17 Jan 2011.
Preeto: Ik Onkar Satnaam Gurparsaad. Dandauth Bandhna ji,

Dassan Dass: God bless you.

Preeto: Thankyou ji. A few little things rattled us this weekend, an “religious” uncle asked how we are? And we said “Guru ji’s kirpa” and he laughed and touched our trimmed beard and said “how can you have kirpa after cutting that” And we got defensive. The evening before dad and wife were talking about something, then all of a sudden Dad started having a go at us again, “they take all their knowledge from Guru Granth Sahib and pass it off as their own!” We told him, “Gurbani does not belong to just Sikhs, what about the 15 bhagats that lived before Baba Nanak ji, and are in Gurbani – are Sikhs not using their bani and claiming Guru Granth Sahib is just the Sikhs? Infact, proud sikhs like you take the knowledge of thos 15 Bhagats and pass it off as your own achievements.” Anyway little things, enough to make us feel a bit attacked, then we get defensive, part of us wants to get up and get aggressive and fight everyone. Part of gets sick of all these constant petty attacks. Then we know its just our own ego that wants to be RIGHT and is getting ANGRY. Then we say we have had enough of all of them, we dont need to be right or win arguments – they are not going to change – we just need to be washing their feet and do our simran. Please forgive us for all of our mistakes .

Dassan Dass: that is a great lesson to learn. No arguments. Just leave the place quitely

Preeto: Yes ji, we also realise that we have been through all these tests before and they lasted for months or years when we were living together with our Dad, but now we are going through the daily rotuine for the last 2 months, we see week by week all the old tests coming again, but they dont hold that much power over us, may aggravate us a little, but we dont want EGO to be RIGHT, we dont want to remain ANGRY, we dont want to be walking around in PRIDE . Part of us gets DISAPPOINTED with ourself that we still get tripped up by these tests, but we let it go, we ask forgiveness, we thank God in them for highlighting our ego and anger, we pray to see Satguru in them all , we need to finish ouur jounrney as you told us. And God bless them all on their journey.

Dassan Dass: don’t look back just focus on present. Don’t count your achievements
say we have done nothing.

Preeto: Yes , no need to get into arguments, better to remain quiet, do our simran , or leave quietly without keeping any bad thoughts towards them in our mind. We were wondering this morning why we are surrounded by people who are not interested, not truly interested in realising Truth? Then we realise we were like them that is why we have their sangat (“Like attracts like” as Baba ji said), but now we have changed evolved and they have their own path and we have ours. On the website it says that whilst people have things in common they have a relationship, when their ideas dont meet any more, they separate. So no matter how important we think our relationships are with people – wether family or relgious community, they only actually last as long as our ideas meet. But, when our consciousness changes, our sangat changes as well. The difficult part is when we are changing and they are hanging on to the old ways, then they try to bring us back using all kinds of manipulations and guilt trips.

Dassan Dass: yes please put the gyan in to practice.

Preeto: thankyou, we are stubborn in our ego, think we are right, stubborn to become the lowest, please forive us, thankyou for everything. God bless you and thankyou always for everything ji. Got to go now. Dandauth bandhna ji.

“Lekhay kuthay na shooteeay, khin khin bhoolanhar.
bakshan har bakshelo nanak par utar.
Due to our karmic account, we can never reach God, as we keep on making more mistakes every moment.
NANAK: O great Forgiver, forgive me and ferry me across.”

Dassan Dass: God bless you