Jan, 2011 – Part 1 – Email

Ji,  I have some thoughts again I would like to share (sorry
for all the questions and emails.

Yesterday and even this morning I struggled to wake up and Amritvela,
probably because I only fell asleep at like 2am, but when I was trying
to sleep I was doing Naam Simran in my mind and found that after about
25minutes of this I started getting a pain in the centre of my
forehead, and it felt very heavy. I find when I am doing Naam Simran
before I sleep this tends to happen.

Is this just my mind playing tricks on me, or is this common to happen?
Again please forgive me for my foolish questions.

God bless you for all your time.

Satnaam Ji,
Dandauth Bandhna (Prostration greetings – “prabh ji tu mera praan
adhara, namaskar dandauth bandhna anek baar jao baaray – Dear Lord, you
the support of my life, I greet you by lying flat at your feet
countless times I am a sacrifce to You.” )
Asking questions and sending emails is great, is following your
intuition to find the Truth.  Being sorry is just mind
thinking in worldy terms that its rude to distrub people.  So
throw out the logic mind – manmat – nothing to be sorry about.

Looks like you have received the GurParsaad without even asking for it,
see what we told you, how kind God in the hirdha of a Sant
is.  That now when you do simran what you are feeling is your
third eye chakra being cleaned up.  It is very common
expereince and is good.  ONce the karmic filth cleans off,
then you will clearer visions of what is happening to your soul
within.   Guru Amar Das ji writes in Anad Sahib,
“satgur mil dib drisht hoi – meeting the SAT GURU the inner vision
started”.    Inner vision, or third eye
openeing, is needed not for psychic abilities, but so you can see your
own five thieves, become aware of your own karmic filth, see what maya
is doing to your mind.   This is the inner journey of
the soul, so you need the inner eye to progress.  And that is
what is happening.  You are very blessed to feel this so soon,
but that is the power of GurParsaad, the more you surrender to the SAT
GURU who gave you the GURPARSAAD the faster you finish your
journey.  The more you ask your questions and clear all your
doubts, the higher you go.   GurParsaad is not
dteremined by the amout of months or years that you have dedicated
yourself, GurParsaad is proporionate to how much you surrneder mind,
body , wealth – man tan tera dhan bhee tera, tu takur swamee prabh mera
– mind body and welath are all YOURS.  You O Lord, only You
are mine.”
Keep gonig, you are donig great, keep doing gareebee ardas, just like
in your email, say to SatGuru every day, “I am full of five thieves and
desires and miss amritvela, please forgive me, please bless mee with
more and more simran.”
And remember that god himself does his own simran within us, so in that
way we dont get ego that we are doing it.
This is a wonderful and amazing journey your soul is on – enjjoy the
Dust of your feet.

Jan, 2011 – Part 2 – Chat

satnaam ji, thanks for your
emails, you are doing great.


Satnaam Preeto ji, thank
you for all your replies,you have shared so much with me.


so many blessed souls have
shared so much with us, so we are passing on their blessings to you.


I really need to try and
focus on doing my Simran, and fighting away Maya

you are doing such a great thing by giving your time to help foolish
individuals like me learn and understand 🙂 thank you


baba ji said whatever gyan
we get, just share it, even with just one other person, that way it
becomes a
good deed for us, and helps the other person as well to cool their mind
And step by step we can start
cooling our
own mind (5 thieves) down and people around us start cooling down and
the whole
Earth will strt cooling down and healing. 
That is the job of every
Sant, to bring the Divine Light, the Infinite
Divine Power, down into the physical world, 
bring the world out of
Darkness of ignorance. 
That is why Sants bring the


bin gyan na hoi – without the guru there is no gyan.

bin samaj na aavay – without the Guru no one understands.

bin ghor andhar – without the guru there is pitche blackness.


Very true, I am slowly but
surely understanding all of these things, and am I right to think after
the book Sri Sukhmani Sahib this will help me further?

mentioned in your emails that your family are amritdhari. If you don’t
mind me
asking do they still have problems with your way of accepting true
Gurbani? As
I do cut my hair, although I am now vegetarian, but I know people in
the outer
family snigger upon me doing Simran and being interested in Gurbani,
wanting to read the English translation of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
sometimes bugs me a lot, but other times I try to ignore it.


our parents are good souls,
whilst we were “amritdhari” (actually realy
amritdhari is the Sant as they are
saturated with Amrit) they were really proud of us and we met some
spiritual people who helped us alot as well, but then we went into
maya, didn’t
understand about maya and desires etc, saw the maya side of life and
got sick
of it, that’s when we started praying to god we want to be spiritual
again, but
this time we want a teacher, because whilst
“amritdhari” we were always
confused – no one could answer our spiritual questions, people couldnt
agree what the 5Ks were! 
So we wanted a
spiritual teacher who could just tell us about God and simple answers.  We
had also become very nasty and revengeful
towards some people who had hurt us and cheated us and we were sick of
what we
had become.  
But, God is kind heard our
heartfelt prayer and the very next day we got an email from Dassan Dass
ji about
the “Ajapa
state and we were
so excited, we knew in our heart this person is
really spiritual, because we had been on emails for 10 years on all
Sikh Forums
and he was the most spiritual email we had ever read.


went home like we had won the lottery and every day we received a reply
Dassan Dass ji we started telling our parents and sister and our
friends that we have found a real live living brahmgiani, someone for
whom Guru
Granth Sahib ji has come true. 
A person
whom the Sukhmani sahib is praising – a sant, a brahmgiani.  We
thought they would all be excited as us.  But,
they saw Dassan Dass ji as a threat
right away Preeto:
and made life
very difficult for us for many years.  Just
drained us of all our enthusiasm of all our dreams and all our
spiritual hopes
because we allowed ourself to get into arguments and resentments.


in the end with Guru ji’s kirpa we realised we were afraid of them and
that is
why we  were
always seeking their
approval, and because they didnt approve of our Sant, we were caught in
our head (follow family) and heart (follow our Sant).


before that realisation we made a big mistake, because we
couldn’t get our
family’s apporval we just followed their wishes and betrayed
Dassan Dass ji and
told everyone we were mistaken, but he never told us off, he just said,
“is there one place in the entire univere where God is not?”  and
we realised he is great soul.


our parents we so happy we had come back to the religious fold.  But
in our heart we were crying, we felt the
light at the end of the tunnel had just gone out, that we were back
into the
deep dark well of maya and how were we ever going to get out.


we resolved, we will never betray the Sant that God has sent us, even
if that
means we lose our family lose our reputation, lose our respect in the
community, even if we lose our religion, we will never make our heart


there were a few more years of issues because we lived as extened
family,  but
in the end we separated and have learned to
“live and let live.” 
Our parents
and wife and community have realised we are on our path, they are on
theirs, God
bless us all. 
Now we all get on really
well again.


is the Infinte Divine Power of Satnaam. 
That He is such a husband
that He wants us all for Himself.  So
if in our mind we have any other masters,
they all have to be displaced.


masters” we mean the things that limit us and includes fear
of parents, religious
elders, boss at work, siblings , but mostly it means the five thieves
desires cannot control us any more.


sang thoreee ik sang joree”

broken wit all other associates, I have associated with the ONE.


its not been easy, we cut our hair, started eating meat, gave up on the
of the relgion, had to face the tears and complaints of our wife and
parents.  But
we never let go of NAAM and Satguru ji’s
lotus feet.   
Just wanted to show them
all that it really has nothing to do with how we dress and what we eat,
this is
a game of love and I no longer belong to the Sikh tribe which slanders
The Sikh tribe which is what
they were
preserving by trying to contol us, but now we belong to Truth and the
world belongs to us.


is the beauty and power of Satnaam under the Eternal blessings, it will
you from all BHARAMS – false beliefs –



the Eternal blessings all illusions are detroyed.   – Guru
Arjun Dev ji

then you are free, free, free from maya and that is called jiwan Mukat.


you are such a strong
person, and a true individual to Satguru ji. 
I do hope I can stay strong,
as you have done so. 
I need to get rid of the fear
and anxiety and
then all shall be ok.


you know I was no different
from you. 
The first time we met Baba
we said, “we dont have any courage, we know the Truth, but
dont have courage to
tell our parents and relgious elders.”     Baba
ji was the first person we ever heard
telling the Truth openly that we also felt but were scared of
challenging the
relgious order with.  
Baba ji gave us
the blessing to be strong and we cant believe it ourself how we have
though all these tests, like lifting a mountain off our shoulders.


that is the same for you, that is why SatNaam is not just a name we
Satnaam is a living being, a PURAKH, the Infinite divine Power.   Just
like on the other side of this Chat your
name is “Devotee”,  but
I know sitting at
another computer is a real live being. 
If I keep repeating your name
like a parrot it means nothing, if I think
of your name and fill with love and kindess for the being tht is you
that is
sitting behind the name  then
that is the
right way. 
So when doing SatNaam Simran,
really feel that you are talking to Him, that He is with you closer
than your
own hands and feet says Gurbani, closer than your own breath and
Feel Him in every cell and
and in every thought. 
Melt into him by
merging with the Shabad ,with His Name.


Wow you have written that
with so much positive energy. Just reading that has made me feel
lighter inside


guess this could be me thinking of the cowards way out but is it wrong
for me
to not want to share this with anyone and just continue on my path
having the agro off my family who I love so dearly about the path I am



you know that is the
absolutely right thing to do, it is not cowardly, it is private , it is
intimate realtionship between you and God inside yourself.  It
is your destiny, that God has blessed you
No one else in the maya world
understand it, and they will only give you aggro.   Dassan
Dass ji also says just quietly do
your bhagti. 
Looking back its probably
what I should have done, but our nature is to share with others.  But,
you you can sit at home, or sit at
Gurdwara or at mandir or in a church or in nature, doesnt matter,
because you
have Satnaam inside the temple of your heart, that is the real Gurdwara
And wherver you go
becomes the GUR DWARA – the GURUS PLACE.   We
too just live and let live now, just focus on your own bhagti.   Baba
ji said that he doesn’t care what
relgion anyone belongs to, just come and get the GurParsaad of Naam
because he
is authorised by God to give it, then go back into your religious place
religious ways if you like, but just do SatNaam inside.


the story of Dhan Baba Nanak ji when he went up the mountains to see
Bhai Mardana ji went ahead,
sages gave a coded message – a  bowl
of milk full to the brim. 
And bhai
Mardana ji took it carefully back to Guru Nanak Dev ji.  Guru
ji understood their message, that this
mountain was full of holy men already and there was not space for even
one more
– they thought Baba Nanak ji was trying to displace them.  But
Baba Nanak ji placed a light jasmine
flower on the skin of the milk and sent it back.  The
sages understtod guru ji’s message
That he had not come to
them, but to add the sweet fragrance of Naam.


you need to do is to see your family, friends everyone as sangat and
just serve
them with love and stay humble. 
you dont
need to tell them anything or try and change them unless they ask you.   They
should be able to feel love from you,
they should be able to see how helpful you are. 
Although that is not the
reason you are doing it (to impress them),  just
by you doing your SatNaam simran and
staying in a good kind and loving place, they will also cool down.


Dass ji always stresses we need to finish our inner journey, to become
complete, and then HE will direct us as to what seva HE wants to perfom
us in the world. 
That is what Dassan
Dass ji did and other Sants in the sangat too.


the other thing is not to be afraid even if others find out, because
when they
slander you or put you down, or laugh at you, then that is a test for
your ego
– do you get angry? 
Do you go into low
self esteem? 
If so, then thank them for
showing you how much ego –  “sense
self you still have left” and how much anger you still have to deal
Plus later on in your Bhagti
have to go through that stge of people slandering you.  Gurbani
says when they slander you they wash
your filth and take it on their own heads, so they help you become
purer. And
at the same time they are sowoing bad for themselves in future.


Thank you, again I can’ t
explain how much you are helping me. I am coming up to my final few
months at
university, and I have never felt so positive yet confused with how my
have changed so much. All my friends at university- who are not
religious, or
Sikh, have noticed the positivity in my words. I have a lot more to
and with the guidance of all the sangat and the SatGuru Ji I hope I
continue to
feel this way. 


so much my parents, but my extended family have been saying for so
long, how I
am turning finishing my education soon, and they made life seem so
with the constant talk about marriage and work and what ‘others’ think
or say.
Although my parents have always been so kind, and ensured me they will
support my decisions and there is no pressure on marriage or work, for
first time I somewhat feel that no one can stop me doing what I WANT.
change what makes ME happy.


your positive and truthful words have helped so much.


that is good follow your
heart but also be careful not to confuse following your heart (God in
and following your desires (I WANT,  “I”
= ego, “WANT” = desire).




when you thought it was getting easy , eh?


oh yes thank you for
pointing that out lol. 
But I guess we
need to make such mistakes in order to realise the right way and the


yes, like a baby crawling,
stepping up falling, stepping up and learning to walk.

are all part of
So how do we get out of
Baba ji taught us to say,
“Sache Patshah (True King of Kings), make me do what You WANT me to
Simple!  Baba
ji taught us after doing that ardas then
listen to your intuition, or see what happens next, some comment that
makes, some words that strike you.  Or
nothing seems to come back as an answer, then do nothing is the answer.


you are back into the hukam, going with the natural flow again.


thank you for sharing that
🙂 the more I read your emails and those from the rest of the Sangat,
clearer my path seems. I am yet to email Dassan Dass Ji, but something
tells me
I should email when I am truly out of the cycle of doubt. However I
know that
should not hold me back at all. But for some reason it does.


its ok, everything happens
at the right time and place, so one day you wont weven think and will
email, and thats good. 
The most
important thing is to do good deeds, cut down bad deeds and bad
thoughts, focus
on your studying, and make doing simran part of your evening and
Obviously with your finals
coming up you are going to have to focus more on studying, but that is
because focusing on work is counted as good deed as well. And God


And about the future, the
future is bright, when you have Satnaam, God 
& Guru, in your
heart, HE is already taking care of clearing the
path ahead of you. 
That’s how much HE
loves his bhagts (lovers), He becomes the slave of slaves.  So
always trust in Satnaam simran and when
mind goes into I WANTS AND DONT WANTS, just realise its desire. Pray ,
down, do simran and listen to your heart as to what to do next and go
with the


that, that is staying in the moment, that is how a Sant lives, in pure
Parents and people will
always tell you their Maya stories – its time to get married, time to
kids, time to get a job , dress like this, dont do that etc etc


if you understand that KARMA OVERRULES EVERYTHING, then you can only
married when it is destined for you to happen, no matter how much your
realtives want it otherwise,  
you can
only get the job that is destined for you in the place that you are
destined to
go because you have KARMA, interations, with people there.


are reaping what you have sown in past of this life and past lives.   So
by sowing good deeds and satnaam now, you
are maknig a bright spiritual future for yourself and dont have to
worry about
Let the people living in maya
worry and have fears and axieties, let the ones doing simran be
carefree ..soi
achintaa jaag achintaa 
…sleep without
worry, awake without worry. 
All fears
and anxieties go when you really TRUST 100% the Sant He has given you,
the God in the Sant he has come to you as. 
Life is so simple with a
guru, dont know why people resist so much to
finding one.


Yes I agree, I must focus
on my studies, but also make doing Simran as part of my daily routine.  Thank
you again for your time today, I must
go and help my dearest mother with some work now, but I look forward to
catching up with you soon. 
And I look
forward to learning so much more, and in time contacting Dassan Dass Ji




thankyou ji for all your
thirst and for all your trust. 
God bless
you with everything. 
God bless your
family and friends too.


of your feet.




Satnaam Ji,