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A person who is a seeker, a seeker of the Eternal Truth, who is engaged in Bandgi.  However, he may or may not get to Puran Bandgi.  He may become a Sidh, but he will only become a Puran Sant a Puran Brahamgiani a Puran Khalsa if he wins over Maya by ignoring Ridhis and […]


Breath.  Same as Swaas.

Saas Giraas Simran

A very high spiritual stage and when that happens Naam Simran goes on in  autopilot mode.  It never stops.  It continues day and night at every moment asleep or awake.  Eventually, it goes into Rom Rom.  Every cell of the body breaths with Naam Amrit and the Dehi becomes “Amrit Bhinne Dehurie.”  This happens by […]

Sach Di Takdi

Benchmark of Truth against which a soul is measured. The yard stick of Sat.  The scales of Truth.  Our Karni is being constantly watched against the yard stick of Sat.  Everything we do or perform is being judged and weighed on Sach Di Takdi.  When we focus on Naam, Bandgi and Seva, we are being […]

Sach Ka Vapaari

The one who deals only in Eternal Truth.  The one who sees, hears, speaks, delivers and serves the Eternal Truth.    

Sach Khand

Realm of Supreme Truth.  See Khands.  Sach Khand is nothing but the transformed Sat Hirda.  Sach Khand is the Hirda in which Truth, God, appears and fills it up with all of the super infinite divine qualities and powers.  At that stage there remains no difference between God Himself and the soul that has become […]

Sachee Shardha

True devotion.  True devotion, Sachee Shardha, is a very important and mandatory requirement in our Bandgi process.  Our dedication and surrender is not complete without this divine quality of devotion.  Devotion brings us the GurParsaad.  Devotion brings us the GurParsaad of Bandgi and Seva.  Actually devotion is Bandgi, devotion is dedication, devotion is surrender, without […]


God – the One who is Truth Almighty.


Person full of Truth – completely truthful one.

Sad Sad Hi Jeevey

Living Forever.  This happenes when death of ego occurs when we die to the Shabad.  Same as Shabad Marey. 


Forever, non-stop, for all ages to come.  E.g.  Sada SatNaam, Sada Suhaag, Sada Anand.   

Sada Suhaag

Sada Suhaag is Param Padvi, Sada Suhaag is Puran Tat Gyan, Sada Suhaag is Puran Brahamgian.

Sada Suhaagan

Eternal Wife of God the Husband. The Braham Gyani.

Sadh / Sadhu

A Hirda which has been straightened out.  It has been modified, changed, cleaned and molded in Truth.  There is no longer any effect of  the 5 thieves, slander, gossip, hopes, wishes, desires and jealousy .  A Sadh can’t be distracted by any aspect of Maya.  A Sadh is also known as a Sadhu or Gurmukh.  […]

Sadh Ki Seva

Seva of a Sadh.  This a very very fortunate thing to be in.  Its Mahima can’t be described, this is probably the highest Seva one can do, and again the highest level of Sadh Ki Seva is giving Tunn, Munn and Dhann at the Charans of the Sadhu. Sadh Ki Seva’s Mahima is that it […]

Sadh Sang

In the company of the Sadh.  The company, the Sang, of the Sadh can take us upto the highest stage of spirituality.  In the Sadh Sang we become detached from everything else.  We become fearless.  The fear of losing disappears.  We are detached from Maya and go beyond Maya.  God is beyond Maya so to […]

Sadh Sangat

Sadh-Sang-Gat means salvation can be achieved within the company of a Sadh.  In the sangat of the Sadh, the Sadh Sangat, we are relieved of the mental sicknesses. 


Master – God.  


A person who is totally ignorant about his responsibility towards the Creator. His ignorance is not innocent, it is intentional.  A Sakat will make no effort to do any of the Sato Karams.  A Sakat believes that there is no God.    


Verse of GurBani.