Week 2 in Toronto with baba ji part 1

7 Aug, 2013

Satnaam ji dandauth bandhna ji

Have been blessed to spend the last few days with sangat and baba ji.  Most things are recorded but some personal insights we would like to share.

Baba ji is god on earth, we are very blessed to be in their presence , they give us food of divine wisdom and keep filling us with amrit to purify us , even though we are so unworthy.

Yesterday we fell at baba jis feet and said everytime we are blessed to visit you we see how much of an idiot we have been and still are.  Standing in the sun of truth all of our misdeeds, sins, weaknesses, desires, betrayal of our gurus word come to light.

Meray satgura ma tujh bin avar na Koee, hum moorakh mugadh sarnagati kar kirpa milay har sooee.

O my satguru other than you I have no one. Shower your grace upon this stupid fool who has come into your shelter , unite me with god.

Guru ram das ji

We sung this shabad with dhan dhan sangat and baba ji bless one and all. Will upload.   After we sung it, a penji told us all the blessings that were pouring from the other side in her samadhi…she saw us with hand in Asan light pouring out and she was was doing dandauth to us and baba nanak ji was with us.  And she said as she sung satnaam her moth felt like shebwas biting into the sweetest Indian sweet. Right away we got up and did dandauth at baba jis holy feet, because of his grace only a stupid fool has been put into service.  Baba ji said later the ones who are singing gods praise think it’s them doing it….ego illusion, but it Is god singing his own praise

Aapay karaay aapaay kaaraai He himself does it He himself is the doer

So when its all him, then how can we even think we are doing it?

We were blessed to sing again at baba jis house with pritam Anand ji and mata ji too. We just kept our mind pressed on baba jis feet.  Afterwards baba ji said it had gone beyond chitr gupt.  They record our good and bad deeds, our memories and then we are judged by dharam raj and some go nearer to god others further away.  So we asked baba ji what he means it has gone beyond chitr gupt. Baba ji said that singing in his presence is singing in God’s court and it has gone into God so also permeates all 14 realms and is beyond dharam raja judgements (singing gods praises is a good deed in general, but sinign from the heart for your guru goes beyond good deed, it’s a love song direct with god).

We talked about our cousins behaviour and our staying quiet although doing satnaam. baba ji said he would have stripped him naked with lashings of divine wisdom about the reality of his hell life. He would have grabbed him by the ear and marched him to his father and told him is this what you have taught your son about respecting elders?

He said everything the son said was what his parents said to him (and we said yes he mentioned his dad felt the same), so why do I call them my relatives?  I said it’s a formality to meet them when we fly to Toronto. Baba ji said guru is your only relative, naam is your family, why do i want to do formalities with these people…they are actually my enemies…want to pull me away from naam and guru. That they keep slandering and will keep having losses in Maya they are chasing.  Baba ji said he would have stripped him naked by telling the truth and then walking away forever from these so called family people. Baba ji said in his own life he had to break with biological family in order to unite with satnaam.  That he has told his kids and everyone if they do satnaam they are his family otherwise not. And even baba tells sangat who come, that in the past they were his biological family so that’s why they meet again, but if they don’t do satnaam they will slip downwards into pain and hell so not to waste this chance of many lifetimes.

Brahmgiani ka naam vapaar. Naam is the family of a brahmgiani

Gurdev Mata gurdev pita gurdev swamee parmesaraa Gurdev sakhaa agian bhanjan gurdev bandhap sohadraa

Divine guru is my mother, father, lord and master. Divine guru is my friend, destroyer of my ignorance, relative and family.

We talked about a so called uncle who exposed himself to us when we wer a child, and as an adult we were angry with our dad for not reporting him to the police especially later on we found he had carried on abusing other kids in our so called family circle. Dad said he told him to get initiated or go to jail, so he put a turban on and grew a beard but carried on abusing.   We said to baba ji our biolgical dad told us he knew that so-called uncle was an abuser because in India he had abused a young boy and our granddad had bribed the boys family and police to let him go. And later on dad helped him to come to England by sponsoring him.

Then baba ji told us the dying that the fathers sins the son reaps applies to us.  That knowing the guy was an abuser he still socialised with him means he is more important than us, so why diner still think of him as dad?  Baba ji said the abuser should have been humiliated in the gurdwara stripped naked and beaten and all of his misdeeds disclosed infront of the sangat.  Not covered up and hidden which then allowed him to carry on abusing.

Although we have forgiven , we know realise when we go back to England to report him to the police and to also track other kids down who were also abused by him. To disclose the truth.

Baba ji told a young guy in the sangat who was abused by a family friend and who is still close to the family, that he had been abused by him a s a child and had not told anyone to thus day and still avoided him at family gatherings.  Baba ji told him to forgive him so as not to hold anger inside. But next time he saw him to beat him and disclose the truth to everyone about what he did and how it made him feel.

Baba ji said 9 out 10 people have had some kind of abuse. That abuse is a result of the egotistical character, the beast in action. That abuse is done wherever ego is and ego goes all the way up to parents to children, adults to kids, priests to congregation, leaders , rich and famous, all the way upto lesser gods and even up to Vishnu the sustained.

Lesser gods like Zeus who have some power but is written to have impregnated his own daughter.  As did Vishnu.

So wherever ego is there is abuse.

And we need to stand firm in our faith, to disclose the truth, to tell how it made us feel and to forgive and heal and move on.

Baba ji said he does not waste time with people who do not want to do truth, that we shouldn’t just stay quiet and follow formalities of so called family and goto weddings and parties in order to maintain so called good relations.  We need to tell the truth to people that life of maya is only going to leave them crying and to do satnaam, and if they are too stubborn to do so then to leave their company, they are not our family and do not have good intentions for us.

Baba ji said to us that we are neither dead nor alive, that although we are on this path of Bandagi and have moved out of lower consciousness(being dead to god) but we haven’t become mukat (liberated, alive).  And that if we don’t achieve mukti in this life then we are still coming back. So we were also thinking the same before we came to see baba ji, that even having been blessed with God’s holy vision in 1996 we didn’t surrender to that supreme light.  Baba told us before that having that experience of god, we should have said , “now I only live for you lord, kill me or keep me alive its upto you but I will only serve you now.”

This week baba ji has talked to us a lot about trusting in god, for he is the greatest businessman (if we want business advice), he is the greatest lover, he is the greatest parent, he is the greatest companion, greatest protector..so we just need to stay true to him, to stay in his will which is to do truthful deeds and meditate on truth, to then let life unfold as per our karma and through every transaction to experience truth (rather complain, blame, get excited etc etc).

That if we surrender and trust god, that we will still get food, income, shelter that we will still be taken care of.

Please forgive all our mistakes, makes we be worthy of the priceless diamond of naam that baba ji has placed inside us.

God bless all.