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Guru Manter

Vahiguru.  As explained by Bhai Gurdass Ji, Vahiguru is the Guru Manter of the four ages.  Wereas Sat Naam is the Gurmanter.  There are some GurParsaadi writings published on the website www.satnaam.info which explain both Sat Naam Manter and Guru Manter Vahiguru as explained by Bhai Gurdass Ji.  Please take some time to read these […]


Deep; that which is present in its every creation.


Profoundness; can’t be measured, it is infinite. 


Smells that distracts our mind with a feeling of lust e.g. perfumes. 


Literally means poor person, but in spiritual terms means a humble person. 


Same as Param Gat.  Highest State, the Salvation State.  It means relieving our soul of the shackles of Maya, wining over mind and Maya completely and merging in the Almighty forever.


Same as Hirdha – spiritual heart chakra.


Living a family life – getting married, having children and living a normal family life.  “Girahst meh soee nirbhan,” means achieving Jivan Mukti while living and enjoying the family life.  That is right, family life is the easiest way to achieve Jivan Mukti.  That is what Dhan-Dhan Dus Guru Patshahian have preached to us in […]


Lord of the Universe.


God, the One who sustains the entire universe saves us whenever we need help.

Grace of God

Our Simran and our Sat Karams are all carried out only by the grace of God.  That is why it is called GurParsaad – the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva.  This GurParsaad is blessed to us only with the divine commandment.  In fact, we do nothing.  We are […]


Virtue.  Divine qualitiy.

Gun Nidhaan

The highest treasure comprising of all of the super divine qualities.  This is the real divine beauty that we collect in our Hirda.  

Gunni Nidhaana

God is the highest treasure of super divine qualities. 


The virtuous wife of God the Husband.

Gur and Guru

Gur is God, the Highest Guru.  Gur is Akal Purakh and the Guru is the Sadhu, a Puran Sant, a SatGur, a Puran Brahamgiani or a Puran Khalsa.  Guru is the one who has achieved Param Padvi.  Guru is the one who has been through the Puran Bandgi process and has achieved Jivan Mukti and […]

Gur Ka Sikh

A True disciple of the SatGur.  Complete surrender at the Sat Charans of the SatGur makes us a true disciple of the SatGur – a Gur Ka Sikh.  Once we become a Gur Ka Sikh then SatGur takes complete care of us, over in this world and beyond the world and that is in the […]

Gur Ki Mat

Gur Ki Mat is the Gur Mat – GurBani, SatGuru’s word, Sat Bachans of the SatGuru. 

Gur Ki Parteet

The deeply rooted divine feeling within us that my Guru is everything for me, and He is my savior..  It is essential to have trust, devotion, unconditional love, faith, commitment – Sachee Preet and Sachee Shardha for the Guru, the Puran Sant Puran Brahamgiani, we meet according to our preordained destiny.    We need to consider […]

Gur Mat

God-Guru’s Wisdom,  includes GurBani.

Gur Shabad

God’s Word.  Gur Shabad is the Hukam, the will of God, that prevails.  The ones who follow the Hukam and don’t fight with the Hukam, prevail.  The ones who don’t follow the Hukam and fight with the Hukam, lose.