14 Jan 2011

Dassan Dass Ji: Please one on one attention is needed for all new comers to put them on the right track. So go with the flow, let the hukam flow by itself. That makes it so nice and beautiful. Keep on building a sangat of suhagans and sada suhagans. One sada suhagan is better then a million people sitting in the sangat and not earning anything. One suhagan is better than a million people like that. Normal sangat comes only with demands. There are only very few who want to do bandgi (divine slavery to God) and we will get only those who are destined to do bandgi.
Preeto: yes, normal sangat at temples and religious places has demands or criticisms, the sangat that is coming with your kirpa are beautiful thirsty souls.
Dassan Dass Ji: people with demands are not the sangat. They are like business people working for material gains, doing bandgi only for material gains. That is not actually bandgi, that is business. There is no devotion love and trust in such a process where demands are the ones which prompt you to do naam simran. Bandgi is without demands. The Braham Gyan (in Gurbani and the website) is available to everyone but only one in tens of millions does it and earns it. So let us serve the Puran Sat to those who can recieve the puran sat, who are capable of absorbing the puran sat. Only such souls do bandgi and only such souls will do bandgi.