Sat Naam


During the late 1990s we had a knee operation and were unable to attend sangat for a month.  Hence, we were feeling low and lonely, like a lion without his pride.  But, we had all of Baba Maan Singh Ji’s recent video recordings.  He had come to the Uk for the first time and was unknown.   He spent 16 evenings doing 3hrs of sant style kirtan and katha.  We had attended the first couple of sangats when there was not many people there.  By the time he left there was not even space to sit outside in the shoe area.   We were off work for four weeks soon after that and just started listening to the videos. We were so inspired by his upbeat stories and postive attitude and love for our Sikh SatGurus and also his love for his own Sant Ishar Singh ji in whose dera (community) he had grown up in.  Our punjabi was not that great, but as we watched the videos, we would pause them, rewind them until we understood and write it down in english.  A friend of ours at the Gurdwara, Gurbir singh ji was kind enough to type it up.  We edited it and made this book.   Baba Maan Singh ji met us at a Sikhi camp in 1997 after we had published this.  We felt so blessed to be in his presence.  We put our hands to gether humbly and just kept our head low focusing on washing his holy feet.  He is a big man and patted us with his heavy hand on our back.  We felt a glimpse of divine light go throughout our whole body.

Looking back when we read this book, we can find the stories inspiring of how a Sikh should love his guru.  But, there are many times when the old sikh controversies are discussed, like Kes versus Keski or meat eating, or you are not a Sikh unless you take amrit.  But he was telling his own path that worked for him.   We have learnt from Baba ji to go beyond externals now.  But we definitely feel that for someone who has never done anything but a worldy life, drinking, womanising, and whatever, that taking Sikh amrit cermony and coming into a disciplined life is definitely a great thing to do.  And thousands of people did change their lifestyle after listening to Baba Maan Singh ji’s wake up call.   (Even Pritam Anand Ji first starting going to Gurdwara with eagerness because of Baba Maan Singh ji.)  so we bow to all those who have helped us. 

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Dust of your feet.