Week 2 in Toronto with baba ji part 2

8 Aug, 2013


Tat gian is spontaneous knowing.  Sitting in silence , the answer comes before the question is even asked.

Someone comes to baba ji, the tat gian about what the person was doing on the way comes in.

Guru gobind Singh nindaks to some devotee, you are offering me money here, but what about when I was sitting as a beggar and you walked past?

Doesn’t mean guru  was sitting in disguise as preachers say.  It means sitting in silence, inate state, all is one and the tat gian comes spontaneously.

When sadhguru said “I have limted time and I have to decide which projects to put my energies into”,  baba ji said that is power speaking….I have power to do something.  Bj said that he lives only in this moment and does what true king satnam wants to in this moment…so what to think of how much time and what I will do?

When yogi bhajan took satnaam and made it into sa ta na ma, into tones and chanting then he went back into Hinduism and mantras.  But sat is truth himself, absolute reality, beyond tones and chanting and being used as technique. That is mind effort and ” I am doing it to make something happen”….munn hut -obstinancy.

Yogi bhajan was conceited, was into nau nidhi ..nine treasures…..into outer mantras, techniques of yoga.  But that matches with ego and wants.  When sat is inate state…then only silence matches that.  So sit in silence, no ego. No wants. Complete humility, no me, mine selfishness, strip away everything that is I me and mine, destroy yourself, don’t try and be something even in bhagti, don’t dream of “I will do bhagti and then save the world,” just  kill the “I will do anything in the world, ” just strip away all layers of self identity and wants , become absolutely nothing and all that is left will be your soul, the light, nothing but silence, from which comes the tat gian..the Shabad ,which permeates all of the creation.  The inate state is in all of us and animals and trees..one in all, all in one, all in all.  But humans have mind to get in the way.  Alzeheimers patient has no mind, still has soul keeping him alive, but does not know that soul as its inate state. Tree has no mind, does not know itself , is inate state. Bhagat has no mind , but has entered his soul and knows god..the silence, the joy..sat chit anand  says it’s all me, I am talking to myself whenever anyone comes.

Penji came completely drained, can’t concentrate, can’t choose between parents and marry her love.  Baba ji said love is god, would rather fall in love for one day than live for parents approval.   Follow love not head.  Trust in satnaam and defeat moh. Moh is thief that drained her.  Not her parents.  Her want for approval and not getting it due to moh to parents is her enemy not parents. Parents guru is money…lobh, her guru is moh . So sit in simran burn attachments in the fire, burn body, possessions, money, wealth, parents , family and friends in the fire…just leave pure light of satnaam.   When mind goes into wants then it’s like a fly getting trapped in web of Maya.  More you think and try to decide more you get knotted in the web.  So know she knows what it feels like to be in mayas web…stressed thinking, drained energy, depressed. And what she did before was to get anti depressants, then couldnt sleep so started drinking wine.  But still no peace. Her parents and her moh eaten her alive. Gurbani says Maya is a snake without teeth that eats you alive.  Eats your mind with worries, hopes, wants, and drains you out.

She also knows amrit and Samadhi.  When she came to sangat a few weeks ago for first time, she sat in Samadhi for two hours and next two days tears were pouring out and singing gurbani.   So baba ji said when she came before and sat opposite him, he took her dukh to make a space in which satnaam can be placed in her astral body, then filled chakras with amrit.  So she knows god as feeling of amrit. And now she knows Maya and how moh drained her. That’s why five thieves are called thieves…they steal your amrit.  So make satnaam, the real amrit, your inner guru. Her guru is moh, her dad’s guru is money.  He ritual reads sukhmani everyday, prays for wants, gets more money, gives .0.01% donations.  He says god is giver so asking for everything is still not enough.  And he gets more wealth and says it’s because of my good karma.

Baba ji says  god gives money to those he punishes so they can fight and Maya will take away what you love then you cry, to those he loves he gives satnaam which is himself and Maya comes to serve you.

Dust of your feet.



Misusing Sangat

7 Aug 2013

Satnaam  Dandauth bandhna

Sat sangat is very precious, satguru and satnaam are very precious, you are very precious to the guru too. All of the relationships in satnaam parivaar – truth family, are built on trust. Trust is Bandagi. While there is trust in the sangat we can learn to open up and release our pain, we can love and support each other, we can serve each other.

But there are people who misuse and abuse the sangat, and As the guru’s doors are open to everyone, for every saint there is going to be a devious person as well.  So people who fully trust the sangat as much as their guru can get caught out by these devious people.

So we will write about how to watch out for people who are in sangat and in the name of god-guru are abusing trust as we have seen over the years.

One lady recently came and made friends with everyone, sat and meditated, served and bowed and hugged and spoke in spiritual terms…so gained everyone’s trust.  But then out of sangat she contacted people, went to there houses, have the kids gifts, offered to babysit, or to a young man said she needed some computer help to upload some pictures for baba ji.

So she uses her trust in sangat by copying what we do in sangat to gain trust and respect. Then uses it to get into people’s normal lives.

Once inside the persons house or family , she started leaving money or gifts or food items or objects….sometimes as an excuse to come back again saying she had forgotten something, but also because she is doing black magic on those objects in order to possess that person.

Then some people who were less able to say no to her, but did feel uncomfortable, she went as far as enslaving them.  One lady said she was looked at in the eyes and some energy entered her and for the next few days she was in a trance state just like a slave cleaning this woman’s house.  Another young guy said she was hugging him in the sangat for a long time, then she got his phone number and came to his flat with excuse of needing some help to send an email and said she is coming on baba jis behalf no need to tell baba ji.  Then she kept asking him what he thought of her looks, and other in appropriate questions, then she would bombard him with texts.  All the time he sees her as mother but feels bad if he says anything negative as he thinks she is spiritual person in sangat. So she abuses the trust and would have carried on enslaving him until baba ji warned everyone of her tricks.

Lesson 1- watch out for people who make you feel uncomfortable, invade your private space, don’t take no for an answer, get too friendly with your kids, act very knowledgeable but offer no personal information about their own life and even if they do are just lying. And especially if they are asking inappropriate questions, getting too touchy feely, and say don’t tell baba ji as he knows they are there.

Other abuses of trust in the sangat are when people become more intoxicated with spiritual power.  They sit at the front holding baba jis feet in every sangat, or they are running a sangat, they are vocal and get respect of sangat because they look and act like they are very blessed.  They talk to rest of sangat like they represent baba ji and being more spiritually advanced feel they are helping you in baba jis name.  Then they start feeling it is because of them that baba jis sangat is growing and they are bringing people, then they even start thinking they can give naam and guide sangat better than baba ji and even start their own , and when baba ji tells them ego has taken over, they get offended and act like baba ji is wrong, then they try and divide the sangat to follow them and slander baba ji in the process.

Baba ji only tells truth for our benefit. Real devotee doesn’t need to be something and seen as something, real servant will be doing shoe seva, cleaning toilets, making food, washing dishes, doing all the menial tasks to kill their pride, not taking centre stage to inflame their ego.  If new sangat in pain comes let them sit at the front and get blessings, whilst real servant will take a backseat and serve all.

Lesson 2- watch out for people who are acting spiritually superior in order to influence you and pulling you into their group.

Another type to watch out for is the spy, the come and join in, don’t reveal too much about themself, are taking pictures , asking personal personal questions and basically making a note of who is coming in order to report to groups who are anti-baba ji/truth.

Lesson 3 – no one should take your picture or film you without your permission.   You have every right to stop someone taking pictures or filming you in sangat as nowadays there is no limit to where private moments with sangat can end up on the internet.   We ourself now only film/take pictures of baba ji in sangat to share , but not of rest of sangat. Also you do not need to give personal details….home address/telephone number/email address etc to anyone.  We have this email group which anyone can join to stay in touch.

Another type of person is the one who is just networking. Making new contacts in order to buy or sell whatever they are into.  Sangat is not for buying and selling, sangat is for serving and giving , to see god in all, not to see a potential customer.

Dassan dass ji told us when we started sangat in the uk ten yrs ago to serve each other, to share the divine wisdom on the website, to do simran and NOT to talk about social /work things etc.  But after a whilst our sangat spent most of the time socialising than doing simran/seva.

Lesson 4- don’t use sangat for business

Also in sangat there is no need for men and women to be hugging.  Although the intention is good to welcome each other with warmth, it can make people feel uncomfortable to hug a stranger or to be hugged also it can be sexually arousing, so all baba ji has said to us is to do dandauth bandhna..that is the greatest virtuous deed, put your nose in the dirt become nothing infront of god in all. Or just greet with pressed palms and head low.

Also we would advise men and women not to be alone in a room together because it only takes one twisted person to claim they have been touched inappropriately.  Or we have found that a woman is crying we offer support over time they get attracted to us and it can easily turn into something else.

Lesson 5- be aware if inappropriate touching..men and women, adults and children and report it /correct it. If someone us going to hug you, you have every right to say no and do dandauth bandhna instead. It is not condition of sangat that we let people touch us when we don’t want to.

The other thing we have seen is paedophile uncle playing with kids at family gatherings and at gurdwara .  Ask why is an adult touching kids?

So all sangat should watch out for inappropriate behaviour in sangat and it will protect the innocent kids, young people and hurt souls that come.

Baba ji summed it up, even though people may look straight on the outside they can be twisted on the inside.  We know this in the outside world, but let our guard down in sangat and can get caught out.  There is a fine balance we need to trust in order to increase love and open our heart, but we also need to watch for the signs of inappropriate behaviour in sangat and most importantly to report to baba ji or trusted sangat about any incidents.  This is what happened in sangat here last week…truth came out about one woman and rest of sangat started telling their own stories of what she had done with them. Which then enabled the rest of the sangat to be warned to stay away from her.

Even on this email group there are bound to be spies, so do not share personal details or private photos or videos of sangat members.

Also, don’t go to sangat to tell of your past achievements…worldy or spiritual…just boosting our ego to look good infront of the other.  Also don’t go to sangat thinking you know something that you can tell others they have ego, or anger or lust or need to do more seva etc…until we are guru we have to only point the finger inwards, not think we can tell others they have ego etc.

If anyone else has any other useful lessons please share.

God bless all.


Also some sangat are asking is it ok to hug baba ji,   baba ji says he has no problems to hug sangat as father and son or daughter, and for devoted humble souls to sit near at their and do smran and get peace. Also for brother to hug brother, sister to hug sister is fine, just one person abused the trust of hugging between male and female….so be careful and be aware, baba ji doesn’t want to make rules because then people will start judging each other as to who is breaking rules and keeping them.  So just self-regulate and know yourself why you are hugging opposite gender…love or attraction?  And also be aware other person maynot be comfortable hugging…….even if you are. Also if you see in appropriate hugging then question it rather than ignoring, listen to your inner guru.

Baba ji says world is crying, satguru has to support and hold, place hand on head, hug and take the pains , but until we are guru, watch out for our five thieves in every interaction..

God bless all.


Babaji without you we are nothing. You are our father, mother, brother sister and our saviour.  You have given us the peace that no books or religion or people could give or have given.  You are the cool shade in this burning world of maya.

You are the amrit that keeps us alive.

Babaji there is a prayer in Hindi which we have been singing since childhood. Today we realize that we were singing this prayer for you only:

Tumhi ho mata, pita tumhi ho (You are our father, you are our mother)

Tumhi ho bandhu, sakha tumhi ho (You are our brother, you are our friend)

Jo khil sake na woh phool hum hain, tumhare charon ki dhool hum hain (We are the flowers that could not bloom, we are the dust of your feet)

Daya ki dridhti sada hi rakhna daata (Please keep us under your kind and loving vision)

Tumhi ho mata, pita tumhi ho


I am nothing but lowest of the lowest full of maya, our only request is to keep us in satnaam and satnaam in us always please babaji.



Satnaam Ji please be aware that if the actions are untruthful then your truth will come out for sure. This sangat is not an ordinary sangat, where baba ji is sitting with suhagans is dargah. So how your untruthful actions will remain hidden and how long. So please watch your actions, they should be truthful and filled with divine love. If you have any issues please be forth coming and confess them in sangat, this will help you cleanup and go higher in simran. We are here to help you delete the poison of negative and destructive energies and fill you up with Amrit. God bless you all with the Gurparsaad.



Seva is everything

10 Aug 2013

SatNaam ji

Dandauth bandhna ji



we realised that on this path we think of seva as a means to an end.   We do seva with wants attached.  We may not want money or recognition (although some people have their name on the bench they donated to the gurdwara), but even doing seva at the Gurdwara as a kid we wanted our parent’s approval ..they said, “do seva its good for you”, so we did it.  As young adults we did seva with our friends , so social needs of belonging to a group were satisfied.  Then many others do seva for worldly wants.  Someone told us he goes to a sant for blessings for his business expansion, wordly success, gift of a boy and does seva and prayers etc in order to please the sant.    Then we have see others including ourself, who may not be after social needs or approval to worldly wants, but are doing seva for spiritual rewards.   Hoping, that by doing seva we will please the Guru, and experience wonderful things in our simran and ultimately are seva will get us the ultimate prize of God Himself.     But, even that is a big want, an even bigger want than even worldly things for we WANT the biggest thing in the whole universe … SATNAAM.


All of these reasons for doing SEVA all are just doing seva as a means to an end, to get our want satisfied.   We have seen whoever does seva with a want attached doesnt realise the TRUTH, although they may get their want satisfied. So in the case of doing seva in order to experience God, we have seen people who were given seva of cleaning up ghosts and demons from cemetaries and hell realms, get intoxicated on the Amrit that increases as a result of seva, but even having glimpses of God, it went to there head and they declared themselves as SAtguru and thought they are doing all the seva whilst baba ji is sitting doing nothing.   Baba ji laughed and said that the seva was given to them as a test to see what they would do with all that SAT KA NASHA …intoxication of SAT.  That just sitting in total silence, Baba ji was rewarded by God by God freeing 330 million lost souls from hell realms.


When we look at Baba ji we see that they know Bhagti fromt bottom to top ..all 14 realms, if they were like us doing seva for wants, then they could easily be sitting in a small hut, unknown to the world, enjoying SAT KA NASHA day and night.  And Baba ji said, that 10 years ago that was exactly the state Baba ji was in, feeling like going into total silence, without speaking all would be blessed just by coming into their presence.   But Baba ji said his prayer to God is that even if one ant is still crying, he will come back into the world to ferry it across.  So we learn from Baba ji that his life is “jan parupkaree aayaa ….the divine soul has come only to serve.”  And baba ji said that he does ZERO for himself, all is out of COMPASSION for one and all, to hold the hurt ones, to be a shoulder to cry for the broekn ones, to uplift the lowly, to serve God in one and all.  Baba ji says that a true servant of God of Truth (SAT RAM DAS) is doing what God Himself is doing in the world – SERVING ONE AND ALL.   Every moment God ius giving us breath, running our digestion, feeding plants, blooming flowers, running solar systems…HE HIMSELF IS A SERVANT TO HIS CREATION FROM WITHIN.   So that is why when God is manifested as SAT in a heart, then he is called SAT RAM DAS ….servant of God of Truth.   And on the other side, GOD is SAT PARBRAHM PARMESAR – TRUTH – supreme all pervading one.    Servant on this side, supreme on the other side.


So Baba ji says to God, “why do I need to see you in other realms, when i can serve you here in every heart?”


So we realise that SEVA is not the means to the end, SEVA is actually the END.  It only becomes the end when we have  ZERO wants left, and have stripped away all our SELF, (our selfish reasons for seva), only then


seva karat hoi nikaamee

tis sevak hoth prapat swamee

doing seva and becoming totaly desire free

in such a servant the Master manifests




Seva is for us to strip away all our selfish wants, like peeling a banana,  then we are left with the fruit, divine light – SAT, and let that serve as SAT RAM DAS in this world.


That is why Baba Nanak ji said “Nanak dassan dass ka dass” ..nanak is the slave of the slave of God’s slaves.


and “Nanak har ka dass ha har dass paniharraa” ….nanak is a slave of God, (nay, even lower) nanak is the water giver to the slave of God.


Baba ji says his job is to unite you to God,  as out er Guru he unites us to our inner Guru then sits us on God;s throne, and sits at our feet,  mkaes us the father and becomes the son.  Baba ji is always looking to uplift all that come to him, and ultimately when we are perfect, baba ji takes the lowest place again.


Ego always wants something, even spiritual success, to become even a guru and do wonderful things in the world like making meditation centres etc,    But go the other way, just tell ego I don’t want anything,  just to become nothing, to do seva until I’ve peeled off all the layers of selfishness, and then let SAT – the priceless diamond shine in all its glory and in that ZERO NOTHING STATE just let SAT serve as SAT RAM DAS  (no me , not my wants, not my deas to make things happen).






God bless all


Dandauth bandhna ji


Dhan Dhan Baba Ji , DassanDass Ji and all Sant SAngat