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Darkness/Ignorance aspect of Maya.  Includes the Panj Doots.  The people in this level of consciousness are called Tamus.


The people who operate under Maya’s Tamo consciousness.  See Rajus and Satuk.


Tap is basically, fighting with Maya, fighting with Panj Doots and desires.  The one who does Tap is  Tapeesar.


The one who is fighting with Maya and eventually wins, but what exactly wins?  Who really wins?  It is the Infinite Divine Power in the Tapeesar that wins and defeats Maya. 


Divine essence.

Tat Gyan

The deep divine knowledge and understanding.  Tat Gyan is the highest level of  Brahamgian.  The person who reaches this level of Brahamgian can never slip back.  Until we are blessed with the GurParsaad of Tat Gyan and we become Tat Key Baytay, we are very likely to slip back.  Another very important point to understand […]

Tat Key Baytay

Souls that are absorbed in the essence of the Eternal Truth, Tat Gyan.

Tayj / Tej

The Aura is called Tayj in GurBani.  See Aura.


Pilgrimage.  See: Atsath Teerath.  Andherlaa Teerath.

Trikuti / Third Eye

Brow chakra (middle of the forehead).  The spiritual energy centre in the forehead is also called Trikuti.  This is where the three channels of spiritual energy meet.  These three energy channels are called Ida, Pingla and Sukhmana.  They originate at the lower part of the spine and meet at the Trikuti.  The energy that rises […]


Desires, the main one being the desire to amass wealth and worldly comforts and material goods.  Desires are the most difficult thing to win over in order to beome desireless.  Desiring is a continuous process and never ends.  One after another desires keep on coming in a never ending stream.  They keep on prompting us […]

Tunn, Munn and Dhan

Body, mind and wealth.  By completely surrendering these to the Guru one realises the Truth.  See Dasvandh.