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Time and space.

Kaam (1)

As one of the five thieves it means lust.

Kaam (2)

Desires.  Fullfillment of desires as one of the four neccessties of life, Chaar Padarath. 


A cow in heaven which is also believed to fulfill all desires.   All this is received through Naam.  

Kacho Kacha

The one whose Bandgi is not blessed as Puran by the Dargah is counted as fake or incomplete in the Dargah and not authorized to deliver the GurParsaad to the Sangat and will remain reincarnating in the cycle of death and birth.   

Kal Yug

Age of Darkness.  The current Age we are living in is called the Kal Yug.  This means the age of darkness.  The darkness which is influenced by the Rajo and Tamo attributes of Maya and desires.  Kal Yug is being ruled by the Rajo and Tamo attributes of Maya.  Everyone is burning in this fire […]


Putting into practice.  Eg Naam Ki Kamai – earning the Naam by doing naam simran.  Kamai of Shabad Guru – earning the Shabad by putting it into practice.  


Lotus.  The blossom in the Sat Sarovars. 


Task.  The real divine Karaj that we have been given this human life is to become a Sant Hirda.  When we completely surrender to the Guru then the Guru takes care of us completely and forever. 

Karam (2)

GurParsaad.  As in Karam Khand meaning the stage the ones who have the GurParsaad are in.  The one who surrenders to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhann and with full trust, unconditional love and devotion goes into Samadhi.  Some people who are blessed with the full trust, devotion and love for the Guru are […]

Karam Kand

Accumation of actions that result in being reborn to pay our dues and receive our rewards.  


Surprising acts, miracles, phenomena.  


Law of Karma means we reap what we sow.  Whatever we do forms our destiny.  Everything we are doing is all under God’s Law and there is nothing in our hands in all physical and divine senses.    


God, the Divine Law Maker has written all of the mandatory divine laws (GurBani). 

Karta Purakh

The Creator and the only Doer. Akal Purakh is Sat and whatever He does is Sat.  The entire creation has originated from Sat.  Sat is the super divine infinite power which is the only Doer – Karta Purakh.  He is the Creator and there is no way for the creation – Kiaa to achieve complete […]


God, the Husband.


Discourse.  Please understand that the Katha of a Brahamgiani is not and never planned in advance.  The Katha, or the advice that comes out of such an entity who has reached the Brahamgian stage depends upon what the people sitting in His Sangat at a particular point of time need.   


Khaanee means the sources of the creations.  There are four Khaanees:- Andaj (egg), Jeyraj (placenta), Utbhuj (earth) and Seytaj (sweat).  These Khaanees form the basis of the creation or the field of the creations.  These Khaanees exist on many millions of the Khands – planets or galaxies.


Pure Soul.  A Puran Khalsa is a Puran Brahamgiani and nothing less than that, those who think and call of themselves a Khalsa without reaching Puran Brahamgian Stage are mistaken and are fooling themselves and the masses.  A Puran Khalsa is the one who has achieved the Param Padvi, who has a Puran Jyot Parkash […]


The five Khands mentioned in Jap Ji are  1) Dharam 2) Gyan 3) Saram 4) Karam 5) Sach Realm, stage.  Khands are the spiritual Realms that our soul progresses through on the way to Truth consciousness when committed to the path of Bandgi. There are five phases of Bandgi:-  1. DHARAM KHAND (Stage of pursuing divine […]

Khande Batta Ki Pahul

Sikh Initiation of the sword and holy water, nowadays incorrectly called the Amrit Ceremony.  Only a SatGur is Amritdhari and by being so is Amrit Ka Daata.  Mostly the people who take Khande Batta Ki Pahul call themselves Amritdhari, which is another illusion that plagues them as soon as they take it.  They need to […]


The entire universe is His Khel – a divine game that He plays.  There is only one rule in His game that prevails and that rule is the Truthfulness.  Truthfulness wins and falsehood or untruthfulness loses.  Truthfulness is the key to our spiritual success.  So much truthfulness, that whatever we perform reflects truthfulness.  Seeing the […]


Considering that everything is happening due to the Divine powers and our physical body is nothing more than a medium.  This attitude gives us utmost humility.