Week 1 in Toronto with Baba ji

3 Aug 2013

Satnaam satsangat satguru Jeeo,

Dandauth bandhna to all,

We are halfway in our holiday to Toronto, this last week we spent with Susan and family and next week is with baba ji.  However the first day we got here we were blessed to get dust of baba jis feet all day at their house.  Also our children came and Susan and her new family.

We are very thankful to baba ji for blessing us all to be here, for without blessings it seems out family and others were always standing in our way.  The children sat and did simran for a while , simran sat at baba jis holy feet and held them and all did simran for about 20 minutes.  The children all said they felt it was much more deeper than when doing it at home.  Baba ji explained in simple words to make a daily routine to them.

Last six months have been difficult with the onslaught of Maya which always comes to test us after we visit baba ji as we did last November.  After that visit we felt baba ji in light form so close to is that we were almost merging,  and again in december dassan dass ji came to the uk and the blessings went even higher, then all we wanted to do was jump and merge into satnaam day and night.  And we  also had the choice to do so, as our job came to an end and we hadnt started anything new.  But our logic mind decided to jump into our own business with our brother who is in the chase of Maya.  First three months we worked long hours in cold office, having decided we need to work long hours to learn the new business so our amritvela simran routine went out of the window, but still in weekly uk sangats we were drenched with amrit. Baba Ji was carrying us even though we were drifting into Maya.  Our health suffered , we had a cold for those 12 weeks, aches and pains started, and also our home life deteriorated.  Out wife with worries of our finances started shoring at the kids all the time and at us.  We stayed calm, but after a while just gave in and started shouting back.  Still we did our simran during the day when not focusing on work, got home and spent hardly anytime with the kids.

Still through it all we knew we are just chasing an unfulfilled desire to do our own business, and we know that it going into Maya, but we also knew we need to get burned by this chase so we never chase again.  Baba ji said to us in previous November meeting to try doing business so at the end of our life we don’t regret we didn’t try it…and then be born again due to unfulfilled desire.

So the desire has faded now, we were blessed with booking tickets to see baba ji and a few days before leaving we just did our ardas , “satguru ji may we only live for naam , seva and Bandagi, and only trust in you for our worldly progress and not chase it and lose our amritvela.  That for the next few weeks whilst we visit baba ji we will not think about family, work, money, past or future worries, just satnaam and seva of all we meet.”

In the plane we just did simran all the way whilst the kids watched films, they were astonished we did not even touch the tv screen once….we had no desire for it.

Next day at baba jis feet we were blessed so much with baba jis hand on our back, we felt calm and light all the way through and baba ji planted blessings inside us which we will know will sprout with time.  We told baba ji that our wife worries we will leave her as she had dreams of a woman lying next to us (at that time she was sleeping with the baby in another warmer room for winter months), we said to her is that woman extremely pretty looking she said yes, and we said don’t worry it’s only Maya, she’s always testing us. We told baba ji this and that we even know we are chasing unfulfilled desire of business.

Baba ji looked at us and blessed us with the highest blessing that we are not even worthy of as we are a dumb idiot, “Maya will never bother you again,  and when you have unfulfilled desires just pray to god and say we only want to serve satnaam.  Just like the kids have faith in their parents so play without worries, so we have to have faith in satnaam and also live without worries”

Kabir ji says

Deen dyal bharosa tera Sabh parivaar chaariaa bera.

O merciful to the believers, I put my faith in You,  I place all my family into your boat.

Dhan dhan sant kabir ji.  Only true , deep down, absolute faith in our God-Guru Satnaam Satguru baba ji dassan dass ji can save this mind from thinking that by following logic mind Maya will give us comforts.  We have to get out of that illusion even though everyone around us is tellling us that is the way, that we have to make money and support family and have no time for simran and seva, hut Bandagi requires sacrifice of illusions and replace with firm faith, that we will not miss amritvela, not give up good deeds no matter how financially we are in difficulty.

Dassan dass ji says, Trust is Bandagi.

We have made some recordings of baba ji and will upload soon.

So back to the family last few days, and once again we know tests will come, but with baba jis blessings Maya won’t be able to touch a sinlge hair on our head.

Vich kartapurakh kholoiaa Vaal na vinga hoiaa Where the creator himself comes and stands, not even a single hair on your head can be twisted.

…guru arjun dev ji.

Baba ji told us after placed his hand on our back to now see what happens going forward in out life with god by our side and inside.

Next couple of days we talked truth day and night with all the ones around us to ease their pain,  then we put our hand on Susan’s head and back and it was so intense and we prayed for her blockages in her throat chakra to be cleared because it was choking her whenever she wanted to tell truth, she couldn’t get the words out.

Afterwards she told us our hands were like a fire and her throat was on fire.  Baba ji told us the heat means the negativity is burning.

So more amrit, also means more slander will be coming! That evening our cousin was drunk and swore and slandered us for an hour while we sat with him.  We told him we were happy to meet him, he felt we betray him because we are weak minded running to see baba ji instead of calling him and partying with him whenever we come to Toronto.  He wanted us to apologise and make up for it.  We couldn’t apologise for we have put guru first and done nothing wrong. Even though a part of us wants to apologise because we don’t like being not liked, but we don’t seek anyone’s approval anymore.  We felt there was a wall of light in our chest absorbing all his venom .  He told us to stop talking to him, so we did. We just looked in his eyes and saw only darkness, we directed our simran to bless him in his hell, he got uncomfortable and hissed, “stop looking at me like you are in love with me otherwise I am going to punch you in the face.”.  Inside we laughed, we smiled at him and said keep releasing your pain and we will look away as its causing you discomfort.

Our relative walked in and saw wht was happening and said afterwards if he had been spoken to Luke that he would have gone home.  We said we used to run away when we felt were being attacked or provoked or not liked,  but with baba jis kirpa we now just go into compassionate mode and do not think of our ego being attacked, but only think how much hell the other person is in so they need our help not our hatred, and we have god guru baba ji dassan dass ji above our head, so they can’t hurt us.

Jis Kay sir oopar tu swamee so dukh kaysaa paavay, Bol na jaanaay maaya madh Mata marnaa cheet na aavaay. Meray ram rai tu Santa ka sant teray, Teray sevak kau bhau kich nahee jam nahee aavay neray.

The one above whose head you are the master, who can hurt them? They don’t know how to speak, intoxicated in wine of Maya, they have forgotten death.

O my lord the Sants are yours And you are the Sants, Your servant has no fear, And death cannot come near them.

-guru arjun dev ji.

We said to baba ji on the phone please forgive him.  Baba ji said it’s easy for us to forgive him, but his habits have gone into his subconscious and he will carry on doing more bad deeds and until the doctor tells him he has only 6 months to live he won’t give up drink.  Then he will get religious and go to gurdwaras, and they will rob him, then he will go to the so called Sants also get nowhere , then he will be in so much pain he will fall to his knees a broken man and pray to god from his heart and then and only then things will change for him.

On a happier note, we were invited to goto the daily sangat in Brampton. We were shown so much love by them all, we were thankful that there are such gurus Sikhs taking birth in Toronto again to undo all the slander down ten years before, to undo all the damage, to rise like the phoenix from the ashes, that truth can never be buried, that green shoots appear even after the worst forest fire. Dhan dhan are those gursikhs who remember satnaam and cause others to do so, dhan dhan are those guru Sikhs who open their hearts and doors to one and all. Dhan dhan are those gurus Sikhs who do sangat in their gurus name as humble servants.  To such a guru’s Sikhs we are forever at their feet, at their service , at their beck and call.  We sat in simran with satnaam quietly in our heart, we washed their feet and applied the dust as our makeup, we placed these hands on their heads, they felt the light, the amrit overflowed and they went into Samadhi.  We are nothing but thankful that these hands are baba jis hands helping others, that an idiot like us has been of some use in this world.

And again whenever there is more amrit, then more tests follow.  At the end a lady who came late started calling us baba ji and confusing us with questions and English and Hindi, in the end we said we are not baba jis level, just call baba ji.  We do not desire to be baba ji, we only want to he servant of baba ji in one and all, sat at their feet.  We said to baba ji that we know light is so close but we have fear of jumping in (because we have seen how so much intoxication makes people think they are now baba ji),  baba ji just said , nothing to fear, just look at me.. (meaning stay humble servant of your satguru and there nothing to fear, only ego has to fear as it will be destroyed).

Today we will be staying with harminder ji, so anyone who is around here please come and join us at anytime.   Tomorrow we will be going to baba jis sangat and staying with them for a few blessed days.  We hope to share their blessings with everyone.

God bless all.

My Beloved is Satnaam


Other than satnaam there is no one,

inside and outside is just satnaam,

river of light ocean of love is satnaam,  compassionate to the humble is satnaam,

healer of the sick is satnaam,

wealth of the poor is satnaam,

shelter of the homeless is satnaam,

forgiver of the sinners is satnaam,

my beloved lover is satnaam ,

always and forever is satnaam,

manifested in the heart as satguru is satnaam,

dhan dhan is my good destiny to have found satnaam,

dhan dhan is my guru the giver of satnaam,

always and forever remember satnaam,

deep in your heart recite satnaam, ocean of amrit is satnaam,

the rose inside the lotus is satnaam,

giver of peace and calm is satnaam,

my beloved lover , protector and sustained is satnaam,

into such a guru who gave me satnaam may I be a sacrifice.

Satnaam. Satnaam. Satnaam. Satnaam. Satnaam. Satnaam.


Respected Preeto ji, Dandauth Bandana ji.Thank you so much for the beautiful poem which has flown out of your heart and touched so many hearts out there! I dont know why but i was feeling a little low today and when i read this wonderful poem a spontaneous shift happened to me and my spirits were uplifted ! So much love and so much knowledge is coming through your good self. May Satnaam ji be with you always.