.  To call upon Him to be the kindness that is expressed through this mind and body.  And it was a completely different Harjit now.  Not the one who gets irritable, gets impatient, gets annoyed and controlling and turns into a bossy Dad!   Even Tavleen our younger daughter just wanted to hold our hand and sit in our laps.  She’s normally the one who doesn’t like to be touchy-feely.  But, she is a good mirror for us, if we are gentle she is gentle.  If we are aggressive, she will be aggressive right back.  Baba ji did tell us she is coming from Bhagti in her last life, so that’s why she is a mirror like Baba ji!


Went to sleep and got up early and eagerly looked forward to doing Simran.  After a while fell asleep and felt like our whole body expanded with Amrit.  Next night, we were also doing Simran whilst lying down and half asleep.  We looked across at our wife, and instead of seeing her physical body, we just saw a being of pure white energy.  [We asked Dassan Dass ji about this, he said we were being shown that God is in our wife as well.  Hence, treat her accordingly, just like we love and chrish Baba ji.]


Also we just keep doing Satnaam during the day in the hirdha with His Blessings, with more determintation not to let go of it no matter what.  We want to bring SatNaam Satguru Baba ji into every thought, every action, everything we do.  Reciting SatNaam means Satguru takes care of everything, and baba ji said that forgetting SatNaam means we leave the door open for the five thieves to come back in.


During the day we were sitting at the computer, then just got up whislt still doing Satnaam and walked to the front room, where the  family was sitting.  We just aimlessly walked to the window and peered out, to see our 1.5 yr old nephew running out into the road.  We quickly told his mum and she rushed out to get him.  The gate had been left open.  Just think what could have happened if no one had noticed he was missing for even 5 or 10 minutes.


Then we sat with our mother-in-law. She was lying down on the sofa and we were just feeling pressure on the top of our head, Amrit was coming down.  So we started doing some healing on her by placing our hands (actually we pray to Baba ji these are his hands so please guide them as He wants) on her feet.  She became totally calm and relaxed and we placed these hands on her head for a while as well.  We told her afterwards that this is how she should feel if she does her Satnaam simran.  But, even feeling that peace, we know she is addicted to her routine of long hours of Nitnem and prayers and no Simran. 


Yesterday though, we started getting back into ego, impatience, criticising our wife for nearly losing her watch at the park, then having a dream that night about losing our camera!  Baba ji said, “stay desire free in the day, then dreams are conquored.”


Please forgive us Baba ji, just keep us as the lowest.  On the first day back we did dandauth bandhna to the family, little bit self conscious at what they might say.  They didn’t mind at all, kids just sat on our back and made us into their donkey! And we played!!


As we met the family in USA we thought how do we tell them about SatNaam simran, they are all so set in their ways – make money, go to Gurdwara on Sunday only, just do ritual prayer daily, and so many religious superstitions.  We had no feeling to tell them, so we didn’t.  Except our 13 year old niece who we noticed is very kind and compassionate.  Whenever horses or animals were near her she would make extra effort to stroke them gently.  Or when we drove past a homeless guy she kept saying lets stop and give him someinthg, but her dad, the driver just ignored her.  We praised her for thinking of others.  So we wanted to get her started on doing simran at least before we went.  And she sat and listened, asked all her questions about God and Karma, cleared her doubts.  Questions she said she had asked at some Gurdwara camp last year, but no one had been able to answer.  


Baba ji said to us just keep blessing others, just keep blessing them to start doing SatNaam simran, and He said He Himself will pull them into the Light from within their Hirdha.


God bless her, God bless the family, God bless everyone who has read this diary with doing SatNaam Simran with true faith, love and determination.


May you all become Sants, may we be the doormat that you wipe your holy feet upon.


Dust under your feet,