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Paap Karams

Sinful deeds.  Forgiveness is one of His divine qualities.  Once we turnaround towards Gur and Guru and give up everything at their Sat Charans then all of our misdeeds from this life and all previous lives will be forgiven.  All of our sins (Paap Karams) from this life and all previous lives will be forgiven […]

Paar Braham Khand

The innermost primal part of Sach Khand where there is complete Silence.  


One of these five trees in heaven which is believed to fulfill all of the desires of the seekers.  All this is received through Naam. 

Paath Karna

Doing GurBani.   Most people are engaged in just reading GurBani.  There are very few  fortunate ones who engage themselves in the practice of GurBani in their daily lives.  The ones who do so become Dhan-Dhan.    

Paath Parna

Ritual readings (parna) of religious texts (paath). 


Hypocrisy.  As long as we are in duality, Pakhand, we can’t be in Sach Khand.

Panch Bhootak Dehi

This is our five element body, meaning our physical body comprises of five basic elements of nature, Panj Tatt.  They are sky (space/ether), air, water, earth and fire.   

Panch Shabad Anhad Naad

After the Dassam Duaar is open there is a continuous connection formed between a Suhaagan and Akal Purakh.  There is a continuous flow of Amrit from the Dassam Duaar to the body.  And at the same time there is Divine music that starts to sound in the Dassam Duaar.  This Divine music is the Amrit and […]


Nowadays Pandit refers to a Hindu priest.  But, the real divine meaning of Pandit is a Puran Sant. 

Pani Pita

In water, oxygen and hydrogen are held together by this Infinite Divine Power.  Otherwise hydrogen is highly inflammable and oxygen helps combustion.  If this Infinite Divine Power was not there then this would become like a hydrogen bomb.    

Panj Bani Paath

The daily ritual reading of at least five prescribed Sikh religious texts.  See Nitnem.

Panj Dhoots

Five thieves, namely : 1. Anger 2. Greed 3. Lust 4. Family or selfish attachment 5. Pride / Ego.  1.Krodh 2. Lobh 3. Kaam 4. Moh and 5. Ahankaar / Haumai. 

Panj Pyare

Five beloved ones that were instituted by the Tenth Guru.  They were Puran Brahamgianis.  They were Puran Khalsa and according to GurBani, only a Puran Brahamgiani can be called Khalsa.   

Panj Tatt

The five essential elements.  They are sky, air, water, earth and fire.   

Param Anand

State of Supreme Joy, of Eternal Happiness.  When we go into the Sat Sangat of a Puran Sant, our mind, Hirda, soul and body goes into peace and we forget about rest of the world including our pains and sorrows.  Therefore, wherever such a soul is sitting there is Param Anand – the highest level […]

Param Atma

Supreme Soul – God.  The soul, Jyot, that goes beyond three attributes of Maya, “Trihu Gun Tey Parey”, becomes Param Atma. 

Param Dhaam

The Origin.  This Origin is “Ik Oankaar Satnaam.” 

Param Gat

Supreme State.  The soul that is constantly awake is in the awakened stage known as the “Param Gat.”   This is also known as Param Padvi, or Puran Brahamgian Awastha, or the Sahaj Awastha, or the Puran Sukh Awastha.  It is the stage of complete silence, complete Eternal happiness, no thoughts and always absorbed in the […]

Param Jyot

The life element – soul, atma.  This Jyot keeps the five non compatible elements (Panj Tat) together inside us, it keeps us breathing and this Jyot is God Himself.    

Param Jyot Puran Parkash

Pure Divine Light.  Supreme Light’s Perfect Brightness.  Seeing the Perfect (Puran) Brightness (Prakash) of the Supreme (Param) Divine Light (Jyot) that resides in our Soul (Atma).  Surrendering completely with Tunn, Munn and Dhann at the Sat Charans of a Sadh ignites the Jyot inside us.  Our birth in the human life is due to this […]

Param Pad

Divine position accepted in the Dargah.

Param Sukh

Divine Happiness.  Naam Ki Kamai will bring us Param Sukh – divine happiness, which comes when our mind and Hirda will go into complete peace – Sunn Samadhi.  The highest level of divine happiness, the never ending eternal happiness, everlasting peace in mind and Hirda will come only when we will focus on Naam Ki […]