Jan, 2011

QN:  Dear Preeto ji,

Sat Sri Akal ji. Once again i would like to thank you for all the
wonderful knowledge that you are giving ! Preeto ji please
ignore my stupidity as i am far far behind in bhagti but at the same
time consider myself very lucky and blesseed to have got Gurparsaadi
Naam from most revered Dassan Das ji whuo did not look at my
shortcomings and generously bestowed Naam Daan on a moorakh soul like
me ! Preeto ji, Dassan Das ji has very kindly explained that Satnaam is
the true name of God and it is our intense love for Him that really
matters. God has been called by different names  and it is
ultimately the true love that matters. I also came to know that it is
through initiation , naam daan by a puran satguru that we can get naam
as one lighted candlelights another .

Preeto jiwhen i do simran i say “Satnaam Waheguru”, you see i have a
feeling that i am not yet ready or you can say so pious to do satnaam
simran ! But then i think that Dassan Das ji knows all. . . .! Please
dont mind my stupid queries as i am very ignorant waiting for your
SatNaam ji  ka khalsa satnaam ji kee fateh
Dandauth Bandhna ji
you are doing great, just keep doing what feels right inside you, that
is the Hukam for you.
Even Dassan Dass ji went through many different stages
waheguru waheguru
satnaam shri waheguru
satnaam waheguru
ik oankaar satnaam
satnaam satnaam
Then more advanced, his simran changed to justt
SAT SAT SAT (TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH – Baba ji explained that we say it 3
times to chop down three aspects of maya – rajo, sato and
tamo.  Like Sant Kabir ji says, “kano katee nako katee kat kat
maar – chop her ears of , chop her nose off, cho p chop destroy
her!”  And we chop her by saying “SAT SAT SAT” – So
practically when you feel Maya in your mind or dreams or visions just
Then just silence of mind – no thought stage – sunn samadhi – which is
the Source, the nothingness…Namastwan Nrinamay – I bow to God who has
no name – Guru Gobind Singh ji.
Dassan Dass ji also recommends sangat to do following if they have
issues with fear, hatred or ego:
kartapurakh satnaam (to get rid of ego)
nirbhau satnaam (to get rid of fear)
nirvair satnaam (to get rid of hate)

Even more advanced than SAT SAT SAT, Baba ji has given us all “IK ANG
SAT SAT SAT” – meaning the ONE inside our body (ANG) who is TRUTH TRUTH
TRUTH.  We asked Baba ji why there is a new Mantra, he said
that is what each Brahmgiani does, keeps going further into INfinite
God, keeps refining thedivine wisdom, keeps giving new higher
gyan.  Which when mediated upon by the Sikh, then takes them
to that higher level.
So keep listening to your inner feeling, that is what your inner Guru,
god, wants you to focus on.  Sometimes you may be reciting a
shabad or a line from a shabad all day long, and that is right for you.
For the last few weeks we ourself love to do  mool manter and
satnaam, we find it really powerful, so that is right for us to do at
this time.
ik onkar satnaam
kartapurakh satnaam
nirbhau satnaam
nirvair satnaam
akal murat satnaam
ajuni satnaam
saibhang satnaam
gurparsaad satnaam
jap man satnaam
sada sad satnaam
So keep going with the flow, the inner hukam. The key is not to make it
into ritual or a forced pratise like “O I should be doing this or
that”  alway feel inside what is right and do what gives you
feeling of love and humblness.  Love and humblness – nimrata
and pyare are the key to doing simran, focus on SatGuru ji’s lotus feet
in your hirdha, or focus on third eye, and really feel that SatGuru ji
is right infront of you, closer to you than your own hands and feet.
Its a beautiful journey, just enjoy with love and humble ardas, dont
get bogged down into technical details – get confused means maya has
come in to your mind, staying simple and humble and innocent means your
are with God.
God Bless you.
Dust of your feet.


If you haven’t received naam but do satnaam meditaion/jaap, do you
still make progress in your bhagti? Only a puran brahmgyiani can light
an unlit candle and give gurparsaadi of naam, but people who haven’t
had naam, can they still achieve salvation or move forward spiritually ?


All good deeds, including
remembering God’s Name, accumulate.  And as we decrease doing
bad deeds, then one day God will say it is time to give our soul the
GurParsaad and lead us to the Sant.


Dear Preeto ji,

Also i would like to know the basic dos and donts on this path. Few
days back , Dassan Das ji had written in o ne of his mails that we
should talk
less, eat less and spend maximum time in bandagi. You see, sometimes I
trim my hair, eat chicken etc. Is it imperative to leave it once we
are on this path, will it hamper my spiritual growth ?

Sir, i hear religious people saying it is imperative to leave non – veg
food and we should not trim hair etc. Will i not be dear to my Gurus if
i eat
non veg or trim hair ? Sir, it would be very kind of you if you tell
ignorant souls like me that what all we can encounter while doing
simran so that we are not afraid and enjoy our spiritual journey with
Dassan Dass ji’s blessings,

Dust of your feet and the holy Sangat,

Satnaam ji
This is a VERY SIMPLE PATH, we make it complicated.  Always
ask yourself what has your SantGuru asked you to do, and foregt what
other people have said before to you.  Has Dassan Dass ji
asked you to leave any of those external things like trinning or eating
meat? No –  it means it not a bad deed, so it is not important
what we eat or how we dress (as long as it doesnt harm our body eg
avoid drugs and drink) – only important to do what they say – “satnaam”
simran and surrender to the Gyan – means read the website
everyday and start putting into
practie what your read, that is surrender.
God bless you ji.


Dandaout bandana ji,

Preeto ji you are really a blessed soul. what ever you write directly
touches the heart. you alone can’t do that i can feel the presence of
Akal Purakh in your words.  God bless you. You are doing mahan

Satnaam sada satnaam