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Halimi Raj

A society full of love and respect for each other. 


Swan – a Sant Hirda. A Hans can only reside in the Mansarovar. 

Har Kirpa

Har Kirpa is the Infinite Divine Power of Dhan-Dhan Shri Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji, which is sitting inside us and watching us while we are focused on Sat Ki Karni.  When our Birti is focused on Sat Ki Karni, then this Infinite Divine Power paves a way for us that will for sure take […]


If we say  “I” meaning  “me, the physical body” then that is ego – Haumai.  Thinking or saying, “I am doing it” meaning that MY physical body is doing it, is ego.  The Shabad Haumai consists of two Shabads – Hau and Mai.   The Shabad Hau means in the physical presence, the existence, and the […]


A Hindu ritual that is performed by reciting the Mantras sitting around a fire and feeding the fire with the butter – Desi Ghee.


Whenever we refer to the Shabad Hirda we don’t mean the physical heart that pumps our blood, but the Hirda is one of the Sat Sarovars that is a part of our soul – Suksham Dehi and not the physical body.  This Sat Sarovar is located in the spine area right behind the middle of […]


1) The will of God.  Everything runs under His Hukam.  His will prevails and His will is the Truthfulness – Sat Naam, the Sumat which will transform us to a Junn.  Only His divine laws govern His Kingdom of the entire universe.  Pains and sorrows, happiness and difficulties, good and bad events – absolutely everything […]