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Baikunth is Dargah.  Therefore, when our Bandgi is blessed as Puran Bandgi, Param Padvi, Puran Brahm Gyan, Puran Tat Gyan, Param Jyot Puran Parkash, we are always and forever will be sitting in the Dargah of Akal Purakh.  The Puran Sant, Puran Brahm Gyani, SatGur and a Puran Khalsa is always and forever sitting in […]


The ones who absorb themselves in Naam.  Absorb themselves in Naam Simran, Naam Simran in Hirda, Naam Simran in Surat, Naam Simran in Rom-Rom.   

Bajjar Kapaats

Divine doors.  Consisting of four areas around the head, plus the Dassam Duaar (crown chakra).  The four areas around the head are the brow chakra and the back of the head and above each ear.  Also there are four more doors – a door in each palm and sole of the foot.


Divine slave.  Bandgi means slavery.  Banda means a slave.  The slave is the one who has accepted the slavery of Akal Purakh.  Banda is the one who has accepted the divine slavery of Akal Purakh and when this slavery is accepted then Bandgi starts, this divine slavery starts.  Therefore, the one who accepts this divine […]


A life of voluntary slavery under Akal Purakh.  Bandgi is nothing but trust, devotion, unconditional love – love without any demands, faith and belief in the Guru.  Combined with these divine qualities we also need to completely surrender to the Guru, to have full faith – Gur Ki Parteet.   See Banda.

Bandgi Marg

The path of Bandgi takes us through the inner pilgrimage through the five realms to Sach Khand.  See Khand.   


Words. See GurBani.


Infinite. Beyond any limits and boundaries.  Beyond Maya.


The seed of the Creation.  The Origin, the Creator and the source of creation from where all of the creation has been born from.  See Beej Manter.    

Beej Manter

The Beej Manter – the Seed Mantra, is the source of spirituality, Divinity, spiritual wisdom, divine wisdom, Tat Gyan, Braham Gyan about the entire creation.   Beej Manter is “Ik Oankar Sat Naam.”  The Mool Manter is the description of and further expansion of the Beej Manter.  And the Beej Manter itself is just a longer […]


The Maker; the Creator.


Traitor to the Guru.  After calling themselves a Sikh of the Guru, they walk away and may even become slanderers.   In our Sangat there were many people who were blessed in the Karam Khand and went up spiritually.  But, then these people became Beymukh (traitor) to the Guru and indulged in the slandering of the […]


The one who is absorbed in God.  God lives and appears in every breath of a Bhagat.  God lives and appears on a continuous basis in His Bhagats.  God Himself is Bandgi, God Himself is Naam, God Himself is Naam Ki Kamai, God Himself is GurParsaad.  Therefore, the ones who are absorbed in His Naam […]


Devotional Worship.  See Bandgi. 

Bhagti Daan

Giving the gift of Naam – can only be done by a Sant Hirda. 

Bhagti Margs

Ways to worship Him e.g. Namaskaar, Katha, Kirtan, Paath, doing GurBani, Usat (singing the praises), Dhianaa (giving up everything to Him with Tunn, Munn and Dhan, Naam Simran, Nishkaam Seva and Parupkaar. 


Highest title meaning brother of the Guru i.e. a Braham Gyani  as in Bhai Gurdass Ji.  Incorrectly used nowadays as a just a title of respect. 


False belief e.g. superstitions or religious beliefs that are believed sincerely but actually do not lead to God realisation. Along with the poison of Maya’s Rajo and Tamo aspects, there is another major road block in our spiritual progress and that negative force is called Bharam.  Bharam means the doubts, illusions and delusions that our […]

Bhavjal / Bhavsagar

A vast sea of darkness caused by the influence of Maya.  A soul living under the influence of Maya – Panj Doots and desires is like a stone lying in the deep sea of scum – that is what is Bhavsagar – sea of the scum of Maya.