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The physical body.

Jam Doots

The ones who come to take you when you die.

Janam Maran Ka Rog

The biggest sickness is the Janam Maran Ka Rog – reincarnating  through birth and death for an indefinite period of time.  Along with this the other chronic and mental sicknesses are Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar and desires and the Sant helps us to be free of these biggest enemies of ours.  


Recite.  The next Shabad after Mool Manter is Jap.  This is the instruction to recite.  Recite what?  Recite the name Eternal Truth – Sat Naam, which is known as Naam Amrit.  Sat means Eternal Truth.  Sat Naam means God’s Name is Eternal Truth.  By doing recitation, Jap, of Naam we are getting in tune with […]

Jap Ji

Prayer by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


Control over lust.


God.  See Akal Purakh.


The people who achieve control over Kaam, lust. 


Puran Bandgi.  This will lead to our liberation from a life under the rule of Maya. 

Jee-a Daan

The highest level of Seva is Jeea Daan, meaning Daan of Puran Bandgi and Seva which leads to salvation.  This is the Seva that only a Sant Hirda can do for the Sangat. 


Term of respect after a name.

Jinn Bhoots

Ghosts.  The soul which is not moving on the path to Divinity is described as a ghost in GurBani.  Such souls are drenched and buried in the scum of  mental sicknesses due to five vices  and are burning in the fire of desires for worldly things.  This has made these souls very selfish and separated […]

Jivan Mukt

The one who is liberated whilst still alive in the human body.  Jivan Mukt is a Sant Hirda.  Jivan Mukt is a Sat Hirda.  Jivan Mukti comes while living on this Earth.  A lot of people live in this illusion that Jivan Mukti comes after physical death, that is not true.  Jivan Mukti comes while […]


Youthful beauty that promotes the feeling of lust.  

Jodyan Di Seva

Seva by wiping the shoes of the Sangat and applying the dust to your forehead. 

Jog / Yog

Jog (Yog) means union with God, to become one with God, and when that happens then we become a Jogi (Yogi).  So when we become a Jogi then we are blessed with all of the eternal treasures.  We also become a winner of Maya.  Then Maya serves us.  So Maya runs the world and at […]


See Jog and Yogi and Raj Jog. 


All Ages.  See Yug. 


His Bandgi is the Jugat.  This means the Gur Parsaad is the means and way of being accepted by Him as His Banda, His Sevak, His slave, His servant.  See Naam Simran Technique.   


Taking birth and death in one life form. 


Guru.  The souls that come in this world to take a large number of people with them and ferry them across this Bhavsagar – ocean of Maya, into their permanent home by bringing them salvation.  Such souls have been called Junn in GurBani. 


Divine Light within all living beings – our soul.  It is part of the Mansarovar.  This Jyot is “Prabh Ki Klaa.”  Klaa means the divine power, and Prabh Ki Klaa means that this Jyot is God’s Divine Power that runs our physical body and gives us the chance to realize this divine wisdom, GurParsaad in […]

Jyot Saroop

Embodiment of Divine Light.  When we focus on Naam Ki Kamai then our mind is transformed completely and is replaced with Naam and becomes a Jyot Saroop – emodiment of Divine Light.