Preeto: SatNaam Ji , Dandauth Bandhna ji

Dassan Dass: satnaam jee

Preeto: Baba ji told us that Jesus (SAT in Jesus) said, “I am the Truth, The Light and The Way”

Dassan Dass: yes that is true

Preeto: that is what you (and each sant in the Sangat) are for all of us, everyday we realise it more and more.

Dassan Dass: that is good

Preeto: Please forgive us all our mistakes,

“lekhay kuthay na chutiaayaa, khin khin bhoolanhar.
bakshan har baksh lehu , nanak par utar.
We cant get out of generating more and more karma everyday, only with your forgiveness can we be saved ji..” – Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

Dassan Dass: braham gyani is God himself. Those who accept this become like Him. That is what we are writing on right now in punjabi sukhmani kathaa.

Preeto: yes ji, we accept that when we speak to you it is “the Truth, the Light” that we have direct access to, the same Truth that we are focusing on within ourself when we do our Sat Naam simran. It is all becoming clearer now.

Dassan Dass: that is great. Surrender to braham gyani is surrender to God.

Preeto: We are so thankful that you did your spiritual labouring,

“dhan nanak teri vadee kamaee
sidh bolan dhan nanak teri vadee kamaee,
Blessed Nanak your spiritual labouring was supreme.
The Sidhs exclaimed, ‘Blessed Nanak your spiritual labouring was supreme.’” – Bhai Gurdaas Ji

Your spiritual labouring, love and sacrifice, determination and complete surrender to Him, to Baba ji, is supreme, is the gold standard , is the one and only way. You are the Truth, The Light and The Way.

Dassan Dass: you have to become same by doing what we did

Preeto: We are realising everything else we do that is not in line with that “gold standard” that complete surrender, that complete discipline, that complete focus on SatNaam, everything else is just another distration of maya.

Dassan Dass: that is true

Preeto: Even if it is only 1% or 10% maya we are indulging in, it is still maya.

Dassan Dass: you know all that but you have to put it in to practice

Preeto: Yes, that is what we are battling with everyday. We have the knowledge just need to become 100% in practise.

Dassan Dass: there is no need to battle just surrender internally. Lose your identity and individuality as that is haumai (ego) and become jivan mukt. So easy and simple.

Preeto: Thankyou that is what we wanted to ask you, we struggle to get motivated for work and for self-trainig and looking for a new job, even though we have all the time to do it. We know we have to get rid of this ugly part of us that resists doing what we need to do. It is our own ego, our own stubborness, but we surrender ji, we say to you know ji that make us live and work as YOU want us to, make us a good sevadar even at work.

Dassan Dass: only gurprsaad can make that happen. And gurparsaad comes with complete surrender.

Preeto: and complete surrender means applying what you already said to us without any delay, you already told us months back to start looking for another job, you already told us to be motivated because our work is benefitting the wider society in some way, so is good honest thing to do. We have been thinking too much – fearful our skills are low, bit worried of the future, even though we know satgur takes care of everything and you and baba ji have given us all the blessings, but we are not confident of our skills, we need to update them and look, we are fearful of going to interviews and being exposed as not being good enough, we have so many fears and worries regarding our work skills. We know the solution is to jut start focusing on work and doing what needs to be done, and that we have done it in the past and can do it now too, with His blessings. We will start right away, thankyou ji.

Dassan Dass: good

Preeto: Jaspal’s mother passed away the other day, as you probably know, she was in a lot of pain towards the last week they said. Baba ji said last year when she was first diagnosed that she had been asking to die and God had heard her prayers. So even in death it is His kindness.

Dassan Dass: That is why she had a faster end. She is doing dhan dhan. She is in dargah already. Jaspal jee and Naamjeevan jee’s seva has brought her to dargah.

Preeto: even though our parents dont realise it whilst they are alive, they will realise in the end.

Dassan Dass: don;t worry about your parents. Focus on yourself.

Preeto: yes ji, we have let go pretty much of everyone else’s progress, although we do get concerned that we are not teaching the kids enough, but that gets us stressed so we let it go and trust in God to take care of them.

Dassan Dass: don’t worry about kids even. God will take care of them too once you achieve what you need to.

Preeto: we briefly read Bhai Gurdas Ji’s little mentioned verses called Kabbit Savaayas yesterday, not that our punjabi is very good, but its all about SAT ROOP SAT NAAM SAT GURU GYAN DHYAN (the Form of Truth, the Name of Truth is the Guru of Truth, so surrender to Divine wisdom the Sat Guru delivers) … he uses that phrase so many times, never mentions WAHEGURU once and is talking about very spiritual state of being merged with SAT all the time, very intimate about how you speak to SAT in that state with utmost humblness. Thankyou for everything ji, please keep us focused on the One,

Preeto: dandauth bandhna ji. Love you always and forever – “You are the Truth, The Light and The Way” – you are SAT ROOP SAT NAAM SAT GURU – the Form of Truth, The Name of Truth, The Guru of Truth..

Dassan Dass: God bless you and make you Sat Roop (Form of Truth in this world) too.