with baba Ji’s blessings, we ran a meditation course a couple of years ago and recorded all of the classes.  We had a great response from the students.  You can follow the course for yourself by downloading the MP3s.

The style of meditation is known as “guided meditation.”  This is sitting/lying in a comfortable position and just listening to the MP3 as you are guided through relaxation and then entering deeper into your sub-conscious.

Each meditation lasts about 30-45 minutes.  There is an introductory MP3 where I talk about the topic.  Then there is the meditation MP3 followed by a discussion of the classes experiences.   As you are following this online, you can email me your experiences/questions/insights on


There are 9 lessons altogether.  I have split them into two courses.  The first course is called “Foundation” and contains 4 simple meditations which you may want to do over and over again.  The next course is called “Freedom” and contains 4 lessons to dig a bit deeper into your issue, plus a review of the course.

We hope you enjoy the course and tap into the infinite divine power that resides within you.

Dust of your feet.