Jan, 2011

Ik Oankar SatNaam GurPrasaad||
just sharing a conversation:
J: satnaam
Preeto: satnaam 
dandauth bandhna veer ji,
how are you?
J: very
well paaji.
your articles have been really helpful to us
Preeto: thankyou
ji, its all God’s
grace that puts thoughts into our head to send out.
How are you getting on, we saw some of your emails to Dassan Dass ji
spirits and negativity, is it all cleared up now?
J: well
the day Namjeevan ji came in
(astral body) and cleared quite a lot up was wonderful.  Everyone
was near normal but we think mum
needs more help. 
But there is a
What Naamjeevan ji was
saying that our ancestors are giving problems to mum and ourself
specially they
don’t want us to do bhagti.
Preeto: Ancestors
probably want
themselves to remain important, spirits including devi-devta all thrive
people being attached to them. 
steal your amrit for themselves when people focus their attention on
them – due
to MOh mainly. 
But, regardless of that,
in bhagti you cant blame anyone else except yourself.  Baba
ji said if spirits attach to people,
well  LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, meaning ask yourself why are you
attracting them
in the first place?  
J: right.  What
we couldn’t understand, why have they
not gone on? 
Why are they still on this
Preeto: MOH
(selfish attachment).
J: we
have no moh for them.
Preeto: they
have MOH for you.
J: right

Preeto: any
strong unfulfilled
desires when we die, play a big part in what happens after death.  Biggest
thing with most people is their
attachment to their loved ones. 
grandparents hang around thinkig they can help their kids and grandkids.  So
people see deceased ones in their dreams
or meditations of psychic mediums pass messages from them.  Once
in the early days of UK
sangat, we were teaching
everyone Reiki and we said to everyone what our Reiki teacher had
taught us,
which was to “invite our spirit guides in to help us in the
healing process.” 
course we couldn’t see them, just like our Reiki teacher
couldn’t see
but Namjeevan ji told us
afterwards that lots of ancestors of everyone in sangat came and they
could see
that Namjeevan could see them, so they bomarded her with messages to
pass on.
Preeto: At
that time Namjeevan ji
didn’t know any better and did so, it was fascinating to her
hear pass messages
on from past ancestors, grandparents, spirit guides and the whole crowd
Like playnig with a new toy
the sangat. 
When she called Baba ji a
few days later and told him about it, he told her off and said, “never
channel for them, they are tryng to be important, but they haven’t
finished the
journey of their own soul, so what use are their messages?  If
you want to
channel then channel for SATNAAM and send those souls to the Divine
Light.”  and that is what she and all Sants in the sangat do
all the
time now. 

Baba ji said there are more spirits hanging around them living people
and that
is what is draining the lifeforce, drying up people’s mind
and causing more
negativity in families and communities!!
Hardly anyone is doing bhagti, all lost in MOH MAYA, so when they die
spirit hangs around. 
Then they suck up
the positive energy (amrit) from people), make the place negative,
thoughts are always going towards thoe dead ones, people feel drained,
arguments start inthe house, more negativity.  Then some
spirits have
unfullfilled desires and want a body, so once a person is weak due to
depression, drink, drugs etc, they try and possess them then they get
weaker and more spirits jump in.
J: Yes
Preeto: Its
a downward spiral, Baba
ji once freed 14 spirits out of an “amritdhari”
Bibi Ji wearing a keski turban
that came to his sangat. 
She looked so
depressed , she had tried religious methods and prayers, but in the end
God was
kind and heard her prayer and took her to Baba ji.  Baba
ji said that every Sant should be able
to clear up these spirits from their sangat and wherever they are in
the world.
Make yourself into such a bhagt that you shine brighter than all the
suns, that
these spirits go to the Divine Light just be having your Darshan.  Baba
ji said that once in the early days of
his bhagti, he went into samadhi and found himself in a hell realm full
of grey
dull souls. 
They saw his astral body
shining like a sun and he could hear them appraoching him whispereing
to each
other “look how bright he is.”  And
they touched Baba ji they went “BOOM!” 
and their soul was instantly
freed from that hell realm.  


who is doing bhagti is giving up Maya, by giving up
desires for worldy wants, and becoming a channel for “Prabh
Jyot Prabh Naam –
god;s Light God’s Infinite Divine Power””
to come through them and heal the
earth below their feet, to cool down each and every house, to bring
peace into
the world.  You can be part of it, now you have seen the dark
side in your
own family, fight it by doing bhagti now.  It will benefit
you, your
family and all those meet you.
You said in your email you were wondering if you will ever get
That is a big want. 
That want keeps you
stuck in maya. 
That is why Dassan Dass
ji just said to you do your Simran and trust in God, your marriage is
as per
destiny, so dont let that be a reason not to do
Bhagti.   Do such an
ardas, “even if i remain single I wont give up your Naam.”
J:  that
is brilliant paaji.
Preeto: we
spent all of our 20s
trying to do bhagti, then getting losing our peace when we thought “I
In the end we
just prayed to God, “get me married wherever you want to, in ego I have
been fussy but have now learnt to accept whoever and wherever you want
me to
And that was the lesson we needed to learn, but took us 10 years to do
so!!!  To give it up to God and trust in him, then our Sant at
that time
told us (without us asking him verbally) we will find the girl for us
in India.  We
went to India
the following year and our
parent’s Sant gave us a blessing as well, later in the day we
happened to meet
our mum’s old schoolfriend and she knew someone and within 9 days we
So what was the point of those 10 years of worrying and chasing maya
feeling bad or lonely or 101 other emotions that caused us inner
turmoil, when
all we needed to do was to stick to Bhagti and trust our Sant that it
happen when it is supposed to happen with their blessings. 
All we have to
do is what our Sant Ji – Dassan Dass ji, tells us.  To keep
doing the
highest seva of God himself, which is SatNaam Simran.  To give
up ALL our
desires, to become desireless and trust God-Guru takes care of all our
tasks as when the Hukam comes.
J: all
Preeto: so
please dont make same
mistake as us.  Dassan Dass ji has said to you not to worry
about it and
just do SatNaam simran, so that is God’s hukam for you at
this time.
And when the time comes for you to get married we are sure the hukam
will come
to you as well.
J: this
has really helped us a lot. 
Satnaam ji
Preeto: Love
and blessings. 
Dandauth bandhna ji, you are
a great soul, now
earn the NAAM & GYAN.





you Preeto ji for this divine conversation. Most of
the message applies to me too…directly and indirectly. My home used
to be
full of fights, arguments and quarrel. But when I started my satnaam
the situation has cooled down tremendously.

May we
continue with satnaam simran for eternity…sat sat
sat sada satnaam