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Hindu society has been divided into four categories of people, castes: Shoodras (Untouchables), Vaish (Agriculturalists), Khatri (Warriors) and Brahamins (Priests).


Divine Thirst.  When we go into the Sat Sangat of a Puran Purakh we feel the spiritual thirst.  We feel the divine thirst to meet God, the divine thirst to see God, the divine thirst to realize God completely and to become one with Him.  This divine thirst is called Chaao, the divine excitement that […]

Chaar Padarath

All divine superpowers are blessed to the one who achieves Totality, including the treasure of Chaar Padarath which are:- 1. Kaam – divine power to fullfill all desires that are good and justified; 2. Mokh – divine superpower to bring Jivan Mukti to the masses;  3. Dharam – GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki […]

Chad Di Klaa

State of complete Eternal bliss.  Chad Di Klaa happens in Sach Khand and not less than that.  It happens when Naam goes into the Hirda and Rom-Rom.  This state of Chad Di Klaa comes through Naam.  The SatGuru’s prayed to God that if it is in God’s will, then Naam Chad Di Klaa be given […]

Charan Amrit

During the time of SatGuru Sahiban those Guru Key Pyare (beloved of the Guru) who had given their Tunn, Munn and Dhann to their SatGuru used to prepare Charan Amrit by washing the Charans of the SatGurus.  They used to drink it and distribute it among the Sat Sangat who would drink it with Sachee […]

Charan Dhool

The dust of the Sant’s feet – Charan Dhool is the most pious thing one can achieve, there is Jivan Mukti hidden in this Charan Dhool, there is infinite divine super power hidden in the Charan Dhool of a Puran Sant Puran Brahamgiani.  The GurBani Guru also tells us to take the Charan Dhool of […]

Charan Kamal

Lotus Feet of the Guru.  Dandauth Bandhna to the SatGur is another thing which can bring unimaginable rewards to us.  This is the most powerful weapon to move ego out of our hirda and bring in utmost humility and humbleness.  Therefore, whenever we go to the Sat Sangat of a SatGur always do Dandauth Bandhna […]

Charan Sharan

Shelter of the holy feet of God-Guru.  As a result of our complete surrender at the Charan Sharan of our Guru, when we are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva – Parupkaar and Maha Parupkaar.  This is Puran Bandgi.  Now as Naam goes into our mind […]


Holy Feet of God-Guru.  How do we learn utmost humbleness?  By focusing on the Charans, holy feet.  Whose Charans?  • The Shri Charans of Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji,• the Charans of the SatGur,• the Charans of a Puran Sant,  • the Charans of a Puran Brahamgiani, and• above all of the Charans of […]


The aura of a Sant.  The flow of Amrit from the body to the surroundings forms our aura.  It is difficult to gauge the dimensions of this aura.  This is the reason whenever there is a Sant sitting in the Sangat there is a special kind of a blissful and peaceful feeling the Sangat gets.  […]

Chaudha Lok Parlok

The entire spiritual world.  This phrase basically, covers everything related to spirituality, which takes a soul to the heights of the spiritual world – Param Padvi.  The 7 LOK (body worlds) are the Sat Sarovars of spiritual energy within our body.  The 7 PARLOK (higher realms) are the seven ascending realms of Truth the soul […]

Chautha Pad

The one who lives under the influence of the three aspects of Maya remains under its influence.  Whereas the ones who are fortunate and are blessed with the GurParsaad and go through the Puran Bandgi process go beyond Maya.  This stage of going beyond Maya’s three aspects is called the Chauthaa Pad.  When we defeat […]


Guru’s disciple.  See Sikh.


Record of our deeds upon which our next life is determined by Dharam Raj.