19 Jan, 2011

Just sharing a couple of emails we sent to a newcomer who has been told
incorrectly by so called religious ones that we are not teaching
according to Guru Granth Sahib ji and to avoid us:
Satnaam Ji,
Dandauth Bandhna (prostration greetings)
Baba ji said to us once that “God is simplicity, Maya is complexity.”
Which means if you are confused then your mind is caught in the web of
And Baba ji also taught us when we are confused to stop, pause, calm
down and put our palms together and pray ,”Dear SatNaam SatGuru Ji, I
am confused, please show me the way to You.”
It is not for us to tell you what to do, nor is it for anyone else to
tell you what to do either, but unfortunately that is the way in the
world, from parents and husbands and inlaws to religious people all
trying to control others.     Baba
ji said only God directs us, and that is called the HUKAM, and the
HUKAM is running the whole Creation.  The job of the outer
guru, like Baba ji, is not to get himself worshipped, no that would
make him into a demi-god.  His job is to show us how to
connect to our inner Guru.  To get in tune with our intuition,
to listen to the inner Hukam that our inner Guru – God, is always
giving us.  And that inner hukam will always be for the
benefit of other, will be for doing good, and will never take you in
the wrong direction, nor into the company of bad sangat.
We ourself have grown up in a strict “amritdhari” family, and were
“amritdhari” and proud from age 18-34.  (Actually real
amritdhari is the one who is full of Amrit – the
Sant).  We met some really blessed souls, we met alot of
politicians and thugs as well, we met all kinds of people, holy people,
sants and those groups that hated sants.  We saw it
all.  We believed only Guru Granth Sahib ji was the
Sant.  but, in the end we were so desparate for God, that we
finally reliased that we are overruling what Siri Guru Granth Sahib ji
is telling us so simply and so clearly with what the “amritdharis” are
telling us.  So we vowed we will only follow what Siri Gruru
Granth Sahib ji is telling us – and to stop overuling with what modern
day religious preachers are telling us.
And just read JapJi sahib, right at the beginning Dhan Baba Nanak ji is
saying “Ik oankaar sat naam”  meaning there is One god and his
name is “SAT”  – Truth.  And in the first verse, the
first question – “kiv sachiara hoiaa kiv kuray tutay paal” – how does
one become TRUTHFUL how is the veil of falsehood ripped away?
And at the end “Sach Khand Vasai Nirankar” – in the REalm of Truth the
Formless one resides.
So He is Truth, He resides inthe Realm of Truth and His Name is Truth –
Sat Naam, and our aim is to solve the puzzle – “how do I become
Truthful – full of TRuth?”
Its so simple when you just actually read directly what Gurbani is
saying without the twisted interpretations of modern day preaching.
Then just Anand Sahib – “Ik Oankar SatGurParsaad|  Anand
bhaiaa meree maee satguru ma paaiaa.”  Dhan Guru Amar Das ji
from age 20-60 was hardcore Hiindu relgious follower.  got
absolutely nowhere spiritually following the age old ways without a
spritual teacher and he knew it. But when he realised he needed a
spiritual teacher he prayed and God was kind and he had great good
fortune (vad-bhaag)  and he found SatGuru Angad Dev
ji.  His heart sung the line quoted above, meaning “There is
One god realised by the SAT GURU’s Eternal Blessings.  O
Mother – I am intoxicated in divine joy since finding my SAt GURU.”
And all the Gurus played the same game of love – Guru &
chela.  All the 15 Bhagts in Gurani also had Guru &
chela.  Even Guru gobind Singh ji made 5 more like himself –
the punj pyare – actually they were each a Khalsa. And Guru Gobind
singh ji called them “Khalsa mera SAT GURU poora” – Khalsa is my
complete SAT GURU.
So always there has been the pure soul, the enlightened soul, the soul
that is fully shingin bright is actually the closest God comes into His
creation, otherwise He is never born and never dies, but He does
manifest in the hirdha (spiritual heart chakra) of the one who has
surrndered completely to Him.  And God that is shingin bright
in the hirdha is called SAT GURU – it is SAT – Truth i.e. God, who is
the GURU.  And not the human body.   And
that is the reaching done nowadays saying the human cant be a Guru,
human never was , it was their hirdha in which SAT maifested, that is
the GURU.
So Dhan Guru Nanak Dev ji experienced the union with SAT PURAKH – the
TRUTH BEING, and SAT sat on the throne of his Hirdha as the GURU in the
world.  And SAT GURU  gave the SHABAD – the word of
Truth, the NAAM, which was Blessed by the Eternal One Himself –
All of the GurBani came from SAT sitting as GURU in the hirdha of the
Bhagats and following Gurus.
So that is why GurBani is also called Guru, because it came from Truth
and takes us back to the Truth when our mind merges with the Shabad ,
the NAAM.
So all the Guru’s had SAT in their hirdha, and SAT in their divine
And Guru Gobind Singh ji called the soul part, the KHALSA as the SAT
GURU, and the word part as GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI.
And Khalsa is not just “amritdhari” – just taken initiation
cereomony.  Khalsa is the enlightened soul, Guru Gobind Singh
ji wrote himself, “pooran jyot jagay gat meh, tab khaalaas tahi
nikhaalas janay” – the one within whose HIRDHA shines the perfect
light, that one is PURE (KHALSA) otherwise no one is.”
So if you are praying to God to be with Him, then He is Formless and we
are of Form, so how can He come to us?   He takes us
to the nearest HIRDHA in which HE HIMSELF has manifested as
SAT.  Then if we accept the destiny He gives us, and we accept
the SAT GURU he has given us, then we receive the GURPARSAAD of NAAM,
and we receive the GYAN – the divine wisdom (as in this email and on
the website satnam.info) and we have to then put it into practise and
finish the journey of our soul into the REalm of Truth.
God Bless You, please pray and listen to your heart for the answer and
not to your head which is influenced by worldy things and worldly
people.  Baba Ji said that the battle is for us to follow our
heart (hirdha – intuition) and not our head.  IF we dont, then
we lose our chance in space and time to be with HIM.
Please reply and let us know how you feel after you do your prayer.
And God bless you in whichever way your destiny leads you.
Dust of your feet.  
Satnaam PenJi,
Dandauth Bandhna ji,
its never wrong to search for the Truth – that is what Dhan baba Nanak
ji did Himself, and asks us to do “kiv sachyara hoieea” – so always
follow that part of yourself – the hirdha – intuition.  Then
the next comment you make that you think you are somehow doing wong –
that is the logic head part i.e. the mind stuck in Maya.
Basic principles are so simple – that there is One God named “Truth”
and this is His Eternal Blessings (GurParsaad).- Ik Onkaar
SatGurParsaad.    There was a story of Guru
Gobind Singh ji.  He was about to get up onto his horse and
said the Sikhs, who can recite the whole of Gurbani in the time it
takes me to mount the horse?   And most thought tht
is an impossible taks, but one faithlful sikh said he would try, he
started and said, “Ik Oankar Sat ..”  and Guru gobind Singh ji
sat on the horse and finished off with “GurParsaad”  and said
to the Sikhs, that “Ik Onkar SatGurParsaad”  is the whole
message of Gurbani.
So that is the basic principle.
That this is a game of love , a game of GurParsaad – receiving His
Eternal Blessings.
Dassan Dass ji explained that GurParsaad doesn’t need “amrit
ceremonies” or religious initiations, GurParsaad doesn’t need years and
years of spiritual labouring to achieve – like people say taking
“amrit” is entering a school then they have to work at it for years and
God gives us the GurParsaad via the SAT GURU in whom He is fully
manifested.  And we are blessed with the GurParsaad when HE
HIMSELF is pleased with us and as per our great good destiny.
God is sitting in each and every hirdha, but is invisible, is dormant,
is the SLEEPING GIANT as Dassan Dass ji says.   As we
accumulate good deeds and reduce our bad deeds and pray truly from our
heart, then HE starts seeing, “hey this person is really trying hard
and piercing myy heart with their love and
faith.”    Of our own efforts that is as far
as we can go, we cant really enter into His spiritual realms by our own
efforts.   That is why millions and billions of
religious people are all praying and doing whatever in the name of
religion, but only a rare few actually go into HIM.   
But, being lpeased with us HE decides He will now bless us and send us
to the nearest hirdha in which He resides.  That Sant SatGuru
can bless us in the twinkle of an eye, may ask us to recite the name,
SatNaam SatNaam verbally or via email or over the phone.  Or
we may just have gone with a thirsty soul to the temple and wandered
past a Sant whp picked up our thirst and blessed us, and we come home
and think, “wow somethings changed, I can feel warmth and energy inside
me, I feel peace and I find it easy to sit and meditate now.”
And in that moment , you have received the GURPARSAAD of
NAAM.    And the SatGuru has placed your
soul into KHARAM KHAND the realm of grace.  Given you the NAAM
and GYAN.  Acted as the middleman – har dargah ka baseet, and
done your enagement ceremony with God, KHASAM, the husband. SatGuru has
given you a head start, skipped you right through decades of spiritual
labouring through  Dharam Khand, GYAN Khand and SARAM
Khand.   Put their own spiritual earnings, their own
heart, into your spiritual bank account.  From their you have
to earn the NAAM & GYAN, by completely surrendering mind, body,
wealth – everything and become the same as the Guru’s words. 
so there remains no diiference in what you are reading in Gurbani and
in what you are feeling and doing in your
life.      Then when you
are Pure , then HE comes and gives you the divine union expereince on
the bed of your hirdha.  you become a SUHAGAN – a wife of God,
known in gurbani as a SWAN – HANS, a GURMUKH, A KHALSA.  You
are no longer MANMUKH, or DUHAGAN (unmarried women) or NIKHAALAS (not
From there you can still fall back , but the aim then is to completely
anihilate EGO and become 100% humble and poor in attitude – maskeen and
gareeb.  Then when you reach the UNSHAKEABLE STATE (ATAL
AVASTHA) then you become SADA SUHAGAN – ETERNAL WIFE, and He then
rsides as SAT in your HIRDHa and you bless others with GURPARSAAD too.
And the whole journey starts with DUKH, so if you had a bad year last
year, thank God, because it has brought you into serious heartfelt
prayers and brought you to the door of at least one SAT GURU 
– Dassan Dass ji.
Rest is for you to accept that this is your destiny, your great good
fortune, for you to email Dassan Dass ji , if you feel it in your heart
to do so, and ask for the blessings of GurParsaad of Naam. 
Then to just start earning the Naam.
Your amritdhari family and relatives wont understand, mine didnt, they
think we converted to some other path, but we followed our heart and
told them we are following Gurbani 100%, you are not.  but
anyway, better than arguments is to stay quite, do your bhagti, love
one and all, and finish your inner spiritual journey knowing you have
at least one Sant as God’s Light – Gur-Jyot – with you at all times.
Then you will start finidg you are so in tune with your intuition,
because the GURPARSAAD has opened your connection to God inside your
hirdha – the SLEEPING GIANT- has began to rise
up.    You will find you will get answers to
your confusions and dilemas from within.  and in the beginning
because you are not so sure, you can always email us or Dassan dass ji
or the group for clarification.  you become stable in your
mind because MAYA bows down to the one doing SATNAAM, because that is
her MASTER as well.  When you do SATNAAM then 5 thieves cool
down as that is their MASTER as well.  when 5 thieves are
cool, then your mind is at peace.  And PEACE OF MIND is
another name for God, and that is what you are looking for.
So did you ever wonder where those thoughts are coming to you from “I
want peace of mind?”    Now you know, its
God in you, putting them into you, to make you get up and
search  and find the Truth, find Him within.
Please keep asking and learning and praying and doing your
simran.  You are doing great.
God Bless you.