Mon 9 Aug, 2010


Slept late as was talking to Baba ji till midnight and then writing diary for an hour and half – that’s our amritvela this week!!  Woke up early, bit tired but trying to make the most of our precious time with Baba ji.  Did our simran and stretching, then went downstairs and did Dandauth Bandhna to Pritam Anand ji and Baba ji who were making us tea and breakfast (We should be serving them not other way around!).  Went with them for their morning walk in some nearby fields.   


Baba ji said to maintain the body we just need to do 2Km speedwalk everyday, rather than jogging and weights which put too much strain on the body.   And Baba ji only maintains the body as seva for the sangat, so that this body is around longer to serve them. [As opposed to people like us who do weights and running for our own health and the selfish purposes of looking good and attracting self-praise.] 


We recorded Baba ji’s divine wisdom as we walked – slowed him down!.  Felt Satnaam simran going on inside our hirdha.  Kept doing humble ardas all day long.  Whilst we were walking Pritam Anand Ji suddenly did Dandauth Bandhna to Baba ji in the middle of nowhere on the dirt road.  His forehead was full of stones and gravel as he got up, but he didn’t care about that. 



He explained later that he had internal Hukam to do Dandauth so he did it right away, without any delay.  We said to him that we also have inner feeling to do things like dandauth , but we overrule it with the logic mind e.g. “we will do it later,” or “they will think I am strange.”  Baba ji explained, “that is the rebound of the mind (ego and pride) in reaction to the Truth (the inner Hukam) that has come.  So ignore the rebound and do the Hukam RIGHT AWAY – BANG – DOWN YOU GO!  Don’t delay, do it right away.  Then the rebound will collapse.”