POEMS : 26/11/07-19/6/09

My Life Is Turning To Hell


26 Nov 07


Messenger Conversation between S & (H)arjit this morning, felt lots of blessings as the words were being written with Guru’s kindness.  So am sharing this prayer with the sangat.




Bro my life is turning into hell.

I say one thing and do another.

I feel like going and get drunk.

To get rid of tension.

I have not touched drugs in more then 1 year.

My health, love, life everything is gone.

I have severe depression.

Feel like dying.

No one can help me.

What shall i do?

My mind has been corrupted by porn.

I have mental disorder no energy for no life.

I feel good and energetic but then i end up masterabuing and feel shit again.

No one can help me i Am so tired i feel like dying but i cant even commit suicide coz he wont let me.



Its a slow process , remember be KIND to your MIND.  

Start with apreciating the little things.

Thankyou Satnaam Baba Ji for the air I breathe,

You keep giving air to everyone – slanderers and saints.

Thankyou Satnaam SatGuru ji for the sun on my face.

Thankyou Satnaam Satguru ji for each drop of water.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou,

I am not worthy,

I do not appreciate,

but whatever I am, Satnaam Satguru ji,



Be kind,

Be merciful,

take me by the arm Satnaam Satguru ji

and pull me out of my

deep dark well of scum that I am in.


I am nothing, YOU are everything,

I am a sinner, but YOU are the saver of the sinners.

I am in trouble, but YOU are the one who destroys all Troubles.


Please do not forget about me Satnaam Satguru Ji.

Bless me with Your purest Naam.

Bless me with singing you praises.

Bless me with the dust of your saints feet.

Bless me with good thoughts, Guru’s wisdom.

Bless me with strength to get through this hard time.


Dear Satnaam Satguru ji,

I have no one else, I have no place of my own.

You are the home of the homeless.

You are the strength of the weak.

You are the Giver of All,

I seek your Shelter,

I seek the cool shade of Your Lotus feet.

Keep me always and forever in the shelter of your Lotus Feet.

Always and forever keep your hand above my head.


You are my Brave Guru.

Please stand above my head and protect me. 

You are the strength of the weak,

please come and give me Your strength.



Thanks I felt good just by reading this


H : 

Keep praying like this.

Keep talking to SatNaam Satguru like this.


In your darkest hour,

when you have no Light,

when you have only depression

and death as your tormentors,


and HELL wont touch you.


Satnaam. Satnaam.

Satnaam. Satnaam.

Satnaam. Satnaam.

Always and forever,

my beloved and my Protector

Satnaam Satguru.

Always be with me, in me and around me



I actually feel like crying.



Be the cool wind.

Be the cool water for my hell-fire mind



What you said makes me emotional.




This is how we pray.

This is the real prayer from the depths of our soul

which we sometimes ONLY reach

when we are in the deepest,

darkest place of our mind.


The thirsty soul speaks through the scum of the mind,

it makes us emotional,

those tears we cry wash away our filth.


Wash the Gurus feet with those tears.

That’s where we go to cry.

That’s where we go to die.


Ego torments us,

we get frustrated,

angry at ourselves,

cant escape,

get suicidal,

but learn to die in the true way.


Die at the feet of Satnaam Satguru ji.


Put your head on the Guru’s feet

and never lookup again in ego.

Die such a death

that you never have to die again.

Love such a love

that you know Eternal Love.


Satnaam. Satguru. Satsangat.

I am nothing YOU are everything.

Thankyou for my breath,

for the water,

for the food,

for this chance in TIME and SPACE

in this PLACE

to do some good,

to do some simran,

to serve some one,

to live for others,

to become desire free,

to die at your Lotus feet.


This DARK AGE is hot,

SAT NAAM is cool.


Satnaam Satnaam Satnaam.


Thankyou for letting me do some service for you S. 

Thankyou for letting us pray together in this way.

God Bless You always and forever.



Bro I cannot thank u enough.

I can only wash your feet.




Lie down now, and relax,

just notice your breath,

going in and out, 

and let all the other thoughts just fly by

like clouds in the sky.


Those thoughts are NOT YOU,

do not get fooled by them,

do not start getting frustrated by them, 

dont identify with them,

learn to step back and recognise them,

and let them fly by like clouds

in the sky of the mind.







Once you are back in balance, then also realise that those thought only overwhelm us when we havent been cleaning them out. That’s why even 5 min relaxation, breathing, letting go, thanking , saying Satnaam   keeps us free.






So feel better now?


S: Much better. Thank u.



I could feel Satnaam Satguru ji sending you plenty of Amrit during that prayer.

Thank Satnaam Satguru Ji.



I feel happy now



That’s what Sat-sangat does for us,

someone else is overflowing with amrit

and  someone else is drowning in sorrow,

one helps the other – God does it all,

like water flows from high to low.






If you like, print out the prayer we did together above, and use it when you need it.

Take care,

stay in the Light,

stay free of those thoughts, 

You are Blessed Blessed – Stay in Peace.  

Dhan Dhan Sukhee Raho,

dust of your feet,






Go Anywhere

4 Aug 08


After attending the blessed Sat Sangat at Namjeevan Ji’s and Jaspal Ji’s house a few weeks ago and then having a big backlash from someone who doesnt want me to go there and giving in to them, I was blessed with a dream  – felt like God-Guru was talking to me and saying


"With Satnaam in your heart

you can go North, South, East and West.

With Satnaam in your heart

you can go anywhere

without FEAR."


Pls pray for me so this can come true for me.


Also by the end of the meditation at the satsangat could feel alot of love as the mantra "Ik Onkar Sat Naam Sat Gurprasad" was repeating within. This is Dassan Das Ji’s blessed verse that he uses in his emails.  I have to admit I normally give it a quck cursory glance, but in the meditation I could feel so much love in that phrase ..divine love that I had forgotten.


Any mantra we get from anywhere has in it the potential to create the feelings in you that it was born out of. It is like a seed that can become the plant it came from if it given the right conditions, love and patience.


We are blessed with Satnaam blessed by Baba Ji and Dassan Das Ji, it takes us back to where it came from – from the heart of the Sant – Satguru where it was forged in love and light.


Rise Above




Dont let anyone upset you.

The false only rattle the falseness in you.

Egotists only clash with the ego in you.

Haters only stir the hatred dormant in you.

Become like the air that absorbs it all and lets it go.

The same air in the breath that speaks hate,

the same air in the breath that speaks love,

the air doesnt care, is above it all, is unaffected,

is serving as God makes it serve.

Rise above being unsettled,

become like the air.


Unworthy Of Seva



dearest dassan das ji

dearest satnam satguru baba ji

dearest ik oankar satnaam ji

dearest  shabad guru siri guru granth sahib ji


you are right ji, we have been on this path for so long and everytime we have tried to do bhagti we have fallen off the path.  With your kind kirpa you have picked us up so many times,

but we have fallen again and again and again, getting worse everytime.  Almost to the point where we

do not even want to get up again.  That is the story of this slanderer of the guru, this donkey mind that reads all the wisdom then goes and rolls around in the filth of maya again.


But with your kindness you have picked us up again and this time with your kindness we really feel that

we NEVER ever want to go back to rolling around in filth of maya, we really feel we are better of dead than

going back to following desires and getting slapped by maya.  We really feel if we lose family, friends, moeny,

property anything and everything, it is no sacrifice at all.  We really feel the love of god in the gurus lotus words of gurbani.


We pray they come inside us with such a force they rip apart all our illusions , all our lifetimes of bad karamas, all the hardened layers

of haumai we have built up.


We are not worthy of this seva, we are not worthy of any thing divine, we are a stubborn egotist who refuses to bow his head infront of the whole world, but whatever we are , we are yours.  We sit like a dog at your table waiting for crumbs of gurprasad, we dont need anything or anyone else now.  Please take everything we have, munn tun and dhan.  Please kill us completelty this time.  Please do not let us fall back again.


You are so kind, so humble, only you truly know what you are dassan das  satguru ji.   The katha of sukhmani sahib you have done, is katha of your self, the brahmgiani, the apras, the jan, the sadh,  it is all your katha.  We are so fortunate to have you with us.


Please do not let us waste any more time, breath is slipping away like water through our hands.


dust of your holy lotus feet





The Greatest Experience Is Being Thankful


Every Friday in Sat Sangat I feel lots of Amrit at the top of this head, like its being opened up and connected to the Light and that is all thanks to Namjeevan ji and the Sat Sangat for creating such a holy sacred place, otherwise I never feel that.


The other morning I was sitting before doing Naam Simran and just thinking how lucky I am to have met great souls like Harmeet ji, Sweta Ji, Om Ji, Taranjeet and all of the satsangat.  Such really, really great souls and at such a young age.


Every morning I look at of the window feel the fresh air in my lungs and thank the air for keeping this body going, and then thank the NAAM , SATNAAM for supporting the AIR.   Then thank the Rain and rivers for keeping this body alive and thankign SAT NAAM for supporting the Water and thank Great Mother Earth for supporting us all, giving us a chance to do bhagti, then thank SAT NAAM for supporting the Earth.


The greatest experince is being thankful, being a servant, feeling some love and that is what Baba ji said to us from day one of meeting Him, that all we have to do is beat our 5 thieves and desires.




16 Apr 09


Become nothing like a ray of the sun.

Become as light as the air. 

Become free like the gentle breeze. 

Become sweet like the fragrance

that attracts the bee, that attracts God.

Become the cool raindrop

gently soothing the dry soil. 

Stop pushing ourselves onto the world

and trying to control others. 

Just become invisible like God Himself

serving the creation at all times

without us even knowing or apprecitating. 


Become sin-free. 

Become weightless.



Thankyou For Being In My Life


With Guru ji’s kirpa just found this poem we wrote a few years back for appreciating what Dassan Dass ji and Baba Ji have done for us.


Everything I have,

Everything i own –

Mind, body, wealth,

This property, this home,

Nothing is mine,

Nothing under my control,

Everything is Yours –

Mind body and soul,

I give it back to You

My Guru.

You are True,

Through and Through.

Thankyou –

Thankyou for being in my life,

For keeping your hand above my head,

For giving me hope always and forever.


God Rushes In


17 Jun 09


When we become a total slave, living for others, accepting every crumb that falls to this dog from Gods table with humble gratitude, that one day when our heart is pure enough, then there is nothing to stop god appearing in that space.  Like air rushes into a vacuum.  when ego disappears God rushes in.


Jub hum hothay tub thoo nahee
ab tuhee ma nahee
Whilst "I" resided, You did not
but when You did, "I" did not!  – Gurbani.


Become the lowest of the lowest of the low

the slave of the slave of the slaves

the servant of God’s servants

the one who cares not for gold or dust

cares not about reputation or dishonour

cares not about being rich or poor

cares only about others

gives everything

for the love of Guru

and walks every step with Satnaam in their heart

breathes every breath for Satnaam

enjoys every ray of sunshine like a blossimg flower

follows the hukam to NOT MISS A DAY

like the sun and moon follow the Hukam

to bring day and night every day.


We can focus on all the little things

that God is doing for us every moment:

the smile on a childs face,

the wind on our face,

the food on our plate,

the good thoughts in our mind

and so many more

and that leads to peace and an attitude of gratitude,

of gareebi ves hirda – a humble heart.  

Or we can be blind to all those things

and focus on what we haven’t got:

haven’t had this expereince,

havent had that expereince and

end up with frustration due to ego.




Prayer For A Child


19 Jun 09


Dear Satnaam Satguru Satsangat Ji,

Dandauth bandhana ji,


Dearest Baba Ji, you are the healer of healers,

the cure of all cures is your name , Sat Naam,

because of our karma we reap illness and sickness,

because of your grace you heal us.

Dearest Satguru ji, you are the creator of this body,

you are the knower of this body,

you are the sustainer of this body and its destroyer too.

This body is all your Satguru Ji,

please forgive us all of our faults and sins,

please bless us to merge with your Divine Light, Sat Naam, All Bright, all Healing,

please send all your love and healing to your daughter Hema Ji

through this difficult time.

Please send love and blessings to all the ones around her so they

may pray for her too, rather than worry.

Ik Oankaar SatNaam SatGurprasaad.

Ik Oankaar SatNaam SatGurprasaad.

Ik Oankaar SatNaam SatGurprasaad.

Ik Oankaar SatNaam SatGurprasaad.

Ik Oankaar SatNaam SatGurprasaad.


Dear SatNaam KartaPuarkh Ji, SatGuru ji,

You are the Divine Mother of all,

please take this child close to your chest

and hug her inside your hirda

and wash her troubles away,

as you deem best,

as you wish.


You are the Kindest of the Kind,

the most compassionate,

the Cherisher

these are all Your Names Lord,

May you always be with her.

Ang Sang Sat Naam

Ang Sang Sat Naam,

Always with me Sat Naam,

In and around me Sat Naam,

Supporting and surrounding me

Sat Naam.


A Marriage Made In "Sach Khand"


Satnaam ji- dandauth bandhana ji,


The following takes the marriage imagery from Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for the union of a soul and Supreme Soul: atma with Paramatma



A Marriage Made In Sach Khand


by Harjit with Guru’s blessing after coming back from meeting Baba Ji in 2003.


I was a lonely soul girl, living at in my Maya home with my worldy parents.  My father Fear was quite dominating and I never wandered out alone to find True Love.  My friends : Anger, Pride, Lust , Greed and Attachment  and hobbies : Desire, Jealousy and Slander helped me to pass the time, but as I got older I could no longer ignore the feelings in my heart.   I met an older girl in ainternet chatroom and she told me her story and how she found True Love and was happily married.    So I stayed out late one night to go and meet her.  She was so happy and told me her Husband was sitting on her bed, and when she looked in the bed of my heart she said "Yes, I can see you’re still lying their alone, still looking for True Love."    She also told me that her husband had a great harem with millions of happy wives and I could join the harem too.    It sounded to good to be true and when I got home  my father Fear   gave me a scolding.  He made me feel so small and worthless and I just crawled back into my box.  


But a few more years went by and my friends had betrayed me many times so i didn’t trust them anymore.  And my hobbies were just not interesting anymore.     I told my Father I was no longer scared of him and he should arrange my marriage or I would find True Love myself.        He frightened me with his words of what could happen if I went out alone and that I belonged to him and had to live under his control.    But dying was better than living with this unbearable ache as I lay alone on the bed of my heart.       I ran away and slammed the door shut on my wordly parents , friends and hobbies.  I ran through the streets with screaming and shouting,  I saw my reflection I was a short, ugly girl, my hair was a mess, my clothes were dirty – who was ever going to marry me?   So as I sat their sobbing, the older wife from the chatroom came and picked me up.   I told her I had no where else to go and that I had left behind all my friends, hobbies and parents.  She hugged me and took me to her house.  


It was amazing, there were so many beautiful gurmukh  brides there.  Each decorated perfectly , smiling and blissful.   They sat me down and fussed over me.  They told me how to become a forever bride a SADA SUHAGAN as they called it.    I touched their feet, no that wasn’t enough to show my appreciation for taking me in, I pressed my forehead on their feet and lay flat like a stick at their feet.  As I got up I applied some makeup – the dust of their feet – on my face.  They took the jewels of their Husband’s Word and strung them together around my neck and said keep these jewles close to your heart, the Husband will be pleased with you.    The touched my forehead and blessed me saying look through this every morning in the early hours and watch eagerly for your husband to come home.   


Then they sat me in the carriage and ast all around, talking about how their own marriages  were performed and all the wonderful experiences they had had since.  They said it all started with doing true deeds and rejecting the five bad friends and wordly family and nasty hobbies as I had.  Then they met the vichola – the middle man, they called him the SatGuru.  He had arranged thousands of marriages to the Husband and now they took me to see him.   I was so excited , surrounded on all sides by the Gurmukh brides, they told me what to say and how to behave.  To be humble and loving, to bow my head in respect and touch the Satguru’s feet and to totally surrender to his word.     


The Gurmukh brides went in first and met the SatGuru, they fell at his feet and lay flat like a stick, how could they ever repay Him for what he had done for them?  Again and again they were a sacrifice to the Satguru.     So I copied them and felt very humble too.  They introduced me and he was pleased with my devotion and committment.   I told him I too wished to be a SADA SUHAGAN but was just a lonely girl, DU-HAGAN. He took pity on me and said he would put in a good word for my with the Husband.   I had heard whatever the SatGuru says becomes true, whatever marriage he says will be performed happens, so I was very pleased and couldn’t stop smiling inside.         Then he said on my part I had to start replacing the ache in my heart with love the Husbands name.  And the name the Husband had chosen for himself at the very beginning was TRUTH or SAT,  infact I should just remember the One Husband whose Naam is "Sat" (Ek Oankar Sat Naam) with love with my inner voice and look through the window in the middle of my forehead.   He gave me the Sat Guru’s blessing, GUR PRASADI NAAM and said REMEMBER TRUTH , do TRUE DEEDS and you will become TRUTHFUL.  That pleases the Husband more than anything else.


I was so happy,  my engagement ceremony had happened.  My Satguru had arranged the marriage, the Husband was happy to go through with it and all I had to do was to keep calling out his name inside me and to keep looking through the window and waiting contentedly for as many days and months as it would take.


All the gurmukh brides and I went home singing the praises and talking of the wonder and amazement of it all.  They told me before it rains there are many signs, change in the wind, colder air, chirping birds, rustling leaves.    And I too would know when the Husband would be arriving on the bed of my heart to perform the divine union and fill me with True Love.  There would be an invisible band playing the five sounds like wind, percussion and strings.  There would be divine light and sweet drops of amrit, there would be LOVE sweet LOVE.  So now I sing the praises and await the day, and stand here with the wedding dress of spiritual humility and love for the NAAM.  Infact I remember seeing the Husband once, but I was an ignornant bride then and turned him away while I played with my 5 friends and wasted time on my hobbies and was content with living under the roof of Father Fear.  But I wouldn’t be making the same mistake twice.