11 Jan, 11.


Dassan Dass: SatNaam jee


Preeto: SatNaam ji, Dandauth Bandhna ji


Dassan Dass: God bless you.

How are you?


Preeto: good with your blessings ji, just getting more focused now, sitting in the evenings as well for an hour.


Dassan Dass: that is great

 simran is the only way to win over your mind

 and go in to stability of mind


Preeto: yes, we are feeling more positive now, like nothing can hold us back now, we laugh at Maya when she tries to give us thoughts of frustrations or remind of us the past glories, we are just enjoying our simran – enjoying the moment, that’s all.


Dassan Dass: simran deletes the effect of all the previous habits sanskaars

 the negative thoughts are only due to the effect of previous Karni in this life and all previous lives

 and only simran can clean you up from this devastating effects

 so simran is the most important thing to do


Preeto: We realise now that we accumulated a vast amount of negative karma because the amount of frustrations and negative thoughts we have had over the last 10 years has been a huge mountain.  So we are really thankful to all Sants that have been praying for us and giving us the gyan and helping us.  We feel that Baba Nanak ji is with us, in his bani, in his divine words, in our thoughts of him, he is with us and helping us.


Dassan Dass: simran is the key to success

 that is true

 not only that entire Dargah is with you

 and this is a Dargahi Hukam for you

 to do simran

 please keep in your mind that Dargah is watching you

 so the Dargah will not let you do anything stupid

 whenever people do stupid things they get a slap on the face

 and whenever you get a slap on the face be sure that there is something stupid that has been done by you

 all pains and sufferings are only due to these stupid acts and deeds that we must have done in the past

 so be aware now and don’t do anything stupid anymore

 so at least your future gets secured

 in the positive direction

 there is only one thing that will kill the ego and that is surrender

 complete surrender


Preeto: thank you so much, we are just so foolish, we forget simran and mind crumbles like jelly, we do simran and mind straighten up – one mind one focus at the feet of Ik Oankaar SatNaam.  We are trying to do as much simran as we can, getting rid of bad habits, even at work trying to reduce bad habits, be more helpful more focused too.   We know that Dargah is watching us, Dargah by the name of SatGuru, we always feel, “what would Satguru ji says about what we are doing right now  and we know then that we are indulging in ego, or going off track or forgetting.


We read “Oankar” by Dhan Baba Nanak ji this morning, it humbled us, it is same as Satguru speaking, very simple very powerful very to the point – short sharp shock to get us out of even 1% of Maya thinking.


Dassan Dass: that is great

 read and apply it in daily life

 application of gyan in real life is the key to Dargah


Preeto: We felt today there are 6-7 billion people in the world, and who knows how many billions who have already born and died, and how many more billions to come.  So why not give up this one life, one in billions, to HIM, completely.   Out of billions and billions who are running under Maya for themselves, we can be one who surrenders to Him and we pray to SatNaam that the world needs HIM, not me, the world needs HIM to write through these hands, to walk through these feet, beat in this heart.  Listening to Baba ji’s gyan yesterday and he said that one person makes a sacrifice (surrenders their ego) and it benefits countless many.      We used to have these thoughts all the time before we were married and we lived it as much as we knew how to in those days.  Now we feel like we are waking up 


Preeto: again and the huge mountain off Maya has mostly shifted and we can do it and stick to it this time.  You and Baba ji and all Sant Sangat ji have already given us the Eternal blessings in advance, know we just have to earn it.


Dassan Dass: that is a great thought

 please make it happen

 living as a slave of Maya is no fun

 living as slave of sat is the real fun

 living in sat is the real life

 living in scum of Maya is rotting and suffocating

 Maya rots you and suffocates you on a constant basis

 but living in sat you can be a divine gift for others who are suffocating and rotting in the scum of Maya

 so challenge Maya

 and beat her up

 with the weapon of SatNaam

 when you use your weapon of SatNaam she can’t do anything

 she will have to give up

 and serve you

 instead of ruling over you


Preeto: There is no peace in Maya, whatever we achieve in Maya and then get congratulated upon e.g. name, fame or status, is just empty.  Real satisfaction is falling in love with him, lovingly adoring his Name, wiping the feet of the Sants like yourself and applying that dust to our face.  Melting in your charan saran is the real and eternal peace.


Dassan Dass: then Maya can’t harm you if you do so

 then Maya will be afraid of you

 and will serve you if you do so


Preeto: yes ji,  you said “so challenge Maya”, how do we do this.  Is it like when we have some kind of illusion in our mind we just turn it around.


Dassan Dass: no tell her to come and get you and then say SatNaam

 as long as you are afraid of Maya

 she will keep on getting you

 the moment you go in to the fighting mode with SatNaam on your side she will start surrendering to you


Preeto: yes we feel we have had many battles with her, but she always comes back – stuck to us like our shadow.


Dassan Dass: because you are afraid of her

 there is no reason for you to be afraid of her

 you have SatNaam

 you have the infinite divine power

 of SatNaam

 so how can she harm you

 be brave and get her on her knees


Preeto: yes ji, we remember Satguru ji’s email when he challenged her and when she came and did her best he just laughed at her because she couldn’t do anything.  We will do the same now with your blessings, when we do our Simran we feel the clouds have cleared and SatNaam sun is shining bright upon us and nothing else matters.  When we forget our simran because its the habit of the mind to run around in other thoughts, then we drift back into the shadow.  Which is Maya, which we challenge to do her worst because we are not letting go of Simran now, NO MATTER WHAT.    Kartar karnamai deen benti karay.  Nanak tumaree kirpa taray.


Dassan Dass: that is why you need to stay focused on SatNaam simran

 there is all the gyan available to you just practice it and you will become a Sada Suhaagan soon

 you are the one who reads all the stuff first of all

 you have edited every writing


Preeto: yes ji, the new guy started today, the one from India third party company who they are getting us to train, but without telling us that our jobs will be going to them.  The feelings of “why should we teach him” popped up again, but we remembered what you said to just serve and be helpful and trust in SatNaam.  And we feel better that way to serve and let the company do what it wants.  And also Baba Nanak ji wrote that “if by losing wealth we find God, then let the wealth go”  which helped as well, so what if we lose wealth, its no excuse to lose our good qualities, better to lose wealth, lose our job than to lose God.  


Dassan Dass: so you know everything out there

 you will get a better job


Preeto: yes, you have given us all the gyan.   And yes we have realised we have spent most of our time “talking about God  rather than “talking to God i.e. doing our simran.”   Which is also Maya for us.


Dassan Dass: yes please so focus on doing now


Preeto: And now since you came to UK and pressed our “reset button” so to speak, we are feeling we are talking to God, feeling God again in our simran and feeling really determined to stick to the daily routine you gave us and it is working.


Dassan Dass: great

 please stay focused

 we need to go now


Preeto: You are the most patient, most kind, most compassionate.  you do everything best for us, even if we think it is a slap, it is best for us.  Thank you so much, Dandauth Bandhna ji.  God Bless you always and forever.


Dassan Dass: God bless you and make you a Sada Suhaagan