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Material things that cause greed and corruption.


Maaniaa is a very high spiritual stage.  When one gets in to such a stage He reaches Jivan Mukti as very clearly presented by Dhan-Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Ji Nanak Patshah Ji in Jap Ji Sahib, “Manney Paawey Mokh Duaar.”    Maani-aa is going in to Mannan – deep meditation – Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi.  That […]


Human Being.  When God made his most beautiful creation, the human being, he gave us the super infinite divine power.  He instituted this infinite super divine power within the human being himself.  This is the main reason why the human being is called the most beautiful creation of God.  This human life is a priceless […]

Maha Kaal

Extremely Dark Period within the Dark Age (Kal Yug).

Maha Paap

Greatest sin i.e. Sant Ki Nindya.

Maha Parupkaar

Seva of giving Jee-a Daan.  Which is giving Daan of Bhagti and Jivan Mukti.  This is the seva that a Sant Hirda does.    


Divine qualitiy; glory; praise.


Beads used for doing Jap.  Dhan-Dhan is the Divine Wisdom of GurBani.  Let us bring these Gyan Ke Moti (pearls of wisdom) inside us and make a Mala of these priceless diamonds and jewels in side us.  This is the real Mala of Naam, of Braham, of the divine qualities of Braham.  That is the […]

Mala of Naam

When Naam Simran goes around each of the Sat Sarovars forming an internal Mala and leading into Smaadhi. 


Akal Purakh is an unlimited sea, Mansarovar, of divine qualities and divine powers.  This Mansarovar is the Origin from where our soul has been created. This Mansarovar is also called the Gur Sagar or the Nirgun Saroop of Paar Braham Parmeshwar.  Every creation has emanated from this Nirgun Saroop of Akal Purakh.  our existence is […]

Mansik Rog

A serious mental sickness caused by indulgin in Panj doots and Nindya.

Manter / Mantra

A Manter or Mantra in English, is a divine word or phrase to be repeated. Manter means that which will ferry us across (tra) the mind (man/munn) to the Dargah of Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji. The three Manters referred to in GurBani are Beej Manter, Mool Manter and Gur Manter.  Gur Manter is […]


Wisdom.  Four Types:- 1) Self wisdom 2) Worldy Wisdom 3) Bad Wisdom 4) God-Guru’s Wisdom which includes GurBani and words of Sant Hirda.  In Punjabi: 1) Munn Mat 2) Sansarik Mat 3) Dur Mat 4) Gur Mat.  


Worldly possessions, properties, money, family, infact whatever is visible to the naked eye, whatever is perceived through the senses, is Maya.  The Eternal Truth is beyond the reach of the naked eye, beyond the senses, it is beyond Maya.  Maya is the creation of Dhan-Dhan Akal Purakh Ji.  Maya will not accompany us when our […]

Maya Janjaal

Net of Maya – the Bhavsagar – the world of material possessions.

Maya Ki Karni

Attachment to Maya means our Karni is Maya Ki Karni.  Our Maya Ki Karni results  in us continuing to be punished by Dharam Raj.    


Family and/or selfish attachment.  Atttachment causes fear in us of losing our worldly comforts, possessions, relationships and anything that physically belongs to us in the world.  But, we have to realize that our attachment is to things that are going to perish one day, the things which we can lose any time in our lifetime.  […]


The person who is sitting in complete silence of mind, there are no thoughts in the mind, thoughtless status of mind, this is also called Sunn Samadhi, and is a very high stage in the spirituality.   


Origin.  God first created Himself and then created His Naam, which became the Mool (Origin).  Naam forms the basis of the Creation.  Everything has originated from Naam.   

Mool Manter

1) The very first Shalok of GurBani is called the Mool Manter.  The one who understands the Mool Manter will understand the entire GurBani.  Mool Manter gives an excellent and complete definition of Dhan-Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji.  Therefore, there is no Manter bigger or better or complete in itself than the Mool Manter.  […]