Satnaam energy is the highest

13Aug 2013


Energy (cosmic divine energy, amrit, Reiki, life force, praan/soul energy, ki, chee).

Bow to one who has higher energy, more amrit. Baba ji is owner of all energies in universe, no one can give him energy. In his energy is love, faith, devotion and sacrifice. The energy a Bhagat/devotee emanates is a reflection of how deep their love and sacrifice to Truth has been.  Also this amrit  energy is wise, is all knowing, knows us from inside and out, knows when we are truthful and becomes brighter, knows when we become a slanderer and withdraws and leaves no divine light on our face.

Paul said to baba ji he met a Hindu spiritual teacher the night before, and he said to Paul ji, “last time I saw you i was giving you energy, but this time I am betting energy from you.” Paul replied, ” since i saw you last i have taken on a guru and received satnaam blessings.”

Baba ji said the Hindu teacher should have bowed there and then to the higher energy in Paul, the naam amrit – satnaam.  But these teachers are only working with lower level energies as the sacrifice and surrender to Truth is still at the lower end.

Sunny ji said he used to be an athiest and was known as Hitler at work, no one wanted to work for him.  He used to laugh at his wife for worshipping at their home shrine saying in ego, “i am the living god.”

But one day he found himself worshipping at the shrine and hoa wife came in and laughed at him in surprise! He changed, everyone wanted to work with him. He started on a spiritual quest over the next 18 years that saw him try Islam and many other religions and paths but to no satisfaction.  The best one was kiriya yoga.  He felt lots of energy after doing that every morning. He could do breathing exercises for 3 hours instead of 15minutes, he could newsstand for 20min instead of the recommended 1min.  His body went easily into the yogic poses, and his teachers couldn’t believe he had never done yoga before. Within a few months he was far ahead of students who had been practising for three years.   Still the energy he felt would slowly diminish by lunch time.

Sitting in his office (he offers astrology services), his friend came along with someone from bba jis sangat. They started talking about god. Baba jis devotee started reciting “sat sat sat….” And then next thing sunny ji knew was 45 minutes had passed and he had been in samadhi.  He was amazed by this satnaam energy.  He wanted to meet the guru who had given this blessing and to his amazement found baba ji was nearby. Next day he spent 6 hrs with baba ji absorbed in the powerful naam amrit emanating from baba ji.  He said that he wanted everyone to knwo that satnaam is truly a priceless diamond and other energies and paths do not compare to it, and that satnaam energy never fades away.  Baba ji said that is because no one from other paths has sacrifices and surrendered to satnaam as much as baba ji, so the energy delieverwd is less.

God bless all with satnaam amrit, the real amrit/energy is sat.




Abuse happened To You not Your Body

15 Aug 2013

Satnaam, dandauth bandhna ji

You look in the mirror and decide if you are looking good or not, if your nose is too big or your spots make you self conscious so you cover up with make up , otherwise you feel naked. Exposed, open to ridicule..what’s your worst fear? That people will laugh at you? Or think you are unlikeable due to your appearance? Or you just want to be accepted , be a part of society and just fit in by looking the same, talking the same, eating the same, being the same.

When we think of ourself as the body, then that state is known as body consciousness.  So now imagine you were abused or raped or embarrased by naked pictures of you appearing on the internet.  How would you cope? Your whole world has been torn apart.  People commit suicide for less, or you may just feel terrible all your life.

Other people are stuck in the mind consciousness which is either mental or emotional.  Being in the mental side they can be proud of their intelligience, or cleverness.  Like chattar das whom guru nanak dev ji met. An old man with 20 camels laden with his entire library. Or nowadays are we hording books or masses of information off the internet. Or just chasing more and more academic awards.

Or if we are stuck in the emotions, we can be full of desire and ambition like a businessman chasing after more businesses and more properties. Or someone who is lost in anger, greed, lust, attachments and pride.

But if you remember , “i am not the body, I am not the mind, I am the soul whose name is Truth – sat naam”,  then there is no pain.  Because you are not the body, the abuse happened to the body as per karma, or you lost your businesses, or you are run by 5 thieves, but you remain a perfect pure diamond soul, satnaam.

Sit in meditation and burn your body and mind (mental and emotional) in the fire, burn your attachment to your body and see it melt away only to leave pure light of your soul.

Guru ram das  ji says recite

Tunn munn kaat sabh arapee Vich aganee aap jalaai.

Cut the mind and body , sacrifice it all and throw it into the fire.

And dassan dass ji said whilst reciting that, imagine burning each limb in the fire you are sitting in.

Remember no matter what happens to your mind or body, good or bad, you are the perfect diamond soul…satnaam.

Dust of your feet

Dead whilst alive…jeevat marna

15 Aug 2013

Satnaam ji, dandauth bandhna.

Baba ji says, “be dead whilst alive…jeevat karna.” We asked, “what does that mean in terms of practical living?”

Baba ji explained that it means let your own self wisdom (munn mat) die, and live according to divine guru’s wisdom (gur mat).

So for example gurmat says give daswandh (tenth of time and wealth) to the divine guru who gives you the priceless diamond of Satnaam.  But our munn mat says, “i earned this money, why should I give it away, no one ever gave me anything? And I need this money for my holidays , my kids clubs, my clothes, my investments, my bills, my shopping etc.”

So now inside the battlefield of our mind there is a test for the devotee.  Do we have enough faith, love, devotion and surrender for our divine guru to slay that munnmat, “we no longer listen to you, listening to you only brought us suffering. Now we only listen to gurmat.”.

Then you follow your decision with practical action and give daswandh of time and money.  You get up for amritvela and sit for 2.5hrs and give tenth of income.  You know it’s hard because munnmat keeps coming back to pull you back, but with firm faith you pray to divine guru for grace to overcome your tests.

That is how you earn the naam, that is called naam Dee kamaaee.  That is why the holy sidhs said to baba nanak ji, “dhan nanak teree vadee kamaaee” blessed nanak, your spiritual labouring is supreme. (bhai gurdas ji).

So when you slay each munnmat and earn gurmat , then your old selfish self dies and you are remade in Truth, you are dead whilst alive.

Jag Re munn tu jaganhaara O mind wake up , you are capable of waking up.. …guru arjun dev ji.

Become alive in Truth, let selfishness die completely.  Let satnaam (your soul) live, let (your name) die.

Each time you earn another piece of divine wisdom, you cut another chain of munnmat that has bound your soul like a tangled web around a fly.

That is how your consciousnesses rises from lower/animal/selfish consciousness to the highest , Truth consciousness.

When you do satnaam simran you are remembering that you are the highest truth consciousness and when you do truthful deeds as per gurmat, you cut away lower consciousness.

One day, when you are free from munnmat, and there is no difference between what you do and what gurmat says, then satnaam as divine light manifests within you.  You become beloved of god and rewards you.

Pargatio jyot milay raam pyaare. Manifested light is given to the beloved ones of god.

…guru arjun dev ji.

And baba ji said unless we merge into this divine light that has the name sat -truth, then we are doomed to be born again to try again.

So let us become so determined to strip away all our false identity, munnmat, selfishness and only leave divine light shining bright, like baba ji and dassan dass ji as beacons in a dark world.

Bless you.



Simple Living

14 Aug 2013

Satnaam ji, dandauth bandhna ji

Baba ji said “simple living high thinking” that is how the while world needs to be.

Whole world has been on the march for material possessions, bigger houses, faster cars, more possessions, growing businesses, increasing bank balances, buying properties and so on.

Since the west , Japan and other countries were demolished after world war two, the drive was for growth, but that has turned into excess. From having nothing, to going to the other extreme of obesity, excessive borrowing, living off credit, buy now pay later after the chase for things we didn’t need.

So now baba ji said there is a massive correction going on.  The new age of truth, satyug is being ushered in.  It is the age of simple living and high thinking..satnaam.

Massive shifts in weather, economic downturns, people losing everything they have, everyone is effected by recessions and depressions in the west.  Dukh daru sukh rog bhaaya …suffering is the remedy as comforts had become the disease, whilst there where comforts god was forgotten….baba nanak ji.

So the lesson to be learned by everyone is to downsize, live within your means, remember satnaam, become humble of heart and become humble in your living standards.  Do the opposite of what you have been doing so far in the west…always chasing bigger and faster , more and more possessions and food.

In baba jis own life, he has been downsizing for years, cutting costs, buying only food and clothes items that are on sale, disconnecting landline, cable tv and all other unnecessary expensives. Going towards a peaceful cottage away from the city and big houses, pollution, electronics and rush hours.

He said he had been wearing the same jeans for four days, he has brand new clothes in the wardrobe but prefers to wear a few simple clothes.  Even pritam Anand ji said he wears underpants with a tear in them just so as not to get proud or vain of clothes and looks.

The whole attitude of simple living, humblness of heart is reflected in baba jis lifestyle.  He is downsizing, eating less, doing opposite of what the world is. And it’s a joy.

Baba ji said work hard but spend little.

Be free in your mind like a king who has nothing to worry about, but live like  a pauper on little as possible.

Lakmi thot na aavaee jai karach karunda….there is no shortage of wealth no matter how much I spend….guru arjun dev ji.

When most people start spending less, every penny pinches them, to give a single coin as a donation or gift hurts them.  That is lobh ..greed thief.  But when you have no lobh and your heart is open and giving is all you love and die for, then you spend and eat bare minimum as its only for the body’s survival.  But you give and share with others in the name of truth, satnaam, because that is food for the soul.  Then your heart stays open even whilst penny pinching.

We went with baba ji to buy fresh organic eggs from a nearby farm run by Quakers.  They wear blue , use horse and cart, plough the land without tractors, use no electricity and build their own houses out of wood and get water from a well.  They have been living like that for hundreds of years.  Maybe it seems backwards not to keep up with technology.  But if the world loses its energy resources, oil and electricity, water wars and job losses, well would you know how to survive off the land and live without heating and air conditioning and hot and cold running water?  It’s worth thinking about how far out of touch we are with simple living chasing after comforts.  But with all the corrections happening in the world, it’s better to reduce our food intake to healthy portions, get physically strong, spend much less, pay off loans and mortgages and ….

Simple living, high thinking..satnaam.

Put it into action.

Dhan dhan satnaam baba ji.


Baba ji’s Extreme Love

16 Aug 2013

SatNaam Ji, Dandauth Bandhna ji



whilst with Baba ji we were explaining to a devotee that to give up MOH (attachment) does not mean we detach and become cold and distant from everyone (we ourself did that when we first went to Uni and read we need to be detached in Gurbani, but didnt have divine teacher then).   Dassan Dass ji explained to us that we just need to take the SELFISH part out.   Eg we say “I love MY kids”,  so LOVE part is good, is close to God, but the MY part is selfish.  Just take MY out and love all kids like you love your kids.  Same for parents , brothers and sisters.  In religion, they have expanded it out of family but to MY religious brothers and sisters Muslims or sikhs regard other Sikhs/Muslims as there brothers and sisters, but dont expand it out even further.    Expand your love so far you see the whole world like Guru Gobind Singh ji …manas kee jaat sabh ek pehchanbo …recognise the whole world as one caste.  Or as Guru Arjun Dev ji said, “ek pita ekas kay hum barik, tu mera gur haee”  One God is the Father, we are his children, You are my supreme Guru.


So as we were talking, Baba ji gave his own real experience of when he heard God”s voice the night he was told “naam simran kaar” naam simran, the voice was so sweet like the mother of all mothers that Baba ji’s despised everything about himself and decided to discard his old selfish thug self completely.  Right there and then he had the feeling that he was needed by God to uplift the WHOLE WORLD,  there and then Baba ji took the “MY” out of “my wife and kids” and treated the whole world as his wife and kids and parents and family, as all of God’s family whom he had to now serve.  Baba ji said that was how his MOH was broken.


Obviously, the kids then did not have much interaction with Baba ji as he spent 7 years doing his bandagi.  But now they have grown up, Baba ji tells them he is really happy they turned out well, they become independent and self-sufficent.


Also Baba ji took on responsibility for another family after the hukam, and trusting in God only, he took a huge loan on his house to start investing with God on his side.   Every morning Baba ji says to God (and says to us to do the same, “Sachay Patshah take this servant whereever you want.”  And before sleeping, “Thankyou Sachay PAtshah for wherever you took me and whatever we did.”  So over 12 yrs Babaji’s investments have beaten the recession.



If we think about how SERIOUS bhagti is for the real true divine souls, they really do turn their lives upside down all just based on faith in God that He is there Satguru and he will take care of worldy affairs and family, but we just have to live for God 100% with full faith.


Otherwise, to give up family and kids wants (although Baba ji gave them everything they needed, but maybe not their desires) and to even give up your job to become self employed so you are only working for God (not a worldly boss), takes REAL courage.


Look at Baba Nanak ji , left two young kids, a wife, parents in a village and was the only son… being of similar age, we really can sense what a huge thing that was to do, to break MOH with MY family, My family’s future.  And to trust in God.   To look at any of the following Gurus too, Guru Arjun Dev ji, to leave his young son and wife to give his head, same for the ninth Guru, and tenth Guru to give his whole family.  This is a game of divine love, and only extreme love can make us surrender completely our MOH to family, hopes and wishes and addiction to comfort of middle class jobs and lifestyles.


But as Pritam Anand Ji says, “LOVE DEMANDS SACRIFICE.”


And Dassa Dass ji says, “That level of surrender can only come with GurPArsaad/God’s Grace.”  Otherwise who can do such a thing?


God bless all with EXTREME LOVE


You can download recording , pictures and videos and ebook of this visit here.